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No. Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teacher: Lantarnek 9-26-04

Lantarnek: Greetings, this is Lantarnek. I welcome you today to this classroom. I receive you heartily in recognition of your many years of applied diligence. You are rewarded by your advancement and you recognize the blessing received through your effort and I am aware of your appreciation for God who has guided and supported you through every undertaking fostering your growth.

Jesus said that new wine is best put in new wine skins. Your progress as a child of God is a partnership. Father graces you with new wine and you at every horizon facing a new level of personality advancement, creates the new wine skins. It is not fitting to receive the wine and not have a skin. You well apply yourself ahead through diligence and perseverance, coupled with patience and acceptance. Through experience you have established the faith that waits in full trust that you are capable of renewing your receptive vehicle for additional divine bestowal.

By so lifting yourself up, you are thereby descended upon by spirit. This light and love coheres your preparation, completes transformation. Such unification establishes the new ground from which you grow anew, from which you create the new wineskin for the reception of new wine. Each of you is a cherished, precious aspect of Gods' presence in this world or anywhere you go in this universe, for your partnership, like wine, ages and takes on the quality of the container in which it is stored.

It is Fathers' will to experience your conditions, your qualities, to merge in the experience of life with you, even as you. While the human soul longs to be like God, recognizing the ideals of such a lofty personality, the character, the attributes, except the Father also seeks your qualities that condition, that specifies and distinguishes your relationship with God from all other relationships with God.

In your search for unity, Father reaches out for diversity. Understanding this dynamic between God and the human fosters acceptance of one another, even promotes delight in the manner in which another young soul in time and space undertakes the discovery of the eternal God and in whom this same Father of you explores this universe, experiences a new soul. All people are valued the same for they are all highly unique. While it is the tendency for time/space creatures to rank order and rank things and people by value, to place one thing higher in worth and another lower is not the way of God. Each person is of the highest value, and all equally.

The Father pours the wine into every willing and open vessel, and this relationship ages distinctly with its own special qualities. You are privileged to be so indwelt. I as a Melchizedek am in an entirely different relationship with divinity than you of the human order. You are a class of beings indwelt with a divine fragment. You are undertaking an unfoldment as a class, quite unique and different than we Melchizedeks, and while you honor my order of being, we honor and respect you. Even as groups, there is a distinctive quality of uniqueness that makes up the mosaic of personalities and classes of personalities.

Understanding this brings acceptance of oneself and acceptance of all others and a deep trust in the overcare, concern, and love of our divine parent. Prepare thyself and drink deeply my friends. I have finished my lesson today. I will receive your questions.

Evelyn: I don't have any questions, but thank you for giving us these things to think about.

Lantarnek: It is assuring to any instructor to find the students without questions, for the lesson has been well received. Refection upon a lesson further enriches it as it becomes transformed into your viewpoint. In the same manner I have spoken of today, you do not adopt a lesson, it becomes transformed by you and represented through you. I will retreat. Thank you.