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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Lanaforge [System Sovereign]


Unity, Inclusiveness, Commonality

October 31, 2004

* Lanaforge (Jonathan TR): Greetings. I welcome you as you welcome me. We are ever willing to be assigned to engagements that our Master Son wishes we undertake, for it is an honor to be his servant. Your world is yet adjusting to the remarkable visitation of Michael. While his reputation on this planet is quite high, he is still little understood. It is not surprising, for Earth has yet to realize its position in this universe family.

You who have invested your attention toward maintaining a conscious awareness of your belonging to Michael are comfortable living with his overseeing presence, and you know his loving care is for you and for all around you. Many among Urantia are struggling under the erroneous belief that Michael can be owned and withheld or shared according to human perception and requirements. In order for this planet to reach the stage whereby it may receive visitations from neighbors on other worlds, unity and cooperation must be well founded in the thought streams and actions of the human beings resident upon this world. It is my call to you to continue the work of instilling in others trust that you are of common heritage, that you are of the same spiritual parents. The challenge is to foster this togetherness and convey to others only opening up to this perspective of commonality that you each are not only allowed but encouraged to be different, to explore the great realm of opinion and belief, to exercise wisdom in choosing your cosmic perspective in discovering truth.

It is a great stretch of faith to be inclusive of all fellows without requiring conformity. Human nature is to struggle in the dynamics of win and lose, of inclusion and exclusion. Matters of little importance such as uniform are what in centuries past have been called tribal markings often divide whole groups of people. The variability of personalities and the variety of human communities serve to beautify your cultures.

Michael draws all to himself. It is his wish that we each draw all others towards us, fully knowing our bond in the brotherhood of Nebadon. You understand your unity amongst one another, and you accept and cherish the variety that each of you provides for one another. This balance is essential for planetary progress.

It is time for this world to cease the ideological tug-of-war and to begin to orchestrate and choreograph all the multiple talents and perspectives and traits to harmonize, to mobilize, all with one another, for it is in this cohesiveness that the great potential of the human race will rise and function and hasten your course to Light and Life. As your world better understands its placement in Nebadon, it will become easier for many others to perceive as you do and to intermingle acceptingly with others as you do.

It is my desire to establish the methods of Michael in this system. There are few worlds left to awaken to the mission of Michael. I ask you to ever be willing to demonstrate the reality of our Creator Son's method of living, his manner of loving, his devotion to God, his embrace of all.

This will establish the primary foundation from which Urantia will build a better world. I am coordinating constantly with the personalities assigned to your world. While much is done to assist you as people, individuals, in your spiritual growth and your cosmic understanding, a great many events take place of planetary significance and in view of eventual interplanetary connection. Michael's goal is the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all mankind throughout all Nebadon, the awareness of universe family and all the love and support that that entails.

I am pledged to foster that in Satania. I am also attentive to the mechanics involved in coordinating every planet under my jurisdiction. Planets are not personalities. They require a form of administration that is challenging, for any world, not being an entity, cannot be addressed directly as I do you today. When I accepted system rulership, I only faintly grasped the challenge. We all grow in this universe of time and space, and we all come to better appreciate the overcare of our Creator Son.

It is Michael and Nebadonia who are the presence of God while we created adjust and unfold and draw near to our divine parents. This is Lanaforge. I commend your dedication. It is rewarding to me to look upon this world and assess that many like you are awakening to the grander view of life, one above simply living for yourself and living only for a relatively small few, to the exclusion of others. The greater the embrace of acceptance the more smoothly our grouping of worlds will develop this same acceptance. Focus on Urantia but do so with the awareness of your sister world.

Your studies have instilled within you a large picture of universe function. This perspective, while vast and of remote realms, supports your everyday actions. It infuses your moment to moment efforts with a deep eternal sense of goodness and of purpose and meaning. Thank you ever for your efforts. I welcome your responses.

Evelyn: I find myself wondering if there are conflicts between planets in our system.

* Lanaforge: There are no wars, no fighting, but many administrators do hold differing views regarding methodology for advancing worlds and for interplanetary relationship. There are weighty matters that engage the passions of many personalities. But the worlds that function in full knowledge of other worlds' existence and relationship are all advanced to the point that differences are expressed as debate. These conflicts are spirited; they are highly stimulative of creativity. All administrators understand the health that results from such exchanges and contests of ideology. Not since the times of Lucifer has such expression of ideology fallen into the destructive pattern which sends souls into confusion and worlds into darkness. That lesson was learned and it is re-taught in the training worlds. Worlds yet to awaken from the nursery of quarantine are as yet not allowed intercommunication until this basic understanding is reached, and this likewise prevents dangerous conflict.

Tom: A recent lesson comes to mind regarding Michael and how he was never concerned that people treat him fairly. He was only concerned with treating others fairly. That perspective is only possible when you keep the bigger picture in front. Of course, Michael is the bigger picture.

* Lanaforge: His grasp of the love of the Father for himself and for all creatures made it possible for him to experience fairness in a universe perspective, thereby reducing the transient actions of unfair behavior of fellows around him to a very small level of disturbance. His grasp of fairness was so broad that those actions were inconsequential. You each are developing this broad view.

Evelyn: Thank you for speaking with us.

* Lanaforge: It is a pleasure to make contact with a world which stands out so prominently in this system. I assure you of the good progress being made on this world; the administration of this planet is functioning harmoniously. You have able leaders. You have ambassadors from higher realms stationed here. They are qualified. I acknowledge their authority, and I coordinate and conference regularly with both visiting dignitaries and our own native administrators. I am proud to be the System Sovereign of this system. You will grow in understanding how unique Satania is. Our neighborhood within Nebadon is a remarkable place, and I am honored to be servant/ruler.

It is time I tend to other duties. Thank you, my friends, for your attention, for allowing this context whereby myself and many others are able to assist you in instruction. While action is the means whereby work is done to advance each world, insight and understanding are necessary, for they remove much error through experimentation. A mind directed toward cosmic purpose yields action of great worth upon a world. I will contact again.