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January 01, 1993 to January 22, 1994

Volume II

Part 2 of 4 Parts

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Negativity - End Part 2 (contains mixed date excerpts)




Q: Rayson, does the angelic realm - is it common that the angelic realm, specifically the Guardian Seraphim, ever communicate with us metaphorically, or through symbols or through coincidences, or synchronicity? Or is that a function of the human mind/psychology, or wilful thinking as opposed to actual contact?

A: Yes, all of the contacts you mentioned do occur and may occur. And as you become more spiritually attuned you may well perceive such things. You in particular, (S), because of your own special gifts, may be especially aware of the workings of the helpers. Of course, superstitious persons may attribute many accidents or coincidences to seraphic beings or other sorts of entities and be in error, but this is not important other than as an observation at this point in your existence. I would not be troubled by it, but rather gladdened, if your inner sense is that you are being guided in such a way. (05/22/93)



Today's lesson is on beauty. Beauty is much needed by beings of imperfect creation and yet its true nature is subject to considerable misunderstanding. Therefore I shall offer a simple definition of beauty. Beauty is that creation of Father which heightens the awareness of all who behold of true spiritual meaning. When you, for example, behold beauty, your Thought Adjuster is made aware of your perception because beauty is a creation of Father and, as with all things, imbued with Father's qualities. Awareness of beauty sends a direct meaning and signal to your Thought Adjuster which is in turn transmitted to Paradise, as are all Thought Adjuster signals, for recording and sometimes direction, guidance, answer. Does this mean that animals do not perceive beauty? Yes, that is correct. And indeed those mortals with indwelling Adjusters who turn away from Father's works will have little, if any, understanding of true beauty and, instead, substitute self-created definitions of beauty. These, of course, will be easily seen through by the spiritually uplifted and aware, such as yourselves. Behold beauty and you are closer to God. Behold beauty and you gain wisdom. Behold beauty and you possess a bit more truth. Behold beauty and you share Father's love. Behold beauty, and you step forward in your spiritual growth. Behold beauty and become yourself beautiful, as was Jesus and Melchizedek and his visitation to this planet. Behold beauty and you will recognize it immediately upon representation and always will know it as different and special and not like anything of mortal creation. Does this mean that beauty should be worshipped? Worship is not quite the right action to undertake for God's qualities. It is God that you will worship, should worship, are invited to worship. God's qualities are for you to emulate, to hold close, to share, to revere. Truth, beauty, goodness and love are qualities of Father that all are His gifts to you, and each in its own stead contributes to your spiritual nourishment. Enjoy Father's gifts, they will enrich your lives immensely. Share them with your neighbor. It has been said that there is nothing of Father's creation that is not beautiful. You may wish to ponder this a bit. It is essentially true. And, of course, it is the answer to the developing adolescent who is tempted to ridicule his neighbor as ugly. And yet, you may say, "but are there not ugly acts?" Yes, there are choices that freewill creatures are permitted to make which can lead to adverse outcomes, sometimes quite unpleasant. This is ugly. The one who makes a freewill choice to reject the Adjuster's promptings and turn away from Father may be perceived by the spiritual self as unpleasant to gaze upon or ugly, and yet, even this one is beloved by Father. Should you only retain what you believe is beautiful, and expel – destroy - the remainder? This is a decision reserved for the Ancients of Days alone and not for us. However, in participating in the difficult work of uplifting a world that has fallen into darkness and chaos, necessary social adjustments must be made, and recognition of that which is less godlike is certainly helpful in this regard. It is difficult for me to comment further on this line. But your Urantia book offers further guidance, if you wish it. Lucifer stated that man was too weak to live in a world in which beauty was marred. Do you think that is true? I do not believe so, either. When new arrivals come to the mansion world, there is often the comment that the beauty there is overwhelming, spectacular, awe-inspiring, comforting, loving, peaceful, truth containing, inspirational, worship-inducing. This is true, all true, and yet this is but an early step in your long journey. You are right to believe that the heaven of your ancestor's stories is a beautiful and wonderful place, and yet when Light and Life arrive on Urantia, the same will be true here, even more than is presently the case. My friends, beauty abounds on this little planet. It is all about you. There for your enjoyment and comfort. You have only to extend your perceptions and try them. That is the end of our lesson today.

Q: Thank you, Rayson. I've learned more about beauty today than I did reading the Urantia book. I think, however, that which I knew about beauty is consistent with your lesson. For example, I've always thought of beauty as being harmony, that is, harmony of colors or harmony of notes of music, or lives lived in harmony. If you would comment on the relationship between beauty and harmony, I would appreciate it.

A: Yes, that is an excellent question. All which is in accord with Father and Father's qualities is, of course, harmonious in the cosmic sense. You know that that applies to truth, do you not? (Yes.) And love? (Yes.) And goodness? (Yes.) So, too, with beauty, and yet it need not be a specific assortment of colors or sounds or spatial configurations even, instead it is the spiritual quality of the artist that imbues an object with its beauty. That is why it is so true that no creations of Father are anything but beautiful and indeed harmonious. Does that answer?

Q: Yes. I do have a follow-up question. Would you comment on why it is that some people think that things are beautiful which others think are very unbeautiful? For instance, art, the drawing art and even in music. Do we see different qualities in it, or just what is the explanation for different tastes in art or music?

A: Do you know of any time that Jesus commented on the lack of beauty on anything on Urantia?

S: Well, I know that He was very unhappy with the conduct of the leaders of the church, the spiritual leaders, that is, but specifically in terms of beauty, no.

R: Perhaps the differing value in terms of beauty assigned by differing human observers is best explained in terms of selective perception, that is, what observer A sees is filtered through certain expectations that he has, while observer B has different expectations, yet if seen through the eyes of Father or Jesus or a Urantia mortal from the time of light and life, it is unlikely that there would be perception of ugliness, particularly in terms of material structures. I understand that there are different tastes among individuals and that what is pleasing to the senses of one may not necessarily be pleasing to the other, yet there is no place in the definition of beauty for physical pleasure, so perhaps this is part of the misunderstanding.

S: For instance a noise that is considered caterwauling by some can be enjoyed by cats.

R: Yes or by an avant guard musician

S: Or artist

R: Or tone deaf neighbor.

S: Yes, I think I understand.

R: The idea of beauty as that which is physically pleasurable is not a spiritual definition. This is more in keeping with catering to animal drives. Again, I refer back to the example presented in our last lesson about the teenage boy who would call the neighboring woman ugly, assuming that his adjective was chosen on the basis of a lack of sexual arousal afforded by the woman's countenance. I would say that such a definition of beauty and non-beauty is not in keeping with spiritual qualities or their lack. Does that help?

Q: It helps. Is there's a distinction between physical beauty and spiritual beauty. I know technically what the answer is, but I would like for you to comment on it.

A: Physical beauty and spiritual beauty can be the same when perceived by the one who is spiritually attuned with Father and, in the case of Urantia mortals the indwelling Adjuster, I mean spiritually attuned in the sense of a high level of development close to fusion, not mere contact. However, failing that, there will always be some discrepancy on the part of the observer between what is understood as spiritual beauty and what is understood as physical beauty. This is not meant to be a criticism, but merely a marker of one's growth and progress. You certainly would not be expected to understand complicated mathematical principles before you had mastered addition and subtraction. So too with the complexities of spiritual principles and qualities. The animal is attracted by, and sees beauty in, that which satisfies animal drive

S: a comfortable place to sleep in satisfies the drive for rest, a tasty morsel to chew upon satisfies the drive to eat, a sturdy genetic product of the opposite sex satisfies the need to mate, and all three examples are representations of beauty to the animal mind. But do you truly believe that a soft mattress leads you closer to Father?

A: Not always. I would say no.

R: Of course, you need to sleep, but you understand my point.

S: Yes, I understand your point.

Q: Then, if I understand your lesson, if the object seen, the sound heard, the scent perceived arouses a sense of gratitude to Father and appreciation of His creation, then that is beauty in a more spiritual sense and not just in a physical sense?

A: Yes. All of you present have been increasingly awakening to the promptings of your Thought Adjusters over the last interval of time, and even though it is difficult for you and the perception most fragile and delicate, with great effort you can at this stage see that spiritual beauty. I urge you to work at this. You will find your work rewarding. Are there other questions?

S: It's a beautiful lesson, and it's inspiring to look at it more clearly, the meaning of beauty from a spiritual standpoint, and I'm sure it's well worth working at, perceiving it more often. (12/26/93) See Also: WORK ex rel BEAUTY (01/02/94)



Today's lesson will be an important subject, a very important subject, cooperation. Cooperation is a major force binding together all creatures in the universe, perfect and imperfect, mortal and immortal. Cooperation among beings of the universe approaches the importance of worship in terms of serving our father. It is a critical time for the peoples of Urantia at this time, for you have attained much technical expertise and yet lag far behind in some very important respects, socially. Competition is the order of the day. And this is not an altogether bad thing, for competition has been a great civilizing force for the beings of Urantia. Nonetheless, taken to its present extreme level, competition does certain harm to those striving for spiritual growth and development when not accompanied by a proper spirit of cooperation. As members of the Corps of Destiny, one of your goals will be to promote cooperation among your fellows. You will do this through your own living example, primarily. Your example will be that of good will and cooperative interaction with others as you go about your work and rest.

This is not to say that you may not compete, for at this stage of development - and indeed for some time to come for you - competition helps to spur you on to your finest performance given your own unique abilities. However, the spirit with which competition is entered into can be tempered by adding the desire for cooperative achievement and the desire to effect good and follow the footsteps of Michael. When you cooperate freely, willingly, it becomes that much easier for your Thought Adjuster to lead you. Your Thought Adjuster has a difficult time breaking through the strong animal urges and high emotions which still rule, to a large extent, man on Urantia. However, by your experience in spiritual self-development, by exercising the virtues and practices presented in these lessons and in the Urantia Book, and through the promptings of your Thought Adjusters, seraphim, and others, you can strengthen yourself spiritually and focus the sensitivity of that part of you which is most receptive to the Thought Adjuster - somewhat like tuning in a radio or television to its best performance - fiddling with the dial.

What might happen if you choose not to adopt a cooperative attitude? Well, you may not perceive much change consciously in the direction of your life, however it will be that much more difficult for you to work toward a measure of inner peace and that level of self-fulfilment which is attainable during your material existence. Yes, you will have opportunities beyond this life for spiritual growth and development, infinite opportunities, and so may not wish to eagerly, assiduously, pursue the path of spiritual growth, for it is an arduous path. Time-consuming, in a sense, and man has always been a procrastinator. If you consult your inner selves you will find the truth and the truth will help to lead you. Cooperation is a way of multiplying the strength of your individual effort even while in the flesh. It has been said that cooperation among two affects the strength of four, cooperation among ten the strength of a hundred. Can you imagine how effective the cooperation of a thousand, or a million beings would be? When Urantia is on the threshold of light and life there will be no difficulty with cooperation among all living beings, and that will be a wonderful day. But it must start here. Like the other spiritual exercises, your efforts at cooperation - each act in fact - sets off a chain of benefits that go far, far beyond your immediate circle, like the ripple in the water that travels for thousands of miles.

That is the answer to the questioning mind that asks "What can I, one person, accomplish in my own small way?" All of us, every single being in the universe, we are all connected to one another. And it is the Father's will that we work together, that each unique individual add his or her cooperative effort to the grand total. This is not at variance with achieving your own personal level of excellence. In fact, it is in harmony with that very goal. The result of cooperation is harmony, harmony among beings, the unification that is achieved when all strive for the common goal. Such a bright and strong purpose that is! So I urge you, children, to strive in your lives for cooperation with your fellow men and women, difficult as it may be. Use your wits, your cleverness, your special abilities, to achieve this. And let your faith help you to realize the importance of your own personal efforts. That is the end of this lesson.

Q: Could this local universe have been created without the full cooperation of Michael and the Mother Spirit?

A: No.

Q: They each brought something to the table that the other one didn't have, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: And I suppose, since no two of us are alike, the cooperation of any two of us to do anything - or something, at least - would be profitable. Is that correct?

A: Yes. There is a concept in your language called "synergy" meaning, loosely, that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This applies to all the spiritual abilities, but particularly to cooperation. Are you not eager to find out just how much you, as an individual can accomplish? The challenge lies before you.

Q: What kind of cooperation is desired of us for the teaching mission to do the most good?

A: Yes. In your teaching mission, our teaching mission, the first major task is to achieve fellowship among the teaching group members themselves. As some of you have discovered this is not as easy as it may appear from the outside. Once this goal has been achieved, the next step will be to go forth - each person respectively - into your society and bring forth the same fellowship you have learned in your teaching group, following the example of Michael as much as you possibly can. Between these two chores, you will find yourself kept most busy. And this teaching mission, in its second phase particularly, will most certainly go beyond many of your lifetimes.

Q: It seems to me that the business of cooperation is resolution of conflicts. Have you any particular guidelines for that? I know that in my secular life, the change that needs to come; there will be a lot of conflicts to go through. That's in a social arena, and I wonder if that's paralleling the spiritual realm. What do you do to aid in that?

A: Yes, you are correct. It is conflict that acts as the strongest barrier to efforts at fellowship on Urantia. Remember again the example of Michael who, rather than beating a door down, instead, would find the key to unlock the latch. That is the way with conflicts, not easy. Beyond the material life there is yet conflict, and I, myself must work on the same problems that face you. There are tools that are helpful. To name a few, are compassion, willingness to be honest, desire to do good, and above all a remembrance of the golden rule. Remember the proverb that we cannot understand a man until we have walked a mile in his shoes. Much conflict among beings arises from misunderstanding as well as greed, envy, fear, anger, the spiritual poisons. Fear, in particular is a source of conflict. Animals fear one another because they are afraid of mutilation or death. You are not animals. Be not afraid. When your fear is effectively put aside you will find that a significant amount of conflict will ease away. (02/21/93)



Q: Also, if you have any insight as to how the Universal Creative Mother Spirit and the Creator Son, when they created the Bright and Morning Star, how did they create that? There's no discussion of the technique.

R: Could he please restate?

S: The Urantia Book describes that one of the first acts of a Creator Son and Mother Spirit is to bring about the existence of a Bright and Morning Star. It alludes to the creation. And I was curious as to the actual techniques of this creation, since that's not really spoken about in the book. Have you have any insight or information on that.

A: Well, that is not information I am permitted to disclose and, in fact, I do not have it at my disposal, so I am most sorry that I cannot answer.

Q: That's okay. I expected that. Rayson, also the technique whereby Michael was able to be born of a female young human, they talk about that as a secret of Divinington or Salvington - one of the tons, [laughter] but all these secrets that are not answered in the book. [Another Student: Sonarington.] Sonarington. All these secrets, I mean, somewhere, to someone other than the Universal Father, they are all known, is that correct? Or are there some secrets that are wholly and totally held by the Universal Father?

A: There are some that only the Father may access, but those are relatively few. There is a mota concept which, simply stated, is "The universe is a cooperative of function and knowledge." Many, many, of what you call "secrets" are common knowledge at relatively low levels of universe ascension. For those of us who are ascending mortals, this is not only part of the educational program, but in fact, this knowledge is made available because it is necessary to have this information in order to proceed with our work. However, there are particular matters such as the incarnation of a Creator Son in a mortal woman that are reserved for only the celestials, and that for a functional purpose as well. It also is due to the fact that to effect such an incarnation requires the concerted efforts of many, many, many beings beyond simply Life Carriers and Physical Controllers. There was a veritable army of higher beings attendant upon Jesus the babe, the child, and the man throughout the brief period of his human incarnation. The administration and coordination of this corps of beings required a fairly high level of administrative function and expertise. Just as in your armies on Urantia, so too in the administration of the universe. As one ascends one has first only one's self to be responsible for, then a few beings, possibly children, then more and more. When you reach the step at which you will be ready for your paradise journey you will have the responsibility for the safeguarding of many, many, many ascending mortals as well as other created beings entrusted to you. And even at that point you will not be privy to the secret of incarnation because it will be neither useful nor necessary for you. Does that answer? (05/22/93)



Q: As regards to universe administration, since we've learned that a Lanonandek Son like Caligastia could default in his mission, but no Creator Son has ever defaulted, it seems to me there's a built-in safety device into the way all that works, because it allows for default up unto a certain level of administration, into administrivia, but not above a certain level, is that true or false?

A: The issue of default is one upon which there is a great deal of, what you would call on this planet, research or literature at a higher level. You are, in part, correct in your speculation that beyond a certain level of universe administration it is increasingly unlikely that default will occur. However, there is no entity in all of the universes - or even in Paradise - which could not default if that were the will. Now many, many entities are created perfect and of course could not willingly default, but they could be led astray by a commander who defaulted because in their perfection they would unquestioningly follow authority. But default as you refer to it, that is, the free will decision to knowingly and with vigor go against the will of God as did Caligastia, that is a rare occurrence in the universes, but does indeed happen, and is in fact part of the greater plan for all of creation, and probably is actually necessary in the long run. All systems need challenge and testing on occasion, and that is the purpose that default serves in the greater administrative structure of the universes. And each instance of default is studied in enormous depth and much new information is gained thereby that proves useful in future administrative instruction. As one ascends the levels of universe administration the rigor of qualifications required to be a full and practicing member of one's order necessarily increases and it is most likely due to this fact that no Creator Son has ever defaulted because the rigor of qualification to become a full Creator Son is so intense that those areas of weakness that ultimately lead to default would almost certainly have revealed themselves. You will note that it does not state in the Urantia Book that all aspirants for the position of Creator Son have in fact met the qualifications.

Q: That delineated by a Master Creator Son?

A: Yes, who has met the qualifications, some of which are outlined in your book, and others of which are not. But many aspirants fail to qualify. They are not discarded, but instead are allowed to matriculate in lower levels of administrative capacity for which they are deemed well suited.

Q: It is my understanding that Caligastia is responsible to some degree for some of the health problems which we are now facing, and I was just wondering if you would be permitted to clarify some of that. I'm just frankly aghast that such a high being, even in default, would do something so pernicious.

