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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Cora

Topic: Learning

October 01, 1999

Cora(Bill): Hello, my dear friends. This is teacher Cora.[Ed. Note: Cora is a personal teacher of Marty] I have been given the privilege of opening our session this evening, in as much as we are a very intimate grouping. The lesson which had been planned for this evening will be postponed until there is a larger mix of your colleagues because it is designed in that larger matrix.

I have been most impressed and fascinated with all the discussion of education and teaching which has been your concern. Indeed, as one who is an assigned personal teacher, how could I otherwise react? I have felt as though I could wish I was in material form to actually enter into this ongoing conversation, but that is not possible. I would like to say that I am most impressed with the concepts that you have been discussing regarding the importance of tailoring every child's instruction to that individuals potential, needs, interests, the sum total of which you perceive as progress in their lives.

I would remind you that the concept of both group and individual instruction is a principle which will continue in your ascension career, and so it makes good sense and good teaching practice to function both in the individual and in the group mode with every child. Personality as a gift from our Father does not flourish when it is in isolation for, indeed, personality requires another personality of equal dignity status in order for there to be communion and communication.

As teachers of children who have been officially designated by the larger community with this responsibility, you have to operate in both the group and individual modalities. The importance of group work is not for the ease of the instructor, to mechanically convey information to each person in the group as though they are simply equally passive, like some mechanical contrivance that only responds to a certain amount of input. This concept of teaching, the conveyance of rote information, has been correctly transcended in your culture. The importance of working in a group is much more for the interpersonal skills which are required, the experience of personality communion and communication. The content of the studies, whether they be science, mathematics, language, is secondary to the more important business of learning cooperation, of learning to value and respect personalities, etc. I say that I am excited about your conversation for you embody these values in your work as you have undertaken to do it.

Everyone has different talents and jobs to do. Just because one person is a teacher in a public school and another person is a TR in a group, does not mean that other people who do not share in these particular roles have lesser value. What is happening in your group, as I perceive it, is that you are developing the rapport, sharing, and comradery of a family at a family level of intimacy and respect, while at the same time you do not share some of the trappings of the standard families on Urantia. Your inter-associations have been largely free of co-dependency and negative expectations. I would conclude this evening that my perspective on you has brought me both joy and optimism for the future of this planet.

Finally, to my charge, Marty, I tell you, my dear, that we are truly close friends, although you do not easily hear my words. I have not traded you in on another student(loud gasps and laughter). No, I have been with you often and I do whisper things into your mind which you perceive at an unconscious level. There is no fault or shame associated with this fact, that is, there is none in my mind and I hope there is none in yours. Some people have a more natural proclivity to hearing. Some people can even see us at times and this is also a natural gift. True, when it is absolutely necessary there are means available for the physical controllers and others to make manifest morontial reality to the eyes of mortals.

I hope in all of this you have gotten the general flavor, which is to say, that I think you are both excellent students and all of you here, excellent teachers as well. I must now give up this truly enjoyable time of sharing my thoughts with you in order to allow others to speak. I am Cora. I love you all as well. Good evening.

Group: Thank you, Cora.

Cora: You are most welcome.

Daniel(Bill): My greetings to you all. I am Daniel, your guide, your teacher, and your friend. Thank you, Cora, for you're your beautiful words in regard to our observations this evening with these our most highly esteemed students. I fully agree with your perceptions on their progress and their mastery of many of the teaching techniques which, indeed, are of universal application. This system of education which we have referred to, is explained rather fully in the Urantia Book. I would remind you of some details which you might find interesting, particularly in the field of art.

In the universe scheme of education students are presented with a task and then they are instructed in the best way to accomplish that task. There is a period of time between the presentation of the task and the best way to do it conclusion in which the students use all the resources and research avenues that they can discover to try to the solve the problem of accomplishing the task. Then, when they have presented their best effort, only then are they shown what experience has accumulated in terms of the best method of accomplishing that task. You see, it is forever true that the purpose of education in the evolving universes of Supremacy is the actual gaining of experience in the process. If a student is immediately shown the best way to do something, many students will, in fact, dutifully apply themselves in that manner. But some students will be frustrated, not being granted opportunity to apply their own ideas. It is somewhat flexible as to how this works. When you are presenting a task which has no antecedent experience to suggest any structure, then, of course, you must provide the framework, as in teaching phonetics, for example, as in teaching basic art forms, etc. But the creativity process becomes more and more manifest as the complexity of the project increases.

