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Center For Christ Consciousness

Larkspur, CA


Fill Your Being With My Living Energy Presence 

AUGUST 25, 2003

My children.  I greet you this evening with an outpouring of my love upon you.  This is your Mother who speaks now.  Come into my embrace by simply focusing your desire to be loved by me, your Universe Mother.  Find that desire within you that yearns for the motherly touch, and you shall receive my tender affection and my gentle caress within your mind.  (Pause)

Can you sense within you your own internal need for me and what I can bring into your life?  Sense your need for me.  (Pause)  When you have allowed that to become more apparent in your mind and emotion, ask for my embrace to be impressed within you.  (Pause)  Ask for your own internal need for me—for my presence, my influence, and my embrace in your life—to deepen. (Pause)

Ask for the littleness of your stature in the universe as a young child to deepen within your mind.  (Pause)  Find that desire to see yourself as a little child in the universe to deepen within your mind.  And when you have found that desire, call upon me to add a greater expression and expansion of that into you.  (Pause)  Now, again, ask to perceive the littleness of your being, and when you sense that, ask to sense the preciousness of who you are as this young child of the universe.  (Pause)

Now, ask for the truth of who you are to be more fully impressed upon your mind.  (Pause) 

Student:  Mother God, I have care and concern in missing some skills for connection in relating to other beings.  While I am learning on this earthly realm who I already am, I know in seeking these skills I truly do feel concerned that I am reluctant and fearful, not wanting to be, but still remain so that these people will not be able to help me gain these particular skills.  But I know if I don’t have, I truly feel as though I will be left in this state of them not being there—these skills and people who can help.  And a kind of retardance, and there will not be a way with which to thoroughfare to the next step of enlightenment from where I last reached.  What is your knowledge and your wisdom?

Mother Spirit:  My daughter, I would ask that you allow me to answer this question when we have completed the experiential portion of this evening.  For what you are now experiencing will, in fact, help you achieve deeper levels of self-sufficiency and inner resources and skills.  I ask you to relax now into me, putting aside your fears and reservations, and allowing my presence to overshadow your mind, and to add new things—new sensing capacities, new inner resources of perception—within you.  Will you do this now, my daughter?  (Yes, thank you.)  Thank you.  (Pause)

Ask now for your self-identification to be firmly planted in the truth of who you are as our child.  Let your bodies receive the thought-forming reality of this substance within your being.  (Pause)

Now in your mind’s eye, envision of glowing ball of truth-light in the center of this circle.  It is glowing golden in color with a very warm white tinged pulsation emanating from it.  In your mind’s eye invite this energy from the center of the circle to now enter into your body as you relax in letting this energy presence now fill you—fill you to overflowing.  (Pause)

My children, you are constantly nourished in the love-light of truth.  This is a living substance for your soul.  It will satisfy you deeply to the core of your being.  You have access to this because you are our children.  Tonight it is my desire that you experience more of your child-likeness in your relationship to who you are in the universe.  And that your bodies now fully receive that quality of son-ship and daughter-ship that is your birthright.  (Pause)

As you allow this evening’s experience to deepen within you, you may share your comments with me, but I will in a moment be addressing J’s question.  (Pause)

My daughter J, as you begin to develop more intimate relationships with me and your Heavenly Father, attach yourself more and more to who you desire to become.  And to ask for those inner skills and resources that you desire to embody.  It is now significant that you wish to overcome the rudimentary fears of living on this world, and in the conflicts you have faced in interpersonal communications.  Your Father and I will grow you into a more healthful expression of communication and relationship dynamics that will make you very effective in all aspects of your life.  Ask for your own internal fears to be detached from your thought patterns as you now seek to become more God-like.  Find your desire to grow your beauty and your goodness.  Call on your Father and me and we will add those qualities into you.  We will encircuit you in them, and you will embody them over time and with practice and with patience and with increased dedication and diligence to become like the Creator in Paradise.

Know that the fears you now experience are temporary and are not reflective of the true nature of your identity.  Yes, they have been part of your experience and they have been in you for a time.  But now is the time to allow them to be detached so you can grow strong through our grace and our love into the gloriousness and vibrancy of who you truly are as an embodiment of the Source and Center of all reality.  Do you understand my meaning, my little one?  (Yes, thank you.)

Be in my peace, and allow my love to fill you with confidence and wholeness.  Receive now, my daughter.  (Pause)  I will receive your comments now, children.