A: Yes, it is most unfortunate. Every newly ascended being from the material plane in this local universe has as one of their first lessons in depth instruction on the Caligastia rebellion, for there are many a lesson therein. You must understand that Caligastia did not embark upon his course because he wished pain and suffering to come to man on Urantia. Rather he thought he knew better than the Father and the Father's administrators who were his directors. And his wilful actions to go against instruction were undertaken in that spirit of pride. All of us have done such things. But none of us has been in a high level of universe authority where our actions could have such enormous repercussions, and therefore each of us has not been directly responsible for the suffering of untold generations of beings on a number of planets as has Caligastia. It takes such a small amount of difference in direction on the universe scale to have the enormous effect over the course of time. A fraction of a degree difference in direction, that is all that Caligastia's behavior affected, and yet the result was to essentially derail the basic plan leading toward the establishment of Light and Life on Urantia quite severely.

The major impact of Caligastia's disobedience was the severance of the universe circuits to Urantia and other planets involved in the rebellion, because when this severance occurred man was left far, far more to his own physical being than would have been the case otherwise. If you starve a living creature of one essential nutrient the creature will live, but its function will be impaired. A good example is vitamin or mineral malnutrition. This is analogous to what happened when the universe circuits were severed to contain the rebellion. Man continued to live but did not thrive as had been intended because of a stunting of spiritual growth. Yes, prayers were still answered, but through a detour - if you will - and less expeditiously than otherwise would have been the case. Yes, there were beings - are beings - here to help you, Midwayers and beyond. But because of lack of access to the universe circuits it was immeasurably harder for these helpers to assist man as he sought daily guidance in spiritual growth.

On the large scale of time Caligastia's effect on man has been little more than a drop in the ocean. That is, I know, difficult to believe because of the time scale on which your material lives are based, but the problem was fixed almost as soon as it happened on a universe scale - quite quickly. The effects on personal heath, yes, that is true. Caligastia's uprising, his disobedience, did indeed have profound effects on the health of humans - and animals, I should note - on Urantia.

Not only was the full power of spiritual and intellectual recourse to bodily disfunction greatly hampered, but also, because this is an experimental planet, certain - there is a certain lability about the effects of environmental agents, including sunlight, extraneous radiation, chemical effects, on the physical body that these - this lability could have been managed far better had not the universe circuits been severed. However, because of the spiritual malnutrition - if you will - that has occurred over the ages on Urantia, mankind is now in the position of suffering from many disorders such as cancer that could have been handled far more easily in the pre-Caligastian state. Does that answer? (Yes, thank you.)

Q: Rayson, we have heard that when Caligastia heard the results of the adjudication of the case Gabriel v. Lucifer he found that they had deposed him as Planetary Prince and said "If I cannot be Planetary Prince, neither can anyone else" and designed certain diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, etc., which were designed to wipe out the population of the earth. Is that correct?

A: What do you think, my son?

S: Since I have heard it from the celestials, I think it probably is true.

R: Hm. Moment. I am permitted to comment in this fashion. Yes, Caligastia had certain powers, however Life Carriers and Physical Controller answer to a higher authority than a Planetary Prince, and when instructed to follow a dubious course they always seek higher guidance. To attribute animal behavior to a Lanonandek Son is lacking in understanding of what a Lanonandek son is, and what an animal is. The disobedience of Caligastia was not disobedience in the sense that a human would disobey, or an animal. And the details of such disobedience were far more concerned with administrative structure than with such emotions as rage, spitefulness, even ego. Caligastia's illness, if you want to call it that, was cosmic insanity. It is conceivable that he may have designed illnesses, but highly unlikely, particularly without the assistance of the life Carriers and Physical Controllers. You must also remember that once freewill creatures had been established upon Urantia the role of the Life Carrier here became very much circumscribed, and the administrative structure governing their actions was altered as well. I am instructed that at this point a direct answer to this question is not in the best interest of this mission, but it would be better for your group to discuss the matter that you bring up and to attempt to reach a consensus. (Thank you.) You are welcome. (05/22/93)



Tonight's lesson is on destiny. Destiny is such a fascinating topic, so important as a part of our consciousness from the beginning of life, running through it like a constant thread for its entire length. Destiny is not a static concept, not a far-off goal, not a plaque on a wall that states the result of a performance, an office attained, nor a goal reached. Rather, destiny is what is contained in the seed of being as a potential prior to the onset of life. And the destiny starts to unfold at the moment of birth. Each of you here now is participating in your own destiny. You have a destiny that was, the destiny that is, and a destiny that shall be. From the time of attainment of your Thought Adjuster, you have a unique way of altering - not altering - but molding your personal destiny, as if each of you had before you a detailed blueprint of your entire existence and the capacity to make changes within the blueprint limitations at will. Erase a line here, add a line there, this is where your free-will decision-making capacity serves you most mightily. You may ask "But how can I possibly know the correct way to mold my destiny?" "What is the way?"

You have the Spirit of Truth. You have the living fragment of God within you. You have a certain knowledge of truth and goodness and beauty and love to guide you. You have the spiritual muscles of your soul - as strong as your use of them has made them. And it is those muscles - if you will - that have a firm grip on your destiny through your freewill. Imagine the Father has given you a large diamond at the beginning of your life, and it is your job to cut that diamond so that it may reflect light in brilliant and in interesting ways. You have the gift of personality given with the gift of life, and your freewill is the tool that you use to shape this personality. How will you shape it? That is your decision.

Will you make changes? Almost certainly. Will you regret them? Yes, of course, but not all of them. When you pass from the life in the flesh and are given the choice of continuing on or not, at that point the richness of destiny will almost certainly be such an irresistible inducement that no one but the most deeply impaired ever decline to continue. This concept is difficult to grasp at this point for you, nonetheless it is useful to ponder.

Much has been written in your literature on Urantia about destiny, the concept of fate. And some of what has been speculated is actually quite close to the truth. Yes, a single decision can change the course very much. Yes, the decision you make at any time can have an impact on the destiny of another, not unlike stars on a collision course, or - less dramatic - marbles rebounding from one another as they roll down an incline, each impact causing a ricocheting of other marbles, and yet others. It is this interaction of destinies through personalities and free-will decision that makes fellowship so vitally important in the Universe. As Urantia progresses toward the era of light and life, the spiritual growth of individuals will accelerate and improve. Fellowship will grow, and there will be far more positive impacts of personalities upon personalities in the sense of non-adverse contributions to growth.

Of course, adversity helps the individual to grow spiritually. However, there are many, many ways of abetting growth that do not necessarily involve adversity - as you all are aware. And of course there is ample adversity through the eternal ages. A diminution in the adversity experienced in this embryonic stage of growth in the material form will not detract in the long run. Yes, adversity makes one stronger, however the man running the race who finds himself beaten with a whip or struck in the leg with a stick at each step most likely will not run as quickly, or confidently, or as contently as he might with that - those adverse factors not present. He instead would have more energy to devote to the task of running the race rather than having to divert attention to the pain and the opposition. So it is on Urantia now: many souls with clearly established destinies running that race - the race to get through life. How will you run your race? How will you affect the race of others? When we engage in service to our fellows we help them to run the race a little more easily, you see? That does not mean we carry them upon our backs, for it is their race, it is their destiny. But we do not trip them, or strike them. Is our destiny completed when that far-off day comes when we stand in the presence of the Father? No, not at all. However, the striving to meet that particular goal is a very important part of the destiny of every one of you here today. Destinies are eternal and infinite, and no being has ever existed - mortal or non-mortal - that has fully expressed their potential destiny. This is a difficult concept to grasp for me also, nonetheless, it is so. So you see your destiny is a fluid thing, dynamic, growing, alive, subject to many forces, but most of all your own will, your one desire to act. Yes, you have many helpers within and without, and their promptings can be very useful if you wish to accept them. So go forth. Meet your destiny. Run the good race. That is all. Are there questions?

S: About the beginning of the 16th century a man by the name of John Calvin, when he was translating the Latin scriptures into French, became convinced that the New Testament taught predestination, and developed the doctrine of predestination which is known as Calvinism. It holds generally that people are predestined to go to heaven or go to hell. I realize that, in The Urantia Book language, this is predestined to survive or not-survive. This became such a strong point, that others, who couldn't accept the idea that a God would create individuals to go to hell, said that they had the free will to choose. And the doctrine of predestination and the doctrine of free will are considered to be opposite to each other. I think The Urantia Book teaches that they are consistent with each other, that when we are born we are predestined - to do something, but we have the free will to change that destiny, point by point, decision by decision. And if I remember it correctly, The Urantia Book says that we are predestined to do things, but we are not foreordained to do them, that we have the free will to say no. Putting that together with your lesson, suddenly it fills in the blanks.

R: Yes, you understand well. You see that there are many dimensions which have been left out by the formal religious approaches of the past. Do you have any comments?

S: Perhaps this can serve as the basis for at least a scholarly article on the subject of predestination and free will, where The Urantia Book / Rayson teachings can be presented as an alternate to Calvinism without having to turn it down completely - as the doctrine of free will has.

R: That is an excellent idea, (S). It would do much good in a number of ways. Destiny is a very strong inducement even to those small in faith, and you will find much receptivity for the concept.

Q: Although I understand it is possible for an individual not to live up to their destiny in this lifetime. The Urantia Book suggests, and I want to confirm this, that collectively, the destiny of the group in the Supreme will be honored. In other words, we have a destiny as a group that will be fulfilled even though we might - individually - not fulfill our own destiny. Is that correct?

A: Yes, that is one way of understanding what is true. I do not, myself, understand the full implications. Destiny in the fullest sense is beyond the understanding of any unfused personality, and indeed, it may be necessary to experience paradise before truly grasping what destiny really means. (01/31/94)


Q: I have a question about the active or non-active role that the different agents and beings that surround us actually take in our lives. Some of us think that they are quite active, I mean to the point where good fortune is placed in their path, if they are seeking the Father's will. And others of us feel as though they aren't that involved, that interactive. Can you shed any light on this?

A: Yes. This is a question that comes up again and again in this mission. Some are blessed with great agility in managing the material world and are perceived as being lucky. This is not a result of spiritual leading, necessarily, in the sense that you are referring to with external forces bringing to bear, however it is not that common for a material being to thrive without some participation in a program of spiritual growth. It does happen, of course. There have been some quite iniquitous beings who have done enormously well in the material sense. But of course they have lived with overwhelming inner torment which they have not generally admitted to others. But the one who thrives on Urantia without inner torment must necessarily follow a spiritual program. Material success requires study and practice at material skills. Wealth does indeed flow in well-defined channels, and the one who would be wealthy may easily, or not so easily, tap into these channels. This may be seen as luck, but it's more a matter of having a good eye and a high level of desire. There have been persons who've become wealthy who have also achieved high spirit attainment.

This is rare, but known to happen. Has their success been due to cosmic intervention? They too have been endowed with Thought Adjusters, and some have heeded the advice of Thought Adjusters and been helped in attaining their goals. Some have had other spirit helpers for reasons beyond what your history books may record. Much of this has to do with using well-placed beings to help offset some of the damage done during the rebellion. They happen to be in opportune positions, so an attempt is made to use them, but as far as anyone being intentionally placed in a position of power by seraphic or other guidance, no. Those in positions of power may choose to avail themselves of seraphic guidance that is offered, which is a free will decision, but there is not divine intervention in the matters of man beyond that. Advice is always at hand. Whether man chooses to take it or not is another matter. Let us look at the other side of the situation. What of the person who seems to be good and lead a life of worship and yet is beset with misfortune, material poverty from family tragedy? In undertaking the journey towards spiritual growth one may or may not choose to participate in the flow of wealth and material. Some choose not to, and therefore their material lives are impoverished while their spiritual lives are enriched. This is rare. This is as rare as the other extreme. It is as rare as the wealthy man who is spiritually rich, but it does happen. The great mass of people do best, have the most so-called good luck, when they are engaging in worship in their activities and heeding seraphic guidance which is available to all. So you could say that good luck, no matter what your goals may be, they will be more readily attained, if you follow God's plan. This may sound somewhat like a television evangelist, but this is certainly not a call for donations to churches. If you lead your lives in such a way that you are loving, you are good, you are kind, you are truthful, you are bound to have some good fortune, and you are also bound to have some misfortune. But overall the services that you render in the plying of your trade, whatever that may be, will generally be well accepted, and you will prosper to whatever extent is possible. Does that help?

Q: It sure does. What I think I understand you saying is that like attracts like.

A: True, and beyond that those who are lost or in doubt will respond positively to a light, to a beacon.

Q: Rayson, the Urantia book indicates that human reservists, reserve corp of destiny, have special seraphic assistance, guardians of destiny assigned to them. Where in your discourse did that fit?

A: Well, there is separate seraphic guidance certainly, special seraphic guidance accorded to those who are reservists, but there is also seraphic guidance available to all others, if they wish to avail themselves of that. And that is the question, is it not? Q. And we access that seraphic guidance by the same means we improve our ability to communicate with the Father through the Thought Adjuster?

A: Yes, and through our conduct. If your conduct is worshipful, you will attract the attention of seraphim and others who will be at hand should you request extra help? Yes, this does happen through the Thought Adjuster, but I personally do not know how it occurs. This is part of the mystery. (08/28/93) DRUGS: See RECREATION (12/12/93) EDUCATION See: SPIRITUAL GROWTH & EDUCATION (06/26/93)



Q: In God there is no duality, no evil or good, only God - is that correct?

A: That is correct, well, much good - no evil.

Q: Just only good?

A: Yes.

Q: If all the circuits are open and the bad guys are gone, Satan, Lucifer - I don't know all of them - then where does evil come from? Does God create it?

A: God has created that which is imperfect, so that beings such as you may have a choice to either turn toward God and become a co-creator during a long passage and career toward Paradise and beyond, or alternatively, may choose to live as an animal and turn away from the ascension path. This latter choice is evil, sin, and sometimes inequity depending upon the manner in which it is undertaken.

Q: If we have choice, do we choose the way we die and when we die?

A: You mean, the death of the body, or of the Spirit?

Q: I only understand the death of the body. The Spirit doesn't die, does it?

A: The Thought Adjuster will leave you if you earnestly and sincerely request that it do so. This will cause instant Spiritual death.

S: I was speaking of physical death.

R: There are material aspects of your body that predetermine the potential that your body has for existence, in terms of time-span. However, you well know that you can easily choose to behave in ways that will shorten your life span. For example, reckless behavior, self-inflicted injuries, violence, unhealthy activities, and so on.

Q: Do we choose the material aspects of our bodies?

A: No. That is your inherited legacy from your forebearers. Indeed there are some who undergo a full life-span for their body and a death of old age as young as eight or nine years by your reckoning.

Q: If we have choice, is there really such a thing as an accident?

A: Yes. Yes there are mishaps that occur. You cannot control all of the factors in your environment, and this is understood. How could you possibly cause a boulder to roll off a mountain and crush you to death? This is certainly an accidental happening.

Q: Well, would not the TA give you a choice to be in that spot or not be in that spot?

A: No, that is not the role of the TA.

Q: Do people get AIDS as accidents, or do they choose it?

R: What do you think?

S: It seems to me that they choose it.

R: Why do you say that?

S: By behavior, by choosing certain behaviors.

R: It is not my place to comment on controversial cultural issues of your time, because to do so could seriously interfere with the goals of this teaching mission. But I encourage you, all of you, to think carefully about these areas that you have asked about, and arrive at your own conclusions.

Q: Are dreams an activity of the mind and do they need to be paid attention to? It has been my understanding that in the sleep state the Devil and his agents could get in there, because asleep we let our guard down.

A: It has not been possible for beings to access your inner self since the time that Christ Michael walked on Urantia. Part of his job here was to alter some of the possibilities and potentials for spirit interaction with the beings of this planet. Had this planet not been interfered with as it was, the possibility that you propose in your question might well exist. But harm would not come of such an interaction under appropriate circumstances. Because of disobedience much harm came of external interference with the inner mind workings of Urantia mortals prior to the time of Jesus. Presently your dreams do not consist of promptings or suggestions of beings outside of yourself. However, they may indeed include comments from your indwelling Mystery Monitor, as well as musings of your own deep subconscious mind. Should you pay so much attention to these? It is your choice entirely. (11/27/93)



S: I have a feeling that my strength and my security lies only in my faith, is that correct? It makes it possible to talk with you. Frankly, I'm uncomfortable - it’s a new experience. The fact that you exist and the way that you communicate is so foreign to conventional thought. I feel like I'm standing in a valley, about to climb a mountain, and the mountain is covered in clouds. And then you come along and the Urantia book comes along and blows away the clouds and I see this mountain, its 350,000 years high, and that you are on the same mountain. Is that right?

R: That is just the foothills.

S: Are you that little guy way up on top?

R: Somewhere there. Your faith is not your only strength and support. It is a crucial one, yes. But you have your Adjuster, you have your spirit guides, your Guardian Angels, the ones who love you. You have your own unique personality and your capacity for prayer to connect you instantaneously to Paradise. You have your ability to worship and grow and co-create with the Most Highs. You have so many areas of strength and connection to Father.

S: It's nice to know. I understand that the Presence of the Father is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. What I'm confused about is praying out loud. When you are praying out loud, is that only for the fellowship of those of like mind? Is that the only purpose of praying out loud, since the Father is within us?

R: There is no purpose other than those which you assigned to such prayer. Believe me, when to seek to pray, even the quietest whisper of your mind-thought is heard loud and clear.

S: That's how I prefer to pray, by being quiet.

R: Then you certainly may do so, my friend.

S: I have a two-year-old daughter who has been in three near-death situations, and I just feel that the Father keeps trying to pull her away from me. How can I grasp on to her?

R: Can you describe the situation?

S: One involved choking and another was a seizure.

R: What was she choking on? [Answer unintelligible] I am sorrowed to hear of your child's difficulties. However, let me reassure you that Father does not "take" people from life. This is a pagan belief that has no basis in Universe truth. Father loves your child as dearly as He ever loved any child of mortal birth. And indeed special love and protection is accorded to the babies who need it. Yes, they are prone to accidents. 70 And they are fragile, as you have discerned. Do you believe that you could do more to help protect your child from this end?

