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April, 1993

April 4, 1993

*Greetings this is Elyon. I am pleased to be here. I always

reinstate this because it is genuine, and my love is profound for

this group. As I watch you in your daily struggles, I feel at

times as the parent, and it is hard to not want to take you in my

arms and comfort you in your times of need. As a teacher to the

students, I have prepared a lesson. Today I would like to talk to

you about knowing- the word Knowing, an inner knowing- when that

clarity hits, when you stop in your tracks and just know as if a

light went off, an instant, a quick flash of knowing. When this

does happen you can immediately know that your Thought Adjuster

has communicated with you. Everyone has experienced this at times

and know of which I speak. To have this communication more and

more in your daily lives you would benefit a great deal, to know

that you can tap into this communication when you need it the

most. It is a matter of inner development, an inner wisdom, a

knowing in order to do this. Your indwelling spirit talks with

you, communicates with you always.

*It is most difficult to be aware of this when going on with

the daily doings and with the mind at work constantly chattering

away. Begin to take your stillness that you experience during

meditation and start practicing this throughout your day, to be

able to bring your minds to a focus, to a stillness, to not just

set the time of day aside for your daily quite time but to know

that you can implement this throughout the day. Train or program

your mind, your body to instantly focus on the stillness. It is

there for you as a gift. It is there for you like a gift, to be

able to do this and know you can do this when it is most needed,

rather than when you don't feel the opportunity rises, that you

will have to wait until your time of day that you set aside for

your quite time. Take an instant to bring in the quite, to bring

in the communication with the indwelling spirit. Speak to God on

a constant basis; know that the communication is open; know that

it only takes a matter of practice and a matter of experiencing


*Once you have experienced this other than the times when it

stops you in your tracks, but to know that this can happen on a

constant basis, that you can communicate and receive. And while

this other is helpful and many times brings you into the aware-

nesses you need to grow and serve others, it sometimes takes

longer than what is needed to fulfill the serving task at the

time. While there are always opportunities that rise to serve

your brothers and sisters, to have this at hand for you would be

very beneficial, to have the communication open. Like being able

to call on a teacher in a class room at all times for you’re answers.

And know also that there can be blockages and through the

dual nature systems closed down to this communication; this is

part of the process to open up the channels to integrate and have

the whole system work in harmony, to have the animalistic part of

you to work with the spiritual part of you. Know that this will

always come up for you while you are on Urantia while you are in

the physical. The communication that is there for you can

open up a whole new territory, a whole new realm to be experienced.

It is not about communicating with us. It is about communicating

with God, with your indwelling spirit.

*Welcome to the late comers. I am pleased to have you here.

I want you to go forth this week to communicate with your in-

dwelling spirit. Keep a mental note to do this throughout the

day. If you do not hear anything do not feel that you failed.

Continue, for to start you can practice communicating to your

indwelling and then listen when you have a moment, when you are

driving, at work, when you are on break, to communicate, to ask

for an answer, to be grateful and appreciative and give thanks.

Through the day as things come up for you turn things over to God

and know that your answers will come. You may not hear them right

away; but once you have experienced the communication you will

know you, will have an inner knowing. I urge you to do this this

week, to develop a relationship with your Thought Adjuster, to

hear the answers, to communicate, to turn over, to have faith, to

trust. This my students will help you to build your foundations,

help to give you strength to go out. What a magnificent tool you

have. What a wonderful gift. God has given you this. Feel not

that you have to hold some things back or that some things may

seem silly. Communicate all things. Learn that you can turn your

life, your struggles, your problems over, and that as your an-

swers come in, and the more clear you hear them, the more clear

your thoughts become. And when these sudden impulses come to you,

when you know that inner knowing, thank your Thought Adjuster,

thank God.

*Feel not unworthy. Feel worthy to use this for all things

in your life no matter how petty. For in doing this you will find

out your true selves. You will see your true patterns. You will

see what comes up for you on a day to day basis . This will help

with the lesson last week also. I will now accept questions.

