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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Spirit Vision,

Rest in Me

Teachers: Elyon, Nebadonia

July 11, 2004

[This was another phone conference session. Inadvertently a question from a listener and a message from Machiventa did not get recorded.]

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I am in your company today. This is your friend Elyon. I have an encouragement for you, as I am aware that you are eager to be expressing spirit to those you encounter in your daily lives. While you understand that your growth is an ongoing process, that you are never fully perfected, you are still capable of providing transformative help to another. Jesus said, "He who has seen me has seen the Father". Those of you who read this statement are aware of the truth, not by confusing the physical appearance of Jesus with the meaning, but through the intuition that Father's presence radiated through Jesus, and this luminosity is what the spirit eyes perceive. While we humbly recognize that it was our Creator Son who spoke while on this planet, he asked all of you -- and myself included -- to go forth to proclaim the gospel. This gospel of the love of God and the fellowship of all human beings and all creatures is not comprehended other than through spirit vision.

You may speak and lead another to the threshold of the realization, but it is the light and the love that reaches into the personality, that connects with the spirit anchor within them, that opens the eyes and brings an understanding, in reality, a clarity. This then is supported through concept, through description, through statements that outline the truth experience.

I encourage you each to attempt and succeed in being that spiritual light that aids another. When they perceive you they sense the Father, they sense God. They come to know the warmth of that love; they come to the realization that it is theirs, within them also. Take this into your stillness where you will strengthen your confidence as a representative of spirit, as one who reveals the Father. Thank you for receiving my words.

* Nebadonia: This is your Mother Spirit who surrounds you, dwells within you. I support you; I energize you. It is our commingling that gives you power. It is our joint love that we share to all. You are my blessed children. Rest in me; have confidence, for we are one.