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Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: Truth and Loyalty

September 29, 1995

Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings, my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. As always I am most pleased to be here with you this evening and I would also welcome my friend as well.

This is a time for all who choose to follow to follow in a state of progress that will enrich not only your lives but the lives of those you touch. The truths of the ages are there for those who seek. Truth is known and understood as you are ready to accept, as you are prepared to understand, as you are willing to embrace. As you have witnessed in your lives, the immature, childlike understandings of your past are certainly lessened in comparison to the perspective and understanding that you now possess. Truth is now revealed always in the arena of righteousness tempered with the understanding that there is a divine law that upholds the universes.

This evening I would ask each of you to contemplate your lives and enjoy your journey into seeing this unravelling of truth. It will be a comforting and joyous time. For while each of you have had to go through times of growth, of change, which often causes much pain, in retrospect you are able to understand the good that comes from struggle, from growth, from the willingness to risk. Progress requires courage and asks each individual to trust and maintain faith despite the immediate circumstances.

Tonight I will speak with you about loyalty. Loyalty is a gift that comes often through work and through experience. In the basic form loyalty is seen as that bond between creatures that is formed out of necessity. All of you have understood the aspect of loyalty that you enjoy between yourselves and a pet. This is a basic form of loyalty. Loyalty grows in greatness and is a part of the gift of the Spirit when loyalty changes from being ego centered to that of being altruistic, that desiring and wanting to uphold another whether it be a person or some idea.

The apostles were loyal to Christ Michael, however even in their love and loyalty they were human with weaknesses as witnessed by Peter in his denial of Michael on the night before His crucifixion. Yet after the Spirit of Truth came these men and women were enhanced greatly and went out and lived according to the truth given. They were loyal to Michael and His teachings. As ascending beings it is understandable when weaknesses disconnect loyalty bonds. However once a bond has been founded, has been cemented, the overriding desire to maintain that bond generally circumvents the momentary weakness. Loyalty is that gift in which you work to maintain something that is good, something that is wholesome, something that brings forth a progressive movement along both of your pathways. When you are feeling emotions and feelings that you cannot always identify but you feel the urge to do, often this stems from this gift of loyalty, of putting aside your own problems or matters at the time to support another, to support an ideal. Loyalty is a gift that calls you forth, that pulls you onward, that often prompts you to act on behalf of another or in conjunction with another.

And so why are we looking at loyalty this evening? It is our hope that in isolating certain concepts you will begin to see the love of the First Source and Center at work in even the most mundane experiences of life's activities. When you can become more aware of these types of bondings, when you can understand loyalties from a God-consciousness approach and understanding you will be ever more attentive to the needs of your brothers and sisters. You will be ever more willing to serve, to work, to help, to laugh, and to enjoy your brothers and sisters. Loyalty is that framework in which you can begin to follow the Father's wishes to love one another, to break down barriers that are there, that are caused from childhood experiences and/or culture upbringing and schooling. When you are able to connect and enjoy a measure of loyalty, friendship between others, you broaden your horizons, your perspectives. You are able to understand from not only a gut feeling but also intellectually.

These types of understandings are the framework from which the ills of society can and will break down. It is most difficult to remain loyal to the idea of human rights and to go out and violate these rights yourself. This is generally looked upon as a collective idea. However, how can you remain loyal to this in your own life if you walk by your brother and sister in need, if you cannot find a smile for those whom you meet and greet, if your words are tempered with anger or hostility?

This week you are not asked to look at all of your weaknesses. Instead look upon this gift of loyalty as that aspect which will help you to grow and will help you to lay down those weaknesses which prevent you from being the example of Michael Himself. In your stillness be thankful for the gift of loyalty. All of you are beginning to understand, feel, and to know that loyalty of the Indwelling Spirit. As this bond between you and your own Father Fragment becomes fully known to you the expression and your demeanor will reflect that also on the outside. Human weakness pale in light of the love and the generosity of the First Source and Center. Be ever vigilant and prepare to accept the gift of loyalty that you may continue to bond with more and more of your brothers and sisters that you may be able to embrace more openly the opportunities that come into your life

And so this week consider this gift of loyalty. Consider how it has enhanced your life. Work to develop stronger, greater, and more supportive loyalties as you walk life's path. And now this forum is open for questions."