This is also true of spiritual education. We have tried to present a basic curriculum which has structure. At the same time we have deliberately allowed, encouraged, and requested each of you to spend your energy and time in discovering your own guidance. That is why we have directed you to listen to the voice of your greatest Instructor, the wonderful Mystery Monitor which lives in each of your minds.

Education is an enormous subject and it is, indeed, something that you will never outgrow until you reach the limits of Supremacy, which will not happen until God the Supreme is fully actualized as the Almighty Supreme. This much I can convey to you, my friends, It only gets better. It only gets better! Our futures do not have to contain any boredom, any exhaustion from lack of resources or any problem too great to surmount.

I will say this. When I was teaching ascenders on Jerusum who were attending there in preparation for Jerusum citizenship, I met a great variety of individuals from all over the system of Satania. Always was I fascinated by the Urantians, for they and the individuals from the other rebel planets seemed to have quite a different perspective. Now that I have been here for a number of years, I do find the challenges on this world to be indescribably varied and most gratifying. You have no idea what a privilege it is to live on such a planet of contrasts! There is so much educational potential here, as you make those decisions, moment by moment, to do God's will, to do the right thing, to show love to others, to show love to yourself, that you will be forever grateful for this planet of origin.

I have received a request from Klarixiska. She would like to address this group. She would ask Virginia if she would be willing, and if not, Isaac will comply.

Virginia: Klarixiska. I would appreciate it if you came through Bill tonight. I don't believe that I could feel your presence or hear your thoughts as well as I sometimes can. I would love to hear your message through another person. It will encourage me.

Klarixiska(Bill): My dear Virginia and all the others of you, my most precious friends, I am pleased to be allowed to share my presence with you this evening.

As I look upon you I behold a beautiful garden of flowers, fraught with such delicate beauty, such individual glory, such perfect balance of color and shape as to cause a person to draw their breath in amazement! We have been watering and fertilizing the ground around you, our little brothers and sisters, for many a year and we have enjoyed the sunshine of the Father's love shining down as we have helped to bring the waters of life to your tender roots.

Tonight I see a beautiful garden with blossoms whose beauty is breathtaking. You are not aware, as we are, of your true morontia souls; not aware as we who live in this reality can see you. We do not look mainly upon your physical appearance nor even on your mental abilities, but we are able to see that which is most real in you, your soul natures; and we see these beautiful flowers.

If I could convey just one thing this evening to you all it would be to drop the shields that protect you from the imagined or real fears, especially in regard to your actual potentials. I would urge you to bend your leaves toward the sun so that its warmth can spur your growth. Open your blossoms to the pollination of the bees who bring your sweet essence to others, and in the cross pollination produce new life. Of course you are more than flowers, but there is much similarity.

God's garden is vast and embraces the universe of universes. There are in this garden every conceivable beautiful plant of every description. Each individual person is absolutely unique in the universe; there are no duplicates. All of you are incredibly valuable, immensely important to the whole as well as to yourselves. Your expectations are, of course, your limitations as well. Your are on the whole much better than many of your brothers and sisters at opening your eyes to the vistas of possibilities. And yet, that is the one thing that I would leave with you this evening. Take it from are capable of even more than you can imagine in this, your mortal life! We are honored to be your teachers, to be your companions. We are delighted to share with you what we have learned. May your evening become sweetened by the knowledge of the Love that flows throughout this universe from the very Source at the center, to each and through each to each other and back to that Source.

I have been awarded the last speaking spot. I have been asked to conclude without questions unless someone has an overwhelming and burning desire. Do we have that question or comment?

