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Cheshire, UK, November 16, 2004.

Teacher Samuel (pronounced Sam-u-el).

Subject: "Stand In Your Truth."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Samuel: "The Moments you have been waiting for will soon be upon you and the worlds layers of illusion will be peeled like an orange to be cast to the wind. Many beautiful beings will reside upon the Earth, and this will count humanity amongst its numbers, the growth, the movement and the promise within humanity is showing itself more every day, and the awareness of your brethren is also becoming commonplace.

"Many however feel that they cannot talk about this; that they are somewhat alone, and you can do much to assist in this manner. Many, many more people than you would believe are aware of the presence of beings other than humans upon this Earth, and of phenomena that is not yet fully explained by science.

"Most people have at some point in recent years started to question their own sense of self, their own sense of being, and to experience things. Most also believe that there is no one else like them. This is not true.

"You are a minority. You are a minority not however in your dealings with spirit and your questionings of yourself, you are a minority in that you have the courage to turn around and declare this publicly.

"Some of you may have had support from other like-minded people whom you speak to as close friends on a regular basis; others have found such connections through the wonder that is your web, of electronics, known as the Internet. However you have found these people, whether it is a regular contact or not, you are aware that there are at least others around who experience that which you do.

"Think a while of those who have fear of this, who think that if they talk to their friends within public houses, or restaurants of their experiences that they will be ridiculed, not knowing that the ridicule would likely come from another who has experienced but has too much fear yet to make their questionings known. Few now have not questioned.

"The biggest job at hand is to reach these people who are sitting next to each other every day, yet think they are alone. If it were possible for each of them to turn and stand at the same point and declare their confusion, their hope, their fear and their experience, then the world would light up and humanity would be past its challenges, and action would be able to be taken to bring All into the fold.

"In the past it took much grooming to awaken people, many years of repeated practice, tireless learning, and unstinting dedication. Now the work of the few has resonated amongst the many and it is time to assist those souls in knowing that they stand by each other’s side.

"So I beg you, those of you who do not yet talk to individuals face-to-face, mention some of the experiences and knowledge that you have gained on your path. Start from the small things…the dreamings, the questions.

"Do not jump in with the answers, because your answer may not be their answer, but by talking without fear, and from a point of love, in an open manner, then you will neither attract ridicule nor distrust, but people will respect your position, and learn that they too are allowed a similar one.

"There may be some who have great fear of ridicule, and they may ridicule you. They will be few, but if this is experienced, then simply stand in your truth, look at them (through) love and just agree to differ. Respect can then be maintained whilst the seeds have been planted.

"I am not requesting you to evangelise, but merely to no longer hide that which your heart is willing and waiting to be shouted to the world. If all who are already discussing such matters were to do this, then soon there would be very few parts of the world left untouched."

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