Student:  Mother Nebadonia, I wish to thank you this evening.  I wish to thank you for the changes that have taken place in my home over the last two years.  I had some friends who recently visited, and they immediately commented that they felt more peace and love in the home; something I’m not daily conscious of.  But it was something that was quite reassuring to hearing them say that because I attribute it to the work that you and Michael are doing to bring more love and peace into my home even though I am not conscious of it day to day.  When I look back now I can see the difference.  Thank you for this.

Mother Spirit:  R, my son, when you first embarked upon this quest to bring us into your family life, we assured you we would assist you and that your family’s health was paramount.  While I know you had some doubts in your heart and mind about the efficacy of our ministrations to your family, you have been faith-filled and trusting.  And you are now able to more cooperatively assist us in your family’s healing through a more patient and non-resistant approach.  So I ask you now, what has this done for your faith?  And it is not so much for you to now answer this to me, but for you to consider this in your daily stillness for a time, and to let the fullness of this idea become more fully experienceable in your being—body and mind.  Do you understand my meaning, my son? 

Student:  Yes, I do.  I will open heartedly and willingly accept all your wonderful gifts. Thank you.

Mother Spirit:  You may not realize this yet, but what you are now embarked upon is holding a pattern of faith for your family to witness, and for them to actually be nourished through your capacity to feed on your Father and on me.  Though you may not fully see the outworkings of this in your family life, surely this is what is unfolding slowly yet consistently the more you embody this faith-filled attitude and capacity in your being.  Let the fullness of this idea grow within you and lead you into deeper depths so your family can fully pattern themselves upon you, and thereby grow in their own love of our Creator.  My peace is upon you now, my son. 

Student:  I’ve been exposed to many great teachings and teachers—the Bible, Christ, the teachings of Buddha and his life, and many other masters and spiritual helpers.  I’m wondering if it’s advisable to devote myself to one path or one teaching, or is it okay to be influenced by many teachings?  Which will be to my advantage considering my very little amount of willpower and awareness with which to devote myself to any teaching or practice to begin with?  Is it reasonable to keep exploring many paths?  I’m not sure what my question is; hopefully you will be able to synthesize it based on these comments. 

Mother Spirit:  C my son, you have a sincere desire for truth.  And that desire has led you on a search, has it not?  (Yes)  Find that desire for truth now.  (Pause)

Student:  It’s peaceful and solid.

Mother Spirit:  Are you also able to sense within you a synthesis and unity of all that you have gleaned from the wisdom and beauty of the sacred texts and the teachers of truth?

Student:  They’re like the facets of a diamond.

Mother Spirit:  And yet the diamond in an of itself one entity, is it not? (Yes)  But it adds depth and richness and texture and hue to your life.  Now in your mind’s eye, ask for that truth of that diamond to vibrate—to energize the core of your being.  (Pause)  What is it now that you are experiencing now, my son?

Student:  For some reason it’s a sense of joy or mirth, and peace.

Mother Spirit:  So then would you have felt that the pursuit of these wisdom texts and these truth teachers to be of value to you?  (Very much)  And now, this experience with me and your Creator Father, how would you describe its impact on your life?

Student:  Positive, of course.  But I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m easily distracted by day to day issues and pettiness and many other negative small imperfections, so it’s not as great an effect as it could have, but slowly but surely, I’m growing, I believe, towards wholeness and wisdom and peace.

Mother Spirit:  But when you experience our presence within you, what is your reality at that moment?

Student:  I feel deeper and more whole; peaceful and inspired.

Mother Spirit:  So now in your mind’s eye, can you see the study of the wisdom traditions on side of the scale and the direct personal experience you have with Michael and me on the other side of the scale? 

Student:  Yes, it feels like they are pointing in your direction. 

Mother Spirit:  Ask this question now in your mind:  I am interested now in pursuing the wisest course of action for my life, and I ask to be guided into that direction.  Can you do this now, my son?  (Yes)  Still your mind and see where the direction is now gently guiding you.  (Pause)  And when you see that, ask for your desire to be led in this direction to be strengthened and to be purified.

Student:  I don’t see where this leads in the outer world—I just see that I can reflect truth and wisdom and love, but I don’t know how that will take shape on this planet, as far as what to do. 

