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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: Leilani & Will

Topic: Pattern of behavior

February 18, 1996


(ED: Lost words, a line or two )

Your prayers though spoken so softly,

Will always, always reach His ear.

Never fear that you’re left standing alone,

For He’s with you, now and forever,

Till once again, with Him, you come home.

I thank you for allowing me to visit your group. I have often stood on the balcony so to speak, and have long waited for this opportunity. I will return on another evening. My blessings on you little ones. Good evening.

Vincent: And who are you?


Leilani, they call me.

Vincent: Can you tell us about yourself?


Can you tell me how you will benefit?

Vincent: It is easier to share hearts with those whose background you have knowledge of.

Analeise: We feel more of a connection when we know a name and a little something about the person.


I can understand this. I too feel the connection when I am given information. My name is Leilani. I come from a world a bit more advanced than this, although not fully into the era of Light and Life. I was a teacher of little ones. I regret to say I must retire, but will return. Good evening.

Analeise: Thank you for speaking with us.


You’re quite welcome.

Loren: I see that you lived in a city by the sea on your world. Is this correct?


There was water near my home, that is correct.

Loren: Thank you for your sharing.


You’re welcome.

Vincent: We enjoyed your poetry.


Thank you. I enjoyed the opportunity.


The Light of God filters down upon this world, enters our hearts, our minds, our souls, reestablishing within us our connection to Him. The love of God surrounds us. The power of God lifts us up, gives us the strength to carry through His will in our lives. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

Your conversation this evening filled us with hope, although truth to tell, we had not lost our faith in you, for we can see into your hearts and know of what you are made. You may falter, even stumble, but you will not lose your way, for the Light that shines before you shines from within you, and will not be distinguished. We who teach you want so much to share our lives with you, as you share yours with us. This learning process is a two-way street, you give to us as much perhaps even more than we give to you. Our focus at this point in our development, is to live the Father’s will. You are learning to accept His lead, to desire to follow Him. And it is our joy to help show you the way. It is our desire and our highest hope that our association with you will be on-going. We were excited this evening in hearing you talk about recommitting, about setting a direction, bringing the energy that you spoke of back into this meeting. Do not worry that changing meeting places will effect that energy, for the energy dear ones, comes from within your hearts and no matter the building, or the room within which you meet, the energy will be the same.

You spoke this evening of difficulties between people. Interpersonal relationships on a world such as yours are more often difficult than not so. And yet, that cannot be used as an excuse, for on this world so much is difficult, and yet you grow, as you here are growing. You have with you a LinEl lesson that was prepared and within that lesson is an exercise. The exercise is designed to hone your ability to discern. To discern both your own reasons for behavior, as well as the deeper reasons for your fellows behavior. When you have an incident within your lives where you butt heads so to speak, with another, I would ask you to look first at yourself. Look to see the reasons why you react as you do toward that person. What is there within yourself, that causes the friction between the other person, and then look deeper within yourself to find the -real- reason why this is so. And now turn your focus on the other person, and look to see, to understand the reason why they behave as they do toward you. And now look deeper to see the real reason. When this happens between members of a group such as your own, if there has been true sharing, from within the hearts, patterns begin to surface. Patterns of behavior begin to surface. And pattern recognition is one of the tools that you will be using in the future in your own work, developing your discernment. Many things come into play, I would encourage you to read through this lesson that was brought in. JoiLin was correct in her assessment of this particular lesson. It is one of LinEl’s finest. We look forward to the day when our classroom will be as open and as active. And the day will come, of that there is no doubt. JoiLin is ofttimes a bit too impatient; she would have tomorrow, today! But we understand. Does anyone have a question?

Loren: Is this Will?


Yes, it is Loren.

Loren: Before we went to Egypt you had indicated that you would be in my company in Israel, but I didn’t feel your presence there. Was my perception falling short?


Yes, it was. I was not with you the entire time, but I did look in on you on several occasions.

Vincent: Will there is an attempt to put together a Teaching Mission directory. And one of the questions is the name of a personal teacher. Our friend from Venice, Norma, has asked that I inquire as to the name of her personal teacher, if you could provide that to us.


Merinda is her name. She likes to be called Meri.

Vincent: Thank you.

Loren: Is Dennis’ teacher who spoke tonight (in practice session) Reginald?


No is wasn’t.

Dennis: Will, do you have the name of my teacher? The one that spoke tonight?



Vincent: And mine?


You do not know the name of your teacher Vincent?

Vincent: (laughing) Just checking!

ED: Lots of group laughter!


If there are no further questions, I will bid you good evening, and look forward to next week, my dear ones, for you give me such joy! Go always in the Father’s Light, knowing that He is there for you, and that you are all, each, surrounded by so many willing hearts and helpers. Shalom.

All: Shalom.