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Growth In Comprehension Of Status

This lesson from Corlatia is a good one. In response to one of the questions, Corlatia gives some insight on current tml list struggles and our relationship to each other.

Peace and love,



T/R Conference Call

Rick Giles, T/R

* Corlatia: I greet you in joyful knowledge of our common purpose, of our sharing of divine communication through heart, through soul, and the mutual attraction to one another through recognition of the Divine Light that resides in each, and the understanding and trust that each personality’s path to the abode of God is a revelation of the precious relationship of Creator to creature. When witnessed one to another, this reveals and eventually strengthens your own inner connection. It builds trust in the Father’s care to note His loving hand upon your fellows and to realize this love spread among you all is uniquely given to you as it is universally spread everywhere. My name is Corlatia. I am an archangel assigned to this world.

Subsequent to the awakening of the mind of the creature to the reality of God and the manifestation of his intention for the outworking of the plan of creation, there begins within, a desire to comprehend one’s role, one’s position, not only before the Divine Parent, but also in relation to the purpose of universe life. Initially, as the soul grows in experience, the task of discernment and living accomplishment is to discern truth as it bears upon you singly. This truth modulates into personality selected behavior, a code of right and wrong, limitations upon what you will allow yourself to pursue and, in conjunction, a willingness to break fetters and fears that discourage your discovery of deeper meaning, of higher values.

As you personally align to the will of God, as you have come to discern it for you, there broadens in the mind the question of the universal will of God, the all encompassing purpose of the Father as it is manifesting throughout the universe of universes. The enlargement of the search for His will brings you into the development of a theology and a philosophy that overlays not only your single life, but the lives of all around you, as well as near and dear and far. Discerning this greater scope of God’s will, will engage you for a lifetime, even for lifetimes, for it entails a sincere investigation into the pursuits of your fellows who sincerely seek likewise to discern the light and the truth that manifests as the will of God.

This development in understanding may be likened to the recognition of the interweaving of all beings into the fabric of brotherhood, a fabric of many types that have qualities and tendencies. The universal plan of God likewise manifests qualities and tendencies that we have come to call Supremacy. The complexity of this fabric of the Supreme engages the curiosity of many creatures, of many orders of angels, of many ministering sons.

As you long for greater spiritual upliftment, take joy in the adventure of discovery. Be less hurried to discover entirely the grand scheme, as it is, by feature, beyond the scope of human consciousness. Engage yourself diligently, rather, in the outworking of the Father’s will within this Supreme fabric.

The future makeup of your being is like needle and thread. The coupling of the presence of God within you, the Divine Fragment with your personality, is as the needle. Your willingness to pursue the Divine may be likened to the eye of the needle. The thread that trails behind you is the accumulation of your soul’s experiences as you discern truth, as you behold beauty, as you manifest goodness. You then weave into the universal will of God, the will of God as it is projected through you. Your travel through time and space will reveal the complexity, intricacy, and beauty of God manifested through the Supreme. But as you travel, you alter this fabric. You embellish it with your discoveries in concert with the Divine Fragment.

While it is often sought by the aspiring soul for a code, a list of what is the will and what is not the will of God, I must simply state that Father’s will is that you dynamically pursue love and light and truth, that you be ever moving toward His presence, willing to adopt and willing to abandon as you mature as an ascending citizen. Sincerely, honestly, adhere to what you believe today, just as you would stand strong upon a stepping stone as you cross a river. While knowing the stones that lie before you that you must traverse, it is the sure footing of the stone you stand on today that keeps you from falling in. And when you have passed the previous stepping stone you leave behind your previous position.

Assure yourself of the Father’s acceptance at each step. Assure yourself of the Father’s guidance each time you make another loop through the fabric of the web of the Supreme. Father desires that you be the list maker of what you will or will not do as you understand your responsibility in the manifestation of His will, the revelation of His being to your fellows in partnership. Developing this sacred holy quality is not simply the responsibility of the Divine Fragment; it is jointly shared with you.

Many worry that proper discernment will leave a result of wayward tracking. If it were not for the Divine Presence, coupled with the association of the universal brotherhood, this would be a danger. However, each one of your fellows is a support, is a corrective indicator, and these two functions of support and correction bear upon you from without with as much significance as does the internal guidance of the Divine Pilot. This reality removes from the discerning personality the concern of erroneous thinking. Given the fact of your human condition you will make judgmental errors, but these two guideposts, the fellowship of one another and the gift of the Divine within, will ever aid you in adjusting and adapting and drawing closer to the Divine of that which you have been called to be.

I give these words to you in order that you may strengthen your sense of adventure, that you may lessen your concerns for mistake. While on this world our Sovereign Son undertook the same life engagement and you know from a study of his life that the events did not always unfold as he perceived they could, yet all the while he pursued the will of God and did so on two levels -- that which concerned Joshua ben Joseph and that which concerned the universe of Nebadon.

You are approaching a season of the recognition of Michael’s final bestowal. He requests that you go forth to proclaim the gospel. Do so more by action than you would by word. To follow the Master, you live like the Master. It would be a delight to me at this time to receive your questions.

Q1: What was your name again?

* Corlatia: I am Corlatia.

Q1: Corlatia, can you tell us about what you’re doing in the Teaching Mission, what your role is?

* Corlatia: I am engaged in the teaching corps of this mission program as a supplementary minister, not only to assist each human being who chooses to engage in this Correcting Time program, but also to accommodate the many supernal volunteers who come to this world. I engage in the task of orientation, of introduction to life on Urantia, to the ebb and flow of human desires and behavior. Every world, while similar in life manifestation, always reveals its own planetary ethnicity and as I have been here on Urantia for a long period of time, my role is to help bridge the gap, to make the visiting ministers comfortable and familiar with the ways and the activities of life on Urantia.