S: There are times I just can't do anything.

R: Are you fearful? (

S: Yes.) Have you sought guidance from others in this regard?

S: No,

R: Can you think of any that might offer helpful advice in the particulars of how you might protect your child adequately? You may wish to seek such advice, my dear. Do not fear the Father. He is only good and has only love. Your child is struggling for material survival and will certainly thrive. She has much love from her mother, does she not? (Yes) (11/27/93)


FORGIVENESS Our lesson today is on the topic of forgiveness. The practice of forgiveness is one of many means by which you as an individual can boost your own spiritual light, that shining aspect of yourself which is unconsciously perceived by your comrades in the flesh, but which is quite clearly seen by those who have passed beyond the material form or who have been created by other means. In your strivings for spiritual growth, my friends, it may be useful to think of yourself as a beacon, a light, and consider how you can direct your actions in a way that will increase your own personal intensity. Remember that a light which may shine most brightly does so without noise, without harm. Be like the beacon of light that shines forth from the lighthouse. Forgiveness, yes, it's a way of boosting your light power, your brightness. A most noble spiritual attribute, one which does not come so easily to those of material origin, animal creation. Forgiveness involves the laying aside of anger, pride. Yes, your own greed and selfishness. And returning love where your animal self may have experienced insult. When you practice forgiveness, you will know that you are on the right track when you sense an easiness within yourself, a lightness of being, some have said. It has been said that it is as if a great weight is lifted from one's shoulders when forgiveness comes. It is important to understand why forgiveness is difficult for you. That is because the animal is moved by primal urges, the instinct to survive, the instinct to feed, and the urge to reproduce. When an animal senses a threat to its ability to carry out any or all of these three urges, the animal is instinctively driven to strike out. Anger ensues. Pride wells up. And a chain of events occurs in order for the animal mind to protect the interests of the animal. This occurs in beings of animal origin as well. Think to yourselves, my friends, of the times that the acts of other humans have angered you, lead you to harbor resentment and withhold forgiveness. How many of those incidents have truly involved a threat to your life? How many of those times has there really been a genuine and unquestionable threat to your family, to your capacity to earn a living? It is most likely that the vast majority of such episodes in your life have not been true threats to your material existence, much less to your spiritual existence. And yet it is the almost universal experience of mortal beings to carry a large burden of anger and resentment stored up over a lifetime about bygone incidents. Like weeds growing in a garden, eventually such incidents can choke off healthy growth. Do not let this happen to yourselves.

Assess your stock like the good gardener, carefully pull out the weeds. Yes, it is important to protect yourselves, but you must consider your motives. If you sincerely wish to increase your personal light, then make an effort to differentiate between the rare true threat and the common false threat. The false threats are meaningless, my friends. They can be forgiven so easily. And when you as living human examples behave in such elevated fashion, be assured that others will observe and imitate. Again, to behave in such a way is yet another step on the road to being in the world, but not of it. Let the clean fresh water of forgiveness cleanse your mind. Let it wash away so much that hinders you in your aspirations to be like the Master, to further the goals of this mission, To be a worker helping to pull Urantia out of its turmoil toward light and life. With forgiveness comes joy and peace. This is the end of this lesson, my friends. I will receive any questions or comments now.

S: I am very, very touched by your lesson today. I think that what you've covered today is one of the foundations of what we need to learn and keys to our existence. Thank you.

R: You are most welcome. My friends, when you neglect to forgive, it is as if there is a shadow over your spiritual light, like a cloud covering the sun. It is not necessary. There are so few things in your material existence that are worth holding onto with retrogressive behaviors and feelings, so very few. And yet, of course, if your forgiveness is not sincere, it is not - it will not help you or anyone else. So keep that in mind as you work on your own capacity to be more forgiving. It will be a struggle. None of this is expected to be easy. But you will find it to be most rewarding.

Q: For the first fifty years of my life I said and felt that I was proud of my enemies. Probably during the last few years, I have been ashamed of my enemies because I haven't made them friends. I feel that I'm doing pretty good along the forgiveness line, but I still need to work on it.

A: You need not necessarily embrace the person you forgive. Rather, you are expunging the negative feelings toward the individual from your own mind. Do you understand the difference?

S: Yes, yes, I do understand the difference.

R: Were you to sense forgiveness toward those whom you refer to as your enemies, you would find that rather than being enemies, they would simply be neutral persons that you once...

S: And not friends ...

R: Yes, it is not intended that you necessarily must have intimate and close associations with all other beings on Urantia at this time, however, if your interaction can be peaceful, without rancor that would be most appropriate now. Do you see?

S: Yes, I think I've achieved that.

R: Also, there is no reason why you cannot guard yourself against those who you sense may not have your best interest in mind. (Thank you.) Even the Master did that during His sojourn here, if you would review the chronicle of His life as presented to you. There is no need to hasten your own physical demise by putting down your protective behaviors. Simply, if you can refrain from hating the enemy. There is power in loving your enemy. It does not mean that there are not some who would not harm you.

This is a complicated issue, and one which deserves lessons of its own. But there has been much misunderstanding of what forgiveness is and how it should be properly applied in human interaction. But be assured, my friends, that your own personal feelings toward another individual or group of individuals are most powerful. Those which are imitative of Father are powerful in the sense of growth and movement toward light and life, and those which are regressive limit growth. Does that help?

S: Yes, it does. I think I see two different aspects to forgivenes

S: one is to the person being forgiven, and the other, most important, is to the forgiver himself.

R: Exactly.

Q: Is there a difference between forgiveness on an intellectual level and an emotional level?

A: They are both variations of the animal mind. There is a difference between the two - the two methods you discuss, and the spiritual - but intellect and emotion are both animal in origin, although there is the tendency to consider the intellectual workings of the mind to be more sophisticated than emotional. This is not necessarily true however. Because my thought takes structured and logical form does not necessarily mean that it is higher in its form. Does that answer? (Yes, thank you.)

S: I also join in the appreciation of a lesson that's very helpful to me. That distinction between loving one's enemies and not hating them, being able to forgive, that's very helpful to me. I think I've perhaps been more forgiving than I've been able to acknowledge, and I understand I can certainly go further, but it's nice to know that I don't have to love my enemies, because that was keeping me from thinking that I had forgiven at all. I think that that's not true now, if I've correctly understood your lesson.

Q: Regarding forgiveness, I am wondering if, as we grow spiritually and as we do forgive more and learn what that actually means and how that feels, if it actually becomes less and less necessary for us to forgive or that we more than likely are inclined to forgive immediately when we sense a transgression and then understand and then we forgo any of the pain and suffering or mental confusion or spiritual aberration that comes from harboring resentment?

A: You have a good understanding of the concept. Remember, my friend, that at an earlier stage of the evolution of man an insult would be returned by an axe blow or the strike of a club on the head of the insulted. Slowly and arduously man has learned other responses to perceived insult. Now it is the time to let even those subtle but damaging feelings of anger, resentment, desire for revenge, and so on, pass by, and instead become more agile at the practice of instant forgiveness that you allude to. Eventually, with practice, you will find that it will indeed become an automatic response. Some of you here, in fact, have done quite well in your work along this line, and I commend you. Does that answer? (Yes.) (09/25/93)



R: It is unfortunate that as a result of the rebellion long ago certain social patterns have developed on Urantia that have glorified indolence and encouraged those who have no or very little spiritual striving to reproduce in large numbers. You do not help the mission on this planet by supporting such beings materially so that they can continue to reproduce and cause an even larger problem in the future. As this meeting, this mission, proceeds on this planet, there will come a time when this enormous problem will have to be dealt with directly. The time is not far off, and it will not be easy.

Q: Rayson, are you saying that, in the view of both yourself and those involved in the teaching mission, and perhaps higher up the celestial hierarchy, Urantia is viewed as severely overpopulated?

A: Not in terms of numbers, but in terms of beings of low evolution.

Q: Genetic stock?

A: All of the genetic stock that you require to attain light and life is present on Urantia now. But there have been some unwise decisions allowing unchecked propagation of base stocks.

Q: So do you refer to more of a genetic retardation, or social retardation in terms of spiritual, evolutionary growth?

A: Both. But not to a crippling extent, or better stated, it is not something that cannot be reversed.

Q: And this definitely is understood by those in power in terms of our physical government.

A: Yes. Remember that Lucifer and Caligastia promoted the notion of total independence from the spirit leadings of God's messengers on this planet. Had this not occurred, this situation would not exist presently.

S: Well, then today's lessons extremely poignant for me. Now I understand the boundaries, the proper, healthy psychological or the psycho-spiritual boundaries of those of us involved in this teaching mission. As the mission expands and as our communications with the public expand, we should know what are our proper boundaries so we don't cross the line into pity and empowering. I can see now you're keeping us on focus and on track in terms of keeping this mission and the transmission of this mission a spiritual one and not a adolescent "save the world" mission.

Q: Rayson, what is the solution to this overall problem? How can we get the people who are unproductive and not working and so forth to become productive spiritual citizens?

A: Well, a quick answer is this. One can never compel another Godward - that is a personal decision. However, an animal will do what it must do to eat. If it must stand in a line at a building to get a handout, it will. If it must work in a field, it will. If it must study in a school, it will. If you deal with those who abase themselves to the level of animal behavior, it is unfortunate but you must deal as with animals. Animals are driven by the desire for food, the desire for reproduction, and the desire for survival. Those are your keys. If animals are allowed to reproduce in an unchecked fashion, they will do so, particularly when they are well-nourished and do not need to work. Do you understand? (

S: Yes, I do.) (10/16/93)


Q: Rayson, I wasn't clear about the next step that you said had to be taken on this earth before we had light and life. Could you explain that a little further?

A: Yes. Certainly. Many things must be done before this planet will be ready for the entry into light and life. But a critical step that cannot be gotten around is the business of eliminating from the human stocks those who heed not the Thought Adjuster and lead iniquitous lives. Until this is done, there will be enormous impediments to spiritual progress on this planet. (I understand.)

Q: That would seem to be looking at the characteristic of refusing to follow Father's will as something that could be handed down through a family line. Is this what you're saying? Or are you saying that we must wait for all of those people to die off? Not to eliminate them from human stock? Doesn't this indicate a genealogical thing?

A: Yes, there is a genetic correlate, and certainly there is a freewill choice correlate that is passed on from parent to child in family learning which must be eliminated.

Q: So that if a child in adulthood chose to exercise the right choices and to teach his children to exercise the right choices that would, in effect, have eliminated from that particular stock the flaw that the generations ahead of him had built into their family life.

A: Yes, but when a culture allows the unchecked propagation of those who have no regard for the promptings of the Adjuster, there is a very deleterious effect on the spiritual life and progress of the beings in that culture. Those who have faith on a planet where there is relatively little contact with the outer universe - not outer universe, but the universe beyond the planet - can be fragile in faith and easily discouraged by real material success of iniquitous beings among them. This is not say that faith will be broken, but spiritual growth will be subdued compared to what might otherwise occur. Does that help?

Q: That helps, but then I'm wondering if part of our mission is to somehow besides helping those who are not now spiritually inclined to become spiritually inclined? Or are we supposed to be working for laws to limit the reproduction of those who generation after generation have taken this other tack?

R: What do you think?

S: Well, it sounds like we've got a job that's really going to raise a few resistances, I would say.

A: Perhaps that is a good indicator that you are headed in the right direction. I cannot tell you to do such a thing, and yet I must encourage you to follow your mind in this way.

Q: In other words, you can't tell us to do it, but you're not going to tell us not to either, are you?

A: Yes.

Q: Concerning the weeding out, the breeding out of criminals in society, I recall a paper in the Urantia book, paper , called Government on a Neighboring Planet, which describes how they're dealing with crime on a nearby planet that also participated in the rebellion. It says that they've been breeding out criminals for well over 100 years now and they've been getting results from that. But it seems that it's a really tricky thing morally for society to start making those sorts of segregations and decisions with regard to breeding and freewill choice for those beings. I was just wondering if you could comment a little bit more on that.

A: Yes, it's a move that requires enormous courage and continual reassessment and discussion in order to avoid tragic misconstruction of the purpose of such a program.

Q: As you say, the Father's love is so great that we always have a choice, and there are people who may lead iniquitous lives for a period of time and redeem themselves and ask for forgiveness and continue the rest of their lives trying to be better and trying to do good. And it just gets really tricky with decisions to make about extermination. Do you agree with this?

R: Yes. Specific instructions were given early in the life of this planet and much was lost as a result of the rebellion. Part of the purpose of this mission is to gauge whether Urantia is ready for another corps of instructors as was given many thousands of years ago.

Q: So you're saying that that specific information about how to handle this problem, it was here and now it's not, and you're trying to decide whether we should have that specific information again?

A: The information was here, and it will be here again. The timing has not yet been determined, however.

Q: With regard to this cleansing of the races, it leaves itself open to a great risk if fanatics try to impose one religious thought and say "this is the truth" with only limited human understanding, then try to eliminate all those who disagree with them - or to make it impossible for them to continue their breeding stock.

A: Yes, that is very true. Such a step could lead to much tragedy and could plunge Urantia into a dark period as has occurred previously in its history, but we believe that Urantia is at the edge of a new age and is ready to implement such changes appropriately.

Q: I have another comment on that. In viewing the media, and how entertainment and news reflect violence and negative energy - you see so much of it on the news, all the situations, all over the world things are happening, just evil sorts of things. In a lot of ways, from my perspective, it seems like things are getting worse. Is that your perception of it in certain ways, or from your global perspective or planetary perspective are things getting better?

A: One of your scholars once commented that good news never makes headlines. The inditing of the Urantia Book and the presence of this teaching mission have occurred because of the gradual and slow progress that has occurred on Urantia in a positive direction. Yes, you may have more awareness of sinful acts than you once did, and this may be true on a worldwide basis due to enhanced communications, but it is not that long ago in your history that a man could easily be hung because of his color, and that does not occur today.

Q: So as it's getting worse, it's getting better, I suppose, a different kind of thing, sort of, experience we're dealing with on a multigenerational scale.

A: As the circuits have opened and the energy has been upstepped, the eyes of many are opening as if after a long sleep. Awakening is not always a pleasant experience, but it is far better than slumbering on indefinitely, is it not? (Yes.) It was Lucifer's intent to promote the long sleep of indifference and self-concern. This is finally falling away, and slowly but surely altruism is emerging. (12/12/93)



It is time, my friends, to again discuss the matter of goodness. You may be thinking have we not had many, many lessons on this topic? Why do we need yet another? Goodness is a very basic, very critical concept that has great depth, ranging from the most superficial aspects which are easily grasped by mortal beings all the way to mota and far beyond mota. You will go on learning about goodness all through your ascension career, so it is not redundant to have a lesson about goodness at this time. Goodness is a manifestation of our Father. When we behave in good ways we are imitating Father. We are showing Him to our fellows, and we are sending a message to Paradise in that unique way that all of our actions are transmitted. The message is a good one, and is greeted with pleasure by the Most Highs. And it makes this planet shine a bit more brightly in the cosmos. Goodness is a building block. Your good act will stand for a long, long time as - I do not know the words to describe it, so I will use the word "spiritual" – as a spiritual entity on Urantia. And the good acts of you and your fellows through the history of Urantia go to build a solid edifice of worship to Father, like bricks or building stones, if you will. Those who have spiritual vision are able to see the good that has been done on Urantia just as if they were viewing building blocks, which is quite wonderful indeed. We have discussed in previous lessons this matter of the vision of the one who is in material form as opposed to the vision or perception of the one who is in the spiritual form. What is seen by the material person is barely or not seen at all by the spiritual and vice versa. It is rather sensed by the spiritual. Spiritual beings perceive spiritual things such as goodness just as firmly as you would perceive a table or a chair or a car or a stone. And the car and stone that you perceive and consider to be your real world are only sensed by the spirit. Therefore your perception, as a material being, of goodness and other spiritual things will be more of a sense, a sensing, a feeling, if you will, although that is not a good word. If you can grasp this concept and use it in your future observations as you go about your activities on Urantia, it will help you greatly to understand the dealings of the spirit, and it will also enable you to perceive more clearly the promptings of your Thought Adjuster - which are, among other things, urgings for you to do good. This perception of spiritual things has been described as being of gossamer quality, like the faintest of breezes blowing across one's face, in some of the Urantia religious tracts. This is a good way of describing it. Again, I want to remind you that when you work on your spiritual perception, the more you work on it, the stronger it will become. When you work on your goodness and its expression in your acts, the more you strive, the more good you will manifest. There is an unfortunate fact of semantics in this language that equates goodness with value, but that is not the meaning of the spiritual concept of goodness as far as the material aspect of value. For you know that Father loves us all with no favorites. You will not become a teacher's pet by striving to do good. You are not in a competition with all others for Father's favor by striving to be good. That is not how the universes operate. I know that it is difficult for mortal beings to let these ideas pass, and that is why I am reminding you. It is not good, better, best. One strives to be like Father because it is right. One strives to be good, to be honest, to be loyal, to be merciful because it is right - not because it is to be superior. As you, my friends, become more spiritually attuned and develop your spiritual muscles through your actions, you will become more humble. And as you become more humble, more truly humble, the notion of superiority as it falls off your shoulders will seem increasingly to have been an unnecessary burden and hindrance. And your life will become easier for having discarded that notion, and that, too, is good. Now, it has been said by some of your thinkers in the past that one should never let go an opportunity to do good. This is a most interesting utterance. Does this mean that as one comes at you with knife bared intending to harm you, you offer a bouquet of flowers? A fistful of money? A kiss? No. Jesus faced with that situation would surely have protected Himself, but He would not have necessarily drawn His own knife. And in not drawing his knife, His act would have been good. Do you understand? (Yes). In doing good do you feel it is appropriate to offer things to people without any effort on their part? For example, giving food to the indolent, clothes to those who are capable but will not work, housing to those who will not maintain it, and so on. Is that good? Think upon this, my friends. Would Jesus do that? Did He? But then, of course, we have another matter, the matter of healing. Disease is a complex matter which involves the interplay of physical factors with spiritual factors. Every disease known on Urantia contains both elements, and you will remember that Jesus did indeed heal those who came to Him without question. You may say, but is this not the same as giving a house to the man who will not work or clean his home? No, because a house is a material thing and disease is not a wholly material thing. A full understanding of the contrast between these two situations is a mota exercise which may be beyond the scope of this mission, but it does no harm to work on this, my friends. And attempt to resolve what may very well seem to be paradoxical. As you all strive to be good, you will in a sense be healers. Be careful now, though, to differentiate between healing illness and catering to greed. Do not deprive your fellow Urantians of the personal adversity that is so necessary to their own spiritual growth. Certainly you may help, but it is important to understand where the line is to be drawn. And it is very much an art to learn this method of discernment. The life of Jesus is a study in goodness, and as I have often asked in previous lessons, I again ask that you turn to the account of His life as an example for you. Is there perfect goodness? Yes, in Paradise. Is there perfect goodness on Urantia? No, not at present, but there is the potential for movement toward light and life which is in the direction of perfection in spiritual terms. Is there goodness in animals? No, goodness is an advanced spiritual concept. Is there goodness in humans who are savages? That depends on the level of development, but if the savagery is deep enough it is possible to find savage humans who are bereft of goodness. Can a good person become ungood? Yes, by turning from God and plunging into iniquity. Can the reverse happen? Yes, by all means, with great effort and faith. When does the human begin to grasp the notion of goodness? Shortly before the Thought Adjuster arrives there is in most human mortals a beginning of understanding of goodness. Certainly the pre-Adjuster mortal responds positively to goodness in other humans. But the capacity to behave in good ways is not truly present until the Adjuster arrives. That is not to say that infants cannot mimic goodness quite well. We will stop at this point in our discussion and take questions, if you wish.

