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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Mantutia, Minearisa, Alexis, Klarixiska

Topic: Evil

February 20, 1998

Opening Prayer

Daniel (Bill): "My friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher, your friend and comforter, and your fellow sojourner on the journey to Paradise. I have been most joyous as I have participated in your interaction this evening. Your heartfelt sharing has been most touching to me. The quality of your trust in each other is very deep, and though you may at times feel unworthy of the goodness of life and deserving of its bitterness, this is not true.

God does not inflict evil upon his children. However, there are aspects of life which are imperfect, which are evolving from relative imperfection to perfected status. Your planet is under the legacy of mal-adaptation, as you know, from two dispensations whose focus was on the material, physical, social aspects of living together; and without this proper history there is a great deal of adversity which persists, including disease, which would have been ameliorated by the proper administration of racial blending and the elimination of inferior strains, genetically. Adam's blood to this planet was limited, had it been there in full measure, you would be resistant to many things which now take a toll. But none of this is the will of God out working, it is the consequence of error and sin on the part of planetary administrators.

Much of the events on this world which are blamed on God with the pejorative phase, 'acts of God' are inherent in the evolutionary process; and as I just alluded, many of the consequences which you see in terms of genetic and organic mis-adaptations would not be present if this were a normal world. They would have been eliminated and prevented. It is not my purpose to dwell overly much on this topic tonight, but I felt it necessary to amplify this theme to some degree because it is considered to be one of the most telling arguments against the beneficence of God that illness and tragedies and chance events are permitted to operate. It is not understood by your philosophers that there are multiple causes and some of them have no assignable responsibility.

There is one with us this evening of the order of Melchizedek who has requested that he be allowed to speak to this group. Some of you are familiar with this great teacher. I will now step aside for Mantutia Melchizedek to address you. One moment."

Mantutia (Bill): "Greetings my dear friends. I am Mantutia Melchizedek. I am your friend and have an intimate connection with this mighty mission of Michael on Urantia. I am here this evening on my own initiative and with the encouragement of Machiventa in order to familiarize you with yet another of your loving and enthusiastic supporters.

Your experiences prior to our contact with you were difficult of expression when it came to the topic of spiritual connection. Most people on this world have only a second-hand concept and experience of God. However, this is dramatically changing as the Correcting Time proceeds. New indeed is it to you to consider the reality of the unseen world which literally surrounds you and upholds you, for you are naturally impressed most with that which your senses can detect, and have in many quarters ascribed to the realm of fantasy and hallucination any contact with that which cannot be empirically verified. Because of this handicap in your thinking we do at times resort to corroboration of your senses such as in the candle experience, in actual visual recognition at times, as well as the clear auditory connection that is occurring right now while Isaac is speaking. And there are other ways.

It has not yet been authorized for us to request the Midwayers to type messages on computers, but such suggestions, while you may regard them as jesting, are not completely ruled out. The problem with such a method is that it tends to partake of the signs and wonders category which, when you think about it, convinces no one in a manner which produces living faith. As your instructor, Daniel, has said to you over these many years, the most important source for you lies within you in your indwelling mystery monitor, in that piece of God which is there in your minds with the purpose of uniting with you and becoming personal through your complete alignment and willingness to allow that pilot light to guide you. I realize that much of what I have said to you is not new, nay perhaps none of it is startling new, but truth bears repeating and is learned at multiple levels.

My final thoughts to you tonight are this, make an effort to become more aware, more aware of all that impinges upon you. Do not restrict your consciousness, do not shrink in fear, but trust that you are in the hands of a loving and completely competent parent, the Father of all worlds, of all personalities, of all things and beings is your intimate possession, within your minds that you may willingly offer yourselves back in loving friendship as true sons and daughters, to bring to this darkened planet that light which will effectively bring about the initiation of spiritual springtime.

I now have completed my remarks and I return the floor; another wishes to speak with you briefly and desires that this TR relinquish connection."

