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Cheshire, UK, September 14, 2004
Teacher Katrina.
Subject: "Orchids and Daffodils."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Katrina: "Write, and I will welcome you with laughter and joy and a pleasant little jig. Yes, it is Katrina here again, waiting to entertain you with my humor and instruct you with my wisdom.

"The flower of the Orchid sits in the field alone. Perfect in its tiny dress of white and purple, yet unnoticed by many amongst the grass and other wild flowers. Yet she is precious and rare—a perfect embodiment of the light of her Creator.

"She is no more perfect, though, than the wild golden Daffodil, shouting its loud yellow trumpet over the landscape. But she is in solitude and rarity; a beauty that is enhanced by that very solitude that makes the observer who hunts her out look at each detail with care and awe.

"Few look that closely at the Daffodil, though they are seen for miles, painting the scene with its stunning array. Neither is best, neither worse, and each form their own challenges.

"The challenge of the Orchid lies in its greatest gift. Its scarcity brings a loneliness—a feeling of always being different, yet the wonder of its detail brings out a desire in others to look more closely at their own beauty. An Orchid would lose its truth in a field of Orchids.

"The challenge of the Daffodil is to feel the self-worth, since it is easy to feel lost amongst the masses. Yet it delights to the eye and brings such ready joy to those watching. Each Daffodil amongst the Daffodils needed to create the splash of color that makes the watcher’s spirit soar.

"You, the one who is reading this, may be an orchid, or you may be a daffodil. Whichever, understand this as such, and move not to change your nature, since a human can no more change their base substance from one to another than an orchid can decide to become a daffodil."

[Part transmission only.]

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