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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Tomas

Topic: Fear Of The Unknown

October 27, 1995

Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Tomas and I are joyful to be here with this gathering this evening. We have heard your pleas, we have felt your tensions over the week. We have known your thoughts. It is natural and affirmed by the psychologists of your realm that change is difficult. And so as we continue to progress and move along there will always be changes, for progress is founded upon change.

Fear of the unknown is normal. Fear to the point of backstepping can be detrimental. Intelligent fear, however, is part of the aspect of change. By intelligent fear I mean that while you are hesitant, while you are anticipating you are at the same time intellectualizing and emotionally coming to terms with the aspect of change. Through normal and researched understanding you will be able to accept and move into change more readily. Tonight Tomas and I will help to lay down this foundation for you in helping you to bridge what you are now considering to be a big step, a big ravine, so to speak. However, as I have said many times in the past, progress is developmental. Human stages of growth are developmental. And so you will not be asked to walk before you can stand. You will be allowed the time, the comfort to be able to stand, to get your bearings, to know your environment before you are asked to walk.

This is not a time to be fearful out of ignorance. Cautious, yes, for it is unwise for any mortal to blindly walk into any situation without some comfort zone, some assurance that all is in God's care, God's plan. Rest assured that while some of you are able to embrace wholeheartedly with open arms and with less struggle, some of you will approach this new time with apprehension, maybe even with screaming and shouting. But this does not matter. What is important is that you know intellectually and inwardly within your emotional barriers that what will be transpiring is and will be essential to your ascension. There are, of course, other pathways. This ascension pathway you are working toward calls upon you to accept and embrace those not in your sensory perception.

Have no misunderstanding regarding my beingness as your teacher. These lessons will only become more enhanced through our Melchizedek teacher. This is not scheduled for the immediate future but fairly soon. I will relinquish now to Tomas."

Tomas: "I will continue now to discuss change. You are accustomed to the density of Urantia; the density of your material existence is comfortable to you. The structure of your intellectual approaches also provide you comfort and solidarity. Now enters faith which is the answer to change and the fear which comes along with it. May I have this dance? In your realizing your own divinity nature through your stillness in your relationship with your Thought Adjuster the reality comes that you are something more than material and intellectual, that you are potential spirit. This reality strikes a harmonious chord in your soul and you begin the evolution of your soul.

As you continue your steps your soul begins to grow of its own accord. It dances in the light of the Spirit. In your growth, as your faith grows, you begin to pirouette, you begin to know where your feet should go and in knowing where your feet should go you lose the fear that you will trip or that you will step on the foot of your partner. Indeed, in these early days of dancing you may well be dancing solo and learning to love the movement of your faith. As your faith grows you may overlook the density entirely and lose yourself to the swirling, whirling harmonies of the universe. As you have taken this path, as you have gone from a mortal with feet of clay into the awareness of your association with Spirit and beyond into the acceptance of your soul and its association with the Grand Universe, the Divine Plan, you have risen out of density into freedom. No longer are you curtailed by that which bothered you in the beginning and from your lofty experiential plane you can see how those who sit on the sidelines longing to experience the dance need to be evolved in their own light of faith.

In light of my above paragraphs I ask you who have danced to pretend for a moment that you have not, and look at the process you now see through intellectual cognizant eyes. Barring faith are we not peculiar? Barring trust have we not all been fooled into believing something that will pacify our craving for comprehension, that will appease our clamoring ego need for acceptance and our social desire to be upheld and reinforced by other folk who share a common belief? Truly you may understand that one who has not tapped into his/her own divinity aspects cannot bathe fully in this Spirit potential, cannot appreciate the depths one will go to find further truths which will reveal God as a personal part of our life. Only when the individual is willing to experience the ego death and the rebirth of which we have spoken, which is the actualizing onset of your personality manifestation, are you able to consider the value of the dance; and to appreciate that as you fear less the changes that bring you to greater sweeping movement, less dense, can you then crave a larger ballroom, a grander universe, lighter air, less restrictions, greater faith, more freedom.

This ascension goes on beyond your imagination. Your natural constraints concede that you have come far, that you will concede thus much farther and then that's it. But the lure of the freedom and the excitement and the romance of the dance of ascension, of spiritual growth, is such that you may always look at yourself and realize that you have only learned to walk. The greatness of your potential is ever there as a lure to bring you up. And if changes are necessary then bring it on, for this is your delight, your ambition, and the destiny of your soul!