Question: Greetings Elyon I want to thank you for last weeks

lesson on goals and mapping. I feel like it has help shift me out

of slacker mode into a mode of diligence. And I found myself this

week, in applying the lesson, to be quite successful. I would

like to let you know that next Sunday two friends from Sandpoint

would like to come down to the meeting and meet you. They are

excited about the process. One fellow has pawed through over 800

pages of transcripts from around the country and has put in a

prayer for a teacher himself. So I would like to let you know

that this is taking place. I would like to re-ask for your participation

 with me on the Prodigy Bulletin Board service. With

the Teaching Mission category there is lots that can be posted.

Would you like to present comments for the nation?

*Elyon: First of all we welcome newcomers. Tell them they are

very welcome. And I will look forward to meeting them. I know of

them and this is noted. And as far as the computer, yes I am very

well aware of this, and we have vast communications on our end

that we are working on, and yes, we encourage you to work on

these communications from your end; and yes, we can get together

if you wish and work through some of these things. You, my

friend, are very close to hearing your teacher. And when this

happens you can also use your teacher for this. I will not reveal

the name to you as this is very good practice.

Question: Hello Elyon. About work: You said to take time for

stillness in talking to your Father at work. But I also wonder at

work about sharing things with your fellow workers and to what

extent do you cross the limit of sharing things in an atmosphere

where religion is not a primary focus? I feel an urging at sharing

things, but then I also hold myself back as well. I would

like you to talk on this if you could.

*Elyon: Yes this is a problem for all. And know that when the

love and the light of the Father is glowing through you, when you

are a channel for this, when you are doing the will, you're

putting forth for others to see; you are instilling through your

experience, through your actions for others to see, without being

on a soap box preaching during your breaks. Others will want what

you have. And, my friend, you have missed part of the lesson

today, but this will be very good practice for you to listen for

your answers. Listen and know the discernment that will come in

when you can speak about this and when not. You will learn. You

will all learn to have a feel for people and know where they are,

to understand where they are. And through this you will also know

when and when not to present this. The important factor here is

to do the will of God, to understand yourselves what the will of

God is, how to serve your brothers and sisters through this. And

that as a goal will help many. Do not be so concerned about

pulling them in or suggesting or advising them to come over to

your side, rather through your actions you are going to benefit

them. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes, thank you. I'm glad you talked about the

soap box. Sometimes I feel like standing up on a soap box and

screaming, or better yet from the mountain tops. And sometimes I

realize that patience is necessary to hold myself back. So thank

you for your answer today.

*Elyon: Yes.

Question: Hello Elyon, It's nice to have you here today. I'd

like to thank you for the lesson. In thinking about communicating

with the spirit within myself I think of my experience in my

attempts do so, and there's been several times I felt like I have

had communication with my Thought Adjuster, but I have trouble

discerning that to a point where I feel assured. I was wondering

if you would address that a little further, as to how to discern?

*Elyon: Yes, this is also very difficult for a lot of times

one has to, or it helps to, understand the other individual to

know their motivations. And as Gloria is experiencing, this

lesson is experienced the hard way. Go within your true self, the

real part of you, the heart part of you, and check there first.

Do not allow the ego reign over this. There are many old survival

mechanisms that come up when discerning. There are many things

that each of you have built up within you over the years. Many

belief systems. Learn to go within to find that quiet moment, if

you are only allowed a spit second to practice this, to know, to

be able to discern if it is really you making the decision, an

old survival behavioral pattern, simply the ego. Also discern

what your true intent is on discerning. When one is communicating

with God on a full time basis, and when one starts receiving his

answers and understanding what the true will of God is, discernment

comes easy because your true intent is always for the good

of all. And know that this takes practice, and know that you are

not going to fly out tomorrow and save the world through your

discernment. Patience. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes, it does thank you.

