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Nashville, TN


Commitment to Reality

September 19,1995

Greetings children, friends and comrades. We are happy today to greet old friends, Samuel and William, who have returned from their journeys, also to welcome another human who is witness to a great and growing spiritual knowledge. You are all developing spiritually, as has been hoped for and anticipated around the encircuitment of which you are all a part. Your angels are all rejoicing in this time because they have extended themselves greatly into your lives and are joyously awaiting your next levels.

As you are aware, there are a number of changes taking place. And these changes are greatly effecting the angel's works as well. They are greatly up-stepped and are being up-stepped in their efficiency due to their increased communication. You are each now aided by an entire network of seraphim rather than only your guardians. All the rightly undertaken efforts are now greatly aided by a force of exponential importance. Likewise, your erroneous steps are curtailed quickly with the same force.

Realize the ease of life that is yours when you wholeheartedly trust in our Father's guidance. There is no longer the loneliness of fighting alone against an implacable world. No, rather you are admonished to be allowing of the seemingly unfortunate circumstance, knowing that in the long run, it is indeed become the most fortunate circumstance. And again, I do not mean to say that your efforts are diminished. On the contrary, all your efforts are now enhanced. The undertakings you discover along your path are fully given with gratitude and with hope from the Father through His many agencies. The time is come, which we have all waited for over many years, when the fruits of our labors are ripening and are multiplying.

Doubt not the effectiveness of individual righteousness. It is the most effective reality that you can impart/possess. Always is the seed of individual righteousness growing and multiplying in the world. Righteousness is an attractive force for you. The growth of your souls in righteousness itself is a potent attractor of good and repeller of evil. The unrighteous humans, who dwell in confusion and in fear, try to stay away from the strong forces of light, preferring instead the

shadows of equivocation and uncertainty where the unrighteous action can be disguised and covered up. The strong light of truth which emanates from the righteous character exposes what some would prefer to keep hidden and this is all done without a word.

As human beings are brought into the light, often times there occurs the experience of their life flashing before their eyes. Nalda, the woman at the well, as she spoke to the Master, experienced such an occurrence. Those who would embrace the light, welcome this exposure of their past failings to their conscious mind. Those who are seeking truth must Cf experience their own truth, their own past, which I brought them to this moment, for this happens not 1 once, but many times. And gradually the burden of the past is lessened and lessened and when a human's will is entirely focused on the will of God, then the old pangs of conscience cease altogether. This is all a part of the gradual aligning of one's will with the Father. Eventually you will be able to accept all things, all things you have done or have thought or have said, as being a small part of His vast plan for you. There is a purpose for experience, a purpose for imperfection, yes, even a purpose for unrighteousness.

All truth must be accepted by your souls, all the truth of the past, as well as the future. Your deepest commitment will come from the acceptance of the deepest love. Yes, accepting God's love commits you to Him, establishes your relationship, and as your relationship deepens, so does your commitment to truth and to righteousness, to goodness. Out of these two aspects of God, from truth and from goodness, springs beauty and there is no human who has truly experienced beauty without feeling committed to that beauty. All of these commitments are commitments to the Father and all these things does He know and smile upon in your lives. Do not question whether the Father upholds you in righteousness for every goodly thought, every intention towards the good, towards standing for truth and the appreciation of beauty, is grasped in His being.

When you wholeheartedly enlist on the side of reality, then all that is real is committed to you. All the vast forces of your Father's universe is mobilized on your side. Reality always triumphs over the partial shadows of those who err. Truth over error, beauty over ugliness, and goodness over evil. That which is error is erroneous because it is only partial truth, that which is ugly is ugly for the reason that it is incompletely beautiful, and that which is evil is evil because it encompasses not the good.

The only realities are those which God has given. Human beings err and embrace evil by not recognizing reality and choosing the unreal over the real, choosing fantasy over truth, and embracing, therefore, a lie. These things are not difficult to comprehend You who stand in the light of tram, have nothing to fear from the impartiality's of existence, for that which is not real cannot harm you, not really. Ultimately, any scars which have been inflicted upon you through the evil agencies of men will be healed through the divine agencies of God. All who have suffered in the battles of time will be healed and made whole in eternity. Are there any questions?

Q: When you said the seraphim will enhance our efforts, did you mean spiritually or our daily physical efforts? (Both.)

Q: Clarify what you meant when you said your erroneous steps are curtailed quickly?

HAM: While seeking to carry forth our Father's will in the world, you may try many doors, but only one will open. So the doors which you may try to go through, but which are not the Father's will for you at this time, will remain closed and this may seem to be a great misfortune, when in fact, it is a great blessing which you will someday recognize.

Q: So in other words, we are not so likely to take detours or bark up the wrong tree. (Correct.)