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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: The Spirit's Role in Circuitry

Teachers: Elyon

September 19, 2004

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you again, this is Elyon. We discussed prayer and circuitry at our last meeting. I am going to continue our study of circuitry. You each have discerned what has been revealed by various instructors in this Teaching Mission regarding the recent re- establishment of certain circuits, and you are gaining in the knowledge of how these subtle energies envelop you and how you may through the effort of mind engage yourself in that framework which connects you to the greater circuits of the universe. I spoke of prayer as a means of lifting the mind to spirit. Today I will speak about the spirit's role. Father's presence within you is the most remarkable fact, for any being capable of perceiving this divine light understands that this gem is the Father Himself right before them, though they are far from Paradise. You and I have this jewel. It is a natural magnet for all spiritually aligned beings. When you consider that few beings including humans are not spiritually aligned, you have within you a drawing power for a multitude of spiritual personalities. Many circuits are sustained, supported, by spirit personalities, angels. Few circuits stand alone in a mechanical sense. Therefore, circuit connection has a personal element. Personality alignment is like a key or a lock combination whereby you may connect, whereby you may be engaged in the energy fields of circuits. The supernals configure this energy based upon your personality construct and await your step up in awareness and your final fine tuning for connection. However, the Father within is the true energy which flows into and through each circuit. This is the means whereby a human being may partake in the broadcasts of the system and greater cosmic configuration. Given the instantaneous communication-ability of the Father Fragments, you are fully capable of circuit communication. You may ask, why then am I unable to hear, to perceive, what must be a multitude of communications across these circuits? Much that you receive resides within the divine spirit within you, cached, in storage, for appropriate download. We have been spending time training each of you to be more sensitive and alert to your contribution-ability with this new administrative effort to uplift Urantia, and in so doing you will be receiving more direct contact, and that storage within you will be released appropriately. Many, in fact all, human beings wherein the Father resides are receiving these celestial communications. But not all have routed to them information other than what is of personal value, which may be likened to answers to prayer. Those in training in this mission are receiving and storing instructions and guidance for future actions, and your Divine Presence is in working harmony with many celestial beings assisting in your adjustment and alignment. The significance of this relationship between you, your Thought Adjuster, and beings like myself, is why I have so often driven home the value of stillness. You all well know of the delights in heart, of the calmness of mind, experienced from such an undertaking. You recognize the directness of Fatherly contact in this manner. My motivation for encouraging stillness is for you to become a stronger participant or perhaps future participant in future events by practicing this discipline. Circuit engagement, while conducted by your Father Fragment in concert with universe circuit supervisors, does require you to position the will and the mind, for it is your personality pattern that these messages are configured to align with much like your incription coding in your Internet messaging. In order for you to comprehend what is received they must be configured to meet you in your pattern makeup. I have given much to ponder. I open the discussion now. Thank you for receiving my words.

Tom: The other day you spoke of the Supreme being the merkaba in its fullness and involved a triangle of relationships of self, the Father's Presence, and the God of Supremacy. Thinking of the physical corollary of a geometric triangle, if we know two angles we can figure out the third. By spending time with the Father, the One, and seeing ourselves as part of the Supreme, identifying with the many, is it possible to discover who we are?

* Elyon: Indeed, you have spoken the truth with ancient legacy and great future significance, for you will only know yourself in relation to the Father's Fragment, your divine self, and in the context of the Supreme, your communal self. It is revealed in your text that the personality that withdraws from God becomes increasingly unreal. The only reality a human personality can comprehend is the reality of Supremacy. Therefore, withdrawal from God is also withdrawal from the Supreme and therefore time and space. The finite creature cannot live without time and space. Further, this threefold relationship I spoke of is the larger configuration from which my lesson today on circuitry is a smaller reflection equal in function. Note that two of the three in both patterns are yourself and the Father while the circuit supervisors take the role the Supreme holds in the grand merkaba.

Evelyn: You know how to motivate us to stillness practice. We all want to do whatever we can towards planetary improvement. Now you suggest that stillness is one more way to receive circuitry information that is more than personal, something more significant.

* Elyon: Indeed and I am grateful that you recognize this aspect, for many of you have spent many years in association with Father and receiving and comprehending divine truth. Stillness to a young spirit soul is a required nourishment for growth. To an advanced soul, stillness is one among many means whereby divine embrace and association is felt. Now stillness to you becomes a service to your fellows. It will never be an undertaking that you may at some time dispense with, for there will come a time, or more accurately a point beyond time, where you will dwell with Father in absolute stillness at the central abode of this universe, His home.

Evelyn: It doesn't hurt to remember that others may be involved in the Correcting Time without being part of the Teaching Mission. They also may be repositories of planetary messages with entirely different spiritual trappings.

* Elyon: I spoke of the Divine Fragment as the energizer, the power that flows into circuits and as the magnet that draws celestial personalities towards you. This same divine energy, through your stillness, you are capable of recognizing in others and penetrating beyond, penetrating through the conceptual frameworks each holds, your reality view system, and recognize your unity in divine purpose. You are correct in your observation, and you can become more able in fostering immediate energized connection with others by stillness. You become adept at raising spiritual awareness and hunger in another as you minister. Jesus said, "Speak to the spirit in another." This is the means whereby you can accomplish this request. Thank you for your attention today. I always enjoy my time with you. I am honored that you enter this classroom each week. I am honored to be assigned by Michael to this teaching program. With Michael's blessing and your acceptance I am fulfilled in meaning and purpose as a teacher in this mission. I give you my gratitude. I take my leave, farewell.