In your evening's discourse a remark was made regarding perception of reality and that if we grasp a reality what happens if it changes?

We will change. The way we react to change is a matter of how we respond. Shall we shatter and break and stop the dance of faith or shall we pick up our skirts and step to the music of the next tune which presents itself for our practice, for our next experiential growth step? These are matters of faith, and faith is a personal matter, excepting when it becomes activated. Then you affect the universe by even your smallest reaction. As I said earlier, your soul begins to grow of its own accord. And as your soul becomes established, as your faith in your belief system, in your sonship/daughtership, becomes more and more of a living reality and a cognizant reality your reactions to life's circumstances are impressed upon the universe pattern. You ring out truth. You resist evil. This slightest nuance of your response and reaction to life is that pebble in the lake which once plopped, once resounded, turns around and feeds your reality into the cosmos, into the evolving Supreme which takes your response to life and applies it. There is not one thing a God knowing son or daughter does or does not do that does not affect the destiny of everyone. All action then is relative to your own destiny path, your own perception, your own capacities, your own decisions.

We, yes, are attempting to help you through fears, through fears of growth and fears of feeling insignificant and incapable. The animal fears which are part and parcel of the human experience are no longer demanding of you what they once did because of your faith. But there are still subtle fears, still many nuances which you would do well to acquaint yourself with so that you can saran wrap your apple against the bruised apples in the barrel of your society.

How I have gone on! Daniel, I think you should interrupt me when I carry on so. But do understand that I am gearing up for a new dance floor and I want to make sure my dancing shoes are well polished. I want to be spiffy for the companions who await my persona. I will not be maudlin, but I have truly enjoyed our association and we have certainly all grown in this process. I know we all look forward to the next lively tune that is played. I will now cease my rambling and give this dias back to teacher Daniel for his direction."

Daniel: "Thank you very much, Tomas, for the very poignant and thorough discussion/lesson this evening! My friends, we all agree, I am sure, that no rambling was felt. And we all will agree, I'm sure as well, that your dancing shoes could not be any more mirror like or spiffy. You are indeed ready and fine tuned. Our association with you here will be dearly missed. However, spiritually, there is no distance. You will be allowed this platform for several more weeks. I, as you know, will be on assignment elsewhere. And so upon my closing this evening I will be away.

Tomas' words will afford you much comfort in the realization that faith is that next step again to open up trust and allow. This floor is now open for questions or discussions."

Virginia: "Daniel and Tomas, thank you for these words on change. I guess I need some clarification. Daniel you just mentioned that you are going to be on assignment elsewhere and that Tomas would be here for a few more weeks. Are we to assume that while Tomas is here you are going to be on assignment and you will be coming back at the time that he goes East with Gerdean?"

Daniel: "At or about that time. It is not to be feared by you that I am vacating this group, only going for further instruction and committee work. In your language, teacher jargon, I will be at a Teachers's Conference."

Virginia: "Thank you Daniel. I appreciate those words and when I go on a teaching conference my mode is always to get a shot in the arm so I can teach my students better. So thank you. We will be looking forward to your return."

Daniel: "Thank you. And I will be glad to be back in this room which I have grown so accustomed to."

Virginia: "Thank you Daniel."

Nancy: "While there is a lull just let me say that I am excited for you Daniel. Have a great trip. Tomas, I am glad you are here and that we will hear more lessons from you before we have to say goodby."

Tomas: "How literal you mortals are!(loud laughter) I am not addressing you exclusively, my child. I have heard it said many times this evening in your discourse among yourselves how you stumble upon the more literal aspects of life, the wonderment of where the book came from; how did it get here? Why did this teacher say that? Is it reliable through that transmitter/receiver? How you question so much of what goes on! How you dramatize life! Please believe me when I say that my remarks are given in affection and understanding for this is part of the human condition. After all, Daniel and I and other teachers with our vestiges of human behavior in our attempts to pique your minds often create pictures which will, in fact, literalize the point we would like to make. Our bringing things into visualizations is very much like your technique of interpreting one thing for another.