Q: Thank you for a very, very deep lesson on goodness. You said some things that I certainly haven't thought about. Up until now I've had a rather simplistic definition of goodness as being roughly that which is in accordance with the will of God and evil as being that which is not in accordance with the will of God. Could you address that aspect of goodness?

R: Can you be more specific, please?

Q: Yes, I think that I tested almost everything by whether or not I thought it was in accordance with the will of God. If it was, I thought it was good. And if not, I thought it was evil. This is a rather simplistic view, but it's the test that I used.

A: Of course it is the will of God that goodness be done, that goodness characterize the actions of freewill beings and, of course, the actions of perfectly created beings. However one can act not perfectly in accord with the will of God and yet still be doing good. There can be flawed good at the material level. It is not such a binary concept. If I understand you correctly, that is, it seems that you are presenting the idea of good as either good, in accordance with the will of God, or not good, not in accordance with the will of God.

S: That is correct.

R: The aspects of the spirit are not so black and white. It is more a matter of what you call quanta. There is the first step toward goodness which is perceived by one and all in Paradise as a positive move, and the second step and the tenth step and the hundredth step and the millionth step. All are in the realm of good even if they are not wholly and completely a part of a life which is dedicated to the will of God. Material beings are understood to be flawed, to sometimes do the right thing with the wrong motive. The wrong motive is not the will of God, but the right thing is. Do you understand?

S: Yes, I certainly do. Thank you. (You are welcome.)

Q: Rayson, would you say then that all goodness which mortals do in attempting to do the will of God, is within God's will even though it may not be His perfect will?

A: That is correct. That is closer to the concept. Yes. (Thank you.)

Q: During your lesson on goodness you spoke of spirit sensing. Do we have spirit sensors that sense some phase of spiritual reality as we do physical sensors to sense some phase of physical reality?

A: Yes. Yes, you do. The lifelong promptings of your Thought Adjuster have laid up a store of information in your deep mind that enables you, if you will it to be, to sense along these lines. Think to yourself of your observations of random strangers and the senses you have had about them. Have you not had these feelings?

S: Yes. I deal with that in several chapters in my book.

R: So you see that spirit sensing does truly exist. (Yes.) Have you found in your personal experience that you are able to work with this ability and cause it to be enhanced?

S: Yes, I certainly think so. Human beings saw many, many centuries before they ever understood sight. And they realized that it came through the eyes before they understood the mechanics of its coming through the eyes. We probably have spirit sensors which are spiritual in nature that we utilize all the time but don't really understand. Is that correct?

A: Yes. This is a small digression, but I think it is useful at this point. The sensation of pleasure that you all possess has been present, of course, since the earliest days of emergence from animal status and, of course, pleasure has been sought in many ways. But as man on Urantia continues to evolve toward light and life, the sensation of pleasure will increasingly be sought through spirit growth and attempts to carry out the will of Father rather than through animal strivings. (Thank you.) Just as sight was present for many eons before it was understood, so too was pleasure. And the pleasure that the ill person experiences when spiritual healing occurs is something that can be used to advantage by the one who wishes to do good. Do you see? (Yes.)

Q: You were talking about us having senses of goodness and that we're able to increase our ability to sense goodness. Can you help with how to do that? Sometimes you sense goodness in somebody you don't know. Sometimes you don't sense goodness in somebody you don't know and you find out later that you're wrong - one way or the other. What happens when we sense something, maybe incorrectly, and how can we learn to sense it, do better at it? It probably has something to do with the fact of goodness not being all good or all bad, but I was wondering if you might say something more on that?

A: Yes, that is a very good question. You are right that it is not all good or all bad. It is important when you put out your feelers - so to speak - for goodness that you look beyond the physical demeanor of the one you are viewing. It is easy to form a snap judgment without having enough information about the spirit of the one you are watching. This is particularly common at the beginning of your ventures along this line. As you work more and more to look for this in people, it will be useful for you to confirm your observations by gathering more information about those you observe. For example, by talking with them, by watching their behavior over a longer period and comparing what you amass in terms of concrete information to your initial impression. You will know that you are advancing along the line of spiritual perception when your instant assessment becomes more and more congruent with your assessment after long association. Does that help?

Q: Is this what the Master meant when He said judge not lest you be judged?

A: Yes, among other things. He meant much beyond that when He said that, too. That particular saying had very far-reaching ramifications in terms of the administrative structure of the cosmos. Do you understand? (Yes I understand.) I am sorry if I seem vague in giving you instructions on spirit perception, but I am still working on this myself.

Q: Rayson, is goodness a state of being having to do with spirituality as well as a form of doing?

A: Yes, and many, many other things as well. It is a basic spiritual concept that has many, many layers, many dimensions, many outworkings, and learning all of these will take you a very, very long time.

S: I think my Thought Adjuster's been working on me along those lines, trying to understand this.

R: But make no mistake, others can and do perceive this in you, even those of very limited vision, and you will sense this, too. You already have, many of you. Is that not true? (Yes.) It is magnetic. So be ready to deal with those who are drawn to you in a gracious and God-serving fashion. Did not our Master always have time for His supplicants? (Yes.) (10/09/93)


More On Goodness -

Today's lesson is on a subject that we have covered numerous times in the past, however today's presentation will add a new dimension, hopefully, to your understanding. We are going to explore the topic of goodness and its role in your lives now, particularly now, but also later in your ascension careers. I have sensed that some among you have been distressed by what you correctly perceive as a lack of goodness on the part of some of your fellow mortals on Urantia. This is painful even to Father in Paradise, and, of course, to myself and the other beings who are here as observers and participants in the present Urantia mission of upstepping and reconnection to the universe at large. So, of course, it is to be expected that this would be painful to you who must live in its presence. And as your spiritual growth proceeds you will become more keenly aware of spiritual retardation in others, as you have most likely already noticed. So, you may ask, what can I do about this? How in my small way, as a lone individual, can I help? What would Father have me do? What is the right way? And your Adjuster will always, always say that the way of goodness is the proper path, if you would help Father to further the work toward eventual light and life on this planet. Leading a life of goodness sounds simple, and yet even for Michael, as Jesus, it was not easy. Why should this be so? After all, it seems logical that to be good, to behave in good ways, would be simple. There are many reasons that goodness is elusive to mortals of imperfect creation. You are all aware of your animal origin and the strong influence that animal desires exert upon you in your daily activities.

This is a very powerful force in pulling the individual away from the direction of goodness. And it is true that, on a material world of imperfect origin, behaviors that are not wholly consistent with goodness of intent can be very rewarding in terms of material success, accumulation of prestige, perceived mating desirability, access to leisure activities, all of those things that are so prized by the animal within you. But your Thought Adjuster is always there, ever attempting to communicate with your deepest mind, and when you sincerely desire to commune with your Mystery Monitor about your own life and actions, you will each and every time be answered in detail with regard to the structure of your behavior in the direction of good and truth and love and beauty.

And, yes, it can be painful, as I myself know so well, to turn away from the well-learned and heavily practiced animal gratifying styles toward Father on the basis of faith alone and inner promptings that may seem at best vague. But, my friends, to do this, to consult with your inner fragment of God increasingly, and to heed, as much as possible, the promptings which you receive, is the way, the best way and the only way, for you to help to correct the deficiencies of your fellows and of course of yourself. How can this be, that your own behavior, without a direct interaction with others, can yet act to undo or correct spiritual deficiencies in them? Even I do not fully understand this phenomenon, but I will describe it to you as best I can. All of what is exists in such a way that it works well when the ways of Father are followed. Things work well and most efficiently when the will of Father is heeded, and work poorly or not at all when Father's will is defied.

That is why the acts of a good person are so powerful, because you, my dear friend, acting as an individual of good will and Adjuster prompting, set off a chain of events with each proper and Father-focused act. This chain of events is most efficient, far-reaching and ripples across time in a most interesting way to have the most magnificent effect on all of Urantia, and indeed, on all of the universe. And it will penetrate each of your fellow Urantians to the core of his being. I do not know why this is, but if you can imagine an arrow shot by an expert hand with a perfect bow flying through space with no friction, no resistance, that might be an analogy which would be helpful to you. And what of the act of the one who is deficient, the one who rebels against the Adjuster, who wishes not to be good. The act of that one falls at his feet and truly goes no further. So ineffectual it is. You may ask but what of the one who murders? What of the one who steals? What of the one who enslaves, beats, or in many other ways seeks to dominate and harm other beings? Does not the act of that person penetrate at least one other?

Materially, yes. Spiritually the only effect that wrong-doing can have on another being is to promote the spiritual advancement of the other, for remember that adversity always leads to spirit growth, as long as there is will to follow the ways of Father.

What of the one who harms a being who has not yet been endowed with an Adjuster, such as a baby? How is the baby with no Adjuster benefited spiritually by the adversity of its own murder or harm in other ways? Prior to the arrival of the Adjuster in beings of animal origin, there is more of an animal-like response to pain and suffering than after the Adjuster arrives. Yes, pain is indeed felt and causes suffering in the baby, but not as you would experience it, not at that level of intensity, so the baby is somewhat protected in that way. Spiritually there are guardian entities that surround the baby and enable it to depart the material body more quickly when conditions of inappropriate material action are being applied. And it is recorded in the life account of this person, the baby, that such events occurred. And when the Adjuster meets again with this being on the mansion worlds an increment of spirit progress is allotted to compensate for that which was lost. Father suffers with you, my friends, as do I and all of the teachers present now and all of the beings present now at the most unfortunate behaviors inflicted upon Urantians by those who are unwilling to heed Adjuster promptings or who have even dismissed their Adjusters. It is our fervent hope that this mission will assist the human cultures of Urantia that presently exist to adjust themselves in such a way that such beings will be expunged.

This must happen on Urantia. I cannot tell you when that will occur. It must happen on this planet in order for the next step to be taken toward light and life. Until that step is taken, the suffering will continue, and for now it is more important than it ever has been that you continue to strive for goodness in your lives. Your glow will increase and be perceived, and the power of your actions will be magnified. Now that the circuits are open again there is more potential for the spreading of your own goodness than there has been on this planet for many ages, and as each upstepping of energy occurs, so too will the capacity for the magnification of goodness increase. Father waits for your progress and as you step forward, He meets you with a step forward toward you. He loves you very, very much, and has given you all that you need to fulfil your destiny. I will stop at this point and receive questions.

Q: Thank you again for a very good lesson on goodness. I'm glad to see you're continuing on that subject. Will you please address the problem of the individual who denies that God exists, who has no faith that he or she will survive, and yet, according to all human indications, goes about doing more good than those who believe otherwise, believe in the existence of deity and their own survival. What do you have to say about these individuals?

A: There is no good behavior without faith in God, be it admitted or not. Were such individuals to truly disbelieve, they would not be good. How many have you known who have earnestly avowed deep and sincere faith, and yet their actions were not good?

S: Well, I've known quite a few that disavowed faith, and yet their actions were good according to human standards. I've also heard of those who avowed faith and believed they were going to survive whose actions were not so good.

R: Perhaps the ones who deny faith and yet are good are not denying what you understand to be faith, but are actually denying established religion, as you know it. There is no requirement for participation in established religion for one to have faith or be good, is there?

Q: Are you saying that one can have living faith without knowing it?

A: Yes, certainly. It is shown in the behavior of the individual. We all know the difference between right and wrong. And yet it is only the one who has faith who behaves in right and good ways, although it may not be recognized as faith-driven behavior by the one who is acting.

Q: That adds new meaning to the parable of the man who had two sons. He asked them each to do something. One said he would not. The other said he would. Yet the one who said he would, didn't; and the one who said he would not, did. Is that illustrative of the point you're making?

A: Yes.

Q: On one occasion an individual addressed Jesus as good Master, and He responded by saying, "Why do you call me good? There's no good except God." Had He forgotten His Deity and looked only to His humanity at that moment? Did He put aside His Deity?

A: No. His response was appropriate. But you must remember that it was His mission to set down learning for the entire period of human habitation on Urantia, and so He often answered in absolute terms rather than the relative terms that I am using for these lessons, as I have been instructed. In absolute terms, that answer is correct, but we are yet in kindergarten, my friends, and so we shall proceed at our pace for now.

Q: Is honesty part of goodness?

A: The search for truth is connected to goodness.

Q: In relationships, to be honest although you know it's going to hurt the other person, particularly if you're dealing with people who you think are spiritually retarded, may create a big rift. "I know, or I feel, what I'm doing is the correct thing because what I'm doing is honest." Is that good?

A: It is always a good thing to behave in a truthful way.

Q: I can see no other way to act. Are there others?

A: There are others, but they may not be consistent with the promptings of your Adjuster.

S: Anybody who questions that should study in depth the history of the earth and the way conditions really were 100, 200 years ago - maybe even before that. Things are getting better in the long run. Regarding people who deny God's existence yet do good in the name of humanity - those who profess a secular reason for doing good rather than a religious reason - the Urantia Book somewhere says that those who do good without believing in God, who deny God, when they do good there's not as much soul growth because that is a social thing. They act for social benefits. It does do good socially, but there is not much growth in their own soul because of their denial of the existence of God. That's more of a comment than a question.

A: Truly doing good requires good intent. You cannot have good intent without faith of some sort. And while the person may deny adherence to teachings of formal religions, there must be faith and response to Thought Adjuster promptings in order for good intent and good behavior, truly good behavior, not social posturing, to occur. Supposed good action which is undertaken for show without sincere good intent underlying it may lead to no spiritual growth whatsoever. An animal may mistakenly do good, but does it grow spiritually? No. To undertake any act without consideration of spiritual consequences is to behave in an animal-like way, and the animal behavior does not promote spiritual growth.

S: Well, in all honesty, I don't agree with that completely. I have a very good friend who denies God, yet who does good. There are others with whom I'm not familiar whose active secular goodness is because they really feel that in order to keep civilization on an even keel and to have social brotherhood they feel an obligation to do good things. And so they do these good things. It's not a social posturing, it's more like a business transaction; they do something good and they feel better, and believe that eventually that good will come back to them. And they feel that that is all, something that takes place without necessarily believing in God or any kind of Deity.

R: Do they have good intent? Or self-serving intent?

S: It would depend on the person. But I think they have good intentions, at least they are not bad. I mean, they do something that we consider as good. And they have an intent that it's going to do good to somebody. But they do it for the sake of humanity, for the belief that humans should act that way, not because of a belief in Deity who mandates or suggests the doing of the Father's will.

R: Do you believe that these people are God connected? Even if they may not be aware of such connection?

S: Oh yes, they're all sons of God, and they have a Thought Adjuster, and they have a soul. My point is that when they do do these good things their soul does not grow as much as if they did believe in God. And that is my only point.

R: Thank you for your comment. (12/12/93) See Also TRUTH (12/18/93) *********************


Tonight's lesson is on the subject of gratitude. Gratitude is a subject that needs to be much clarified in the course of this teaching mission because the present understanding of gratitude on Urantia has been very much distorted through the influence of your religious organizations which have sought to gain materially by this means. In the pure sense, gratitude is faithfulness to the Father who created all of us, and is expressed by action that is the reaction of doing the Father's will, being of service to others, and so on, as exemplified so well by Michael during His incarnation on Urantia. When one experiences genuine gratitude in this fashion there follows a deep and lasting fulfilment which is most gratifying, not only from your material state, but also in those spiritual forms. This sense of fulfilment and happiness is, in its highest form, the most rewarding and ennobling of all experiences.

When you are fortunate enough to have this experience, it is wise to cherish it, and remember it, and reinforce in your memory the actions on your part which led up to the feeling of gratitude and fulfilment, for these acts are a critical part of your efforts to mature your own budding spirit within. You must react, children. Growth does not come to those who are inert, but is the result of a continuing, dynamic interplay between you, the individual, and the Father, within and without.

You may ask, as Milcah does at times, "How can I be grateful when life is so difficult? When there is so much evil? When my fellow beings behave in such non-Father-oriented ways?" We are aware of the difficulty and intensity of your struggles on this fateful planet, and you may rest assured that the growth you personally experience as a result of your increased adversity on Urantia will be all the more enhanced. You have more help here now than at any time in the history of this planet, and if you can work at subduing your own animal senses, you will be better able to perceive the workings of all of the superhuman entities that abound here now. But let us return to our subject. Gratitude, like all of the other universe virtues, is life-giving, health-giving, and energy giving. Genuine gratitude is experienced in all sincerity without the least notion of gain or loss. It is most likely true that no creature of mortal origin ever actually experiences gratitude until that day in the distant future when in the presence of the Father Himself.