Minearisa (Cathy): "Greetings sweet children; this is Minearisa. I have been listening attentively to your deep and powerful sharing this evening. The comment was made that it is human nature to manifest worry, self-doubt, self-degradation, that is far from the truth, for your true natures are that of light and life. It is the issue of poor parenting, the legacy of the rebellion, which is wrought such damage, which perpetuates generation to generation, and this is part of our challenge to you to break that pattern, to return yourselves to your true loving natures. My challenge to you this evening is to give some serious thought to what benefit these behaviors provide you, for it is unlike humans to repeat a behavior which does not in some way provide a barrier to pain or growth.

If you would permit me I would like to provide a short experiential system. If you would all please close your eyes, breath deeply, try to connect with your indwelling spirit, find that quiet place that so desires to be filled up. And extend one arm toward the center of the room . .. and as you do so, we will attempt to increase the spiritual energy which will manifest as warmth or heat, or tingling, in your extended hand. [quiet pause] You may release your arms. I would like for you to share with each other your individual experiences afterwards. This short experiment is a small indicator that you are not alone; you have never been alone. We are real. Our love for you is real.

One other desires to speak. I will withdraw. Good evening."

Mantutia (Bob S.): "Greetings, my friends. I rise to this occasion, mindful of the fact that though you cannot see us, you know we are here. The previous experience that you just had should assist those of you who are having some doubts that we are in fact real. I thank my brother Minearisa for his enlightening experiment, which I trust each of you enjoyed. We await your reaction to this manifestation of the power which surrounds you in this way. I now withdraw to allow another to speak. Oh yes, I neglected to introduce myself. I am Mantutia again."

Daniel (Bill): "This is Daniel. At this point in our interactions with you we would like to allow you time to make comments or to ask questions, to participate in our discussions. Therefore, now the floor is open. One additional statement. The intent is for you to discuss your reactions to the exercise following our question and answer or comment time now, rather than at this time. Are there questions or comments?"

Virginia: "Teachers, at this time I would like to formally introduce you to Scott who is with us tonight and to welcome him to our group and give you the opportunity if you wish to say something."

Daniel (Bill): "My dear Scott, I, Daniel, personally welcome you to this forum this evening. You are not a stranger to us. Oh, no. We have known you as a bright light seeking truth, desiring growth, opening your heart to the spiritual pressure which is being applied to this planet. Your quest for truth is noble and has already benefitted you greatly. You are a uplifting and encouraging personality to many. We ask you to consider an active role in the Correcting Time. We as you to consider whether you desire a personal teacher to be assigned to you. We welcome you truly with much enthusiasm."

Alexis (Cathy): "This is Alexis. I join Daniel in welcoming you, Scott, to this gathering. Your presence has indeed been a great joy to many who observe. Welcome."

Steve: "I know, Daniel, you said not to mention what our experience was,b ut I have a question on the exercise. The teacher mentioned why it was being done, what was to happen, or why if you did feel something, but nothing was mentioned if nothing happened. And I was wondering why that was not brought up."

Minearisa (Cathy): "This is Minearisa. The purpose of the exercise was to give you a chance to expand your sensitivity range, and also a chance for us to reinforce that our presence is indeed real. There are different sensitivity levels that exist within each group of persons. And a lack of perception in this case certainly does not indicate any inability to sense our presence in general. It is simply a manifestation of different threshold levels along the electromagnetic spectrum. Are you concerned with not perceiving a sensation?"

Steve: "It's not even a concern; it's a panic attack. I sat there and tried the best I could and nothing seemed to happen. I'm about ready to walk out the door; that's where I'm coming from."

Minearisa: "My dear Steven. Your level of anxiety this evening regarding the intense sharing which took so much courage and bravery on your part has temporarily drained you. the lack of sensation implies nothing other than exhaustion on you part and it was in no way meant to raise your level of anxiety. Does this help?"

Steve: "Well maybe in a while, but my anxiety is out of control. I'm shaking and burning up, so.. I'll leave it at that."

Virginia: "Teachers, this reminds me of my experience as I give and receive healing. I am far more sensitive in my hands and feet when I'm a conduit to give to someone else, and I feel much less when I'm receiving it myself; I've often debated this in my own mind, and I sometimes wonder if this isn't a lack of self-appreciation on my part, and I'm trying to think in terms of the possibility that this could also apply in other situations."

