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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Elyon

Topics: Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

October 24, 2004

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I am happy to be in attendance. You are my faithful students. It gives me great joy to reside with you and be aligned with your lives. In sharing your experiences I have come to a deeper understanding of your intentions, of your hopes, your ideals and goals, and thereby am better able to adjust my curriculum to suit you immediately and directly, all the while maintaining my purpose of guiding you further up spirit ascension and availability for planetary action. Your discussion of love draws me into your conversation. We have spoken of love manifested on three recognizable avenues, doing good to others, receiving truth, and sharing beauty. God is spoken of as love. While the experience of God is irrefutable, the description of God will continue to evade full encompassment of who God is, for creature unfoldment in understanding continually revises the perspective.

Love likewise is an elusive experience when it is attempted to be described. No act of goodness in itself ever accomplishes a full revelation of love. It does indicate the presence of love, the reality of love, as the impetus to goodness. Beauty and truth likewise indicate love. It is in a combined experience of all three -- truth, beauty, and goodness -- that love is most fully realized. The apostles experienced divine love through Jesus because of his good life, his truthful sermons, and the beauty of their relationship. To more fully express love and experience love make effort
to have present the three elements of truth, beauty, and goodness. You spoke of the desire to do good, the willingness to receive truth, and the intention of sharing beauty. These words, these are your position in this cosmic situation of love and its manifestations. When you have fuel and you approach with a form of ignition, you have combustion. What causes such combustion to smolder or to torch is the degree of liberality and delivery of oxygen. Your desire, willingness, and intention are the oxygen whereby love burns and is manifested as truth, beauty, and goodness. You then are capable of regulating the delivery. Such is the meaning of "letting your light so shine".

Your love is revealed according to receptivity given at a rate that it can be accommodated and understood and trusted. This is the dynamic of expressing love. Yet you also receive love. Again, you are the regulator through which love is received in fullness or in limitation according to your current acceptability.

Combustion gives off heat and light. While these are two manifestations of fire, love's three manifestations are truth, beauty, and goodness. You receive all three according to your receptivity adjustment. As you personally tune yourself in desire, willingness, and intention love burns more brightly, warms your soul and illumines your mind. It even heals the body. Within yourself is the infinite reservoir of love. Your gas tanks are full. You are the carburetors through which love flows and truth, beauty, and goodness are revealed. As God is love and resides within you, you are full of this divine quality. As all things come from God, the universe is abundant with this love. You may be recharged and refilled from without by refining your ability to receive goodness, to experience beauty, to comprehend truth. and to do so all three at one time. Thus the components reveal the whole quality that is love. I am willing to receive your questions and your comments.

Evelyn: Did you say that when you feel low in love you can fill your own tanks by increasing your ability to perceive truth, beauty, and goodness around you?

* Elyon: Yes. And more clearly perhaps I should emphasize the three in combination is the fulfilling factor, for it addresses the fullness of love on the three levels of the human being spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Tom: Our text says truth is relative on relative levels and absolute on absolute levels. I can see how the desire to share beauty and even the desire to do good could be a relative thing. Does that also apply to love? Is that relative on this level and absolute on absolute levels? Or does that break the mold?

* Elyon: Love is unconditional on absolute levels and conditional on relative levels; conditional not in the human method of the degree to which you express or withhold love according to predisposition, prejudice, and performance. Rather, it is conditional in the threefold manifestation of truth, beauty, and goodness. Complete love, absolute love, unconditional love, is when there is no more distinction between the three. This love is difficult to experience on your level and will forever draw the personality toward deepening this experience of love. It will forever motivate the disciple of Michael to go about doing good, to speaking the truth, and to worshiping God, the ultimate of all beauty. Any experience will contain the potential for the recognition of all three elements of love, each by percentage more fully present or less, and this may be considered conditional love, whether received or expressed. It does not imply that conditional love is withholding due to merit. It is not a condition of judgment; it is merely a condition of the parameters of experience, those factors present which better express in service, in beauty, and in truth.

Evelyn: I like your phrase that the apostles shared the
beauty of the relationship. It seems that the emphasis is on the sharing more than the beauty. I think of beauty as a visual experience whereas sharing is what is beautiful.

* Elyon: You have perceived rightly, for it is the experience, the dynamics, the relationships, that make beauty beautiful. Any object is merely a presence, not beautiful in its own but beautiful in relationship of the perceiver and the perceived. Truth is living and dynamic in just this same manner. To the creature truth is non-existent without experience, without interaction, without reality of love that is truth. There is no service given unto another without the presence of that other to receive such blessing. You are correct in emphasizing the dynamic relationship. I express to you this moment my love. I rejoice in the opportunity to be your teacher and to serve you. I welcome the opportunities before us to grow as personal beings and in friendship and in service to this world. Each individual makes a small mark upon the well-being of this planet. We in collective elevate this planet each day slowly or rapidly toward Light and Life. As we choose to serve the purposes of Michael to enact his plans we contribute to the advancement of the planet. Be not afraid to express yourself even if feeling unprepared, for the expression will receive correction in love as you are willing, and you will, through such experiences, advance your ability and skill and become prepared for even greater expressions in the advancement toward Light and Life. I leave you now, farewell.