Therefore do not judge yourselves too harshly for not being able to have the purest gratitude. But work on it, for, like the other universe virtues - love, kindness, truth, beauty, goodness, atonement, and so many more - gratitude becomes stronger and better with hard work, like a physical workout. If, in your mortal life, you are reduced to such a low point in your feeling that you cannot think of the least thing for which to be grateful, there is always the fact of existence. Such a gift is to be cherished. And really, without having existed, how could you ever go on to further work in the name of the Father? So you see, it all ties together. The fact of your existence is the major part that you take from one state of being, such as life in the flesh, to the next state of being. That you can take with you! And no material creation can take it away from you. You see, it is such an essential part of you. Only you can will it away. We conclude the lesson at this point, although this topic will come up in future lessons. (01/18/93)



Tonight's lesson will be on the subject of happiness. This may seem to some of you present to be a slightly different topic than others which we have studied in recent weeks. Your individual body of knowledge may be looked at as a fabric. The fabric has threads of many different colors running in a variety of directions, and yet all holding together to constitute a unified whole. In order for the threads to hold the fabric together properly during the making of the cloth, from time to time a direction may be changed here, a color may be changed there, and to the uninitiated it may - at the time - seem irrational, but be assured that these lessons have been very carefully planned out in such a way as to help your fabric of knowledge form in a cohesive fashion. With that, let us turn to the subject of our lesson: happiness.

Happiness is a difficult topic to discuss with mortal beings because their understanding - your understanding - of happiness is very often far different from the definition of happiness in the non-material form. Let us start with the material understanding of happiness and then we shall compare the spiritual nature of happiness so that you shall better understand. The material being is descended from animal forms, and much of the conscious awareness and thought is by necessity centered upon feelings and urgings that have animal origin. Pleasure is such a thing. An animal understands pleasure as the absence of pain, the gratification of hunger and sexual drive, the domination over a competitor or an enemy, the attainment of a material goal other than those mentioned. Animals spend much time satisfying base drives for survival. And the gratification of such survival instincts is understood by the animal part of man as happiness. I am sure you are all quite familiar with this definition of happiness.

However, all of these considerations have relatively little to do with happiness in the spiritual sense. Your evolving soul, your embryonic spirit self, strives to be Godlike if it strives at all for growth and development. The gratification of this spiritual urge to be Godlike and virtuous in the ways we have discussed in previous lessons and in other ways that have not been delved into as of yet, this is what constitutes happiness in the spiritual, the soul, sense. Michael, as Jesus of Nazareth, presented a parable about the glass being half-full or half-empty which has useful application as we discuss the idea of happiness. The animal part of material man seeks always to fill the glass materially. But the spiritual part of man does not grow until there is space in the glass, the half-full glass that the master referred to. The less full glass materially, the greater the opportunity to fill it spiritually. How, then, to go about the pursuit of happiness in the spiritual sense, true happiness? Well, this is - as you say - where it starts to get tricky. In lessons past we have discussed creativity and the link between creativity and the rate of spiritual growth. There is also a link between creativity and happiness. A Urantia mortal of some repute in your own culture once said "I find most men are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Happiness will not come by sitting in a quiet room engaged in deep meditation. Nor will it emerge as the result of long hours of study, or time spent involved in sensate pleasure.

Rather, there are two routes of creative work that need to be followed simultaneously throughout your material existence if you will develop your embryonic soul seed and begin to experience a tiny bit of happiness while in this form. They are inward and outward. Outward creativity is the sum total of your actions. A great deal of this, of course, is your actions with respect to your fellow creatures. Not just the desire to do good, but the actual doing of good, the continuing effort to conduct your life as Jesus of Nazareth lived. And as Jesus was very active in his fellowship with others, He also was a model in regard to the inward creative struggle. The battle that is waged by every God-seeking mortal between animal urges and the promptings of the indwelling Thought Adjuster. Hard work, yes.

When the material form falls away at death, in some respects the struggle is eased. But do not be fooled for the happiness that comes from God-seeking is always elusive throughout your career as an ascendant mortal, like a carrot on a stick before the horse, you may say. It is this major thread that serves as a guide in the tapestry of your individual knowledge. Father has given us very much freedom in creative expression of our spiritual selves. In fact, this teaching mission - for those of us who participate - is a means of spiritual creativity and soul growth. Only fear and lack of faith can hold you back, can keep you from taking these leaps toward joy, self fulfilment, and ultimate happiness. You all have striven much and each of you has - as the result of your individual creative efforts - entered into this small group. You are privileged to bear a somewhat greater burden in helping our Father correct this planet. I am honored to be in your presence and commend you on the greatness of your faith. That is the end of this lesson.

Q: Is there any direct correlation between spiritual growth and happiness? I was looking for that in your lesson.

A: Yes. They are inextricably intertwined, (S).

S: That's what I thought I got from the lesson.

R: One follows the other.

Q: Is it possible to be happy in a fear-based religion?

A: Happy in the animal sense, yes, but fear stunts spiritual growth and holds man back from God striving. Depending on the depth of fear, happiness can be achieved to some extent. This varies from personality to personality. Fear-based religions, as you know, serve a purpose in the evolution of mortals, but are not - were never meant to persist indefinitely, but rather to be replaced by revealed religion which is void of fear. The fear of present religious forms on Urantia is entirely a product of those who would subjugate their believers. Does that answer? (Yes it does.)

Q: I know we have to be very careful not to undermine a religion that's important to somebody. But if we sense that the person is being disturbed by the fear that is being taught them in - by their pastor, for instance - and that person seems to be pulled away from understanding and feeling the love of God, can we - if our instinct seems to guide us - give this person some encouragement by emphasizing Father's love and His caring for them?

A: Yes, but do it as Jesus would have done, that is, be careful to respect the decisions and beliefs of such a person or people as you encounter them, and find the good and praise it in their expressions and beliefs. If you do this then it will help the negative to wither and die. Emphasize the good. Reinforce that which is true and right. You would be surprised how strong that can be.

Q: Oh, good. Thank you, Rayson, I sense from a few people I have met that their concern about the fear has overridden their understanding of the beautiful love that Father has for them, and I would like to give them some comfort without undermining the minister, or the church, or the other teachings that are good. So that will help me.

Q: About people that seem to have physical reasons for not being happy, and they are depressed, and there is some sort of organic reason for that. Could you comment, maybe, on what is really going on?

A: The answer to that, (S), is manifold, but there are two main areas of consideration. The first - and by far most common category of such persons - are those who spend an inordinate amount of their time and energy in the pursuit of gratification of animal urges - greed, pride, fear, anger - these all are animal drives and result in excess when unchecked, the full cup that Jesus referred to. A full cup will drown our spiritual growth. As spiritual growth slows down or ceases as a result of lack of effort and striving, the individual with the full cup experiences black depression, as if a light has been switched off. No material being can live for long with not a shred of spiritual happiness. And, indeed, such persons very often kill themselves in one way or another, destroy themselves, for such an existence is intolerable. There are, of course, gradations, and by no means do all such persons become suicidal. But the one that seems ever depressed and unhappy, angry, gloomy, downcast, sorrowful, without hope - in one way or other - may well be suffering from over investment in the material and under investment in the spiritual. The way out for such persons is to become active and creative, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. That is the way. The second great category - although far smaller - of persons who become depressed are those whose cellular chemistry is dysfunctional, as you said, an organic basis. At this point in Urantia bio-technology there is virtually no understanding of how this system functions other than a tiny awareness of its existence. Very little can be done at this point. But Father loves all his creatures and those who are spiritually lazy are loved, as are those who are materially diseased or deficient. Does spiritual laziness cause organic depression? Yes, because the health of the soul is crucial to the health of the body and its components. So, yes. If you could measure abnormalities in function - chemical abnormalities, electrical abnormalities - you would find them in the first group discussed as well as the second. Does that answer? (Yes.) (01/24/93) *********************


S: You know the problems I have with my health. Could you have the Life Carriers assess me now and see how I am doing? I am trying to follow the instructions you gave me on holistic medicine - herbs, trace minerals, and so on - and I am feeling much better.

R: One moment please. [Pause] I am sorry to inform you that I am no longer permitted to assess health issues. This decision was high level, and for a myriad of reasons. This is not personal to you. (01/21/93)


S: Rayson, I did a healing today for a man who has Parkinson's disease, which you said was fine if I followed instructions. I'm wondering, he has a woman who has been with him for a period of time who seems to be under a lot of stress whom I thought would benefit (from healing). I know she would accept it, and believes. They are not reading the Urantia Book, but believe in God and go to the Methodist Church. Should I just do healing for someone who is receptive like that or should I clear it with you, or how do you feel about that?

A: I am not in charge of healing. This is up to teacher Ham to set the guidelines. I, however, am under the impression that it is up to each individual human to determine intuitively and after prayer and meditation if a person can benefit. I would be glad to ask, if you will give me a moment. [Long Pause]

S: Ham says that your skills will grow in determining the answers to these questions. After a short time of working with the healing energy you will know within yourself who will benefit. Until then you should ask him. He has given the OK for this woman.

Q: I have a follow-up question, Thank you very much. This man, because of his Parkinson's disease, has been influenced to use a Chinese healer who has recommended that his hair be shaven, that he take certain teas, and has acupuncture. But primarily there is a suction cup placed on his skin, and they put a substance inside this lid which draws the fluids from the body to the skin. This is represented as a way of taking care of his Parkinson's disease. I recognize readily our normal medical care system. I only wonder if this is something that should be followed through by them or not?

A: If it helps some, why not? But do not give up his day job, so to speak. (laughter)

Q: Well that's what I suggested to him but I thought I would double-check with you.

A: Many of the Eastern techniques are valid, (S). They work with energy channels that we do not recognize on the Western science. Blockages can contribute to the exacerbation of the disease, but what they have not done is to erase a disease totally. So the combination of the two will be beneficial for this gentleman. (Thank you)

Q: Rayson, with regard to health, you mentioned that this has been a bad week for (T/R) in terms of energy. (Yes) And I was wondering if there were any messages from Ham to Mary through you that she'll be able to listen to.

A: I think she is aware of the mistakes. Mary has not gone for her energy replenishment treatment. [Note: this is a machine which purportedly converts negatively-charged blood cells into positively charged cells.]

S: Which she values.

R: Which is valid, actually, physically; so is suffering from a depletion of that. In addition, she has made an error with her medication which will take a few weeks to correct. However, she is in no danger, but just low energy, and it is not - while uncomfortable, it is not threatening.

Q: Can you comment as to why the energy manipulation has a physical validity? We discussed that. Sometimes (T/R) doubts it, but goes under the same advice you gave to (S) which is "If it works, why stop it?" But you are a former physician yourself, and you are saying that it does have a physical validity to the human energy field? Can either you or Ham comment on why this is effective. Because it is ground-breaking technology.

A: Because your cells are all electrically charged, because in a healthy cell the charge is a plus charge, in an unhealthy cell it is a minus charge. This device, while not permanent, is a way of temporarily restoring a cell from a minus to a plus charge, thereby tricking that cell into performing as a healthy cell does.

Q: Would (T/R) benefit from dilantin as (S) and myself are taking, or is this more effective?

A: No, this is much more effective. In addition, it also stimulates growth of new healthy cells. It is because (T/R)'s immune system is so eroded that she must obtain her immune system from other sources.

S: From an external source?

R: Precisely. This is a good external source.

Q: And she can use it daily without harm?

A: Not daily. Not daily forever, daily for periods of time. Two weeks. It should be used twice a week, three times a week, at the most. There is no harm.

Q: Can she benefit from spiritual healing by (S) .... ? (A: Always.) Does she need it?

A: She would benefit if he were here. But not to his detriment. Q. What about - Rayson, what about (S) and myself? Could we perform any substantial healing benefit for (T/R)? (A: Yes.) Would you recommend that? (A: Yes.) How often?

A: Once a week for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. (Wonderful)

Q: Would it be better, Rayson, if they both performed the treatment at the same time, or it would be equally beneficial if they took turns, or what would you recommend?

A: Let us try together.

Q: Where would you suggest we place our hands?

A: On the head and back, mid-back area.

Q: Rayson, as we make our physical technological breakthroughs - for example, there is a company that wishes to have a tiara of satellites in space to allow digital phone communication from any place on the planet that - I mean from the most remote jungle - and I was wondering, when you speak in terms of the circuits being re-established, is it a classic example of "as above, so below?" As we re-establish those circuits which have been closed for so long, in human terms, filtered down, watered down, to a much lesser degree, we seem to parallel the spiritual through our technological abilities. Is this also occurring as we experience the healing that (T/R) is receiving? Has that always been the case, "as above, so below?" The spiritual implies the physical and all the technology in it?

A: Yes. Yes. [Note: Merlin (the dog) feels left out and injects himself forcefully onto a couch from which he is summarily ejected]

R: Perhaps this is an omen. We will bid farewell so that we may participate in the remembrance supper. Thank you brothers and sisters for this time together, and we will all be praying and worshiping with you. Farewell. (04/25/93)


Today's lesson will be on the subject of health and disease. I will make and attempt to present these concepts from the vantage point of an ascendant mortal who has experienced the material condition that all of you presently reside in. Each of you in your present condition, your material state, comprises a spiritual part which may - under the influence of your free will - respond or not to the prompting of the indwelling Mystery Monitor, your Thought Adjuster. A third component, aside from your spiritual and free will or intellectual areas, is that which is strictly material or animal - to put it somewhat crudely. Many of the conditions which you consider to be disease states are dysfunctions of the material component, however it is incorrect to believe that the material component functions separately from the spiritual and intellectual, for it does not. Indeed the three are inseparably connected and therefore you are in a very real sense, each connected to all other beings in all of the universes, and even in Paradise. This is a crucial idea to grasp for it holds the key to all healing and wellness in this, the most basic of material existences you will experience as well as all of your ascendant forms that will follow in your career Paradiseward. On a planet such as Urantia, considerations of health and wellness are much colored by the long lasting and even now reverberating effects of the Caligastia rebellion.

When the first universe connections were established with Urantia at the inception of freewill creatures, of course, the physical health of human beings was overall far poorer than it is today. However this condition changed dramatically when the first teachers came and instructed receptive humans in basic principles of hygiene, sanitation, social and family living and religious - that is worship-practice. And for quite a long time very excellent health was enjoyed by all who took these lessons to heart and practiced them assiduously. And Adam and Eve did much to help promote good health and healthy living. However, as you all know, this period of good health for man on Urantia came to a - I would not say an end - but to a roadblock, a set back, when the rebellion got hold. Much of the learning was submerged for many eons, and health of man suffered immeasurably as a result. Many, many, millions of unfortunates have perished of diseases that were wholly preventable had only the most basic principles of hygiene been adhered to. The infectious diseases - those caused by transmissible agents - fungi, bacteria, viruses, and sub-viral particles - yes, cause much, very much suffering for man on Urantia. We have all been very gratified to see the wonderful strides made by man in the last era toward eradication of some of the worst of these plagues and institution of better sanitation and personal hygiene practices. It is likely that many of you here today will see a continuation of this trend during your lifetime as this teaching mission is established and has its effect. You see attention to the material parts of man's existence that is, cleanliness, trauma, all of those areas that affect the animal, is only one part of avoidance of disease.

Diseases can also be affected through the free will, intellect, and - most of all - through the spiritual part of you. And these latter two areas will be very much influenced - to the good - through the teaching mission, and all of your personal individual efforts - believe it or not. There is a large body of disease conditions on Urantia today for which your present technology has no solution. That is because they are more complex in their mechanisms. Yes, they affect the physical body, but mere physical solutions are not sufficient to effect their cure. Rather, the working of the body, mind, and soul will be required in concert with more advanced technology than you presently have at your disposal, in order to rectify those disorders that elude your scientists at present, such as genetic disorders, immune diseases, neurologic dysfunctions, hormonal maladjustments, some of the parts of the aging process which lead to inability to function independently.

All of these areas will be much more accessible to improvement and even cure in the near future if all goes as we project. Yes, prayer can help. It can help beyond your imagination. It is always, always of great worth to pray for the sick in the ways that your Urantia Book instructs. Faith, of course, is a key component, for without faith no cure of even the most fundamental physical, mental, or spiritual disorder can ever be had. So, all healing - if you will - is faith healing by that definition. And without faith no healing can ever happen. Indeed, the one who lacks faith utterly will perish and die - mysteriously some may say. And faith in one's death, the certain expectation that one will die will indeed lead to death. Also, it is entirely possible for all men and women of Urantia to will themselves to die if they so wish. And indeed, this has occurred many, many times.

The principles of good health and healing of self and others that you learn on Urantia will be implemented at later stages of your ascension career, for as long as you exist in any sort of material form there will be dysfunctions, disease if you will, that will at times require remedy in order for you to function optimally in your struggle to meet your personal goals and fulfil your individual missions. Only when you reach the point at which you are of the spirit wholly will you not be troubled by disease further, unless you make most unfortunate choices as did Caligastia and his now perished followers. For the Father in His love will always allow you the free choice. You always will be able to choose His way or not. And even now, here on Urantia, you will find that as you sincerely pledge yourself to serve the Father in all that you do your personal health will benefit. You may say, but is not faith healing a miracle? My answer to that is that life, itself, is a miracle. All of the workings of life are miracles. If you only knew what is involved in the function of even one small cell - the many, many, many complex interactions that must all work perfectly in order for a cell to live - you would agree that maintenance of life is a miracle, and that perhaps the greatest miracle of all is that any of us ever lived, continues to live. Think about that, and then you will see that the miracle, so called, of healing is a smaller feat by far than the establishment and maintenance on this or any other planet. The Father in his love has brought life into each of you and bestowed for all the generations of man this beautiful planet with all its resources, and its sun, and stars, its atmosphere, its climate - everything is here that man requires to live in light and life - even today. If that were the choice of all mankind it would happen fairly quickly. But such is not the case. And therefore there will be a period of work and struggle ahead, during which time mankind will improve upon present levels of learning and technology and will slowly but surely learn to make best use of this perfect cradle for His race in which no detail has been overlooked.