Daniel (Bill): "My friends, this is Daniel. Speaking to both Steven and Virginia's statements. First of all, we recognize the risk of experiments which may not be as "successful" to some of the participants in terms of their expectations. We recognize the risk of the upsetting possibilities, for you are so easily convinced of your unworthiness as has been discussed. And so, we teachers, present our exercises at times knowing that there is a chance that there will be some backfiring or negative effects. In an imperfect universe these risks are unavoidable. I apologize any hurt that has been incurred to you, Steven, by your interpretation that somehow or other this lack of reception on your part reflects badly upon you. It does not, it is simply that people vary both in their electrochemical functioning, their genetic inheritance, their natural gifts, etc. And as has been said, anxiety will interfere in the functioning of the biochemical, electrochemical arena. It's true of memory, it's true of perception, it's true of creativity, it's true of many, many aspects of life, and this is why our Master advised us not to be anxious.

Yes, Virginia, there is a lessening of anxiety when one is serving another. Perhaps lessening is too mild a word, for there can be a total absence, for self is no longer the center of focus, and so when you are not focused on yourself but are thinking of the good of another in a service ministry such as healing, your sensitivities and your awarenesses are heightened. Has this answered your comments?"

Virginia: "I think it affirms what I have believed right along, in that it takes a . ... well it confirms the fact that self is absent when you are giving to the other person. I also can appreciate Minearisa's comments, I believe, to be challenged to try to put away these self-depreciation statements and worry and that is part of human nature, might be an excuse not to rise above that level, and yet in defense of humanity, I might say, 'we've come a long way baby.' And I would pat us on the back became it's not where we are, it's how far we've come.... I hope that's Daniel smiling and not Bill!"

Lynda (Bill): "This is Lynda & Klarixiska. I am Linda speaking for both of us, Nancy's teacher. My comments to you, my dear Virginia, are that, 'you've come a long way, baby,' in that you can defend humanity with gusto and with sincerity. Congratulations."

Virginia: "Thank you very much."

Klarixiska (Bill): "This is Klarixiska. I am speaking on behalf of all personal teachers here assembled with their charges, including my good friend Alcon, Isaac's teacher. We have been privileged to serve with you in the Father's ministry. Our privilege has been to encourage you, our younger brothers and sisters, to give you the support and the assurance that no matter what your struggles are, you can surmount them when you allow your loads to be shared with others, when you accept help from those capable of helping you, when you give up the need to be the lone ranger. Many of you have chosen to be the lone ranger because you have perceived that no other mortal is likely to be helpful, to be trusted, to be there for you. And yes, these judgments you've made are often correct based on your experiences. However, things have changed. You have many unseen helpers. You have never known of your angels, but they have been there all along, and they continue to strive for your protection and your spiritual growth and your ascension. And remember, they ascend with you, and your ascension determines their ascension., We want you to truly feel and experience the solidity, the harmony, the love, the friendliness of the universe. Poor isolated Urantia is about to burst forth into the clear light of the fellowship with the rest of the universe. You're quivering on the edge. Know this; we are the first boats to bring this information but much more is coming. And you people, our brothers and sisters, are doing this with us. We could not do this without you. Continue, please to be our fiends, because we wish to be your friends. And now the hour has come, time is running out, you need to be about other things. I therefore, will bring this evening to a close."

Virginia: "Klarixiska, could I just say thank you to you and Lynda and to once again show my appreciation of the encouragement you have given me almost every morning, certainly every morning I have taken time, and I know you're not my ego because she is the one that really stomps on me, and you have been a wonderful support and brought me along to where I am. Thank you."

Klarixiska: "My little sister, I take great pleasure in putting you upon my knee, stroking your hair, smoothing your fears, drying your tears. I never had a little sister in my mortal life and you are indeed that to me. Know that I love you."

Virginia: "I do, thank you."

Daniel (Bill): "I am Daniel. Klarixiska has to recover her composure and it is time to complete our evening. Please go in peace and know that the love of God is the most real thing in the universe. Good night."