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Hope Is A Spiritual Energy Built Into Evolutionary Growth

JULY 26, 2004

Prayer: Mother and Father, the blessings you pour upon us are beyond our comprehension. We receive these knowing that your love makes all good things possible in our lives. Help us to be humble and grateful recipients. Help us to share your blessings freely with others. Renew our faith as we strive to attain deeper levels of awareness of your presence. Amen.

Good evening, my beloved children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. The exercise of beaming hopefulness into our children is one that we will practice for several weeks. As you build this foundation in yourselves through the practice of this exercise, you will be opened to a deeper sense of joy — joy in what is being awakened in you and joy at what you can do in service to others. This spiritual energy of hope is very important, as we have shared with you before. I wish to underscore the significance of this with you as we take you deeper in the realm of ministering our spirit to your brothers and sisters! . Stay within. Breathe into me. Fill your lungs with breath. Relax into me. I will fill you with what you need. Receive this now, my children. (Pause)

Now envision if you will the ground underneath your feet. Begin to feel it quiver and quake. Notice how unsteadying this is. Let this feeling of unsteadiness grow. As the unsteadiness grows, so too, call on me to fill you with hope. (Pause) Again, as before, breath, relax, and receive. Even though you may feel some unsteadiness, allow what I need to bring into you to grow, my children. (Pause)

Find the places within yourselves that are fearful, doubtful; prone to anxiety. Call me in. Feel how I can instill within you the hope you need to overshadow any doubts or confusion. Drink deeply of my Spirit as I move in you. You need this; you need this now. (Pause)

Doubt not that the conditions on your planet will improve. Doubt not that the light of truth is growing stronger in the hearts and minds of all humanity. Doubt not that the ways of peace and love and mercy will prevail on this world. Encourage this new dynamic of spiritual vitality through your hopeful thoughts. See the good that is emerging. See the beauty in your brothers and sisters as they awaken from their long slumber. Encourage them through your ability to give them hope; not with words but with loving gentle thoughts you send into their hearts.

Now bring your focus into your heart center. Feel any resistance there that is showing up in your feelings as doubt or confusion. Worry not about the future. Stay focused only in your heart and in this moment of my being with you and filling you. Know that each moment can be lived in me, through me, filled with what it is you require to calm your emotions, to grow you in peace. As you focus, invite me to imprint more upon you what it is that feeds your soul. (Pause)

Many times the human heart becomes weary because this essence of your Father is very faint. Hope is the joy of knowing all things are working for a grand and glorious outcome. In hope there is also a quality that allows you to observe what is occurring with the eye of acceptance. In knowing that all things are working according to the Father ’ s plan, will you come to the understanding that no matter what it is you see occurring — whether it is in your life or in another person — there is always something that will arise out of things that seem to be negative or chaotic. You have seen this in your own lives, and that it happens in a larger collective sense is no! different. I would wish that you would embrace this understanding and allow the impression of hope to seed within you a sense of accepting the conditions of the world knowing that it is through your efforts: through your hope, through your love, through your service that things are indeed working according to plan.

There are many others who are participating in this correcting plan that we have instituted on this world. The fabric of love is growing and being woven into the minds and hearts of all our children. Will you accept what is before you with hope? Will you allow your brothers and sisters to express themselves while you are beaming this hope through them and accept what they say — their feelings and their perspectives — without judgment and be able to infuse within them this energy of the awareness that things are getting better? This is a mighty task that we are asking of you. As I have said, we will build this foundation of hope within you over these next several weeks. Again, sense your fears or doubts. Breathe; relax into me. (Pause)

My children, always look to me for what it is you need to grow in your Father. Never hesitate to ask: no matter what time of day, no matter what emotional or mental disposition you hold, always come and receive my blessings upon you. And now I would ask you, as we have done in the past, to envision before you this beautiful world so delicate. You all know how this planet has been treated by unknowing and unthinking humans. Ask to pierce through the many layers, ask for your focus to be in the center of the earth. Ask for hope to be seeded in this core and we will build this foundation, as it has already been built and grows. (Pause)

When you participate in these energy-building exercises, focus on your desire for the peace of your Father to encircle the world and to go into the very core of the world. What will build his peace? It is forgiveness. It is understanding. It is hope. The races, the various cultures, the various belief systems are all being integrated. There are many areas of new dialogue and new concepts of building a better social fabric. Sense your desire for this, allow your feelings of hope to weave into those new ideas that are in alignment with the correcting plans for this planet. Fuel them with your desire. Nurture them with your fervor. Now ask for this quality of hope to feed the children of this world, especially the ones who are in abject poverty, in great need.