Q2: Can you compare our ethnicity with that of other worlds?

* Corlatia: Given that this planet is only now emerging from planetary quarantine, it stands in need of the reception of many lessons regarding system interaction. These perspectives that were meant to be taught to this world thousands of years ago are now urgent. The culture as it has developed on this planet is a result of your own growth of civilization and this world, coupled with many near you, reveals a unique quality that is not witnessed on worlds that have not been so isolated. Some of the tendencies exhibited here entail a far greater apprehension toward things unseen, and unwillingness to accommodate the unfamiliar. These two traits do not exist on a normal world, for, from the establishment of a planetary headquarters on through to light and life, every child born is born into a culture that knows of beings beyond the world and of conditions, through the broadcasts of the universe circuits, of other life, of other universe endeavors.

This world has been like an island that is now awakening to the presence of other beings, of other peoples. Worlds who have benefitted from interplanetary communication may be likened to your cosmopolitan cities, and while your world has subcultures, as a whole planet you exhibit a unique culture of your own, albeit one unaware of other planetary cultures.

Q3: I have a question about the Teaching Mission list. Would you have any advice on how to bridge the talk gaps and the acrimony and how to improve dialogue?

* Corlatia: It is my observation that each of you, when you enter into an engagement with another personality that is seeking truth, that you aspire to reveal this truth as best you can with sensitivity, with the understanding that you have a privilege to represent the Father in this exchange of seekers, that the time may be brief and that it is precious time not to be squandered. As you’ve developed your ability to witness and to share your spiritual discoveries with one who is hungry for such attainments, you have learned to reveal your light in proportions that may be assimilated.

The lists that you refer to are a ground, an arena of fellows that you have come to accept as like one another, for you share a common purpose, a common goal. You consider one another as a collective. The tendency is to forget that you each retain the opportunity to be as sensitive to one another’s view of God as you would to a stranger seeking your advice. This familiarity with one another creates the acrimony.

Learn to appreciate that which is undiscovered about one another. Be curious rather than corrective, for as I have said earlier, each one of you will move on in your ascent and every one of your fellows will adjust to your changes. It is better to allow one another to adjust than to go about steering them on your own.

I draw attention to the Master’s practice of never meddling in the debates of his apostles. He honored the differences. He chose not to prevent the necessary unfoldment of their own discoveries, behavior, and acceptance of opinion. When you observe the interactions of your fellows as the Master watched his apostles, you will be less ensnared in bickering. On the other hand, as you do find yourself engaged in differences of opinion, remember the Master loved each of his apostles no matter their belief, for each one was the Father’s son and his own beloved child.

The overlaying of this divine perspective will moderate your own personal opinions, motivations, and demands, and will encourage the desire to seek harmony, to turn differences into a working relationship, just as two dancers stand opposite from one another. Contrasted by attire, contrasted even by gender, they work in harmony to unfold the beauty that the dance is by its nature.

Acrimony then will be dissolved and the interplay of differences in a harmony of contrasts will elevate each of you to a level of love as a priority, over correctness, over the desire to be the victor in argument. I hope this addresses your question.

Q3: Yes, thank you.

Q4: I want you to know those were beautiful words to my heart. I would like to ask here for myself about a project I have underway and wonder if you have any special insight that might help?

* Corlatia: At this stage in your endeavor my advice is to gain in your mind a dual function. The first and the easiest to perceive is that your project has a goal and steps for accomplishment and requires your dedication and motivation. The second element is the continued expansion of your own spiritual being. And as you pursue this project you will transform yourself. You will become modified on a soul level such that conditions around you may alter the course of your project, but the transformation of your own being will have an even greater effect upon the realization of your goals. And then as you face hardship at any given point in the development of your project, the expansion of your own abilities will be a reward time and time again. Once again I refer back to the life of our son Michael on this planet. His project came to a rapid end, but never once did it threaten the accomplishment of his purpose to be here and that was to attain his sovereignty. And while you pursue your goal you likewise grow in ascendancy. And this expansion of your soul transcends all of your projects, however, not to diminish the import of your pursuit, your soul expansion will greatly facilitate the realization of your dream.

Q4: Thank you very much. It’s helpful and adds to the bit I have felt on this for myself. Thank you.

* Corlatia: Remember always the attentive care of the angels that guard you and of the keen interest of the many ministers who come to personally assist you, and while they experience the dimensional barrier that separates you from morontia beings they are ever willing and always ready and often engaged in your projects. Their attempts to coordinate and to accommodate the conditions that you face will result in assisting you even when you may not perchance discern their efforts in your life.

Q4: Yes, that’s great to know. You mentioned hardship, and I wonder if it will be within my ability to handle?

* Corlatia: Yes. A hardship may be likened to the weight born by a weightlifter. It will strengthen you. It will allow you to transform a difficulty into an ability, a skill that you did not have prior to the exertion required to overcome the hardship. Recognize hardship as it presents itself and welcome its own form of guidance. Approaching such difficulties enthusiastically greatly increases your ability to overcome or transcend that event in the overall outworking of your purpose.

Q4: Good. I’m always grateful for this.

* Corlatia: You are welcome. I will, at this time, retreat from this engagement. I give my sincere assurances that you are all lovingly cared for, for I witness it directly from my vantage point. I stand dedicated to assist you in your ascension into the arms of God and your own personal effect upon your fellows as you grow and that impact on your planet as you reside here. I will return. Goodbye.