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Group:  Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: Ham

Topic: Dedicating your personality to the Father

November 26, 2000

Greetings, I am Ham and I want to welcome each one of you this evening. Tonight, our discussion is going to revolve around dedication and what this entails as your personalities become more and more dedicated to fulfilling the Father’s will. When you dedicate yourselves to the Father you have become dedicated to something dynamic. It is different than the dedication to an ideal or a principle, for these things remain static. When you dedicate yourselves to the Father, you are dedicating yourselves to following your highest perception of spiritual reality. And though the Father himself is changeless, your perception of him and thus his will for you, in return, is in constant change.

Each person is growing in their perception and ability to perceive spiritual reality. This dynamic between the personality and the Father is one that is constantly expanding and changing to fit the requirements of the human personality. As you go through life, you each are constantly changing in your requirements from the Father. You are fluid as to what your needs are in the spirit. The Father is constantly changing and adjusting in order to fulfill your needs. But there comes a point when your needs are being fulfilled enough that you can turn your attention from yourself and onto others. This is truly what dedication to the Father’s will amounts to. When your cup runneth over, so to speak. When you are able to become a source of spiritual nourishment for others.

It is during this period of your lives when many tests will come. And these tests will continue to affirm one thing: are you truly dedicated to fulfilling the Father’s will? Can you put aside self desires in order to follow the Father’s higher path? Many times I have characterized this path as being difficult and full of obstacles. But when you are following this path, you are also given assurance and inner peace that allows you to endure whatever storms may beat around you.

Each of you has a personal uniqueness which comes into play as you go from supplicant at the Father’s door to full fledged sonship and daughtership which requires feeding the Father’s flock. Your own personal gifts will be brought out and allowed to flower. No longer are you praying in the darkness, asking for guidance. Now are you workers in the field, sure of yourselves, and of your place in the world, in the work of the Father.

Every personality is completely unique. Each of your tasks for the Father, then, is unique. Sometimes that which you are given to do is but a preparation for that which you will do. And it is impossible for you to know this. The preparation is as important as the final work. In a sense, all of your life, short as it is, is but a preparation for the next stage. Very few can make the announcement such as the Master’s: "It is finished."

Your lives and your purpose in life is always in a state of becoming. Everything that you do, everything that you are, is not finished at the end. But is only in a state of partial completion. Therefore, my children, do that which is given to you to do. Do it with glad hearts, and openness, and great peace. The judgment that is made in the world is not the judgment you should seek. Know that always you’re beginning, just scratching the surface, of what you can do and who you are. Do not become discouraged, then, at seeming rejection or misunderstanding.

Think of all that you do as being a gift to God. Are there any questions at this time?

Q: Regarding obstacles and difficulties--as we move into a deeper phase of dedication, we face more testing. How can we discern the difference between difficulties that are there for training and difficulties that we have created for ourselves through erroneous choices?

A: There is no difference. When obstacles occur, they are usually some combination of your own creation and that of events outside your control. It is not necessary to unravel every thread, but it is necessary to learn what you can about yourself through the overcoming of these difficulties. And, of course, part of that must be ‘how can I prevent this from happening again, and thus what was my role in creating this?’ Each person who desires to become a worker for the Kingdom does not do so to create ease or a path where deeper self-examination is not necessary. Life is complex, life is full of seemingly random unkindnesses, things which hit you on your blind side. And it is these things which are valuable. If you could predict everything that everyone was going to do and plan your life in minute detail, how would you learn about yourself? Eventually, take my word for this, you will come to enjoy the uncertainty and to enjoy the thrill of the unexpected. But for now, it is those things which cause anxiety, but go through enough, and you will get through it. Is this helping?

Q: A difference between a holy test and a situation that comes about because we’ve screwed up, or been tempted?

A: Only in degree. As you grow in the spirit you will find that all difficulties are part of your refinement. When you do something that is grossly negligent or something of that nature that harms others, that’s one end of the spectrum. Others will be things which seem to shatter your hopes, confound your ego, taking something away which you had counted on--those kinds of things are all spiritual tests. Do you see what I’m saying?

Q: In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus taught us to pray, lead us not into temptation--can you connect that with what you’re saying.

A: I believe that was added later. I would not include that in the prayer. The Father does not lead anyone into temptation.

Q: Ham, do you have any counsel for me tonight?

A: Of course, my son. You have certainly come through some difficult trials and even some which continue. Remember that love is primary, the love you give and receive in the world must be primary. All else must come after that primary spiritual reality. Continue to dedicate yourself to the fulfillment of the Father’s will, keeping love as your primary objective. In love lies true freedom, that is all.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me, this evening?

A: Yes, my dear, you have come very far, very quickly. I understand that you have experienced significant change or spiritual transformation, and yet you have maintained this quite extraordinary balance and grounding. This bodes very well for your continuing progress. You should be very happy and pleased. Continue forward, that is all.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me, please?

A: Certainly, my son. Yes, you have been experiencing some feeling of going forwards and backwards. Feelings of not making the progress you want to make. But these are only your perception. IN truth you are doing well, and are learning a great deal at this time. Your experience continues to grow and to deepen, and your relationships with others are also deepening. Do not be confused or confounded by the actions of others, or their perception of you. Pull back and walk a path of inner peace. Remember to practice your stillness which will give you a greater sense of balance. Is this helping?

