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DATE: March 23, 2001


T/R: Elianne

A transmission / gift for Mary

Now here is one who has so much talent, so many gifts, a quick mind, and a ready heart, and is bursting to share all these things. Life has placed a rich table of gifts in front of her, and after years of deprivation, it is starting to occur to her that she can truly give and receive in a way not before possible. But accompanying this is an unstable energy that is not certain where to focus, that wants to have a finger in many pies; that does not want to be left out of any good thing.

We want to say to you: The goodness is not going anywhere; you have earned a right to it, and it will be there always; you do not have to gobble everything up at once. Choosing a focus does not mean denying your interests and abilities in other enterprises. But, look to discern your truest need, and trust that that can be filled fully, rather than running from one end of the table to the other to fill your plate with things that are not necessary to ingest right now. If you are feeling confused, it is simply because you are "constipated" -- with possibilities. Believe me, you are not going to miss anything if you simply slow down, calm down, and commune directly with your own Father to see what his will is for your most precious good. He knows your desire to serve him, but sometimes your inner clamor makes it difficult for him to get through.

If the true primary need is to be fulfilled and happy in intimate relationship, make that your priority. Dive into it, and give it your full heart. Now this does not mean losing your self within the other person's divine and human glory; it means bringing your own glory to bear on the shared entity that the relationship is, to nurture it to wholeness so that it can nurture you and the two of you can nurture each other. But, see clearly what is before you, and do not delay following any true guidance that might indicate that the dream is not the reality. Humans are wired to respond to the dream call, and then turn it into a stable reality with its foundation in the Father's truth, goodness, and love. With this as a base, the love between two people cannot fail to produce the fruits of the Father's own tree. Make Him your mutual goal, make Him the center of your lovemaking, make him the center of all your business, and the relationship will flourish.

These are not just words; you have to discern clearly how to do this, together. We see you embarking on a true exploration of love. You might even get a little lost with each other, in each other, for a while; this is common and normal in the early stages. But your own inner knowing, if not ignored, will always pull you back on course. Go not for the glamour, go for the substance; if you remember anything at all of this message, that is the one thing to hold dear to your heart. If something you do for others, individually or together, makes you feel important; if you find yourself seeking validation, appreciation or attention; if it is important for you to be "right" about things -- all that is a sign of spiritual glamour. If you feel simple, grateful, humble that you are the purveyor whatever gifts the Father offers others through you, that is the substance of service. You know this, but in the excitement of new openings it is easy to forget. Egos are of use when they help build confidence and competence; they hamper the Father's work when they seek to be noticed and glorified.

I say this because there has been some wounding in you in the past around a certain lack of acknowledgment and recognition that was certainly due to you; and we ask that you let the Father compensate for that with his own validation and appreciation; do not seek that from others. And constantly ask yourself -- even within the normalcy of wanting authentic and natural human needs to be fulfilled by the one you love -- "Is what I am asking from this person in this moment something that is the province of man or the province of God?" Man's love is imperfect; God's love is not. Do not demand unconditional love, either from yourself or the other; be content with the love that is human, that has limitations, that fails and falters, and sometimes hides in fear or shame.

The main task for your discernment practice in regard to any relationship, is to be able to distinguish the need for validation versus the need for truth. These two things are still intertwined in your psyche, as it is for almost every human, and that is why it is sometimes difficult to hear clearly what is being communicated to you by others. You have nothing to defend, ever; you have only to listen. If you find yourself arguing for your position, know that this means you are not certain within yourself. Rather than continuing outer communication, ask your own good Father to clarify.

This is the correct way to proceed: Others' opinions are to be noted, and then taken into prayer and meditation – not the intellect – for consideration. You usually have more than enough input from outer sources to take to the Father and lay at His feet. We advise that you resist the temptation to collect more data or more opinions in order to draw up a defensible case, or to find agreement for your own stance or to shore up your own uncertainty; rather, take what you have, confused as it may be, directly to the Father and make it known to Him in no uncertain terms that you want – as you humans say: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Your true prayer is, "Father, reveal the truth to me in this, regardless of the cost." It is His greatest pleasure to comply with such a request. This is a process that can take moments, hours, days, weeks, or even months. When you get your answer, if it is true you will feel releasement and peace, with no need to continue the process. If there is still doubt or conflict, or anxiety, keep asking for truth. With questions of great import, do not be satisfied with anything that does not bring you to a recognition – body, mind, soul, and spirit -- that is a 100% YES.

All will be revealed, all will be given, all will be awarded, in good time, in good time. This is one of the things we find most humans struggle with. You all would like to receive the answers immediately, and are not trained to wait within the pools of uncertainty. This causes you to jump to conclusions at times, and slip on the rocks. Be willing to not know, until you truly know. Patience, patience is being asked of you along this journey.

We bless you with our love, Vesta