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Green Bay, US of A,

November 23, 2004.

Machiventa Melchizedek.


 "The Second Revelatory Commission."

"Who Is Monjoronson."

Received by Angela.

Machiventa: "This is Machiventa. It is I, and you will know that it is I, because I come through so strongly within you, speaking through you. Have trust. I am here, all around you. If you must ask what I am, know I am your friend. This may sound suspicious to you, but that does not matter, I see no harm in your guarded appearance. I know you have been hurt before with others you have transmitted—long ago, years ago. You know of what I speak. But that is in the past, and you are now a much clearer receiver and transmitter. You have opened up in such amazing ways that you can easily see when you are receiving garbled messages. You block many, without realizing it. So know it is I, for I have come to you to answer the questions you have.

Question: "What is Second Revelatory Commission?"

Machiventa: "This commission is set in place to help bring about the changes Urantia is seeking; the changes you yourself are seeking. The world is waiting, and almost ready, though not quite. This is what the commission was created for; to help you all prepare for the coming changes. You ask again what these changes are. Well you should know! You are a wonderful part of it! If you must ask, know I will gladly answer, though it amazes me at how simple you can be, although that is not a bad thing. You are wonderful in that way.

"The changes equal peace, happiness, open communication with the spirit world and with your world. You desire to see me, and many others, too. With these changes, many barriers will be broken down. You would be able to see me standing by your side right now if I manifested for your mortal vision. With these changes, I would not have to lower my energy levels in order for your eyes to see, but instead your vibrations would rise to my level, and so would those of many millions of others, although not all. There will remain those unwilling to make such changes, for they will be held back by their fears and greed. Yet they will be the minority. Know this; you will be able to talk with many about your experiences, your transmissions and your beliefs, without worrying about judgment and harsh criticism. Others will simply be more accepting of one another.

"Along with this rise in energies and vibration levels, your body will heal itself in ways it is now not capable of. I know of your many struggles, which cause you much grief. For this, I am sorry, but know such changes are planned in your future, within your lifetime, and much sooner than you anticipated. You will be healed of these illnesses, these burdens, and you will be able to live your life in the way you dreamed it would be. Along with you, so will many, many others, and now onto your next question."

Question: "Who is Monjoronson?"

Machiventa: "Monjoronson is a being willing to come to your earth to help raise its vibration, which is needed. I know you wonder how you can sense the truth in what this being might be, and whether he is to come to do what I say he will do. He will. Just ask this of yourself and sit quietly. You will receive the answers within. No badgering by me will sway you to conclude otherwise. Either you will know this to be true or know it to be false. However, only if you take the time to sit silently and ask the questions you must ask. Ask him to come to you and answer such questions. That is the way to go about it."

Question: "If all this is real, how can I help?"

"This is an easy question to answer! You are already helping! Wonderful, isn’t it? By being interested in these topics, reading others messages, staying aware of what is going on with 11:11, receiving, accepting and acknowledging time prompts, and taking time to ask, "Why am I receiving this prompt now?" By sitting down and asking me these questions, you are helping, because you are aware. You are raising your energy levels by taking the time to listen, to contemplate, and to accept or reject, although I can clearly feel that you are accepting as I bring this message to you. What a wonderful feeling for me! I know you want to help, we hear you all the time, and, no, you’re not annoying; I want to let you know.

"Yes, we do hear your calls. We have heard you since you were very young, before your teenage years. We placed books in your hands; books about angels, which you did that report on in your sixth grade class, and other such things. The books you found when you went to the mini mall, biking all the way with your friend, and buying so cheaply, all US. Guideposts readings have helped you as well, and so on. There have been many steps to where you have arrived at this moment in time, in this particular life. We have been here, and we will always be here.

"I am Machiventa. Know it has been me speaking with you. Know that I speak the truth. Trust that I am your friend, and know that honesty, and only honesty has been brought to you this night.

Sleep well and rest those eyes, there is much work for you to do in the future."

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