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[Note: Dear Folks, There is usually a lot of emotion during these contacts with our Creator Father or Mother Spirit, but it was especially so this session. At times Mother Spirit gave us much more time with Her in an intense, full, expanded stillness than She did in Her words. I mention this rather than put in a lot of "(long pause)'s" or "..." I think you'll know where. Jerry ]


November 01, 2004 Marin TM Group

Dear Michael and Mother Nebadonia, Welcome. And welcome again. Come be with us. Come share our lives with us. Michael, so many times You have invited us to think of You, and to feel You, not so much as a Creator Son of God, Father of millions of planets, but closer, just as – Dad - and a human brother, and an old friend. Mother Spirit, so many times You have invited us to snuggle into Your arms and hold You very, very close to our hearts, and toast ourselves in the warmth of Your smile. So please, feel so welcome in our love for You. Amen.

Mother: My dear sweet children, you know Who this is. (Group chuckles) This is your Mother. Thank you for your love. Just to see your beaming faces turned towards Me with such open affection and joyful anticipation of what we have to share together - this is what gives Me so much joy to be Me, your Mother. For you to feel the love and the support with which I uphold your lives, then when I feel your free generosity turning this back towards me, with the sweet desire to give - this wonderful feeling outpouring from our hearts to each other - this is a sweetness beyond words. For as I can feel each of your living beings, your spiritual presence glowing in Me like a small constellation of stars, now feel Me all about you. I am the warm, rocking sea in which you are floating. Let go of yourselves, My children. Now let go of yourselves completely. You see? You’re floating in Me.

Do you wish to go somewhere? What is your heart’s desire – here? Just float in Me for awhile, My children, and feel everything coming to you. This is what the world does. You can rest in Me. You can float effortlessly in Me. You can glow in Me like a pinpoint of light. All around you is motion. Except for this little pinpoint, floating in Me, you are in motion. Can you feel your heart beating?

Just so, some of this motion is approaching. Some of these are other children of God. Just notice them awhile. Notice that they are all unique. Notice how they change, and how you change, as they approach.

What is this? What is this living sea that engulfs both of you? What is this very recognition bringing smiles to your faces? What is this joy leaping in your hearts? Why are you now in motion, going to greet them, without even intending to?

This, my children, is Me. I am in the arms with which you are hugging them, and they are hugging you. I am in the laughter splashing all around. I am in the sky wheeling about. I am in the earth rocking gently under your feet. This is My joy. For this - I came forth: to have My children. In this moment, I and My children are complete.

Yet look! - here comes someone else. Can you feel your heart beating? Can you feel Me? Am I roaring through your mind? Can you feel Michael’s spirit singing in your heart? Can you feel our Father over-shadowing it all - from within?

This is our lives together, My children. It was created to be this way. We live within each other, yet we are individual and unique.

Here is the way to grow, to expand to hold all these precious, unique souls that will come our way – forever. Rest in Me. Let go into My assurance that you have this ability. It’s a potential you were created with. It’s a part of you. At any moment you are complete and still - a twinkling point of light in Me…

But look! - here comes another…

If you have questions or comments this evening, My sons, it’s your Mother’s delight to share them with you, and answer as best as I can.

Student: Mother, last week Father was mentioning different aspects of time. He specifically mentioned organic time or linear time we create for ourselves. I was just wondering if there are other aspects of time we can access in this life? I was thinking mainly about the Akashic Library. Is this a realistic goal to shoot for?

Mother: C, My son, this particular term, sometimes called the Akashic Record, refers to a dimension of time in the sense of holding events. If you wish, you can think of it as My memory. The degree to which this is accessible to you is dependent on the degree to which you can tune into Me.

But it is not Mine alone. The past belongs to everyone, in the sense that the past is what has happened to everyone. It this not the true totality of past events, everything that has happened to everyone? You have found in your human life, there is a record of your own experience being written by our Father himself living in you, which forms an absolute cosmic reality forever. Think also of Universal Reflectivity, which is for you personally, more accessible in the many phases of your life to come after you leave Urantia. I mention it, for this too is part of a shared consciousness of past events. There are even personal recording-beings that you can access in your life to come.

