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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa

Topics: Wisdom and Love, Keys to Spiritual Success

January 15, 2005

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): The angels sing anthems of joy at the recognition of your awareness that you are positively integrated into the progressive plan for the spirit upliftment of this planet. This is Elyon, your friend.

Your expression of your realization that your personal efforts are worthwhile is significant even while yet only one individual among billions. It is a profound truth. You have witnessed in the spring when your snows recede and your fields are frost-burned that the emergence of lush green is not accomplished by one plant but by many shoots, many leaflets, all contributing to the burst of life and vitality. So it is with you, my spiritual brothers and sisters; all make up the platform from which emerges divine light and love. Each of you is a porthole through which spirit works, by which spirit works, and as the one in which spirit works.

Last week I mentioned allowing time for the distribution of wisdom. Jonathan reflected that this must mean taking wisdom and applying it to aspects of your life, of your own being. I accept this interpretation as accurate to my lesson. I wish to enlarge that viewpoint to the arena of your life, your friends, associates, family.

Wisdom, like love, is a possession that is only attained through sharing. Expressing your wisdom attainment refines your acquirement of this virtue. The association of knowledge, understanding, insight, and experience; and person-to-person feedback, reception, are components of wisdom. In this manner wisdom ripens by the overlay of one experience of one individual with the experience of another individual, just as love. What is more sought for in the human being than love in the heart and wisdom in the mind? for with these two you realize your brotherhood, and with these two do you realize and attain the Father. Wisdom, like love, is not static; it is a dynamic force. It has value in action, not in accumulation.

You have grown over these years; this I testify as true. In our partnership we have touched the lives of many. Now I perceive that you each undertake your daily activities with the awareness of your community, of your spirit family. You understand your actions as a single person contribute as does each blade of grass in the field to the beauty of spirit expression. Herein do you gain the power that is available to you, each one supported by your fellows, encouraged, adjusted, and corrected. When the community is healthy no disease enters in. This health is encouraged by fellowship. The nutrients are love and wisdom.

Another wishes to speak. I will allow for that to occur.

* Machiventa (Mark): Thank you, Elyon, this is Machiventa. I would promote today's discussion around the topic of the keys to spiritual success, or perhaps the keys to spiritual fruition. As you all know during this time we have been involved together -- a lengthy time to you but a very short period to me -- we have been involved in fashioning for you your individual keys to spiritual success. As you know with the fashioning of any key, certain grinding and buffing and polishing -- wherein your key looses some of its initial character -- must take place in order to refine this key, in fact, this tool, this process. Now at this juncture, I would like us each to gaze down upon the key rings that we each carry as we desire to negotiate our way into the spiritual arena. I would ask for contributions from those in this group who might gaze down upon their keys and identify the key of choice and its most useful purpose and function as you see it. As Elyon has so graciously described for us,
certainly wisdom is one key and this key is most effectively used when the scenario dictates that a higher value be superimposed over a more basic and material value to elevate the situation and thereby bring spirit influence to bear. That is the key that we gaze down upon as wisdom. As Elyon also stated, this key is in need of action to become serviceable and is also in a state of more or less constant adjustment to provide the most beneficial results.

Would any others care to gaze down upon another key we have developed together and enumerate its character and its useful purposes?

Jada: I think of stillness. It seems most useful in orienting our whole being in a positive direction.

* Machiventa: Well done. Stillness could be seen as the keeper of the keys. Stillness provides you with the knowledge of the inventory of keys at your disposal, their function, their purpose, and correct timing in which they may be most beneficially used. Stillness is like studying the keychain and becoming so intimately familiar with your keys that you in an instant look to the right key for the right solution. Another?

Jael: I think of balance, the balance of the spiritual and physical parts of life.

* Machiventa: This key is most beneficially used to discern the spiritual content in what otherwise seems to be a strictly material barrier, such as a door, to see past the material and thereby bring in this balance of the spiritual component. Well done.

Evelyn: I was thinking of higher viewpoints, encompassing more time or a global perspective. Instead I would say coming from others' viewpoints. A higher viewpoint is another's, how I imagine a melchizedek like yourself might view a situation or Michael or an angel. Among ourselves it's to see situations through each other's eyes.

