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Dawlia (A Social Architect


Love Energy

October 16, 1993

Dawlia: Breaking ground for new foundations, our work is at hand. I greet you. I am Dawlia, a social architect. Trust there is much to build. The structure, perforce, is morontial, therefore, the dimensions will be different and perspective altered, but on this base a house will be built, is even now being built. Trust, study the floor plan, read the specs, envision the mansion world. In order to build this new homestead for the family of man, it is necessary to relinquish your material frame of reference and supplant those technicalities with less concrete idealism. Those of us who find our reality in spiritual truth become accustomed to feeling at home in this sphere which transcends the material considerations which would make our goal improbable.

Allenus: Greetings. I am Allenus. Our central understanding mat I desire to convey is that your grouping conducts energy in a special, unique configuration and mere is, when facilitated through love, an arrangement which illustrates our understanding of the human brotherhood completion as understood as the unfolding of Supreme dynamics. "Where there are two or more gathered in my Name, there am I also." You start fully coming into your true dynamic being as you interact within His Supreme Being. Love is a dynamic force which creates a new unity when groups live in love. The dynamic ascends into higher levels of action as love is released through each human breast. Love creates something real and greater than the sum of individual potential. Love makes a living spiritual connection between and among human individuals. And that dynamic of love lifts potential and creates new and greater potential within each human.

Working, interrelating to each other, encompasses all latent creative potentials mutually initiating and stimulating growth. Also potentials often go unrecognized in isolation and valued and nurtured when recognized through another human being. Grace is upon you all today as you love each other. Imagine that love is a creative and inspired song of God. A song that only you can sing, only you can be.