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Teachers: Lantarnek

Difficult Life On Urantia Makes It Difficult To Spend Time On Spiritual Work

December 5, 2004

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, I am Lantarnek. I welcome every opportunity to express light through this medium of words, to share love by way of communication, the acknowledgment of our common presence, fellowship being one with our Father. It is a great trial to many who live in the realm in which you find yourselves. The conditions require such effort. The conditions in which you find yourself on this world often require your attention on matters that appear to distract you from your pursuit of higher truth of the attainment of a lifestyle more radiant with spirit.

Each of you I perceive to have wrestled with this state of affairs and have developed your ability to infuse your ideals of higher spirit living into these mundane affairs. It is healthy to honestly recognize that your terrestrial events are significant contributors to your spiritual ascension. The immediate goal of any task may appear to be short lived and function merely to pay your bills to fill your shelves. But within such undertakings there is a treasure chest of experiential gems which develop your character, which brings about virtue, which hones your personality and prepares you for undertakings in the morontia realms. Often when a human being grasps one's significance in the cosmos -- and by that I do not mean individual importance but rather your unique placement in the overall collective -- the assumption results that one merely waits for the moment of ascension beyond this realm to the worlds of true spirit value. You have learned that your spirit value is found here, that there is no greater training ground for the development of soul.

Happy are they who have come to know that life upon your world is not one of isolation from spirit, that in welcoming the assistance of your higher brethren you are strengthened, you are guided and ushered along the path best suited for you. Michael when living upon your world demonstrated this very approach to life I speak of. While he spoke of being in the world but not of the world, he all the while never condemned the world his Father created. He absorbed the experiences of life and adjusted them to his universe outlook. This is how you experience peace on earth. The battle between spirit and flesh ceases when one understands the value of physical life in a spiritual universe. Through the human soul spiritual growth is a reach upward to Paradise, but to your divine spirit your life is a reach out into the stretches and edges of the universe.

Just as a magnificent tree, deeply rooted in the earth, each spring puts forth new tips of growth, so does Father extend farther into the depths of space through living creatures like yourselves. When your daily events appear to be insignificant, remember you are the tip of growth of spirit even out here on this edge of the superuniverse. I welcome your comments.

Jael: (Liked his point about peace on earth. Thanks Lantarnek for his comments)

* Lantarnek: Peace is found in the acquirement of the view of harmony. Much of your life is described as a "battle with" a "war on" and a "fight over". Abandoning this perspective and accepting and acknowledging conflicts as episodes for the development of character they become welcome experiences and cease to be struggles. Effort is acceptable as you have over time repeatedly experienced success. I take my leave at this point. May you be good.