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message tonight, please?

A: Of course, my son. You are achieving a good sense of balance at this time. And you are also recognizing that your inner strength is growing. The disappointments and problems in the world that you do experience are not as harsh feeling, because you are stronger spiritually. Yes, this strengthening is wonderful to see. You are also to be commended for your increasing dedication to fulfilling the Father’s will. This is becoming clearer and clearer in your mind and this is also wonderful to see. Continue also to grow in love for yourself. To become increasingly comfortable with who you are and even, in love with that person. You do well, my son, that is all.

Q: Ham, may I have a message, please.

A: Daughter, you are also gradually gaining spiritual strength. Continue to come back to your prayers, come back to that inner life where you share things with the Father. Continue to open up to him, and to grow in your trust of him. AT this point, don’t worry about others so much as developing your relationship with the Father. Take some time every day for prayer and stillness and you will find things will gradually become much much easier. You do very well, that is all.

Q: Can you speak English? Or is your language translated into English before the lesson? And more about the U-Book and language.

A: Yes, I speak English. Perhaps quite imperfectly, but nonetheless, I understand that our communication is quite accurate. As to teaching the more advanced languages, this must await a future time, after your planet has entered the middle stages of light and life. As far as I understand, it is never done prior to the planet achieving a universal language, that is all.

Q: Vontis would like a message.

A: Certainly, son, you do very well. At this time, you are undergoing some training in change. You are opening up to new and greater changes within. Do not resist this impetus to expand the boundaries of your thought. Every person undergoes many stages in life, therefore be open to it and be unafraid to embrace the new changes. That is all.

Q: Melissa would like a message.

A: Yes, my dear, you have made many steps toward changing in the outer life, and now it is time to also experience change in the inner life. You have been afraid to move too quickly in this way as though to admit inner change would bring the walls crashing down. Love yourself, and then your changes in who you are becoming will be natural and easily accepted. The mirror exercise would be appropriate. Once a day, look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, " I love you, exactly as you are today. There is nothing about you that I do not love." That is all.

Q: Ham, Norbert would like a message.

A: Yes, of course. The mirror exercise is appropriate also for you. You have come very far in acceptance of spiritual reality and possibilities, but you need to grow further in acceptance of yourself and love of yourself. Be at ease, my son, and do not fear this exercise. Do it faithfully, once a day, that is all.

Q: Ham, Cathy would like a message.

A: My daughter, you have experienced some difficult lessons and some baffling physical illnesses. Allow these things to press you into greater spiritual acceptance. Humbly go before the Father in prayer and in love. Allow him to give you his insight and his guidance at this time. The Father is only found within, this is a great opportunity to solidify and grow in your experience of him.

Q: Esmeralda?

A: Yes, my dear. There is nothing specific at this time, but rather allow me to praise your progress. And to commend you on your openness and your sincerity as you grow toward the Father. That is all.

Q: Elena?

A: Daughter, your path has been full of obstacles and many winding turns of late. But doubt not, that you will achieve the Father’s presence and find all that is needful for your journey. That is all.

Q: Rebecca?

A: Daughter, you are also finding a great peace and a new understanding of yourself as a generous spirit that you have lacked until now. Do not give into the temptation to scrimp on this

generosity. Expand it.

Q: Myself?

A: Son, you do also very well. In growing in your understanding and expanding that understanding of who you are. Likewise, be careful not to be tempted back to old patterns, when you are now establishing new and better ones. (You mean like hollering at them people the other day?) That’s an example, yes. You have come very far and are still a little unsure of where you are in your growth because it’s always in a state of flux. Remember what the Master said, not to try to build a house on a bridge. Go with the changes. Is this helping?

Q: May I, Kellan, have a personal message, please?

A: Yes, my son. You also have a temptation to stop at every step upon the bridge and build a new house. You are sometimes torn between the comfort of knowing your boundaries and that necessity to keep expanding them and even to disregard them. Always keep in mind that everything, all of life, is a work in progress. That you are not required to find any measure of perfection. You are only required to find self-acceptance. And to find the Father to the limits of your ability. Therefore, do not neglect the stillness, and remember that with everything you do, there is celestial aid. Don’t carry so much of the burden. You do well.

Q: Ham, I have a question about Melchizedek, and I’m just interested in why there is such a plethora of websites devoted to Melchizedek, and I’m also confused in the source of a lot of this information--not consistent with the U-Book teachings.

A: Yes, of course. AT this time, there is a great spiritual awakening occurring on your world. Melchizedek, of course, would be included in this explosion of spiritual searching. You will find very many websites searching the name of Gabriel also. Or Abraham. Melchizedek, of course, being a historical figure with very little actual history, before the U-Book, is a source of tremendous speculation, and has been for ages, among the peoples of Urantia. Is this answering?

Q: Is there anything further? Very well, then. Amalayne, you have our profound thanks for your dedicated transcribing. Charlie Byer: you are doing well, son. Be joyous at this time, even in the face of difficulty, you are achieving spiritual peace and this is wonderful to see. Farewell, until next week, my love and my prayers are with you.