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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: Uniedia, Ambrose, Naldeen, Will

Topic: Understanding Others, & Tolerance

April 14, 1996

T/R #1


Greetings students, we are so pleased to see you all gathered around again tonight. We applaud your efforts at maintaining a connection with your most loving brothers and sisters. For on your paths to the Father, you will find many differing viewpoints. Love and tolerance and the ability to listen well will prove most helpful in overcoming barriers. The practice that you have each undertaken, of discerning the good and the truth, that are not always evident when you meet someone that is on a path like your own, Ed: long pause) T/R says: I’ve lost the connection.

T/R # 2

Uniedia continues: is an ability that will serve you well (lost words) for indeed, our message is and has always been one of loving your brothers and sisters. And to do so you must look beyond the differences to discern the perspective of those you meet. You have heard the saying "walk a mile in their shoes" and this is a recognition that many times, what appears on the surface to be a disagreeable trait can be traced to an experiential difficulty that person has encountered. By understanding from whence that person comes, it is easier to overlook the annoying aspects of their personality and to see directly into their heart, thereby making the heart connection that enables you to share love. That is why tolerance is such an important aspect of your mission. I will step back and give others a turn to speak. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

T/R # 3


Greetings friends, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. We are experiencing a slight change in format this evening, always good to keep you on your toes, and us as well. We have the last first and the first last; your teacher will speak to you when we, those of us who are your personal teachers, have had an opportunity to speak.

Michael, our beloved Sovereign, when he lived and walked on this world, experienced life at its fullest. He knew the heartache that so many of you suffer on this world, He knew the pain of losing a loved one, the distress of not being understood by His family members, He experienced levels of living as deeply and as fully as He could so that in His experience He would understand your pain, your distress. He was, among other things, a master story teller and could weave stories that wrapped about the minds and hearts of those who listened, and hold them enraptured. Yet, greater than even that, was His ability to listen, to open His heart to His fellow sojourners and allow them to open theirs. He led them with a simple word or two, to allow what they held within their hearts to spill out. With well placed questions, He would allow them to tell their stories, and bare their hearts to Him, who oft times was a stranger to them, and in so doing, many levels were being served. He had no need of a verbalization of what they held within their hearts, for indeed, He knew. And yet in the telling, was a connection made between the child and the Creator, between the brother, between the friend. Instantly, before a word was spoken, He knew and understood their needs, could have shortened the entire process by cutting directly to the chase, to use your nineties vernacular, and yet He understood the needs of His children to bear their hearts, for in doing so, much of their pain and distress was alleviated. You are being groomed, have been for some time, for a ministry to this world patterned after Michael’s own ministry, as well as the ministry of those that followed Him so many years ago. The greatest tool of all that you have been taught, is to use your ears, and your eyes, and synchronize them with your open heart. Through this mechanism will you bring relief and inspiration and love to this world that is so in need of hope. Listening dear friends, with your hearts is what we strive for.

I am requesting again that my student take that leap of faith, that I might better connect with you my beloved students and friends. (ED: Long pause as T/R struggles to open her eyes. And now with eyes opened, she turns and looks at each individual present.) Such beautiful people; such gentle souls! I am so honored to sit among you. I thank you for all that you give. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

A guest:

Greetings. I am N -A -L -D -E -E- N Naldeen. I am one who....I am part of a visiting team, here to assess this mission and its progress. Each of you as you sit, have behind you, in front of you, and at either side, members of the celestial staff. We would like your participation in an experiment, if you would be so kind. I ask that you consciously open the heart center. Once you have felt you have been successful, I ask that you turn to your right and open your heart to the helper standing just at your right. Feel the love from your own heart flow outward, making contact with the heart of your helper. Feel the love flowing back to you. And now turn to the left and repeat. Send the love from your own heart outward. Feel it connect and feel it come back. You are creating pathways as you do so. And now face forward and repeat again. Many find it helpful to open their arms indicating an open heart. (ED: T/R extends her arms outward) this of course is not necessary, but it is helpful for some. Feel the love within your heart, it is an energy. Allow it to flow outward, connecting with your spiritual partner, and feel it come back. Love must always move in two directions. You have one standing directly behind you, and while it is not necessary that you stand and turn, perhaps it would be helpful, if you did so. So I would ask you to stand and greet the one that stands behind you. (Group stands and turns ) Open the heart, feel the love that comes from the Father through you, as it moves outward. And now feel this one who stands before you send their love back to you. All glory in heaven and earth fills our hearts with living love that becomes daily more strong and active upon this world through those of you who work with us with open arms and hearts. I thank you for participating in this. Please, take your seats. (Members reseat themselves) Every faith step that you take dear ones, adds another layer to your already considerable stature. You are indeed, among the last of your kind, and we would help you take those steps of faith, for in so doing, you build the future of this world and your own destiny as well. I leave you now with much love in my heart extending to each of you, for opening yours to me. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


Greetings dear ones, it is I Will your teacher who loves you. The hour grows late and so I would ask that you allow me to be a part of your closing circle. If we might stand and hold hands, I will start.

(ED: Group stands, forms a circle, holding hands)

Will: The love of the Father rains down upon this world, opening the hearts of all of His children through the actions and love of those like these who stand in this circle.

Analeise: And through our open hearts, we make a joyful noise unto the Lord and sing praise through our love for one another.

Nathaniel: And through our love help us to reach out to our brothers and sisters; help us to uplift those who need and those that seek the Father.

Vincent: The Father’s power strengthens us in our time of need, supports our faith, and forever propels us forward.

Paula: And let us shine your love through us so that there is no doubt to those we meet of your love for them.

Loren: May we feel the Father’s presence throughout the week.

Will: The love of the Father upholds us, fills us, surrounds us with supporting arms, is ever near, waiting to be called upon. Wherever we gather, He is. Amen.

Group: Amen.

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