Mother Spirit:  Perhaps it is not the time to see how this will manifest outworldly. You must fill yourself first, my son, with our presence, our being, our truth, and our love.  When you become so imbued with this, then more wisdom and more experiences will unfold within you.  As you re-read this lesson after it has been transcribed, I invite you to participate again in this exercise with me, and allow your desire to follow the truth for you to grow, and then patiently await as your mind yields to the truth.  You will find the answer that you seek.  Can you do this now, my son?

Student:  Yes, I will.

Mother Spirit:  And will you try to be patient and non-judgmental with yourself while this is unfolding within your mind?  (Yes)  I leave you now with a greater desire for discernment.  Allow this to emerge your consciousness and be in my peace.

Student:  Mother, since our last gathering, as I opened up to experiencing the core of my being of God within, I feel a sense in my body of the finite rubbing against the infinite.  It’s like a divine irritation.  It’s like I know, I even have some understanding, but some of my old ways and beliefs that I know no longer work for me are fighting a tough battle.  I’ve been going through periods where I’ve been out of balance.  Tonight was really important for me to climb back into the womb of my mother to be nourished and nurtured, and to have my wounds taken care of and salved. 

A part of me knows to be patient and to sally forth into this experience of allowing a deeper meaning of whom I am to come forth.  I’m gathering since Monjoronson was here and meditating upon the idea that God is God and nothing else matters.  I contemplate that at night and allow that to deepen my experience of who I am.  So I thank you for this experience tonight. 

Mother Spirit:  As you allow the Light of Truth to shine upon your raw human-ness, more and more will you love that nature, that irritating troublesome human nature that you have been created to embody.  For in this quality of childlikeness, surely comes the awareness that you are growing into spiritual maturity, and the child nature yields in time.  That you have shown patience, diligence, trust, steadfastness is surely a testament to the God within you that desires your union.  As we discussed in the recent past—to go fully into this human nature—and to fully embrace it with loving arms enjoying every irritating morsel of who you are and letting that be illuminated in truth. For these qualities that you find so vexing are actually some of your most noble capacities yet to be fully enlivened in the truth of the Father.  Do you understand my meaning, my son?

Student:  Can you give me an example, please?

Mother Spirit:  Find now that place of irritation within you.  Ask to sense the raw human-ness rubbing against the divine.  (Pause)  Now ask for Michael’s truth to fully spiritize that irritant and to give you an enlarged capacity of your self-ideation. (Pause)

Like the oyster which has had that grain of sand in its being, irritating and even painful at times within its sensing capacities, so is it able to produce that liquid that coats that irritant and creates the beautiful pearl.  And so do you have this capacity do generate that precious gem out of something that is very raw and very tender and undisciplined and unspiritized.  Do you have your answer now, my child?  (Yes, I do so clearly)  Would you like to now make a pearl necklace for yourself?  (Yes)  And to wear it proudly around you that would be a treasure of great beauty to display for others to see and to admire?  Would this now appeal to you? 

Student:  Yes, I don’t actually to have to wear the pearl necklace…it’s just by the life I live reflecting that preciousness. 

Mother Spirit:  It was intended as a metaphor. (Thank you very much) My love is upon you. 

Student:  Mother, I’d just like to say thank you for doing this.  Sometimes I feel the flavor of a kind of sweet irony.  I seem to understand what the text means:  we who are the lowest form of creatures of will dignity are truly blessed starting at the bottom, because we have the opportunity to help be a part of all that we become.  So as a little child, I just feel positively ancient.  Again, thank you for doing this.  Take care of our beloved D. 

Mother Spirit:  My son J, I acknowledge your gratefulness.  And on a world such as this where the Light of Truth has been so blighted by evil and sin, truly we as your parents are the ones who are so overjoyed to see our children now reaching up to us in greater desire for union and relationship and intimacy.  For us to watch your growth and to see you perceive your growth is a joy only a parent and one who has parental experience can fully appreciate.  You make us proud by your efforts and your stalwart intentions to growth.

Your commitment to your continued development is so noteworthy in light of the deprived spiritual that has been in existence on this world.  But you have been able to rise from your spiritual slumber, and to more fully and more formally accept this mantel of faith which has been given to you fills us with such boundless joy and celebration.  I am having difficulty in expressing these words through D this evening because there are no equivalents in your language or experience. 

Student:  Believe it or not, Mother, we understand.  Thank you.

Mother Spirit:  Are there are other comments before we conclude? (Pause)   I wish to bring you into a fuller understanding of our love and our appreciation for your efforts at your growth and your faith.  (Pause)  Receive our grace upon you.  (Pause)  Good evening, my beloved children.