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Honor and Union in Diligence

November 21, 1993

Greetings. I am Ham. Our discourse is about honor and union in diligence. Unionization consists in honor and individual soul consecration to one's highest moral ideals. Union adds spiritual weight into the human morontial becoming, and the human dimension, consisting within the finite level of reality also adds weight or substance. Interlocking two disparate realities together creates a third dimension which is super-real, as this union can function in the finite realms and also function in the timeless and spaceless reality of the Adjuster. Morontial levels of reality are coarse enough to impact upon human material reality as perceived through the mind of man. And equally it is fine enough to be directly perceived and have interaction with the pure spirit God fragment.

Super-reality is conceived by the mind of humans and it is perceived as the spiritual perceiving part of humans. You are perceiving reality as conceived and filtered through your mental capacity. The act of perception is limited in the material realm by material senses. The act of perceiving super-reality, the morontial and spiritual realities, is only perceived through the soul. Also are the powers of the mind coordinated and filtered by the perception of the soul. Values are perceived through direct morontial perception and the mind is deepened and qualitatively enhanced through the reflective and appreciative powers of the soul. You are even now reflecting on the existence of this value-perceiving entity inside you, and you might conclude that it is a unique and marvelous thing and that without the soul humans wouldn't be human.

It is the ever enlarging soul of humankind that progresses civilization and it is the human pursuit of the expansion of the soul that civilizes each individual. Morontia Mota is the pursuit of mis expansion. The more of this super-reality you possess, the more understanding of finite reality you can be. Morontia is one of many levels of reality that are expression of God as defined by the repercussions which occur between the spiritual and the finite levels of reality. The material level of existence has underlying it the Unqualified Absolute. The finite is an expression of partiality in absoluteness.

Time, similarly, is an expression through the Third Source and Center of partiality in absoluteness Time, as humans understand it, is the mental awareness of the segregation of events. It isn't humanly possible or likely that humans can truly conceive of eternity, yet conceptually it is indispensable to the understanding of reality. If you can imagine time as being a gigantic sphere where each segment expands or contracts like a giant balloon surface, you will understand a little about its nature. The soul perceives time differently and perceives partial glimpse of the eternal nature of God. Through it's perception am I endeavoring to teach about God somewhat directly.

You see how the perceiving nature must be conditioned and limited by the will of God in order to complete His plan. You cannot simultaneously be human and finite and conceive of God at once. In between these two levels of perception is the morontia mota. You see, as finite beings and immature creatures, perceptions are vastly limited and consequently the conceptualizing mind is also partaking of only a tiny fragment of the Universal Mind" however, this does not preclude conceiving of the existence of other levels of reality.

Only through the soul's direct perception are these greater levels of reality conceived. Intellectually a man can postulate the existence of God, but only through his soul does he actually perceive Him. And it is through the perception of God and the integration of this pure perception into the experience levels of every day life that human progress is actualized; progress in all realms of living and in all levels of societal grouping. Sincerely understand that through direct perception each individual human being experiences God himself and that his experience reality-izes as morontial reality which has still greater perceiving capacity. And so as humans understand that the greatest life experience is that of perceiving God and of conceiving of His will, then does humankind make real progress and it shall be again understood widely that His goodness and greatness and mercy have allowed it to be so.