* Machiventa: This key is labeled "compassion". Through the eyes of compassion it becomes possible to share in another's reality. When used properly, this key enables you to instantaneously change places with another and view your material surroundings from their perspective which then provides the stepping stone for this compassion to turn into love and service. Truly, this key enables you to take two or three steps towards the realization of the similarities in the reality that you perceive and the reality perceived by another through their framework. This is an extremely valuable key to have, as it also provides you with the ability to accumulate wisdom through this compassionate sharing that is only enabled through the use of this key.

Jonathan: When I look at my keychain I think of my house key; Jada has expressed stillness, and I think of the house key as the entry into my personal realm, which stillness exemplifies well on a spiritual level. Then I think of my automobile key which calls to mind service, my ability to get out and interface. So, service is another key.

* Machiventa: This service key is most serviceable when used to manipulate those aspects of your material existence into the channels of spiritual service. It provides you the ability to use even strictly material means to, in your example, transport yourself via your mode of transportation to the aid of another. This service key helps you to always look wherein you may use the leverage of the material to implement the ideals of the spiritual. Service is where these fruits are to be found in most copious quantities.

Mary: I see the key of conviction, that sense of strength, the foundation on which you stand, that feeling of being firmly planted in your connection with God, with truth, goodness, and beauty. That knowledge can bring strength to your action even in the mundane things of life, the conviction that your life is meaningful and valued. It is a huge benefit in whatever you are trying to do. There is a sense of standing on something solid in the sense of virtue, universe values, not solid like the earth.

* Machiventa: You are examining your faith key. Your faith key provides you with a number of the qualities you have just mentioned, conviction and steadfastness. Qualities of assurance come from the deep faith which enables you to have conviction even in the presence of doubt and uncertainty. Faith overrides the limitations of the flesh and provides you the convictions of the spirit. A very important key and one that may be used in conjunction with other keys, as many barriers contain double locks wherein you must use more than one key to negotiate through these barriers.

Never hesitate to try different keys at different times, because each new barrier has a unique set of tumblers which will react to a different variety of keys. If the one proves ineffective simply insert another and another until by trial and error you discover the appropriate key or combination of keys wherein you can gracefully and easily overcome what appears to be such a formidable barrier in your way.

I would add only one key to this ring that you all possess, that is the key of will, the key wherein you are inclined to at first petition assistance from on high, petition for strength from your Creator, and implement from sheer force of your will and your co-creative power this influence to prevail. This will key is used to marshal the courage and to push forward knowing that you have assistance you cannot see and influences beyond your ability to understand that are yours for the asking. This petitioning for help from on high is yours by the very fact that you are children of God. Children have every right to come to their parents and ask for assistance. Therefore do you have every right to come to all the forces that be in the universe to ask them for their assistance, to come to them with sincerity and purity of heart, not that your plans be made real and manifest, but that the universal plans be made real and manifest in your actions in your lives. This is a very powerful key to have on your ring. When all other keys seem to not quite fit the description, you use the master key. You use all the spirit influence that can come to bear when you petition these influences and then proceed to accept their manifestation in your actions.

Well done. Each one of you has recognized the value of keys that you possess, that you have earned, that are yours never to be taken away. Now we must simply discern which barriers require which approach and what key shall we use today to navigate our way through these barriers, not with force, but with these keys which make this navigation positive and effortless and beneficial to all. We will break down no doors, but one by one we will open each one until there are no barriers left before us, until we may go forth together in the knowledge and in the peace that our keys have proved faithful to us and that our tasks are the discernment of the properties and values and times to use these tools.

Thank you all, each one, for your patience in this process. I understand that from your mortal viewpoint you see this process as long and drawn out and perhaps never-ending. But I tell you that your contributions of service are well noted and that your roles to be played are of great value and significance as we together work toward the unfoldment of Michael's plan for our planet.

Thank you, one and all, and I leave you to this day and to the company of each other, who are gifts from your Creator, the one to the other. Look into each other's eyes and see your Creator there and feel His presence in your lives. Use each other as this reminder of His presence, and your lives will be lifted up. I thank you once again, and I leave you now.