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Subject: Lightline..11-17-04

Teacher: Solonia

Stress and Fear With Change

T/R: Daniel Megow

Prayer: Father share your wisdom with us according to our needs and according to your will.

Solonia: Greetings dear ones, this is your sister Solonia. It is my privilege this evening once again to address you in this manner. There are those among you who have a level of sight which is higher than the average mortal living on this world today. It is the beginnings of your morontia sight, more commonly termed insight. You are able to view the affairs of your families, friends, city, country, even world with a more mota perspective.

It is common among mortals to be stressed in changing times such as these and trust me dear ones, they are truly changing, even though you maay view them as being stuck in the old ways. It is a fact that the most highs of Edentia do rule in the kingddoms of men and though you may be unable to se the wisdom of allowing events to proceed in what seems to be a negative manner, be assured that the end results will be greatly enhanced by the outworkings that are in place.

Many of this world yet live in fear. It is beyond their present capabilities to step very far outside of this familiar fear and yet those who are able to use their soul sight, if you will, also at times share some of these same fears and yet remember well the Master's favorite injunction was "fear not". The Father is in charge and even even so much more of those of you who seek to do the will of the Father. When you seek our Father's perfect will, it is so much easier for those of us who are in Father's service to aid you in your quest for perfection, for serving and loving and seeking out those who need to be able to escape the common fear for a moment.

When you are in the conscious service of our Father, this can be an inspiration for those who can benefit from it. Be heartened to realize that when you have served in this manner, those you have served have heartily said 'thank God", and indeed that is the highest compliment any of us, mortal, angel, even the highest being in the universe of time and space thank God for a service that you have provided. Thank God for those opportunities of being in service, for you are well aware of the inner joy you experience in these moments.

It is one of the supreme joys of life in this universe that we live in. Be patient with those who perhaps see not as well as yourselves, just as we who teach you are patient with you. You are merely their elder siblings because of your insight, just as we your teachers are with you and just as our teachers before us are with us. Take this season of spirit that is coming upon you soon on this planet to serve and to spread love and joy as you are able. You serve the greater good, the higher consciousness of this world by being yourself and serving to the best of your ability and with our Father's love. In sharing it you receive it back.

When more and more who see continually share in this manner, this is what will bring about the highest conciousness on your world. You and your world are very close to the turning point and all you are able to see right now is the last desparate struggle of the old way making its prescence felt so that the good which was evolved through the old mindset may be kept and incorporated into the better way, the higher way of the spirit and of peace.

In your quest to serve, forget not to allow others the honor of serving you as well. Others receive great joy in being of service to you. Do not forget that, do not block that joy. Serve and be served as brothers and sisters who have attained a level of maturity to go beyond the bickering part of siblinghood. Take heart dear friends, associates, all is as it should be for the greater evolution of society and of your world. I will take one or two questions tonight if any should care to ask.

Q: Several months ago, information was given to me regarding the ongoing expansion of the 12 groups of Master Seraphim of planetary supervision into 25 groups, eventually to expand to 70 groups. Is this process currently under way?

Solonia: All in due time dear friend, all in due time. There will be diversification for the people of this planet having gone through such confused isolated times, are indeed far more diverse in their needs and in their abilities than on normal worlds, so indeed will the expansion occur as it becomes needful and possible for it to do so.

Q: Very good answer and what prompted this was what I had received, and my thoughts were that one of the purposes for this expansion would be to accomodate the anticipated growing number of mortals within the reserve corps of destiny as well as the co-creation of this evolving order of blending morontia mortals who will act as bridges or liasons between our unseen brothern in the spiritual realm and our material brethren in the flesh.

Secondly, is another reason for this expansion the great anticipated increase in celestial personalities working on this planet in conjunction with the impending eminent Magisterial mission?

Solonia: We also very much enjoy hearing the speculations of our students. Keep it up and truly you will discover those things that are true and those things that are wished in the speculation and take joy in it as it is a pastime that we practice in as well.

Q: I wonder if there might be personal advice for me to help improve my spiritual life.

Solonia: As with all dear friend, it is practicing seeing with the eyes of the Father, through the eyes of love, seeking for higher wisdom, higher and more complete understanding. Indeed, just seeking Fathers will, you are doing this. You have been doing this dear friend and you do well, yet each individual must go through the times of trying which indeed seem to be trying times. These times of trying are when you are given the opportunity to excercise those lessons you have learned in an environment where perhaps it has been difficult to excercise them. This testing, if you will, is strenghtening and when you have grasped an experience of using former lessons and this present experience you will be greatly rewarded in the joy of having accomplished it. You do well my friend. Continue on in your path and do the sillness time with your Father. That is where you will get recharged. Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes, thankyou dear Solonia. We love you.

Solonia: You all are dearly loved as well. Good night.