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December 07, 2004

Light Line Teleconference

Q&A with Teacher Daniel

Michael: I have a question. It’s hard for me to be faithful when circumstances around me seem to fall in on themselves. Is there anything you can tell me to help me keep my faith strong in times of peril?

* Daniel: Thank you for your question, my friend. Indeed, times can be rough and difficult choices and circumstances may be before you, but if you can look at your surroundings as being your environment, and look at you and your inner decision process being where you can make the most difference, then you may be able to recognize some opportunities in the challenges you face.

I will use Michael’s life in the flesh as Jesus, as an example here. Jesus came into Jerusalem with the recognition that circumstances were caving in upon him, and he knew that, aside from suddenly declaring his Godhood and willing things to be different, he truly had no control, as a human, over the series of events that were about to befall him. But he did recognize that he had this central Core, this relationship to the Highest Reality, as a strong guiding force for him. Thus he followed through on what he believed was the highest decision he could make at any moment. Around him the circumstances did cave in, and yet he did follow through, knowing that the reality of what was occurring to him held no torch to the reality that existed as a part of him, aside from these environmental occurrences.

Now I know the circumstances in your life and Michael’s life are not exactly synonymous, but I believe you can take great strength from recognizing that you, equally, as a child of God, have the opportunity to rise to the challenge of remaining central to the core of your being and keeping your focus on what is real at a spiritual level rather than seeing the environmental circumstances as having predominant control over your destiny and faith.

Sometimes in life you are all faced with difficult decisions and a recognition of weakness or fear or momentary wavering of faith is truly human, but you do have the opportunity to recognize that there is a higher reality, that you are a part of this reality by your choice, and that you are immeasurably loved and cared for, not only by the Father, but by his vast creation. You have ministers and guardians who are with you each moment, looking over you and trying to coax you toward the highest decisions. They are very forgiving when you don’t make the highest decisions, for judgment is not a factor in their relationship to you.

So I encourage you to seek the Divine Source, to recognize that you are part of a cosmic family, to make the best decisions you can, and deal with the environmental factors as they come along, in the highest manner possible. I hope this helps you to gain perspective, my friend. Does this answer for you this evening?

Michael: I appreciate that. I needed to hear that, as there are serious situations in my life. It made me feel a lot better.

* Daniel: Thank you for reaching out tonight, and you are certainly cared for more than you can even fathom at the level of existence you are at the present time. Do your best. Are there other questions this evening?

Marshall: This is Marshall. It’s good to hear you, Daniel. In the new and changing times do you foresee some of the many students of the teacher corps reaching, within their lifetimes here, terrestrial mortal attainment and subsequent fusion, due in part to the enhancement of morontia spiritual capacities available?

* Daniel: Hello my friend. I would like to encourage you in your spiritual development. The opportunity exists, yes, for fusion to take place. Whether there will be greater numbers than in previous eras is yet to be determined. The more likely reality, on a predominant scale, is that there will be more who, when they reach the moment of mortal death, will have traversed higher in the circle levels such that they will be less in need of significant periods of time in remedial training once they reach the mansion worlds. Still, there are some who could gain a significant degree of enlightenment to the extent that they might be prepared for translation.

Of course, we certainly want to encourage you to focus more on actually being good and doing good, than on what happens when you do good or grow more spiritized, as I’m sure you know. But I hope my commentary at least affords some glimpses and insights for you tonight.

Marshall: Yes Daniel. Thank you very much for your answer and the pleasure of your company.

* Daniel: You are welcome.

Manu: Brother Daniel, this is Manu. On the same thread, I read a transcript a few days ago that said something to the effect that God the Father decided to create us for the expressed purpose of understanding our life outside of his all knowingness. It came to my mind, in response, that it doesn’t matter how soon we reach fusion or some other spiritual state as long as we can live each moment for the satisfaction of our Father. As we know, the Father beholds us in our complete spiritual state and it’s only a matter of time and space before we reach that state.

* Daniel: Your insight is significant and I congratulate you for pondering and coming to these conclusions in your life. There are many beings here on your world at the present time who have actually chosen not to go on, but to come back so that they could experience this reclamation project. They have delayed their ascension merely in the fact that there was something to be learned. This holds true even at your level of existence.