Nancy: "Daniel, since nobody seems to be jumping right in I'll say something. Loyalty is a concept that I have difficulties with. In the past when you have talked on this I have tuned them out and I can't even remember what you have said in the past. I tried to listen more attentively tonight. My difficulty with loyalty is perhaps a false loyalty or an overgrown sense of loyalty or something. When I first attended a meeting for Adult Children of Alcoholic and other dysfunctional families and as they read the stuff that they read at the beginning, there was something in there about loyalty in situations where it wasn't deserved and shouldn't be. I remember crying because it seems that some of my past patterns were to be loyal to people and situations which are actually destructive to me. And I heard you say something about that loyalty was being loyal to . ..I heard you define it and I am trying to hold on to your definition that loyalty is that which leads to progress for both parties. It is really difficult in relationships to know just what is, particularly in love relationships, to know what is loyalty to oneself. What is loyalty to God? What is loyalty to another individual? Sometimes it feels like loyalties compete with one another, and learning to sort that out can be difficult. I think I am still stuck in the old understandings of loyalty. It is a real red flag word to me. I think of loyalty to country and loyalty to things...not that there is a problem with loyalty to country but it sometimes interferes with loyalty to all of our brothers and sisters. So anyway I have talked enough. Perhaps you can address that, please?"

Daniel: "Certainly, my dear. In your discourse you stated that your loyalties often led to destruction and this often appears to be the case as far as your understanding and perception are able to see at this time. Remember also that I implied that true loyalty beyond that which is the base loyalty is one which strives to devoid itself of ego, to strive to be loyal from a perspective of being able to move beyond that which is in it for oneself. In many instances the loyalty you feel between people, especially in love situations, is one that initially begins as base loyalty. As the relationship grows and cements loyalty becomes a real bonding, and when the relationship decays it is most difficult for the one who stills feels the loyalty to see where any good has ensued. Yet it is, if you will recall, necessary for you to have many relationships on many different levels with people and situations for it is out of these relationships that the Supreme grows and garnishes understanding. Toward this end, then, many loyalty situations are progressive spiritually. Mortally these relationships are often times where there is hurt and emotional upheaval.

Loyalty to country and ideals is also progressive if it is kept within bounds. Ideals often fall to the wayside and that which is the ideal is left behind where the framework or skeleton of what the ideal initially was is all that is glorified. Indeed loyalty is a gift but it is a gift that is not given fully developed. It is one in which you grow and you develop as you walk life's path. Indeed the loyalty between individuals is often the hardest to understand when there is disharmony or a break off of that relationship. However, as I have already stated, even in that break off there is still a sense of bonding. And for most people, those with normal reasoning, those that are in control of their emotions, feelings and understanding, those who know who they are, then this bonding will be one that, even though the friendship has disintegrated, will still be maintained. There will still be a certain amount of loyalty to that friendship, to the good that was in it, the times of struggle and work, the times of being together. Is there further discourse that you would like for me to provide?"

Nancy: "Um. Not right now, Daniel. I think I am just going to have to work through my feelings about loyalty. I just feel like I have seen loyalty cause more harm than good! So I suppose I need to begin looking from a different perspective or a new understanding of loyalty. Apparently I miss true loyalty or I see this gift in it's very unevolved state and I don't like it. Thank you."

Daniel: "Each individual is bestowed with gifts and each individual is open and able to work upon these gifts in degrees. Therefor, like spiritual growth, the growth in utilizing the gifts are likewise uneven between individuals. No two are alike. Your understanding is not immature but rather needs refocusing and reconditioning to see that the idea of loyalty is essential. I ask you, in your lifetime, my dear, you have many friends, many whom you feel loyal to. Is this not correct?"

Nancy: "Yes, but I'd never use that word!" (outburst of laughter)

Daniel: "And yet those friendships that continue and are growing are not those that you are objecting to, rather it is the ones that are broken or have met with disharmony that have caused you to blanket the word loyalty with disdain?"

Nancy: "Yes."

Daniel: "And so concentrate, then, on bringing this understanding of loyalty to a higher level, realizing that even though there have been broken relationships there has been some good or you would not have pursued it even to this point. I would advise you to sit with this concept for a while. Let it work on you that through this you will begin to understand that loyalty really is a gift and not the wrapping that is thrown out when the gift is opened."

