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Cheshire, UK, August 31, 2004.
Teacher Katrina.
Subject: "Dance."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Katrina: "I am glad you have opened your channel to me tonight and I bid you ‘Hola!’ with a wide grin and beaming eyes. I am indeed female, which I know surprises you a little, and am related to the one you know as LN (Ellen). My name is Katrina, but that is just good as a label for now.

"The purpose of my visitation is to tell you of the nature of dance. Dance is a most beautiful art form to practice as it allows the integration of spirit into your own physical vehicles.

"In art forms like drawing or music this spirit is still experienced but it flows through you and then is captured into a physicality outside of yourself, however temporal. With dance, the vehicle of physical manifestation is your own body. This allows you to fully experience the frequencies from other vibrations directly; clothing yourself within them.

"By allowing full flow, full freedom of expression in the dance, you remind your body, the most solid of your bodies, that it, too, is of God and through that remembrance it begins to glow with that fusion caused when all that is divine is present in the deepest levels. From that point too, the energies can easily rise up again, cloaking your astral and etheric, mind and soul bodies in the beauty of that light.

"It is inner healing and through that process many blocks are removed until all that is you shines brightly and in fun. So Dance, my friends. Throw care to the wind, and allow yourself the sacred, joyous moments of being all that you are in a physical form.

. . . With bells on her fingers and bells on her toes, she will make music wherever she goes . . .

Note: Ellen is a teacher I have met twice in Out of Body Experiences. She is fair and looks delicate, almost waif-like, but she has great strength in mind and body. Katrina presented herself here in my mind’s eye in a long blue dress with long dark hair, but similar eleven-like features to Ellen, if a little more robust. I believe I may have glimpsed her before in meditation, but cannot be sure it is the same woman. They are both beautiful.

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