Please do not be in a hurry to give up the opportunities you have right now, for although the ascension scheme of progression is wonderful to behold and exciting to be a part of, your faith realizations in the material existence actually compound your ability to function most effectively in the overall scheme of ascension. The more that you grapple with decisions and come to conclusions and adjust your perspectives when you cannot see what it is that you have fledgling faith in, the more that you will be liberated when you come face to face with the realities that you only have an inkling about at the present time. This life is a foundation, and your ability to experience all that you can, to try new things, to check out new resources, to contemplate higher realities, all of this will compound your effectiveness in the spirit.

And so take the insight that you have, Manu, and run with it. Expand yourself and recognize that each moment is an opportunity for realizations like this. Whether you are heavy into service mode with some project, or discussing differences with a fellow employee at work, or playing with your child with no particular place to go, everything has the potential to expand who you will become eternally. I thank you for sharing your realization, and I hope my commentary has served to amplify for you.

Manu: Yes, your explanation was beautiful. Thank you.

* Daniel: You’re welcome.

Marshall: Just a comment Daniel -- Marshall again. So in essence we are talking of higher cosmic duties leading to enhanced divine values. As the Master once said, "The meaning of life is its adaptability, where the value of life is its progressability. Does that dovetail?

* Daniel: Certainly this works well with Manu’s realization and our discussion. Indeed, it is this adaptable environment that allows progressive realization that is the foundation for your propelling into an eternity platform of progression. Are there other questions this evening, my friends?

Michael: This is a question pertaining to myself. I was wondering if those of us who serve God will have the opportunity in the future to work with Monjoronson or any of the others here on this earth together or is it going to be mostly working on our own? I just want to serve God with all of my heart, but I was wondering if I will have that opportunity or will it be something that will have to wait until I start my ascension.

* Daniel: Thank you again. This question is one that many have had, and do have, whether it be directly related to the Magisterial Son or to Jesus, Maitreya, or some divine personage coming to the world to help bring it into a higher state of evolution. While I cannot give firm details regarding the actual occurrences to come, I can let you know that you can work with the Divine at any time, and as you see others who hold like values and ideas, you have the opportunity to work together for the Divine.

We would like to encourage you, and actually all of you, to expect to have to go it alone every step of the way, while maintaining the hope that you won’t have to go it alone, for in this perspective the power is in your hands to make a difference. In the perspective of focusing more on the beings to come, you shift the power into the elusive hands of something that may or may not be a reality. I think you understand why I emphasize this, but if you live like you have to go it alone, then you take control of your life and the service opportunities around you.

Someday you may look up from helping a little old lady to cross the street to see someone else there willing to help along with you who may or may not have a divine personality within them, but nonetheless you can make decisions in that moment to work with that presence, or to work one step at a time, one day at a time, toward your personal goals.

The likelihood that a divine being is going to manifest in a majestic visible global way such that no discernment is necessary is very unlikely. Instead, it is by your work and your trusting in your ability to go it alone now, which will define your potentials and your involvement in any other manifestations that come along.

I hope this doesn’t deflate you in your desire as much as it inspires you to recognize that you are in control of your destiny and the potential occurrences will happen based on the actions of others like you who move forward without relying on any potential or future occurrence to guide them. Does this clarify for you, my friend?

Michael: It clarified the question for me. Thank you, Daniel. I appreciate your willingness to speak with me. I hope we can talk again.

* Daniel: I certainly look forward to doing this and look forward to your progress. Keep on in faith, my friend.

At this time I believe our meeting needs to come to a close. Let us once again commune in a prayerful state with one another toward our Father.

Father we are blessed that you have been present with us this evening. I thank you for shedding light on our conversations with one another and bringing a sense of unity. May we return the favor by reaching out in our spheres of influence to shed our light upon those with whom we come in contact. It is refreshing to know, aside from words, the potential to affect others by action and presence is possible, just as we are affected by your presence and the manifestations of your divinity, now and throughout our existence.