You can think of these as different dimensions of time, or, if you wish to think of time as a single entity, then these are like facets on a single crystal. This, I will tease you with, is a joy to come: to fulfill your heart’s desire to know, with respect to certain historical events, what really happened. Does this answer your question, My son?

Student: It certainly gives me a lot to think about. I’m not sure I understand all of what you said. I suspect it will become clearer as time goes by. This Akashic Record: is that available to us human beings, or is it for the next life? I was specifically thinking of George Bernard and his Akashic Library experiences he’s been talking about.

Mother: These, like Michael’s and My presence, like the content also that your Father’s presence is able to give you - whenever they find expression in a specific human language, at a specific time - are both expressed and limited by that very language, which acts as a necessary filter expressing some aspects and missing others. This is unavoidable when anything so enormous, and alive, is articulated in such a specific way. Now, when you as an individual yourself, read this, you will find that part of it resonates within you, and this is somewhat independent of the source.

This resonance will become an addition to your understanding, and this is what you will glean, then, from another’s understanding of what is essentially a knowledge held by all higher celestial beings. Do you understand this viewpoint of another’s interpretation of the Akashic Record?

Student: Not entirely. I do understand that putting it in a specific language always limits the expression, but I’m not sure of the rest of it. I’m pretty sure it’s going to become clearer as the weeks go by and I ask more questions. I pretty well have to say yes and no - some of it I understand, some of it I don’t.

Mother: This is part of the marvelous ability you have to record these sessions and study them over and over. I, too, am limited by your language, and yet if you hear Me, or read Me, with this precious quality of openness, you may be surprised at how much seems to resonate all around the words. Never forget you have within you a very fragment of our Father, and an enormous soul of life experiences, with which you recognize what is true. And be in My love.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, this is along the lines of a curiosity question, but it seems that’s what we’re speaking about this evening, a little bit. I’m reading a book now about the wonderful patterns in crops in England that we call crop circles. I was wondering if I could be informed a little bit more about the morontia devices used to form these circles? – if that is permitted.

Mother: R, My son, My mother’s heart is somewhat torn between answering you fully, and yet not disclosing a certain mysterious quotient - or part of this phenomena - too soon.

Student: I understand.

Mother: There is in the nature of certain effects bring wrought by the entire spiritual community of Urantia, something designed, I will admit, to tease you, to awaken you, to teach you about a depth of reality that will be forever mysterious by the very nature of its enormity. Ultimately this is the reality of our Father himself, and the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. And so, not only in crop circles, but in almost every other facet of your life, you will find there is no bottom, no sides, no top.

That’s why tonight I led you in an exercise of letting go, so that you could realize you are a floating focal point, floating in an infinite sea. I think you also realize, in all these lessons past, even in your textbook itself, We are ever so careful not to do for you that what you can do for yourself. But again, as your loving Mother, I will admit that We do, from time to time, try to tease you out of yourselves. (Group laughs) I think you can feel the love and the joy involved.

Student: I would like to say that I’m awestruck by their beauty, just as I’m awestruck by much of the beauty that I’ve experienced in my short life on this planet. I just want to put that on the table. And I’m fascinated by the different kinds of mathematics that are involved, and all the other electromagnetic fields around them, and the science behind them. I’m very much fascinated. I look forward to learning more about the reality of the universe.

Mother: Yes, they are beautiful, are they not? Your seal of approval, My son, only emphasizes they are fulfilling their purpose. Enjoy. And be in My love.

Student: Thank you, Mother.

Mother: Well, My sons, I feel it’s been a fruitful evening. We’ve harvested some truth here tonight. We have reaped some joy in rediscovering an infinite, living web in which we are all held so delicately, yet so absolutely securely. Each moment the living body of God is complete. Then the next moment comes along - by His will. And so we worship our Father in humble gratitude for the enormity of His continuous creation.

Good evening, My children, and be in My love.