Virginia: I don't have a question, but your pictures you paint are always so beautiful. To hear it come through another person really does encourage me. That is what I write down in the morning. I really appreciate the pep talk you give me every morning as I listen to you. It truly does help me and it's very nice to hear you come through another person. I do thank you, very much. I have lots of questions but none of them are burning, so I'll wait.

Klarixiska: Thank you, Virginia. You know how much we enjoy each other. I am honoring Isaac's frailty of voice in my statement of concluding the meeting. I and the other teachers thank you, Isaac, for your willingness to allow us to say our piece through you. You do us a great service.

Virginia: Klarixiska, Lori has a burning question.

Lori: I do! I am sorry.

Klarixiska: Go ahead.

Lori: I'll just do the one that is burning the hottest, then I'll wait. I am not clear on something about quiet time. This week I just took time and last week, to have quiet time and just be in total silence and not listen to my personal teacher. I guess I'm wondering if quiet time where I engage with Altern is of the same value as quiet time where I am in total stillness, or if I am supposed to do both?

Altern(Bill): I am Altern(laughter).

Lori: Alright! I didn't feel like I was shutting you out this week.

Altern: My dear, your question is not academic, but important. The answer is both. That is, your primary objective in silence is to be still and know that God is, and is within you. The purpose of quiet time is to recognize who you really are, that you have both a mortal animal nature and also you have a divine Indweller who someday will fuse with you and become personal through that fusion, even as you become eternal through that fusion. I, as you teacher, am like a coach or good friend, and I cherish our times when we talk. But I do not feel slighted or offended or even disappointed in the sense that you would understand that word when you make time to be in total silence.

If I have your permission to intrude, as it were, into your consciousness when I think I can be of service, I will do so.

Lori: And you know you always do. I hear from you I know, especially lately at different times throughout the day, more than I used to.

Altern: Correct. And that is exactly how I would like it to be.

Lori: I would like it to.

Altern: So, have no worry, Lori, about this. Yes, practice the silence. You will, I predict, be hearing words, not from me but from your Thought Adjuster, more and more. This is normal for persons who have reached that first circle and does not indicate that you are losing your mind or that you have become unstable mentally. When one hears from their own Adjuster there is a certainty about it. There is no doubt. I know that you have already experienced that so I encourage you to continue. Does this answer your question?

Lori: Yes, it does and it is such a desirable feeling to get to that point of stillness where you are completely filled with God's love and your Indwelling Spirit; such a beautiful place in your mind. That's what keeps drawing me. When I have finished my full completion of our writings together, just out of laziness of getting a new tablet I decided to be still. Now, it's a real desire, because it is such a wonderful place to be. I thank you for all your encouragement with people and my relationships with strangers and making contact. It's been really helpful to hear you keeping me on track in doing God"s will in my everyday life. Great.

Altern: Thank you for your gratitude, Lori. I, like the other personal teachers present here tonight, consider this to be our most exciting and satisfying assignment so far in our ascendent careers. You know, a good coach not only teaches skills and techniques but does the most good when they provide their students with encouragement, when they give them the belief that they can do it. We know that you all can do it, as it were. So when we tell you this, we are not using flattery or exaggeration. As I was listening to Klarixiska describe you, indeed we all see you as this beautiful flourishing garden. I am sorry that I can't speak longer but Isaac has lost his voice and we must honor him at this point.

Lori: Thank you.

Altern: Yes, I am pleased to be associated with you. And now, Daniel will conclude our meeting.

Daniel(Bill): My dear friends, our love for you has been returned to us by you in your dedication and your willingness to be such good students. We are training you to be teachers, all of you, in all aspects of your lives. I bring you word from our Sovereign, Christ Michael. He is cognizant of all of you, of course, and desires you to know that he stands behind your work. He holds you in the palm of his hand of affection and our Mother Nebadonia weaves your minds together into the beautiful tapestry of supremacy which is occurring in this part of the universe. Be at peace, all of you. Know that you are always surrounded by a multitude of hosts who are your cheering fans and ardent supporters. Good evening.