Do not let anger, pride, and fear - do not let these things trouble you, for they cause your body to function at less than its best. Be guided by the love of the Father, the goodness and beauty of His creation, the truth which is all around you. Have faith that your loving Father would never ever place you in circumstances that would oppress you without hope of escape that would enslave you, that would cause you pain and suffering with no hope of improvement. Your free will is very, very powerful when you put it to the service of the Father. If you would be healthy, do this now and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. I wish to convey to all of you present today the love of the Father and all of His servants including myself, who humbly seek to assist in this mission on Urantia. There are many here today observing, and comment has been made that the individual members of this group are very adept students and are working hard. We thank you for your faith and service. This is the end of this lesson. I will take questions now.

Q: Thank you for a very informative and inspirational lesson on health. I didn't think that you could speak on health and inspire me, but you have. Was the upstepping of human health that you referred to early in your lesson; was that from the Planetary Prince's one hundred ascendant mortals that he brought with him to Dalmatia? Was that the time you were referring to?

A: Yes, that is correct, (S). At that time - as on all planets that have reached that particular point in readiness - the purpose was to supplement the physical environment with the knowledge necessary to make optimal use of the environment so that life and light could be achieved in a timely manner.

Q: On that particular occasion the Caligastia one hundred was composed of one hundred ascendant mortals who came with him plus the one hundred humans that had been selected for the purpose of merging their life plasm to make them visible. Is this contemplated in this teaching mission - to have the ascendant mortals to become - in part - physical? Or have we advanced far enough that we don't need that stage?

A: One moment please. My information is that at this time there is no plan to repeat that step, but if it should prove to be necessary at a later time then it may be implemented.

Q: Then the persons that volunteer their life plasma could very well be members of the teachings groups, of the students over the world? Is that correct?

A: If that were to occur. However, there is presently no such plan and it would be a very irregular event if it were to occur. To do such things is not simply a matter of administrative decision. There are many other factors involved which are quite complex. The reason such steps occur when they do on a given planet has to do with certain physical energy considerations that are beyond my understanding, but it seems that after much time has passed the physical considerations on a particular planet are far less conducive to implementing such events. Do you understand?

Q: Yes, I understand quite well. Is there a healing mission in connection with the teaching mission?

A: Yes. That is why this lesson was offered.

Q: (S) seems to be a conduit for healing, special gifts. (S2) and (S3) apparently have been given additional gifts. Are there others that can develop or have been given this capacity?

A: Yes. One has only to step forward and the gifts - as you say - are there.

Q: And as I understand it, they are not healers, but they are conduits for celestial healing. Is that correct?

A: Yes. There is nothing in any human that makes them higher in the eyes of the Father than any other. Such volunteers for service are not to be exalted or worshiped, and it would be unfortunate if they were to become a priesthood, as has happened on this planet in past times. That would not be in the spirit of this mission.

Q: Rayson, since the ascendant mortals who provided the Prince's staff were at a very early time on this planet, were all of those from other planets?

A: One minute, please. Some, but not all. (Thank you.) They were selected on the basis of individual characteristics so that each of the members would have a unique complement of abilities that had been decided would be extremely beneficial. Others could have participated, but the judgment was that the ones selected were optimal for use. Does that answer?

S: Yes. It just increases our wonder at Father's planning. (05/22/93) [See entry of this date under DEFAULT.]


I just want to ask you a couple of questions about healing. I'm working with a man, J.. M.. as you know. I want to ask you, what will be the results of the healing that J.. M.. receives? This is the one thing in his life so far at the age of eighty that he has any confidence in. I'm wondering if he has the assistance of Physical Controllers here, and I imagine Life Carriers. What will be the result? Will he be cured of Parkinson's? Or will it be halted? Or what is going to happen?

A: One moment. Yes. And (S) I am constrained in my answer. Much, very much, regarding the outcome, of course, depends on the patient. He is advanced in years. He has already benefitted greatly from his interaction in this regard, although this may not be readily apparent. His process is of long-standing nature, and may not completely remit. But that is no reason to cease your efforts as long as you and he desire to continue. I cannot comment further, I am sorry, but we are forbidden to give concrete future projections.

Q: Rayson, could I ask you a question about this from a little bit different angle. Is some of his healing spiritual? In other words, is his spirit being healed as much - not as much - along with his body? Is that why he places so much faith in this? Is his developing faith partly his spiritual growth?

A: Yes, very much. That is absolutely true. (Thank you.) And that is why he feels better - at least part of why. However, it is entirely possible that even if Melchizedek were to directly place hands on this man, the cure sought would not be achieved, because of many factors. At advanced material age there are necessarily deteriorations in function of various tissues and cells. It is regrettable that this should interfere with his function and comfort and thinking ability. However, although it is likely that there will be great strides forward in extending life spans and improving functional abilities in senescence, the dysfunction that occur at advanced age are best remedied at much earlier age in a given individual. This would be a matter of far more gravity were it not true that one necessarily passes from the material phase on. No mortal being is anxious to experience mortal death, for the animal urge to live is very, very strong. The deterioration in function that occurs in old age is a harbinger of material death, and therefore strikes at the core of being of all mortals. But as your faith grows and your spirit prospers, this will become of less concern and will engender increasingly less fear as is happening with your patient.

Q: Rayson, I appreciate everything you've said. I know you can't talk about the future, but at this point in time, has he benefitted physically to any degree in his healing?

A: Yes, most certainly he has.

Q: And specifically, physically, not just psychological tied in with physical?

A: There is no separation.

Q: Okay, would you say the physical benefit has been from the hope, psychological hope and comfort that he gets from the healing, other than the cellular change of some kind?

A: Hope nourishes the spirit. The spirit nourishes the body. Actual physical changes occur when the spirit cries for - I should say that is true, but in this particular case, when the spirit takes a leap forward, there is physical benefit. Most definitely. Even at the moment of death, there is physical benefit from spirit growth.

Q: His companion, J.., asked what manifestation would she be seeing of the healing? She is more, I think, speaking for herself. I asked him to keep a journal, and he says he has been keeping a journal, so in my own mind I think the answer is probably more within himself than for you or I to say. She was wondering if he would walk better, or talk better, or something along that line. Do you have an answer for anything like that?

A: Yes. The most obvious benefit of the sort of healing that you are engaging in is a sense of peace. This is translated physically into improved function of nerves, muscles, the liver, digestion, strength of muscles, clarity of thought, improved enjoyment of eating, improved restfulness after sleep. Those may seem to be vague parameters, yet when added together they total up to a profound improvement in life experience. It would be an error to draw the conclusion that because he is not completely relieved of his disabilities that therefore no healing has occurred.

Q: Rayson, do you think it would be beneficial for (S) to speak with J.. about his expectations? Or better just left alone? And continue on a healing-by-healing basis. If he wants another healing then he can have it.

A: Yes, that is a good question. One moment. It would be most beneficial to allow him to request this healing. If doubt is expressed then one may offer to let a period pass without a session in order to compare his general sense of feeling during the non-interactive period. Does that answer?

Q: Yes, that answers. Is there anything I should be doing differently than what I'm doing in these healing sessions - about 20 minutes? I'm quiet. I'm opening myself up to anything that's happening. Is there something I should be doing differently?

A: No, you are doing quite well. (Thank you.) You have achieved much. It is most unfortunate that Urantia mortals refuse to acknowledge the very real miracles that abound everywhere on this planet and instead seek material events that are not really that relevant as signs from God, reverting back to old pseudo religious practices. (06/26/93)


Today we will have yet another lesson on that most interesting of all topics, health and healing. As you listen you may notice that elements of many preceding lectures are interwoven herein. One of the major purposes of Michael's mission on Urantia was to act as a healer of the planet. And so to examine this role of His may prove very instructive as we learn about health and healing. His approach was the classic and time-tested approach for all who would act as healers. He studied the situation with which He was presented, gathered facts, made certain that He had a mandate for action based on earnest and deep-felt desire on the part of the afflicted. Such an important element, this last one, because through cooperation between the healer and the subject or subjects there occur physical, chemical interactions that I do not understand myself but they are critical in the healing process itself. Then the healer proceeds to work on the traditional lines that some of you are already personally familiar with. The healer will focus in his mind upon the object of his work and he will mix in a great helping of love as he focuses, and forgiveness. And one other element is most important, that is the unreserved willingness to fully and completely assume the affliction of the suffering party. That is a vital part of the healing interaction. It may be conveyed to the patient. If so, this will assist in the process, or it may be withheld at the discretion of the healer. In fact, as healing proceeds the healer may very well experience some or all of the pain, dysfunction, other stigmata of the afflicted subject or subjects.

However, this will pass and is not to be feared. Finally, in the focus of the healer there is to be a sense of happiness and service. And if you succeed in mixing these ingredients together and binding them by your faith, you may very well have a sense of great and joyous brightness within your inner being which will help to affirm the success of the technique. This is what Michael did during his time on Urantia. And He was able to work not only on those with whom He had direct contact, but indeed on all living beings on Urantia. Like yourselves, He had to learn the technique de novo and was quite slow at the beginning. With increased practice, of course, he gained speed and agility. In this mission we will see you who participate/ act as healers as did Michael and the sum total of your individual efforts will be immensely beneficial to Urantia. Your healing mission will do much to bridge the present gap that exists on Urantia between the relatively sophisticated technology that you possess and the somewhat low spiritual level that presently exists. As you move about your fellows you will act as beacons of light. Something like fireflies, if you will, and others will sense your capacity and be drawn to you.

Your mission is to worship the Father by allowing yourself to participate as a vessel of His love, forgiveness, and wisdom. As you proceed on this mission, you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefit that accrues to you, personally, for earthly matters that are of concern to your peers will subside greatly in their impact on you. And your helpers, your spiritual guides, will be better and better able to assist you in averting blocks or impediments to your functioning and movement in your life. You will also notice in yourselves, big, an increasingly enhanced capacity to gain wisdom from your personal experiences. And your wisdom will further serve as a beacon to your fellows. All of you have demonstrated your fearless and service-oriented desire to circulate widely among your fellows on Urantia. And this makes you all the more desirable, from the standpoint of the mission, as interactors.

There is always going to be turmoil among the races of man on Urantia until, at some future point, a threshold of spiritual development is reached uniformly. That day is not here though, and so the turmoil exists now and will continue throughout your lifetimes on Urantia. But do not be concerned for each of you will be accorded special protection as you go about your missions. This does not mean that unavoidable accidents will be prevented, but you will be protected and you will prosper. In past communications it has been stated that prosperity among students and participants in this mission is not a reward, but rather a natural outworking of one's movement along appropriate channels of action. I reiterate that to you today, and ask you to reinforce that concept in your minds. Be as the Master was on Urantia. Be humble. Be loving. Protect yourselves. The master did well to protect himself. His crucifixion occurred for reasons different than those which affect your personal lives. You need not throw yourselves in the face of danger willingly. Protect yourselves. As your presence becomes more clearly perceived by others on Urantia you may well find yourselves to be approached. Sometimes the person approaching you will not know why they are attracted to your presence. Be patient. Wait. Wait for the request. Use that great gift of common sense. Remember that you can heal to a certain extent certainly with benefit even the person with whom you do not have a deep interaction. Of course, the deeper the interaction, the more benefit will occur. But in the one who approaches and is fumbling, by your focus and the ingredients of healing mentioned earlier, you can do great good. Think of that when the occasion arises. There will be those who will prevail upon you to perform miracles, so-called parlor tricks, some would call them. You will handle these situations with common sense and wisdom. There is no need for advertisement, for it will attract the wrong element. At this point we will terminate this segment of the lesson and accept any questions.

Q: Thank you for such an enlightening lesson. It clarifies a lot of things that have happened to myself, personally, being involved as a healer, particularly feeling the empathy and the feelings of the person that's been injured or sick for what's going on in their life. That's gotten stronger and stronger. I knew it was happening. It’s nice to know why and what to expect and so on. I really, really appreciate your lesson today and the way it's presented with its clarity and so articulated. There's a man in Arizona who has developed an advanced state of problems with diabetes. The feeling in his legs has left, also in his feet. He's a reader of the Urantia book and I know his faith has been growing. Would he be a person I might consider approaching or talking to about healing?

R: One moment. Has this man approached you?

S: He doesn't know about anything concerning this healing program.

R: Has he approached you in any way?

S: Well, when I talked to him the last time he was reading the Urantia book. He was expressing his spirituality in that way, I felt.

R: How do you know this man?

S: I've known him for probably twenty some years. He was a very active member of an outlaw motorcycle club and did a lot of construction work. He's had a very checkered life as far as things he's done. I know he's a good father - and that he's engaged in illegal activities and other things too. He's a sheriff's deputy, a very complex person in a lot of ways. But he's always really been a good friend to me and always been there, the type of person that if you really needed some help, he'd step forward.

R: You may wish to merely spend time with the man and wait for a request, if none comes forward then you have your answer. (Thank you, Rayson) Again, it is not wise to advertise. (Thank you) You are welcome.

Q: In the beginning you mentioned how important it was that people want to be healed, that it was a very important element to bring to it. Is there any way that people could be helped even to realize when they need healing? Or any way there could be some intervention or just assistance in that aspect? Because it seems like so many people just never get to the point where they want to be healed.

R: Could you please give me an example?

S: Well, maybe a real flagrant example would be somebody who has a drinking problem and is destroying their family but won't admit to having a problem like that. And no one can seem to help them because they don't think they have a problem.

R: Why then do they drink or participate in violent activity, if they do not perceive dysfunction in themselves?

S: It's a good question. (S: Could be denial) or in denial, right.

A: Every person on Urantia has free will to choose. It is unfortunate that sometimes the choice is not a good one, however it is made of free will. Does that help?

S: Yes. How can people participate in healing themselves, self-healing? Is that ever a possibility?

A: It is always possible. Again, freewill choice is the key factor. The matter of making the choice to be well, to wish earnestly, and work toward optimal physical functioning of the body can be undertaken successfully by any human on Urantia. However the action is far more than a mere wish. It is more than words. It is complex and requires expenditure of energy. Remember that the animal is lazy. The animal prefers to wait for things to happen, rather than to make things happen. The mortal who wishes to heal oneself must be willing to move past that animal indolence and take action, must be willing to work. The work of self-healing is basically the same set of actions that are involved in the healing of others, but turned upon oneself. To have love, forgiveness towards oneself is most helpful in self-healing. Of course, it's not possible to doubly experience one's own pain and suffering, however it is possible to forgive others for their true or perceived role in one's own dysfunction. That is the major difference between self-healing and the healing of others. In healing the other, the healer takes upon oneself the debility of the other. In healing oneself, the healer forgives others for any role they may have had in causing the affliction in question. Does that help?

S: Very much.

Q: Rayson, when you said that the healer takes upon himself the debilitation of the person being healed, do you mean that in a literal sense? Can you just say a little more about that? What exactly does that mean?

A: I do not understand it very well myself, but I will try. When you participate as a healer, you can act spiritually with the one whom you are healing. And just like prayer, there is a direct and instantaneous communication with the elders in Paradise and a direct and instantaneous response to this communication. However the communication does not occur unless and until the healing conduit, the healer, opens himself up completely and without reservation, to the full-blown affliction of the person being healed. In this fashion the affliction can be fully perceived by those at the other end of the line.

Q: So it's just a temporary state during the process of that ten minute healing session. It's just during that period that this is happening?

A: Or even during a fraction of that period.

Q: OK, so it does not extend beyond that actual session of healing when the healer walks away from that person and they're done for that particular day's healing. He leaves behind that affliction; it is not with him any more?

A: No, but there may well be a sense of deep fatigue as a residual of the process itself, and one would be well-advised to rest. One should always rest after exertion, spiritual or physical. Are there other comments?

Q: I want to ask you another question, Rayson, concerning the role of a Life Carrier in this healing program. Is a Life Carrier made available when the healing program begins? For instance, let's say right now I'm seeing a man that has a disease and it's prearranged and I go down and I sit there with him and I'm involved with him. Are the Life Carriers - or is there a Life Carrier available at that time? Is that how that works? So that I would have some idea basically of what is happening when I'm right there?

A: Excuse me. Moment. Ah yes, even I do not understand the workings of the Life Carriers. However what I can say is that they are part of the answer to the communication that occurs during the healing interaction. I cannot reveal more than that.

Q: But they are present and available during the healing then, is that right?

A: They participate in healing, yes.

Q: Is there like more than one Life Carrier, or is there like one particular Life Carrier assigned to a person?

A: I do not know. They are a different class of beings, and their activities are highly secret for very good reasons.

Q: Can you recognize them? Can you see them?

A: Only indirectly by virtue of the effect of their actions. (Thank you, Rayson.) You are most welcome. (07/17/93)


Q: I want to bring out that dealing with J.. M.. and the healing program, he's experienced the greater and greater spiritual enlightenment and a feeling of awakening in the spiritual area and senses. I think, in a way almost like mota, of the parallel and interaction between physical healing and spiritual development and growth. Anyway, he's been experiencing that at a spiritual level. He wants to say a thank you to those who are involved because he's stating as he did last night and the night before that he's feeling much better. I think a lot of that is a not only physical but certainly spiritual.

A: That is good news, and I am pleased to hear it. You see as healing occurs, the spirit is strengthened, and faith grows, and there is an inner feeling of delight and gratification that is unique and most comforting. This is sometimes achieved by direct spiritual means such as you have been using, and other times it is achieved as almost an accidental by-product of other manipulations, such as those that are enacted by various health practitioners, clergymen, and so on. But that feeling, that inner feeling, is unmistakable, and once the subject experiences it, it is desired again and can be achieved by the subject through inner alterations in one's chemistry that work in favor of healing illness and disease. It seems like a complicated mechanism, I know, but does it make sense to you?

S: It makes absolute sense. I sense it, period. I think that the way you articulated it is wonderful, thank you. (10/09/) *********************

S: Rayson, on the healing aspect of the mission, is it changed? Are there any plus or minuses, or is it about the same? I was dealing with J.. M.. He seemed to be very, very well. Do you have any comment on that?