Nancy: "Thank you Daniel. I will spend time with loyalty. I obviously need to."

Bill: "Daniel this is Bill. I was observing that probably half of the people in this group have officially been divorced and the rest of us, speaking of myself, have contemplated it or have experiences akin to divorce, divorce being a legal term anyway. So I am really wanting to talk about a bigger issue than the legal aspects.

I want to relate my reaction as a 17 year old to my own parents' divorce. I remember that the first thing I felt was extreme anger because I felt that a loyalty bond had been broken. That was a childish reaction as I was only seventeen. And I had witnessed years of fighting and pretty scary stuff. And yet when it came to the actual break I was angry and felt betrayed. I felt that the family had been shattered. And so I use this to illustrate what I think has been my experience and I presume other peoples, that when you have a bond that breaks, whether a marriage or love affair or a friendship or a business agreement, what ever that is, that when there is that break, at least for myself, there seems to be an issue of disloyalty there. And I heard you say a minute ago that there can be this break and loyalty remains. I am just remembering that that feeling was so strong in myself as a kid that there was a break in loyalty. I have never had a relationship break that I was part of that ever felt good. I have always wanted to see it repaired. And I am wondering how anybody feels good about the breakup of something if there is a feeling that loyalty has been broken as well. I am not sure I want you to discourse on all this but I wanted to put in my two cents."

Daniel: "Thank you, Bill, for your comments. Certainly whenever there is a break there are the natural emotional feelings and all the ramifications regarding that. However, as you have also stated, whenever there has a been a break you have wanted it repaired. And you have wanted to repair it for exactly what I have been talking about regarding loyalty. You are still loyal to a certain part of that person, an ideal, a feeling, etc. Those who do not wish to see these bonds repaired generally, as I have said, if they are in stable mindal condition, do maintain a certain sense of identity with that one. That identity is the loyalty that has been built. My lesson was not to focus on a break but to understand the overall idea of bonding and loyalty."

Virginia: "Daniel, this is Virginia. I am thinking of something Pam Sanderson had said some time ago about her own relationship with various people, not her husband, but people in value situations. She said that as she grew and changed these people fell by the wayside because they no longer held the same values. They were not necessarily wrong values but not the same values. So she went in a different direction than they did, so the loyalty was no longer needed.

I am sitting here listening to all the debate and the fact that you said loyalty was to an ideal and so I am thinking that each of us must be loyal to the ideal guidance of the Indwelling Spirit. For each one of us this has got to be a very personal thing. I hear the pain and certainly I have not been absent from that pain that we as human beings experience when loyalty is betrayed. That is a good word that Bill used. However, the ideal, the Indwelling Spirit does not betray us. It leads us on. And I think you kind of alluded to that, I am not sure."

Daniel: "Certainly I did bring up the fact that the loyalty to the Father Fragment within the individual is a loyal bonding which you will begin to understand more fully as you grow in your ability to feel, understand and allow the Father Fragment to lead you. This is a great bonding. Of course the Indwelling Spirit is ever loyal to you no matter what you choose. This bonding becomes permanent with fusion when you are as loyal to the Indwelling Spirit as the Indwelling Spirit is to you."

Virginia: "Thank you, Daniel. I can't wait."

Nancy: "Daniel, that's about the place where I can accept the concept of loyalty with the Indwelling Spirit and about nowhere else. I guess that is where the idea of competing loyalties comes in. To me that is the only thing/person/ideal, whatever, that I can be loyal to because I think sometimes to me loyalties in other directions are not consistent and not in alignment with God's will and not loyal to the Indwelling Spirit and they are not loyal to myself. My feeling for clarification purposes is the opposite of Dad's. My feeling is not that when a breakup occurs that loyalty is broken. My feeling is that loyalty holds people together that should be out of there for their own growth and progression. That's what I am not liking in the idea of loyalty, that loyalty somehow forces you to stay in situations that are destructive! Of course that is the opposite of how you define loyalty. I understand, I will meditate on this. To me the only place I am comfortable with the word loyalty is with the Indwelling Spirit and through that to my higher and better self!!"

Daniel: "Thank you Nancy. Let me remind all of you that the loyalty between you and the Indwelling Spirit is one that is divine in nature. It is spiritual. It is not founded in human experiences or mortal life. Hence the bonding between you and your Indwelling Spirit is on a different level. The loyalty between the Indwelling Spirit and you is totally devoid of ego. As you are able to divest yourself of ego you are able to bond spiritually and fusion occurs. Is that understood?"

