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Marietta, Georgia, US of A,

August 16, 2004.

Sumerian Teacher, Gilgamesh.

Subject: "The Ancient Way."

Received by Rebecca.

Gilgamesh: "If only each person could set aside time each day to sweep out their courtyard. Sweep the whole place clean. Sweep away dross and debris, leaving just the bare dusty earth. The courtyard, of course, represents your mind. Then having cleared the courtyard, sit alone in the courtyard. Just sit, and in the distance you hear the sounds of the city beyond. You are aware of these sounds coming from within your house, your family making sounds.

"These sounds represent your thoughts, but you just sit in the center of your courtyard, and while you are aware of them, you are unaffected by the sounds.

"You just sit, observing the sun and the shadows. Observing the birds flying overhead. Sit quietly. In other words, simply Be in the Presence of the Lord. This is the way to meditate daily on the Lord. This is the ancient way of the Sumerians and Hebrews.

"I am Gilgamesh. Yes, you heard correctly; Gilgamesh."

* * * * *

George’s notes: For some of us it was an "awakening" to find this Sumerian King of Uruk on the river Euphrates really lived, and reigned for more than 120 years ca. 2700 BC.

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