R: It is coming along. You are doing well. It is not separate from the mission in general. It is simply a physical chemical outworking of the application of the precepts which we are attempting to help you master in these lessons. (12/18/) ********************* INSECTS

Q: I don't mean this to be humorous, although it will, but on the Morontia worlds and upwards, are there insects? Do they serve any purpose?

A: Yes, of course insects serve a purpose.

Q: Well, I mean on the Morontia worlds. Would they serve a purpose?

A: Yes, certainly. On the Morontia worlds there are what you would understand to be plants, and as these plants are sessile, that is immobile, they require assistance in their propagation, which is one of the useful actions of insects. So, there are helper creatures, such as insects - not the insects of Urantia, but specially created creatures - that aid this process. There are also birdlike creatures that serve the same purpose. The scheme of life as it has been established on Urantia is a general scheme followed in greater or lesser part on most worlds, altered according to certain situations such as the availability of dry land area, the composition of the atmosphere. On a marine world there would be different manifestations of plants, animals, and freewill creatures due to the aqueous environment. Does that answer?

Q: Yes. So in essence, then, they serve a function. And since this particular planet seems to be an experiment in unbalance, they perform a balanced function, but they wouldn't necessarily be considered pests?

A: The assignment of the word "pest" to a creature of God's creation is made by man, not by God. The Father loves His creation and does not consider any of his creatures to be pests. In fact, the behaviors of insects, and so on, which are considered to be deleterious on Urantia have occurred due to the loss of knowledge that was imparted by the (Caligastia) One Hundred which was meant to guide mankind in living in harmony with the elements of Urantia. One of the lessons imparted at that time was a method of cultivating particular insects in order to assist agricultural productivity and defray the effects of what you call pests. There is but one great goal of all subhuman creatures, and that is the desire to live, which is necessarily connected to the urge to reproduce. In order to live, creatures must eat, they must consume nutrients. If a locust consumes an ear of corn it is only following its instinctive urge to nourish itself so that it may reproduce. It is not seeking to harm man, although man may well perceive that interpretation. If the locusts were provided other means of nourishment as outlined in the original guidebooks, as well as balancing predator insects, the plagues of locusts would not have come about. And this is true of other so-called pests. Does that answer? (S: More than, thank you.) [later banter]

R: ... Why attribute it to a Seraphim when you have done the work yourself?

S: Well, I've killed so many bugs I want to give credit where credit is due. [Laughter.] You know, come judgment, I get a little bit of leeway.

R: Even bugs have bad luck. [More laughter.]

S: Especially in my house. (05/22/93)


KINDNESS Today's topic of discussion will be the subject of kindness and how it relates to individual spiritual growth as well as the mission we are currently undertaking here on Urantia. We have discussed kindness in the past, and so this will be a further elaboration on this most important subject. My friends, it is important for you to understand again the difference between your perception at this material level of existence and spirit perception - which is difficult for you now, but will become increasingly clear and easy as you proceed with your ascension career. These topics that we have discussed again and again in these sessions are fundamental tenets of spirit perception. You might consider them to be the equivalent of learning the alphabet in your culture or learning the most simple aspects of daily living such as self-care, food preparation, and so on. It may seem to some that we are redundant in our discussions, and this is true. Because these are such critical concepts, it is felt by those who make the final decisions for this mission, that much repetition is necessary at this time. Kindness, like the other spirit concepts, is easily recognized by those who are spiritually attuned. And its presence affords comfort. In the material world one is more likely to detect lack of kindness than the presence of kindness itself, and all of you, I am sure, are keenly aware when kindness is not present in interactions among Urantia mortals.

Think over your past experiences, and I am sure that you will find plenty of instances to confirm this. An act of kindness cannot be rendered without good intent, and this good intent stems directly from Father and the promptings of your indwelling Adjuster. Kindness is spirit-driven action. It is the doing of good. And like other spirit-driven activities when kindness is expressed, there is direct transmission to Paradise and instantaneous signal back to the Thought Adjuster of the person who has rendered the kind act. My friends, you are always, always informed in this way when your behavior is spirit-driven, in keeping with the will of Father. You have asked me and other teachers, how do I know when I am doing the right thing? How can I tell? As you pray for your life acts to be in accord with the will of Father, as you pray sincerely and earnestly, there will be a response on the part of your Thought Adjuster to increase signal to your subconscious mind, and your personal awareness of the rightness or lack of rightness of your behaviors should increase accordingly. It need not necessarily be an overwhelming feeling of euphoria that you gain when you are kind or truthful or in other ways doing the will of Father.

It has been well described as a sense of peace, a feeling of calm, serenity, at-oneness with all of creation. And interestingly, as you progress in your spirit growth, you will very likely note that when your behavior is good, there will be a diminution in the babble noise that is so intrusive to your mind thought. Yes, kindness, such a powerful tool for helping to undo the damage that has been wrought on this planet. Again, I remind you that the life of Michael, Jesus, on Urantia, is a model worthy of imitation. And when in doubt the account is there for your reference. Look at His many acts of kindness.

Yet never once did He seek material reward, nor did He endeavour to persuade or manipulate others. His kindness was pure, simple yet complex, healing, as yours will be, can be. He never expected a direct response from the recipient of His act and very often did not receive such. He let His kindness rain down upon His fellows like the rain from a cloud, nourishing the soil upon which it falls, promoting growth. You may ask why should I spend my time and effort in action that does not help me to pay my bills, does not help me to protect my family, does not gain me prestige? And these are all questions that any mortal would ask, perhaps not out loud, but it would be natural that these would come to mind. And it is not an evil thing for you to ask such questions.

Rather it shows that you are a material being and only slightly advanced in your career of ascension. You all know the answers to these questions, but I shall repeat them again. The personal gain that you achieve from your acts of kindness is manifold. You achieve direct and instantaneous contact with Father in Paradise. Your own personal spiritual light becomes a bit brighter, and by virtue of that you are more easily perceived by your fellow mortals, as well as the many spiritual entities that are among you. And your contribution, by doing good, remains forever on Urantia as a contribution, as if it were hewn in stone. But unlike stone it cannot be worn down by the elements. And when the final accounting at the end of light and life on Urantia comes, your recognition will be there.

Believe me, my friends, there could be no greater prestige than to have an account of your selfless doing of good on a planet of imperfect creation which has fallen into rebellion. It is well understood by those on high how very difficult it is to strive toward goodness, to be kind in the face of overwhelming savagery, to maintain your faith when the circuits have been severed for so long, only recently reestablished. And you are much treasured. Your kind act toward your fellow, who may even wish you harm, has great merit and great weight. When you are kind, you are being spiritually creative. Even as Father is spiritually creative, so can you too be, in your way. What a marvelous thing this is. And your creativity affects the spirit of every other mortal being living on this planet. Beyond that, when you are kind, as you all understand kindness to be, that is a little bit less rehabilitative work that you must complete when you move on to the morontia worlds.

I sense that some of you would like me to talk about the elements of kindness, so I shall do so, although I have done this in a previous lesson. Kindness is the direct act of doing good to another being regardless of circumstance. It is a direct act of Father's will. As I mentioned before, there is no element in the doing of kindness that requires reciprocal action. Kindness has a soft and gentle quality. It is an expression of love. The doing of kindness, of course, does not require that you lay down your protection against possible harm to yourself or your loved ones. You need not render yourself physically vulnerable in your act of kindness.

When you are kind, you express spiritual beauty as a painter with a canvas expresses material beauty, or a musician with an instrument expresses musical beauty. When you are kind, you, too, are being an artist, a spiritual artist, and the mark of your kindness lingers on in the life or lives of those to whom you have been kind. All of you know that the kindness you have received yourselves from others has been very influential to your own personal decisions and actions. Very often many years later a single act of kindness can have very powerful consequences. When you are kind, it is as if you stand on a lever, and the other end is in Paradise, and the power of your act can be magnificent indeed. The result of your personal act of kindness is carried with the recipient throughout his or her entire ascension career, and it is not uncommon for contact to be made in the next life among those who have exchanged kindnesses. What a joyous experience this is, to be thanked in person by one whom you thought was long forgotten or even ungrateful. So you see, my friends, it is very important to consider kindness when you are at that decision point in your dealings with others. Consider the kind act as Jesus always did. With that I conclude my lesson for today and will accept questions.

Q: Is kindness an element or a subset of goodness which you talked about last week, or is it a separate entity by itself?

A: The two are intertwined, of course, but it is a separate entity.

Q: I have a question about something you said very early on in the lesson. You said that in the material world one is more likely to detect lack of kindness rather than the presence of kindness. Why is this? Is it because there isn't that much kindness to detect, or is it a negative filter that we have that tends to cling to sadness and unkindness instead of remembering kind acts?

A: Because, in your present existence, you are still burdened with many animal tendencies, the animal is not quite blind to spirit realities, but the animal has enormous difficulty sensing spirit, spirit, spiritude. Because you are above animal yet still animal, your basic instinctual drives are survival driven one

S: the seeking of food, reproduction, and maintenance of life. These instinctual drives cause an extended awareness of threat, and lack of kindness is a direct threat to life. That is why, in your material state, you are more aware of lack of kindness, because it is a threat to your instinctual drives. Do you understand that?

Q: Yes, I do. Could it be that we're missing some things that are actually happening to us in terms of kindnesses that come to us?

A: The kindness stays with you, but you may not be fully aware of it. The mind babble that you are, that all of you must experience because of your present form, interferes enormously with spirit perception. And as you work on your own spirituality and quiet the babble, you will find it increasingly easy to detect, spirit reality, including kindness, goodness, truth, and love. Does that help?

S: Thank you. Yes, it does.

Q: Rayson, is it correct to look at kindness as creating a better spiritual reality that constitutes your own soul and exists throughout eternity?

A: Yes, that is a part of what kindness is, that is true. Remember that your act of kindness enables you in your way to be a spiritual creator.

S: I think that living in such a savage world keeps people from constant acts of kindness, resulting in vulnerability and probably a fear of being taken advantage of. How did Jesus control that aspect of living?

R: Yes, that is a very good question. As you know Jesus lived His life without fear, and there have been very few Urantia mortals who have ever come close to true fearlessness or lack of pride or greed or the other spirit poisons. You will recall, as you remember reading the account of Jesus' life, that He availed Himself of meditation periods, and He used this prayer work time to help Himself fight the animal tendencies toward fear and rage and pride and greed, the four main mind forms that work heavily against spirit growth. I know it is most difficult when you are beset with constant threat to your safety to put your fear aside, but it may help if you can remember that what is your reality now is only a passing form in the long term of your entire existence. This is a very difficult concept for material beings to grasp, but it is true that what seems so real and tangible now, and what seems so unreal and intangible are the reverse of what you will experience increasingly as you become more spirit in form during your ascension career. To the most spiritual of beings present on this world or any material world, it is very difficult to perceive that which seems so real to you, so it may be a useful exercise to remind yourself of the differing realities of material versus spiritual existence. That may help to diminish the fear that you experience when you perceive material threat. Jesus, of course, knew this better than any Urantia mortal ever could. Does that help? (Definitely.)

S: Rayson, is there the morontia equivalent of disciplinary action with regards to a lack of kindness?

R: The disciplinary action, as you put it, is a lack of advancement. One is not whipped or put in chains or incarcerated or humiliated, rather one is held back, which is the equivalent of pain at higher levels of spirit existence, painful indeed. Once you have passed from this form and have a greater awareness of what lies ahead on your road toward Paradise, you will be most eager to proceed with haste, and the slightest delay will be painful and annoying to you. The cosmos runs on a system of reward for God directed action and no reward for not. The reward is so exciting and fulfilling that you will seek to have it continuously. It is a very effective system, believe me. Does that answer?

S: Yes, very well. And also, you could downstep that one level and say that if we were conscious of our actions and their effect on soul growth while physical, we would pursue that reward system with the same zest as we do after we're repersonalized. Would that be accurate?

R: Yes. But do not be so hard on yourself. You are here now, are you not? (S: Yes.) There are many other things that you could be doing now, is that correct? (S: Yes.) You are doing good to be here, and you may well sense that all of you here today should remind yourselves that your participation in this mission is a most unselfish act and is very well regarded by all who are among you, as well as the Most Highs, and there is much awareness in Paradise of the doings of the mission on Urantia and all of its participants. It is not just any mortal who would give of one's time to help to heal a world thrown into disarray by others long gone. What an unselfish and noble act it is that you all have decided to participate in. You are much loved by Father. Do not castigate yourselves because you are not perfect, for perfection is a long way off. It is Father's wish that you be imperfect at this point, and it is the outworking of His will that proceeds, sometimes stumbling, sometimes not. What a great act of faith it is for you to proceed at all. Do you see that? (S: Yes, perfect in our imperfection.) Yes, exactly.

S: A very comforting and encouraging perception, Rayson, thank you.

Q: Rayson, from what you're saying, being raised as a Christian, the idea of doing kindness for its own sake was something that was drilled into me and others as well. So doing kindness for its own sake seems a little different than the reward structure that says I get to spiritually grow from this. Is it OK to be motivated by spiritual growth? And to do acts of kindnesses - not for an ulterior motive, not completely altruistically - but for one's own growth as well. That's OK, that's acceptable?

R: Yes, it is not selfish to wish to grow spiritually. How can it be selfish to wish to be more like Father?

S: Because it seems so great. It seems really self-indulgent. But thank you, yes, OK. I don't know why that seems like it's a problem, but I guess it's not.

R: Father wishes you to have an appetite for what is good and correct and to feed yourself spiritually is not seen as gluttony.

S: Thank you, Rayson. That's really wonderful.

Q: I am concerned about a friend of mine that we appreciate a great deal. Sometimes we hesitate to visit when it seems that there's nothing we can do, and then it seems that Father's wisdom gets through to us and we realize that just being there is enough. And then in the being there, wisdom comes to us, showing us something we can do to help. I'm very grateful for having discovered this. And I thank Father very much.

R: You are welcome. Yes, it is true that the doing of Father's will does not always require the expenditure of kinetic energy. You needn't be moving continuously like a bee in order to be actually doing the right thing.

S: Rayson, your comment about accepting kindness. It's been my experience many times it is most difficult to accept kindness from others. I find that many times it's easier to be the giver than the receiver.

R: The animal self might sense a threat when the situation is presented where there appears to be a lack of control of the interaction, so again it is fear that is the block here. You will know if it is true kindness because there will be no expectation of reciprocity. Do you see?

S: Oh, absolutely. Thank you very much.

R: But you must allow Father to love you in order to feel loved, must you not? (Yes.) Is that not the ultimate acceptance of kindness?

S: Absolutely.

R: It is an unfortunate residual of the rebellion on this planet that many Urantia mortals have low self-worth. You have not been abandoned by Father. Rather your planet and all of you and your fellow beings on this planet are the object of intense focus and intense efforts, and you could in a way say that you are actually rather special, not neglected. So do not despair. You are all held in high esteem in Father's eyes, and you are most worthy of the goodness that comes your way. Accept it with gladness. Your Thought Adjuster is eagerly waiting for the goodness that comes. And consider that when kindness and other good acts come your way, they may well be a result of your own good behavior and a signal to you that you are proceeding correctly.

S: Thank you, Rayson. Sometimes we think that we are doing a kindness when in fact we are being enablers for somebody else's problems. Will you address the question of whether or not kindness is judged subjectively or objectively?

R: Yes. The interaction to which you refer is one in which there is not kindness so much being done as an action performed with an expectation of a certain reciprocal action. So, you see, if defeats the definition of true kindness. Did Jesus try to reform the multitudes ever? (No.) Would you say that He was an enabler?

S: Certainly not.

R: And yet He achieved through His kindness and goodness what many who enter into that interaction desire so earnestly, did He not? (Yes.) You see, again, we come to this matter of how things in the spirit sense are often the opposite of what they are in the material sense. In the material world it is forcefulness, persuasion and manipulation that achieve material ends. In the spirit world there is no place for those actions. Love is not spread by force. Goodness is not done by persuasion. Truth is not endowed by manipulation. Is that so? (It's so.) Do you understand now?

S: I understand better than I did before. I still have problems in discerning as to whether or not an act is really an act of kindness or whether it will end up enabling someone.

R: Kindness occurs when the act is done with no thought of result. One is not responsible for the end result of the kindness, rather your spiritual responsibility resides in your own attitude of love and giving, and very often what appears to be a futile effort at love and kindness has its true good result much later. The echo may not occur until after the material life has passed, but it will be there.

S: Isn't it true, Rayson that Jesus knew many times that the kindnesses He did would not be appreciated and would not have any spiritual improvement in the persons healed, but He still performed the healing. He gave them that gift of wellness knowing full well that they would not accept His spiritual message.

R: Yes. Absolutely, but those who had direct dealings with Jesus went on beyond this life to benefit far beyond anyone's expectations, and His mission was very much a success in that regard. Also, a great benefit of His kindness and healing was its observation by others. My friends, as you go about your life's actions, there are always others watching, others who live in fear, who are held back by anger and pride, the desire for material wealth. They are watching you. If you proceed as Jesus would do, you give them strength and you can help to enhance their faith. How many times, any one of you, have you behaved in a God-serving fashion and been told that no one else has ever done that before, no one else has ever listened, no one has helped? You are being observed by your fellows, as you observe them. Do you see? (Yes.)

S: Rayson, is kindness as important in your life after this as it is here on this planet? And is spiritual development as difficult in the next life as it is in this life?

R: Yes, of course. Do you not always use your alphabet? (Yes.) Increasingly as you become more literate? (Yes.) Do you not always use your basic grammar? (Yes.) It is like that. These are such fundamental concepts, as you grow spiritually, their importance grows, too. And without their presence, there can be no significant growth.

S: I would like for you to address the question about dependency on kindness. It has to do with being taken advantage of, that feeling of being taken advantage of. There are opportunities to step in and do a kindness, but often then it's expected that this kindness continue on and on and on which, in fact, disables the person to begin to make his own way. And I wonder if you would address that. Many times I've prayerd for the opportunity to do kindness, other than financial. It's been very easy to see that someone needed something. To give them money or even anonymously donate to that cause was not it. I'd like you to address that.

