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March 06, 2001

Teacher: Indwelling Father

TR: Mary

I sought Father Michael's advice but he suggested I seek higher counsel.

I ask our Paradise Father Fragments: Would a partnership between David and myself be in alignment with your Will and Plans for each of us?

Father: Do you understand the gift of free will?

Mary: Yes

Father: Do you understand my Will?

Mary: Yes, anything I choose other than self/SELF destruction is within your Will. Father, do you not have a Plan and Blueprint for each of us that is better served by determining those choices more aligned to those Plans which we designate as Your Will?

Father: Yes Child, however understand that most of your free will choices do not alter nor affect your individual Plans, for each of you are aligned with the Plans and Will of Plan for you, first and foremost. Do you not see this Child?

Mary: Yes Father, if this is a true and accurate communication with you then I am seeing this grander picture. I believe I am to shine your Light and spread / radiate your Unconditional Love and I can do that wherever I am and with whomever I may be partnered with. To partner with some would make my commitment, my heart's desires more effortlessly fulfilled. That is all. I must learn discernment. I must learn to make my own choices for this truly is God's Will for me, Your Will for me. Correct Father?

Father: Yes, Child.

Mary: Thank you Father, thank you!

Father: You are welcome my Beloved Child

Mary: Father, I ask in love for David and also for myself… David fights a battle for what he perceives as a free will planet rather than a slave planet. He hopes that Father Michael and those aligned with the Free Will Aspects of Creation are involved for "real", so I ask again if this is REAL, is this the reality we must awaken to as a planet in order to enter the beginning era of Light and Life?

Father: Child it is real as you perceive higher spiritual realities with other than your limited human senses.

Mary: So far David has not sensed any indication of any spiritual assistance - at least not to his eyes...

Father: Has David not been trained and walked the entire way? Was David not shown his potential role if he so chooses? David, like you Child, must go in faith. That is where your power lies - for each of you. We do not make your choices for you and we do not live out your choices. These are your unique experiences - unique to you, not to God. We walk with David as we walk with you - not to fight your battles or fulfill your Plans or to rob you of your experiences. We walk with you because we love you and desire to be with you through all of your chosen experiences, for you are our children who recognize us and Will us into your lives. We will not forsake you although from your perspective it may sometimes appear so. Do you understand Child?

Mary: Yes, I do and it is incredibly lonely - it is as if a universe stands by and watches us as wolves attack the flock. David wishes to alert the flock - to communicate to the sheep the dangers of wolves. He isn't quite sure the Shepherd desires this.

Father: Child, in his heart he indeed knows what the Shepherd desires. This is where his faith resides.

Mary: Father, I am seeing a picture… The sheep are being lead slowly to new pastures. Those closest to the leading shepherds - those more enlightened if you will – are perhaps considered most protected from the wolves. Most of the rest of the herd are unaware of wolves or any dangers. They simply want to graze and drink water. Some of the enlightened have chosen to lead the way to the new pastures and those that follow may do so. Others who are enlightened have chosen to assist their brethren in awakening to the awareness that there lies ahead new pastures and that the flock may choose as individuals rather than be dominated as part of a herd. Some choose to warn of wolves, which by the way, if not properly done, strikes fear in the herd which is counter to free will choosing.

Okay, now I see more of this picture, Father. The Shepherd will gladly walk with any of his herd who desires his company. Does the wolf see the shepherd? The shepherd may choose to make himself visible OR the sheep may choose to radiate and reflect the presence of the shepherd. But, no one can force the wolf to see the shepherd nor those sheep that do not see the shepherd. The shepherd may not be projected into the wolf's reality as a weapon nor as protection, for the shepherd is part of another reality. When the reality of the Shepherd reigns in the pasture - when all the sheep see the shepherd then the reality / threat of the wolves begins to disappear.

Father: There are many ways to bring this reality to the pasture and all are supported.