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Vancouver, Washington State

October 16, 2004. Midwayer

Teacher Thuroc.

Subject: "Living Your Lives"

Received by Mechele.

Thuroc: "Welcome my child. It is time, and you have found me. I am Thuroc, also known as "The Entertainer". I am pleased to be here together with "I’ll Be Frank" and Alice. We bring the smiles, the joy, and the yearning. You mortals so often go off afar, stray from your true calling, and yet it is all within you—the desire, the knowledge, the collisions and catastrophes that we call your life in the mortal realm.

"Enlighten, enlist, and employ. What is this thing you call entrapment? It is meant to be living, my friends, not merely existing. You need to learn to lighten up! It is not so bad that nothing can be done. I have seen many, many planets, and, by far, this Earth of yours is simply one of the worst.

"In fact, it is preposterous. Where is the jolly fun, the freedom of life to live and excel in the here and now? I ask you all to warmly embrace your neighbors as if they were your friends, true friends returning home from their long awaited journey.

"I have seen the glee in each and every one of you. Why don’t you feel good about yourselves, your lives? Because you are meant to be living, not just existing. That is why!

"I will be signing off now. Look for me soon. I am here to make you smile. This is Thuroc the Entertainer."

* * * * *

Receiver’s note: WOW! Do I feel SUPER CHARGED! I felt Andréa’s presence very near, too. I don’t know much about "Frank and Alice". Is this right? Who are "I’ll be Frank" and Alice?

George: Frank and Alice are Cherubim that belong to the 11:11 Progress Group since late in 2000, as do you belong to Progress.

Receiver: When I asked Thuroc to show himself to me, all I received for an image was a cartoon like figure with a red cape on! I don’t get it!

George: A little Superman :o). We have got ourselves an entertainer here. Probably one of Midwayer Mathews "imported" brothers. We’ll find out in time.