R: You have stated your question well, and it is a worthy one. Kindness has not to do with rendering material things to your fellows. Did Jesus clothe and house and feed His fellows? (No.) Did He give monetary donations to those seeking such? (No.) But He was always kind, was He not? (Yes.) Kind in word, kind in thought, kind in deed, but not materially so, for material things have nothing to do with true kindness. This is an interesting question, because it is along the same lines as the question about enabling. When you start to deal in material things and material goods, you are not in the spiritual realm any longer. You are in the material realm. This may help you to protect yourself from falling into the trap of believing that material dealings are equal to spiritual work. You are not helping your fellow, if you provide for Him that which He should and can work to attain for Himself. Do you understand that? (Yes.)

R: Adversity, as you remember, is an essential element to spirit growth while in the material state. Would you shoulder the adversity of another? (No.) Does that help you to understand?

S: It does, and also I look around and there are so many people in need, there are so many people that don't have jobs and are homeless, and they're hungry and -

R: And that is their adversity, to be borne by them. Why are you not homeless, hungry, jobless? You know the answer. (Yes.) The answer is the same for them, is it not? You have had misfortune in your life, have you not?

S: Yes, I have. It just seems that it's so widespread. And many times I feel, but for the grace of God, that's me there. Yet what you say has great wisdom.

R: How can one break away from a repeating pattern of failure unless one changes one's actions? Will that ever occur if there is always something to be had without effort?

S: I see your point. It's almost as if we have to get to the bottom of the pit...

S2: And also in response to something you said then, Rayson, it implies that there is a lesson for us to live in the world with the things that we all see are painful, and to live with grace and kindness as opposed to letting it turn to bitterness, or to the "have and have not" situation, or mockery. Do you agree with that statement?

R: Yes, and you also point up another fact, that the attempt to be kind by giving things which one hopes will alter the behavior of another is not kindness, just as in the earlier example.

S: So what would be appropriate to give in an instance of apparent want? What would be proper in a confrontation of lack and want and ... ?

S2: Encouragement.

R: Live and let live.

S: I think probably Jesus faced this situation after He, because of His compassion, healed 0 plus people at sundown. Everybody wanted to make Him king because of His healing. Jesus simply left. He ran away. He departed so that He wouldn't be available. I'm not sure that this is the solution to all of our problems, but I sometimes feel that I should give and then go away.

R: Give materially?

S: Yes, but not necessarily, but it includes some sort of material help.

R: "Tis better to teach a man how to fish than to give him the fish."

S: Yes, I think your answer to (S)'s question has very much clarified the distinction between goodness and giving material things. Therefore I understand better your answer to (S) about giving and enabling. I understood that goodness is given without expectation. It's a spiritual gift. It's actually; it seems to me, a passing on of Father's love. Then we were thinking in terms of giving material assistance - which has proved in the past to enable that person to continue a course that seemed to be self-destructive. And now I see the distinction, and I thank you for that clarification.

R: You are most welcome. [See: GENETIC ENGINEERING (10/16/93)

R: There are very, very few adult persons on Urantia who are incapable of some manner of work. Many of the ones who beset you with requests for material goods are eminently able to work and, in fact, may even be more capable than yourself. It is important to remember this and make your decisions in an informed way.

S: Well, I personally appreciate the candor of this particular meeting. I know it's a concern and it's something that (S) and I have discussed and actually have argued about. We appreciate this line that you're taking with us. It's not so much a spanking as it is a wake-up call to be spiritually and socially responsible without being taken advantage of.

R: One could even say that it is a kindness to deny a free handout to one who can work, although this may be a difficult idea for you.

S: Well, it's something that I never really wanted to bring up because I thought that even broaching the subject was to display a certain lack of kindness or spirituality, and so I think that this kind of a session and this kind of a lesson lets us know that we can talk to the teaching staff about even those things which we covertly believe to be less than spiritual.

R: If you lay out free food and free goods, many animals will come to feed, and in fact this has been used by many established religions as a means of attracting large numbers of members to join. If you wish to attract those who are spirit driven and earnestly seeking spirit growth, your lure, if you will, will be different. It will be in the fashion of a supportive structure to help one in one's own personal, and sometimes arduous, strivings Godward. No free meals, cars, or sums of money will ever induce mortals to seek God and imitate Jesus.

Q: Rayson, what is the solution to this overall problem? How can we get the people who are unproductive and not working and so forth to become productive spiritual citizens?

A: Well, a quick answer is this. One can never compel another God-ward. That is a personal decision, however an animal will do what it must do to eat. If it must stand in a line at a building to get a handout, it will. If it must work in a field, it will. If it must study in a school, it will. If you deal with those who abase themselves to the level of animal behavior, it is unfortunate but you must deal as with animals. Animals are driven by the desire for food, the desire for reproduction, and the desire for survival. Those are your keys. If animals are allowed to reproduce in an unchecked fashion, they will do so, particularly when they are well-nourished and do not need to work. Do you understand? (

S: Yes, I do.) (10/16/) See Also TRUTH (12/18/)



Q: Is human life sacred? It seems that the wanton disrespect for the sanctity of life continues on this planet on a daily basis. And in order to continue you either have to have a tremendous amount of faith, or to be a fool, or to be somewhat in denial. Those of us that are drawn to these teachings apparently recognize the inherent value of our lives, and the chance to communicate with spirit. I don't think any one of us would want our physical lives terminated before its due time. And yet this happens on a gigantic scale, and apparently always has, on this planet. How is that viewed in the spiritual realms? Is it as much of a crime or cause of distraught and anguish in the spiritual realms as it is on a daily basis on earth?

A: Human life is sacred only insofar as this if a person murders another person, the murdered being will survive. The murdering being, although physically still alive on this planet, has violated the sacredness of life. They have committed the ultimate act of non-respect against a fellow child of God. They are the person in danger of not surviving, not the person who is dead. So human life should be viewed as sacred only insofar as you must cherish and love your fellows. That is the spiritual way of being. Your planet, however, is still quite primitive and contains much of the animal aggressive traits of early man. If a plane crashes and 300 people die, we are not as upset about it as you are because we know that this is only a transition for those mortals. They continue their spiritual path on the Mansion Worlds. What we are concerned about are the acts of violence and aggression that still continue here on this planet. Even more is the total disregard for future generations by violating the physical laws of the earth. These are matters of great concern. Even in terms of tribal wars or national wars, we look upon this as being necessary to the evolution of your planet.

These conflicts are inevitable, and will one day be erased or much diminished as you grow spiritually and in a more balanced way than you have now. Some of them are necessary. When certain nations are more spiritually evolved, they must - in essence - protect that growth from their primitive neighbors. So armed conflict is necessary and not viewed the same way, for that spark of spiritual progression must be safeguarded on this planet, even if thousands and thousands must die to do so. Unfortunately the deterioration taking place is not that people die for a spiritual cause or to keep a value system alive, which is worthy and necessary for the growth of mankind, but that so much of your society has degenerated into senseless acts of violence and hatred. This is the breakdown of the family unit, and the generational loss, unfortunately, in the United States.

The Angels of the Families are working now to upstep the next generation. This one, unfortunately seems to have wasted its opportunities. That does not mean that individuals cannot grow and survive, but as a nation this generation has deteriorated or regressed. This often happens as a world evolves. We take a much broader view of these things because we see life not only in the material form, but the true spark of life is in your soul which cannot die with your body.

Q: Is there any grief on the celestial's part in what you see? In the ways that you would feel what would echo as human grief?

A: Yes.

Q: Or disgust?

A: No. There is sadness when we see certain humans or cultures or races which could have upstepped the planet whose lives were accidentally or prematurely cut off here. There is sadness. Disgust? No. We have no disgust. We have much compassion for the children of this planet who have been so disadvantaged by so many events, the first being the lack of Adamic blood which would have offset the primitive aggressive nature of some of the secondary color races. This is not the fault of anyone in existence today, but you must live with this consequence. Someday it will not be so difficult. Being an experimental planet, we have known there would be surprises. We did not expect there would be so much animal still left in mankind that coexists with the developing brain power, which is sort of frightening, for you have you have used much of your science for destruction.

Q: Rayson, on a non-experimental planet, a non-decimal planet, would this behavior occur? And if it did would it be tolerated?

A: It would have occurred, but at different stages of development. It would have been more contained towards the beginnings of emerging society. It would not have been coupled with the technological advances that exist in - for example - the United States. And the abundance of leisure time that - because of these advances - you live with. So the combination is quite fatal. You see as man is more primitive with much more violence in him he also has less time to engage in acts of violence for the survival needs take up so much. We are faced with a nation that devotes relative little time to surviving and much time to destroying.

Q: A point of clarification. A few minutes ago you said the remaining aggression in secondary racial colors, color races. I'd like to have that explained a little further. I just would ask for clarification - I don't want to put my own judgment on it, but I am wondering if that implies that the secondary color races are more aggressive than the primary ones?

A: I was not referring to the color races which exist on Urantia today, but to the color races which sprang up on Urantia in the beginning. The blue race, the red race, these were the more spiritual races. The orange and green were much more - secondary - were much more violent and aggressive. For example, all races suffered from lack of Adamic blood, but the blue certainly got more violet blood than others. Because the secondary races got so little and did not blend, and the more spiritual races like the red were virtually wiped out, there is an imbalance in the world's peoples. These color races do not correspond to the races which exist, or the way you classify your races today. It is just that more of the primitive and aggressive traits survived while the more spiritual traits were exterminated.

Q: In all the races up through life today, you mean?

A: In all.

Q: Rayson, getting back to the sacredness of life - I refer specifically to human life - when does human life begin that is considered sacred? Does it begin with the gleam in the father's eye? Or with the conception? Or with the birth when the Father grants personality? Or with the Thought Adjuster? At what point does it begin?

A: Human life in terms of recognition on a universe level begins at birth, when the personality is recorded in the records of your local universe. Spiritual life for humans begins when the Thought Adjuster indwells the human child. (04/25/)



Q: Rayson, you said that God loves us very much. Does He love all of us equally, or does He love those who are good or trying to be good more than He loves those which are iniquitous?

A: He loves all equally. Why would He give you the opportunity of choice? Even the iniquitous among you are given a final chance to choose the ascension career once they have emerged from material life. That is how great Father's love is. Could your love be so great if it were your progeny? (I understand.) (12/12/) See also ACCEPTANCE (03/28/) See also WORK ex rel Love (01/24/94) METAMORPHOSI

S: See WORK ex rel Deity (11/11/93)


NEGATIVITY [The following is a transcript of a conversation between Rayson and a Student who was depressed, discouraged, and with a negative attitude.]

Q: Yeah, what am I doing wrong? It just seems there is never enough joy, time, happiness, love - any of those things, and L. Time goes by so fast doing things that I don't enjoy that I don't have time to do those things that I do enjoy. And maybe you know that the last few weeks I've felt worried and negative about. I've just gone through a period of negativity and frustration about my life. And I wonder if sometimes I just feel like.. God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but when is it ever going to change? You know, I feel like sometimes my back is going to be broken. I'd so much rather spend time or becoming a T/R like we've talked about and doing creative and fulfilling and special things that make a difference, and yet I find myself - its just - an existence for me right now. There are moments of joy - I don't want to look at it in total negativity - but I almost feel like the subtext of the lesson was "lets talk to (S) here, she's losing her mind." What am I not - where have I not got it in life? What am I doing wrong?

A: Your basic statement is one that has been uttered by all form of free-will creatures from the most basic small child all the way to agondonters, and the fact that you have these feelings shows that you are proceeding correctly. The passage from the life in the flesh offers relief from physical pain as you know it, however there are always many pressures, many demands. There are those tasks we are joyous in executing, and those that we dread but attempt to gladly carry out. It will ever be for you, my friend, throughout the period of your universe existence. The fact that you are conscious of your pain and joy is a wonderful sign for it means that you are not anaesthetic as are so many of your fellow beings on Urantia, so deeply mired in their preoccupation with the physical life that they have no conscious, or little conscious awareness of anything beyond. You have had spiritual stirrings for quite some time, and they have reached a level at which you feel an urgency to step up to the next level. Be patient, and it shall occur more quickly than you might expect. It is most likely that you have not yet sorted out certain issues that are important for your own growth. Once this is completed then you shall advance to the level that I believe you desire. Does that help?

S: Mmm. Kind of. I know I just feel like a material existence is so ... it’s just such a struggle.

R: Of course.

Q: But what's the point? You know, how much more... I think I've got it in terms of information, and what to do and all that. I feel like I've been give so many gifts and strengths that are going to waste because I'm having to live this life as - just to make it - a day to day kind of things, I just -

A: To the contrary. Your gifts and strengths need a field of experience to be exercised upon, none better than adversity. Adversity will not stop when you die on earth - when you leave this body. This is only the beginning.

Q: Well how come some people have it easy and others don't? I just would like to not have to keep looking two weeks ahead to make it financially, or not being able to help my daughter, or this person or the other person? Or when does that get better? What change? You know I'm in a struggle all the time, all my life?

A: Yes. Nobody has it easy. That is an illusion. But if one is anaesthetic, one can more easily display that illusion of ease and comfort.

Q: All of my life there is never enough money, never enough joys, no love, all these things, will I always be like that?

A: There will always be struggle and adversity. Love and joy, however, will grow. Peace will eventually come, and acceptance, as your perspective grows beyond this tiny portion of your existence and you begin to see the benefits of struggle. Would you grow more satisfactorily if you were in a coma, on a ventilator with intravenous feedings, and personal attendant’s twenty-four hours a day? You would have no worries. You would have no pain. But would you grow?

S: No. Is that an equation as to what most of the populous is doing? That has no struggle? Or has enough money? Or lives in a nice house? Or goes with the in-thing. Just for once I would like some creature comforts.

R: I offer a contrast to show that experience is necessary in order to grow, probably in order to survive. Those to whom you refer with houses with roofs, and so on, have problems of their own that come with acquisition of material goals. They have taxes to pay, lawyers to meet, insurance companies to deal with. They too complain that they never have enough. Toilets overflowing, sick children, dying parents, failing health, the list goes on and on: relatives in prison, worries about burglars and thieves. In a way it is a blessing to have relatively little in terms of material possessions. The Master certainly did not become a wealthy man during his life on Urantia. Material goods are very imprisoning. They require care and maintenance, and protection from thieves, those who would take them from you. What do you have now that someone would steal from you?

S: Everything. I don't know. My car, break into my house, take a TV that I don't even own, you know, the material things that I own. I think I understand.

R: So you do have material possessions?

S: Yes. It’s not that. I'm sorry, good night, always turn out the light. I have a dialogue in my head. You must hear me. You know I have a beautiful place to live, and I love that, and it’s just that I feel like I'm clawing and scratching every day.

R: That is true. That is why you are here. You clawed and scratched your way here.

S: To this room, or to the planet or...

R: To this room, to this lesson. (

S: I know, I know.) You're pretty good at it. [laughter.]

S: I'm tired of it. I really am tired of it.

R: But you are very good.

S: But I don't want to do it any more.

R: Well you have no choice. So be glad that you are accomplished at clawing and scratching. Those are useful skills for your physical existence. But take care that you do not claw and scratch the wrong person.

S: You know me better.

R: You are very young yet. Most of your life is ahead of you. Some say that it is useful in the material world to set concrete goals, such as where one would care to be in one year, in two years, in five years, ten, twenty-five, fifty. In fact, (S) is a master at such planning, and may even be willing to offer advice, although if you claw and scratch he will not be so happy to receive you. [Laughter]

S: I don't know. I think it just has to do with a feeling of being so ineffectual in the world in terms of helping others,

R: Well, just look around and see everybody -

S: Yeah, that's when it really works, ad infinitum. I was just - if I didn't have to do what I'm doing to make a living I could be doing things that was helping other people But I feel like I am so caught up in my own clawing and scratching and surviving that I can't even scratch the surface of helping.

S2: Rayson, I don't think she realizes the good that she does. That is her problem.

R: My friends, by leading your life as a responsible citizen, as a loving mother, as a caring friend, you are fulfilling the demand for service on Urantia already. To go beyond that is not necessary right now for you. Master those areas first, and you will find that you are more peaceful within.

S: (Voice too low to make out words) after that, you know.

R: I am certain that (S) would be most happy to help. And perhaps in doing so he will discover the key to your project together.

S: That would be helpful. That is very clear to me.

R: There are many, many others on Urantia who feel as you do. And such feelings may impede one's personal growth if not dealt with appropriately. You are doing well, but others are not as perceptive as you. And perhaps the combined efforts of you and (S) might be very useful in helping those others as well as helping yourself personally.

S: Thank you. I'm sorry.

R: You are welcome. And there is no need for apology.

S: I wish to thank you, Rayson, for just being here today and sharing your thoughts with us. We certainly look forward to seeing you next weekend. (06/19/93)


[One week later.]

S: I call myself "Whiny" today. Two things. One, you spoke about remorse, that it's not useful, but I do want to communicate to you that I do have a bit of remorse about carrying on so last week, and conversely I want to thank you for the lesson that I got. And I want to thank you for the physical help. I do believe you contributed to balancing me out. Would you confirm this?

A: Yes, of course. It was a classic example of a teacher-student relationship.

S: Well, I really got the lesson, and I just apologize for seeing my glass as half-empty instead of half-full. There were things that were shared after the lesson was officially over that were really wake-up calls to me. And I'm very, very grateful for having that now as what I call a reference point in eternity to remember if I ever get going off the deep end again. But I think a lot of it was a physical, hormonal, wackiness, and I apologize to the other side for my self-absorbed behavior.

R: There is no need to apologize. When you express that which is at the forefront of your thoughts, unknown to you, you speak for many who remain silent but listen intently. And the lesson, the content that comes forward in response, soothes the minds of others besides yourself. So it is actually a generous act for you to bear your true feelings in such a way.

S: Well, thanks for that. I understand what you are saying, and I just thank you. (06/26/93)


End Part 2 of 4 Parts Vol II Rayson