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Illawarra District, Australia, January 25, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "In the Eternal Now." [Part Transmission Only].

Received by George Barnard.

George: "Thank You for Your kind embrace."

The Scribe: "I AM most appreciative of your sensing My prompt and identity. And so, it is on this occasion (after) having monitored your conversations that I feel moved to explain in more detail the concept of a human being determining and accepting his or her life’s path even prior to the very moment of birth, the very moment of conception, yes, even eons prior to this person’s actual arrival in space/time.

"My having become personalized has given Me a wonderful experiential window through which I AM provided with a view into your terrestrial experiences. And yet, as and Entity Who long-ago was a Virgin Spark of the Creator Father and originating from Paradise, I also have a clear comprehension of the existential life that I concurrently lead together with My time/space existence.

"And so it is that both vastly separated arenas that contain untold numbers of beings are clear to me. And consider now in this way: From an eternity viewpoint; an existential existence viewpoint, your mortal birth and death are simultaneous events. From an eternity viewpoint, the evolution of the first mortal on your world capable of wisdom, and of worshipping the Creator, and the birth of a mortal one thousand generations from now, are happenings of total coincidence.

"Therefore, it is known, and can be experienced, that your birth, and your being embraced by the Father Creator as a near-perfect spiritual being can also be witnessed in the eternal "now". Should I then be residing on Paradise, and pose to you the question whether or not the conditions of your mortal life agree with you, your answer will inevitably be that they were right, were proper, were needed, and were acceptable to you and to those whose lives you impacted on.

"From a time/space viewpoint you would be agreeing with Me in retrospect. From an eternity viewpoint you would be agreeing with Me in the eternal "now", and you would agree as to prior to your birth, as to the life you live now, and you would still be agreeing with me a billion earth years into the future, as we so meet, as we so embrace, as we so once more greet each other, on Paradise in the eternal now.

"This is your loving Friend, the Scribe. May you live your time/space days in joy, and in the certainty of great Faith that all is well."

George: "Thank you my dear Friend."

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