Your focused efforts are important. They change the thought-energy of this world; your thoughts have an impact, they make an impression. What are the impressions of yourself that you wish to leave upon this world? Again, feel your desire for hope. Simply ask that these thoughts and feelings leave an impression wherever we take them, wherever we weave them. Let them be your contribution. (Pause)

As the awareness of your Father grows on this planet, rest in the assurance that it is partly because of your efforts. Know that what you are contributing is meaningful. Never underestimate the value of what it is that you are doing through your mindful intention to focus hope and whatever quality of spirit you wish to impress upon the earth through your thoughts. I will allow you some time to consider these ideas. Take them in, let them settle. I will entertain your questions when you feel so moved to address me. Take your time, my children. Allow these thoughts and experiences to settle into you. (Pause)

Student: Does the negative self-talk thoughts I have about myself affect the world also as well as the positive ones as you were speaking of earlier?

Nebadonia: Let us just say that it does not do anything to improve the situation or the condition of the world. Your mind is operating on certain mental food particles, if you will. There is a component of false identification with erroneous beliefs that still feed your, what you consider to be, negative self-talk. When you so indulge in these negative ideas, you do not build a new structure in your mind for the positive ideas and feelings to grow. Therefore, the overall effect that you would wish to have on a deeper and more substantial level is not able to manifest.

We understand why it is difficult for you to extricate yourself from these erroneous ideas. But as we have tried to encourage you, simply notice this when you sense them. Allow us to breathe new ideas into you, and for you to experience a deeper level of awareness that speaks the truth to your mind and soul who you are as our children. Will you disengage yourself from these thoughts now, my son, more consistently? It is not necessary for you to feel diminished as the negative self-talk emerges in your mind. Simply ask us to give you something better to consider. !

Student: Since I ’ ve been coming here a lot of the negative self-talk has disappeared, but there is still quite a bit left. I will do as you say. When I notice I ’ m doing it I will ask you and Father to get rid of it. I really don ’ t need it anymore.

Nebadonia: No, it is quite unnecessary! And certainly untrue.

Student: Thank you, Mother. Thank you for your faith in me and in all of us.

Nebadonia: Breathe in our love, my son. Know we will always feed you with something delicious and nutritious for your soul.

Student: I look forward to that. Thank you, Mother.

Student: Mother, is this hope of which we have spoken, similar or identical to faith or optimism? Are there subtle differences? It would help to clarify them.

Nebadonia: Certainly optimism is a component of hope. It is an outlook that is a perspective. Hope is a spiritual energy and embodiment a dimension of the Father’s nature that is built into the progressive evolutionary growth of the divine plans on the evolutionary worlds upon which you live. There must be something in the human heart that nourishes the idea of gainful growth. As we have addressed in previous lessons, hope catalyzes faith: the journey to walk in the unknowing, growing your awareness of who you are in the unfolding of the divine plan. Hope is a commodity that speaks to you that always are things working to the greater good. You must feed upon this; it is every bit as essential as your faith.

All these things work synergistically together. One cannot be separated from the other as they move and build in you a great and stable structure. As you desire to live in faith and grow your faith, so too, allow this hope foundation to build in you. It will strengthen you, my son, and give you more stamina and perseverance and a proportion that allows patience to blossom and steady your growth. Let these words settle in. Breathe in the meaning as my Spirit moves in you now. (Pause)

Hope is one of the greatest stabilizing anchors that we build in you as you grow in your Father. Feel this and know that it will always be given when you feel doubtful of what you see before you. (Pause) Be in my peace, my son.

Student: One of the things I am having problems being hopeful for is my work and earning a living and breaking through the patterns that I have been entrenched in over my lifetime. There’s a part of me that wants to move on and do other things; other work to be of service to use the talents and gifts I have. It ’ s quite frustrating for me to do the work I do. My body feels frustrated and wants to rest and do other things. I know we have discussed this before, but it feels even more poignant right now as I open myself more to the presence within and around me. Today, I ! took the whole day off and my body and being is so refreshed and overjoyed with doing that. I wish to feel hopeful in this area so I can instill hope in others similar to how I feel.

Nebadonia: There are times in your life when you feel the currents of your desires leading you in different directions from where you had previously engaged your physical, mental and emotional energies. The habit patterns that you form are very deep within you. Are you willing for these to be disrupted now? This is a question you must ask yourself. Is your sense of routine — the habits you have cultivated over these last years — interfering with your heart’s desires? If so, are you willing to allow hope to merge with decisions to move forward in the new life and disrupt y! ou from your patterns of stability? Only you can answer this, my son.

These are not questions to rush into. Allow the weight and depth of what it is you are considering to become more conscious in your mind. You will feel fear in the uncertainty of what this means. Are you willing to go into this? Only you know the answer. Will you receive help? Of course you will. Will you receive hope? You know the answer. The question is: are you willing to take a chance an! d exercise more faith? These are the questions you may ask yourself in the coming days and weeks. Take your time. Allow your heart’s desires to expose and express themselves to you in a way that you have not yet allowed them because of some of the other factors of your physical routine and your perceived material being to interfere.

You have deep wells of faith and hope and courage and strength within you, D. How deeply do you want to see them, bring them forth, use them? We give you these tools; we fill you with energy. What you make of them is up to you. Feel your hesitancy. Breathe in my essence.