I am not going away. I am only going to be busying myself with a new bunch of mortals. As Rayson spoke last week, this assignment is a reflectivating technique..correction....well technique will have to do. But as some have said it is not necessary for us to leave the dinner table to check in with the various groups. And so I will be watching you and you will not be rid of me. I intend to be part of your growth, your evolution, and your spiritual family for aeons. And so you may be glad to send me off on occasion to give yourself some variety in your experiential adventures in spiritual learning."

Virginia: "Thank you Tomas. I appreciate the dedication."

Nancy: "Yes, thank you Tomas. And I do have another question. You talked about the death of the ego in order to have the rebirth of personality. Could you talk a little bit more about what you mean by the 'death of ego' in order to have rebirth of personality or correct me if I am wrong?"

Tomas: "No, you are not wrong. I will discuss it further and I will stick to my guns on that word 'death' of the ego, at that point. For although the ego is required to enable the mortal to do those things that must be done in life to break through to being reborn, born of the Spirit, the ego must understand that it is not God, it is not the be/all and end/all of creation, it is not a walnut that can sustain itself in its own limited existence, its own reality bubble. In order to be part of the living stream of life, divinity, consciousness, etc., that walnut needs to be opened to the light and energy of the Living God. And so that instant is necessary, that moment in time is required that the ego die in order that the birth of the soul may take place. This is truth. The soul, of course, is developing unconsciously from life's experiences, but the intellect has managed to retain for itself all those soulful aspects. Somehow the ego feels that the soul is its own creation, that as a result of its experiences and decisions its reality is dependent upon it and it alone. When, however, it realizes that it is not God, it dies, and God lives in it. Then it(the ego) can be reformed, remade. The soul can then be freed to worship its creator and thus the mortal has become a new being, a potential morontial personality. Is that clear?"

Nancy: "That was very helpful, Tomas, thank you."

Tomas: "You are welcome. It is tempting when one sees all these walnuts lying around, being round and brown and hard and handsome, not to want to crack them open with a rock in order to savor the sweet meat which is inside. But only when the walnut offers itself is it truly given."

Nancy: "Thank you Tomas. That also was a beautiful analogy. And I will try and focus on my own right now.(laughter)

Bill: "As you both know we have a request from Iruka's TR, Pam, that there be a confirmation of their experience of transmitting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The request says specifically, 'Before I open myself and this group up to public scrutiny I would request you to get a confirmation from Daniel at your next meeting.' So I pass this request on to you, Daniel."

Daniel: "My regards to my friend Pam and, of course, teacher Iruka with whom I have most recently spoken.

It is, indeed, frightful, scary, overwhelming, stressful, and anxiety provoking to hear from such personalities as Pam has. It is important to have sincere, beloved, intelligent, progressive and God serving individuals as role models, for it is alignment with like minds, like understandings, and like heritage that enables those that are on the fence, so to speak, to jump into the boat and float the riverway to higher and greater understanding.

Assure Pam that this was, indeed, from Dr. King. His services did and do continue to benefit Urantia. His messages are clear. There shall be understanding. There shall not be disharmony between races. His words are meant to inspire a country now, again, in the depths of racial tension, economic tension and spiritual misunderstanding. Dr King's words are to confer unity and understanding among all men, all women, no matter the heritage, cultural background, political boundaries or global boundaries.

In God's viewpoint all are created with the same love and understanding. All are seen as one. No difference is distinguishable in makeup or status. All are sons or daughters. All are cosmic citizens. All are part of ascension. All are loved."

Bill: "Thank you Daniel for your confirmation and your encapsulation of the very thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King in what you just said. Of course you said it because it is truth as he said it because it is the truth. I personally am excited to think that he is going to be involved with us again. We certainly need his kind of perspective, as you just pointed out, in these days of separatism and disintegration of our society. So I will assure Pam. She will be most excited, I am sure, as will everyone who reads our transcript."

Nancy: "I am thrilled! I still remember the day when he was shot and I was a child. So I am very touched, too."

Daniel: "It is time for closure this evening. As you stroll through your pathway this week recall those times in your life when you accepted in faith and through that acceptance growth and upliftment followed. Allow the transition from the slow waltz to a faster tango to not be fearful. You have been shown the steps. You are following the steps. The new dance is but a variation of the old.

Tomas and I send you our love and peace. Good evening."