Nancy: "I think so, Daniel, yes."

Daniel: "The loyalty about which I have spoken this evening is that loyalty which you as ascending beings, we as ascending beings must work through to bring forth these highest ideals. It was not stated by me this evening that just because you are loyal to someone that necessarily means that you must stay in a situation. In fact you may be truer and more loyal to that person if you maintain a distance."

Bill: "Yes, and it was probably stated by me implicitly in my childhood example. I want to make clear that I, also, as an adult do not approve necessarily of my parent's marriage continuing when it was, in effect, gone, years before. And I am hearing as we are discussing this that the only pure loyalty, the only 100% loyalty is the divine loyalty and that human loyalties are imperfect. I want to clarify that.

And I believe I did understand what you were saying, Daniel, in terms of there being a certain value that you had in a relationship that even if you can't stay, can't live in the same house, be officially boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or business associates that you still had good times, you still shared things, you still had some value there. And you have a loyalty to the value that was there. And maybe you have a different kind of friendship that is at a different level. Do I understand that correctly?"

Daniel: "Indeed. Or there may not be any friendship. There may be complete severance of the relationship as far as you are consciously aware. However you must be mindful of the fact that whatever you have done in the past influences what you are doing today. Therefor any situation you are in, any relationship will have bearing on what you are doing today. And so that loyalty bond is still a part of your framework even though it is not on a conscious level.

My discourse was not intended to get into these kinds of relationships which have broken, which go beyond your conscious awareness. My intent was to direct your energies to the understanding that loyalty is a gift that is given with the intent of being able to bring forth more love into this world, to create bondings and understandings between people and ideals.

The homework, so to speak, is to look at your growth in your ability to reach out to others, to feel a link between your brothers and sisters, if only by the understanding of their Indwelling Fragment, to understand that loyalty is a calling which when it progresses from the base animal to a higher level supports the idea that you give willingly, you support willingly the relationship or the situation. Does this help clarify?"

Nancy: "It does for me Daniel. And thank you for letting me run my course on loyalty. Now I can listen to you and hear what you are actually saying. Another thing I think I heard you say in terms of ideals, that loyalty needs consistency all the way through. If we are loyal to an ideal we need to be consistent in our actions all the way down."

Daniel: "Exactly".

Bill: "And, Daniel, I am thinking of the Thought Adjuster's loyalty to us. If our Thought Adjusters had a conditional attitude toward us like, 'Well, I'll hang in there with this guy(gal) as long as he is only a moderate jerk, but when he gets to be a total goofup then I'm going to split the scene', I don't think any of us would ever achieve fusion."

(much laughter)

Nancy: "You don't think??"

Bill: "I know we wouldn't"(laughter continuing from before) And its our part if that loyalty bond is forever broken. It's my understanding from the book that it is only the mortal who can make that decision to hang it up, to kiss the Thought Adjuster goodby. So that sure involves an awful lot of patience.

I guess a part of me wants to say, and I may be taking issue with Nancy's thinking and others that she may represent, although I have had that feeling many times, that sometimes we give up too quickly. We are

'out of there' too fast. We aren't patient enough. We don't hang in there long enough. That's just my opinion."

Daniel: "There are many approaches to each question. There are many ways to choose. Indeed is that Indwelling Fragment within the highest ideal of what true loyalty is all about. Even if everything on this planet were to collapse, all relationships, everything, there would still be the loyalty of the Indwelling Spirit available and consistently there for you.

Loyalty is not just a matter of standing by a person, a situation or and idea. Loyalty cannot only be approached intellectually. It must also be approached emotionally and spiritually. It is a gift that you must develop. It is a gift that even when the immediate understanding is not there it is still given, underlying your pathway. Those instances in which loyalty brought forth good will continue to be part of your ascension career. So those bonds that you create now will forever be a part of your ascension career.

I ask that you look with a little more clarity, a little deeper understanding regarding this gift. Cherish it. Do not take it lightly. Understand that through this gift are you able to open up and bond more deeply. Go this week, my loyal students, spend time with your Indwelling Spirit. Give thanks for that loyalty within. Tomas sends his love this evening. Good evening."