Student: The hesitancy is I don’t know where to begin. What do I do to initiate this change? I do know in my heart that change is necessary for me to move forward. I feel my soul pushing me forward to get go of these restraints that no longer work for me.

Nebadonia: Who is it that you may ask these questions of? Does not your Father wish to help you as both your father and your elder brother? You may pose any question you may have to him. He will guide you. He will advise you. Take a few moments and invite him to show you the way. (Pause) Feel his security around you. Allow your mind to fill with the awareness that no matter what step you take, you can always be assured that it will grow and lead you into experiences of meaning an! d value that will enrich and enhance your life. (Pause) He is always with you, my son. You may ask any question deep in your mind. He will respond. (Pause) Be in my peace, my son.

Student: Divine Mother, I have a question about how to introduce my brother to the idea of spirituality. I sense that he is tired of the materialism and money aspects of life; somehow realizing that it does not bring joy or happiness. But when I mention the idea of spirituality or God or guru, he has a cynical attitude about it, yet I sense he is curious about how this could possibly make him happy or provide a better solution of life. Do you have suggestions on how I could introduce these concepts to him or what I could say to him to get him more interested? I think his interest is there.

Nebadonia: What we have been encouraging you to do through these exercises is to engage your mind less and your desire to serve more through the beaming of love and hope into the heart center of another individual. It is very difficult to know the conceptual frame of reference that will stimulate the human desire to seek God. And you have found this to be difficult and cumbersome, have you not, my daughter? (Yes)

As his desire increases, do you find that he would naturally begin to seek out a certain knowledge of some higher ideals that might satisfy his longing?

Student: He seems very cynical about people’s motivations and the motivations of gurus or spiritual leaders, assuming that they are there to earn money to make a living for their continued existence. I think he needs to get past that.

Nebadonia: But that is one dimension. What you can do for him is to help him to simply tap into the deeper yearning that he has yet to feel. How could you go about doing this? Would he be open to allowing you to simply sit in a state of stillness wherein you can beam our love and hope into him? You can do this just for a few moments; it does not have to be for a long period of time. Before you engage with conversational words, just ask him to sit with you. You could say to him that you want him to feel the love you have for! him. When he begins to sense this, albeit it might be very limited or hesitant, still you have planted a seed and from that point you can water it through your intentions and prayers and through beaming more love and hope into him.

When the mind is closed due to cynicism or fear, the words you speak will be very difficult to hear and will meet with much resistance. But when you simply share your love with him and tell him that he is important to you, meaningful in your life, and he feels your love behind those words, then you can simply sit for a few moments. And in that space your love can flow, for you will have opened a portal to receive our love, and from that place it will go from you into him and will take root. In time his ideas will shift and soften. Then, if he knows you to be a daughter of God, he will know whom to seek and ask questions.

Let this idea and experience that you would wish to bring into him settle into you and give you more groundedness in sharing our love with him. Feel your brother now. Allow your heart to open. Simply ask for our love to flow from you and into him. (Pause) Would you be willing to try this with him when you next meet?

Student: I actually feel a little shy about doing it, just right away and I’d like to pray for him for a bit because I’ m not sure about his reception would be. But I would like to try it after I’ve prayed about it.

Nebadonia: As you pray, plant these seeds of love within him as you feel your love and desire to help him. As you pray, simply allow the heart in your heart to flow from deep inside of you into him.

Student: Thank you, Mother, I will try that and keep trying that.

Nebadonia: Each child on this world needs so much love. When you pray for your brothers and sisters, what you are essentially doing is asking for the foundation of love to be built within them. Being in the state of pure desire to share the love that you have and the love you have received from us into another person will stimulate them. They may not consciously feel it, but they will respond in time. These exercises that we teach you are a way to help you open and become comfortable in what it is you can do in sharing the love you have received and bringing it to others. As we have said to you, this level of communication is a form that is not readily understood or practiced well because it is a spiritual form of communication. It goes beyond words; it goes underneath the words, around the words, in between the words you speak.

The energy of love that we bring into you, that we weave into you, are the threads that you use to weave this into your brothers and sisters to help their foundation and the fabric of their mind become strong. The more you feel this love, the more threads you have available to weave into others. We bring these to you so you may use them, and one day become skillful and so adept at them you will know exactly how to weave them into your brothers and sisters to build the most beautiful fabric enriching them with so many dimensions of the Father, so many beautiful threads that will enhance their decisions, their feelings, their awareness, their understanding. This is all something you can add into them.

What greater service and joy can there be in life? You are all beginning to learn this now, and what joy this brings to us as your parents who watch you, whose hands move with yours to skillfully weave these threads into our children. Yes, we will be bringing you many threads to weave. Now again, feel this beautiful golden thread of hope. Let it encircle you. Let it become a part of you. Let it move out of you, out beyond you, growing long, growing strong. And when a person is presented before you, simply open your heart an! d allow our hands to guide you in instilling that in your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

Ask for what you need each day. Know that we will always supply what it is you need. Good evening, my children.