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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: New Communication Circuits

January 28, 2000

Daniel: My dear friends, I am Daniel, your teacher, guide and companion on this ascension journey. Present with me this evening is a large company which includes your seraphic guardians, your personal teachers, some visiting teachers in training and some stopover visitors to Urantia, who are desirous of seeing some Melchizedek schools in action. Minearisa is present with us and we are connected to the circuitry which is being constantly ungraded and enlarged on this planet to facilitate an almost reflectivity type knowledge base for those of us who are part of Michael's mission. Tonight I wish to talk about this circuitry, for you are becoming more aware and sensitive to its presence in your lives and in your inter-communications.

Many times do we present the truth from a slightly different perspective, a different angular facet. When I say, "the truth", I do not refer to ultimate truth for none of us can comprehend that, but truth in a larger perspective than you have hitherto perceived.

You see, when we talk building walls between people, this figure of speech is very accurate. When we speak of tearing down walls this figure is also highly precise in describing the circuit reality which exists, partly in the spiritual circuits of the Creative Mother Spirit, the circuitry referred to in the book as the Holy Spirit, but also on the morontial level and manifesting from the cosmic mind as well. Now, I realize that these technicalities may not be your interests and so I will not pursue that aspect any further.

There is in this new circuitry, which is a morontial phenomenon, connections that may be better described as heart connections or soul connections. They are not just material mind connections. We spoke of soul consciousness last week and that the fact that you are all becoming more aware of your soul consciousness. We talked about the fact that this awareness shall increase forever. There are no known limits, say the universe philosophers, to personality awareness that persists even beyond the Paradise attainment of the existential Deities as we move on toward the comprehension of God the Ultimate as Finaliters. So what continues forever is, on this planet, occurring during this time of correction... morontial circuitry which would normally not be present except in more advanced stages of Light and Life.

If I can explain to you the difference between a mindal connection and this morontial connection, it is like the difference between a vanilla sheet cake with a thin veneer of vanilla frosting and a German chocolate cake with a rich layer of additional chocolate frosting. It is a difference of both quality and quantity as well.

Soul consciousness and its interaction with the circuitry is powered by love, solely and totally. Intellectual circuitry can be captured by malfunction of ego and turned into intellectual pride, prejudice, fear, etc. The morontial circuitry is immune from this distortion. I have frequently told you that your soul knows more than your mind does. This has caused some confusion and interest on the part of my TR friend here. Therefore, I am hoping that this discussion this evening will help explain the difference.

Remember that the soul is a morontial reality. It is a blend of material and spiritual. It is the reality that I live in. It is the reality that we all shall experience for aeons before we reach the beginning of pure spirit existence. True, you are mostly material beings indwelt by pure Spirit and evolving the blend of both. The larger your soul becomes, as we have been saying, then the more morontial has your personality vehicle become. By larger I am not referring to physical size, but rather to the degree of change to what begins as a flat sheet cake and turns into this marvelous multilayered structure of delicious food.

Since the energy of the morontial circuitry, this soul consciousness and inner connection, is love, the only barriers that can prevent its effective functioning are the doors of your heart. The doors of your heart swing both directions. They swing outward and they swing inward. In order for them to swing outward you must first allow love to enter. All of you have done this. You know what I am talking about. When you have allowed love to enter and fill you there is no place but outward to go. Love does not enter and remain stagnant, but moves on outward.

So, as I said at the beginning of this talk, this is another facet of the same truth, another way of looking at it. Your free will is the hinge upon which the door swings. You may choose to lock the motion and remain closed, either to receiving or giving love, or you may allow the doors to swing to whatever degree you choose. As you exercise the inflow/outflow of this love energy you activate and amplify the circuitry between yourself and another person, between yourself and your divine Pilot, between yourself and your angels, between yourself and all the other spiritual input which comes from the Trinity through all of the agencies of God's love in the universe.

Last week I told you that truth is often found in muddy waters, in dirty circumstances, even as the gems are retrieved from their more base surroundings. The morontial circuitry, powered by love, can accomplish the separation of what is true, beautiful, and good from that which is dross, which is worthless stones, which is dirty water, like a filtering screen separates the gem, the nugget from its surroundings.

But this filtering system does not make judgements about personalities, only about truth, beauty, and goodness. It is not your job to judge the worth of personality, yours, or anyone else's. It is your understanding that all normal minded persons on this planet have within them the presence of God's Fragment and Michael's Spirit of Truth. Because we are all God's children, our worth is inherent. But it is our job to exercise discernment regarding the various levels of truth, beauty, and goodness and to make choices for the highest levels of each. This process is part of the evolution of God the Supreme in his almighty sovereignty. It is the evolution of perfectedness on the personal level which we have a part in.

TR:Bill Kelly