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Do Not Let Fear Stop Love

September 5, 2004

Klarixiska: (Virginia): This is Klarixiska. Father of love, Father of power, Father of forgiveness, we come to you tonight because of Your love for each one of us. We ask that Your power might envelop each of us, the seen and the unseen. We ask that Your power might move the nations of this world. We ask that our lives might be filled with the forgiveness that will cause us to envelop all that we touch in Your love. Give each person, mortal here tonight the freedom to speak what they hear in their minds that we the teachers might communicate Your truths, Your beauty, Your goodness to them that they might be a reflection of those things to their brothers and sisters. Amen

Bob S: Maybe we ought to treat this as a practice session.

Virginia: I think that is what that prayer was about, to say that they might say the good thoughts that are in their minds. Yes, I think that was what she was saying.

Bob S: Very good.

Klarixiska: Virginia, I thank you for bearing with me and bringing the words that you did and for reflecting on that which indeed my prayer meant. I would ask you to remember those things that you know are the opposite of fear. The opposite of fear is truly love. It is joy. It is happiness. It is lack of anxiety. Fear is indeed the culprit that can steal away the fruits of the spirit. Think of the things you have feared, and ask yourself how many of those things have really happened. Fear is the negator of a life of service because! it blocks you from being courageous in your relationships with your brothers and sisters.

I would remind us all that relationships between all people are what will be remembered when it comes to the mansion worlds. Yes there are many relationships that have not been able to be healed because of fear, or because of distance, or because of the other person in that relationship, but I would remind you that indeed that relationship will be healed at a future time. Don’t let fear stop you from the love that you should extend to another.

I would end this by asking you to remember that our Master went about loving and not expecting anything in return. Love was the top priority in His relationships and He was courageous to the end, not letting fear effect Him at all.

Lynda: This is Lynda and I would pick up the visual lesson from what Virginia saw in the driveway. Certainly Bob and Nancy are sorting out, putting things into priority, grouping things together, disposing of those things that are no longer needed, wanted, useful, and many times in our spiritual growth we must take inventory of our beliefs, of what we have, of what we value, and we need to categorize those things that we want to keep as a part of our lives. As we take a look at the circle attainment recorded in the UBook, we need to grow in all areas in order to reach the first circle. What are we doing intellectually, spiritually, emotionally to reach that point where not only are we given a personal seraphic guardian, but also able to honestly commun! icate to our thought adjuster. Perhaps an assignment would be to read that part of the Book (Paper 110, Section 6, Page 1209) and take inventory of your life making a list of those things you do, that you need to keep, and those things that are no longer useful in your desire to grow, in your walk on your path to the Father. Categorize your positive attributes and your spirit poisons in order to know what the next step might be.

Cora: (Bob S): This is Cora with a message for my charge, Marty. I feel we are so very close to one another that communication cannot be too far off in the future. I would say to you Marty, my friend, that it is important to keep trying, opening your mind to mine, and allowing the midwayers to make those necessary connections. I would also emphasize the need for quiet time since psychical and physical body parts are assisted when this process takes place. So, my dear, with those words of encouragement, I will step aside and allow others their time.

Marty: Thank you.

Cora: You are most welcome my friend.

Virginia: I am not sure who this is, but what is going on in my mind is the good thoughts that Pat had on Wednesday, the Angels of Promise and the fact that the spirits that we have, the thought adjusters, the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit are all spirits of promise. The celestial teachers are teachers of promise, and I think in this, someone is asking me to ask each of us to say the good thoughts that are in our minds right now even if it is nothing more than the Angels of Promise that are with us.

Virginia: I don’t know who it was that reminded me of what Pat had said, and whoever it was just wouldn’t go away, that there were always promises. I myself thought after I had said what I said, gosh the greatest promise is God, so I don’t know who that was. I don’t know if it was me or someone else, or it might have been Loretta. She is the one who came through to talk to Pat Wednesday.

Bob: I was thinking, following what Lynda said, of the importance of relationships. That has been quite an eye-opening experience for me. When I was younger, I thought relationships with people where not particularly important, so when the teachers started making a big thing of that I started asking why is that so important because to my thinking it wasn’t so important. So what they tell me is that it is in our relationships with others that we practice the intellectual and experiential growth that we have learned as a part of our spiritual growth. It is part of the practice of that as well. It isn’t just a nice thing to do, but it gives us the opportunity to prac! tice in interactions with others the things we have learned as individuals.

Virginia: I think relationships are very important. I have always felt that way. When I say always, I mean it is very hard on me when I have someone who doesn’t understand me or I don’t understand them. It is very hard on me. I think of the number of times in the last 30 years that I have tried to reconcile to people who I know don’t like me, and they didn’t want to reconcile. It is very hard. I know what my motive is, and it may not show out there to other people. That is the problem and they see something else.

Marty: They sometimes have entirely different motives so that makes it very hard. So don’t you think at that point you just have to go with your motive and you’ve tried?

Virginia: Oh sure, but I would still like to let that person know what my motive is.

Marty: I don’t think they are ever going to listen.

Virginia: Oh, some of them do and some of them don’t. I truly believe we are going to have to heal those in our lives, either now or later. I often pray that I will be ready when I meet my father, that I cannot judge but accept whatever is there.

Daniel: (Bob S.) This is Daniel. We have enjoyed your time together, pauses and all, but we now feel it is time to close this meeting time together, so now if you will all stand and join hands.

We children of the universe reach out to our Parents in faith and hope, in trust, in high expectation of what the future will bring. Those of us with greater experience have the advantage and trust that our experience has filtered down to our friends, our students gathered here. We ask that our Heavenly Parents will be with each of us we as go our own ways during the next seven days assisting us to be open to the opportunities that will be provided. It is of the Master’s plan. Amen.