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Cheshire, UK, December 21, 2004.
Teacher Katrina.
Subject: "The Keyboard."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Katrina: "Yes, it is I, Katrina, who comes to visit you once again, with bells ringing and a dance in my step.

"In the pearl that is the world you see shimmers, and shines, and a brilliance—such a brilliance, glowing from here to the reaches of space. It is so easy for you, beneath that outer shell of beauty to miss it altogether, but know it is there, and know that it would not be the same if you, all of humanity, were not part of this wonderful glowing organism.

"I show you now a keyboard, with its black and white notes, yet all form part of the melody. Do not make this mistake of seeing these within duality, for each skips and jumps alongside. White notes, black notes, some more, some others.

"Some of you will play in a major key, perhaps only hitting the whites. Others may play in more complex scales, using many of those black notes. Some may choose the chromatic, moving every which way, to cover all possibilities.

"But I say to you, it doesn’t matter. Your own songs are beautiful. The darkness of your life reflected within the harmonies and the structures alongside those of the lightness of your life.

"And so we look upon you with amusement at times, but also with joy, as you dance and play your way through your lives, pretending to be so much less than you are. You are all like children. But like children, sometimes you put on a serious face and investigate in great detail, and sometimes you skip and jump with joy, reveling in life’s pleasures.

"Allow your own song to come through, and sing it with passion, for it is everything that you are. And nothing can take that song away from you.

"I am so joyful that you gave me this opportunity to talk today. My time here is limited, as I have many other assignments on which I am working at this point in time. But I relish this opportunity, as I am appreciative of the fondness with which you hold me within your heart.

"I shall be around in the future, but less often. There is much new growth within the music of this Earth, and of the art. And I find my time pressed to assist within these endeavors as much as I am able, but know that I hold you with much fondness and love.

"I walk away from you slowly now, but not before giving you a big hug and a caress as I say ‘have a wonderful and Beauty filled festive season’, and remember me when you are laughing, for spirits such as myself and others of my ilk are never far away at such times.

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