Question: Hi Elyon, just since I've heard you talk a couple

of times I have really noticed a large difference in my life, the

lesson today and your answer to the above question has answered

the questions I was going to ask. I have a very strong sense of

spiritual help with me when I go about my daily business, and I

just can't tell you how much that means to me. I always felt

sorry for myself when people weren't around. I would feel lone-

some. I don't feel that when I'm alone now. I look forward to the

alone times. I feel very privileged to be your student. I could

never thank you enough. Thank you.

*Elyon: This is noted, and know that you are well on your

way. You are finding in your communication. You are opening up

the channel. You strive and desire wholeheartedly in your heart

the path of the Father.

Question: In talking about the lesson, in practicing the

stillness throughout the day, I've tried from time to time, and I

think I do this on an unconscious level, when I run into a situation

where I feel like I need some help I invite God in to help

me. I was wondering if this is close to what you are suggesting

we practice throughout the week?

*Elyon: Yes, however take this one step further and not only

invite God in but turn over your problem for him to give you the

solution. So in that way you can learn and understand more of His

will. I will take one more question.

Question: In a personal communication this week you spoke of

a good friend of yours, and I realize that it was Michael your

were talking about. I was wondering about the coincidence of my

lesson and my friend's lesson. And if that was really such a co-

incidence or a planned thing? They were so much alike.

*Elyon: Yes, everything is planned when it comes to the lessons.

In order for you to share and grow things are brought forth

and presented in ways to the individuals so that they can comprehend

on their level. When we as teachers are assigned to the

groups, we are assigned to groups that are felt that we...that I,

as an individual, could benefit you, as individuals on your

levels, that I was qualified to do this, that I suited this

group. I am here to help each and everyone of you. And for all

that can hear my words at a group level, or at an individual

level, that I am here for you. Know that we are networking

synchronized. And that there are many of us, and that we have a lot

of communication with your personal guides and your angels. So

know that there is not much that passes us by. I will close now

and want to have you go forth this week and communicate with your

indwelling God. If you feel that you are one sided in doing all

the talking remember to stop and listen. My love to you. Have a

good week.

Group: Thank you.

April 7, 1993

*To the interest of all who would hear in openness, I come to

you with love. I thank you for gathering. It is a pleasure to

speak with you in the service of Michael. We come to offer guidance,

insight, and support. Our ever on-going mission is to bring

you to the understanding of this Creator Son, this sovereign

ruler of this universe, and through him to the understanding of

our Father in Paradise. We also come to bring you to the personal

awareness of your inner guide, your Father within, to the extent

that you can understand Him. We try to bring your communion and

contact more clear.

*I am excited for the progress that I see within this group

and among all throughout this mission. We are moving with all the

authority that we have been given by Michael to bring the change

to a better way, to understanding, to love, to hope, and to

caring. As we teach in turn so do we hope that you would teach as

well by your actions, by your understanding, and with love. The

intellectual understanding of God has its place and is needed for

well-rounded understanding. But too many have relied on attempt-

ing this for too long. The focus must be shifted to the spirit

awareness of the Father and the ministry that flows from the

Trinity. I care to give you this message because I truly hope

that you will see the perspective that we would wish for you to

take. In giving focus to your understanding of spiritual ideals,

learn knowledge of God but also step out to experience God. As a

whole you are doing this more and more throughout your lives,

taking the chance to see what is not perceptible to the eye. Look

for your Father everywhere, for that is where He is, within,

without, around, above...omnipotent.

*Hello, I am Elyon, your guide to understanding. Thank you

for coming tonight. I would be open for questions.

Question #1: Greetings Elyon, I'd like to introduce you to

our guests this evening, Harold and Angel Holloway, and Will

Venard from Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

*Elyon: Greetings. It is a pleasure for you to be here. I

have been following your lives somewhat since your seeking began.

And it is good to speak with you this evening.

Questioner #1: Last Sunday you said I was not far from a

teacher, and that it was up to me to discern the name. I am not

at the point of grasping that name though I think I have a clue,

but I will hold out for confirmation. In meditation Tuesday

morning I felt the presence of that teacher and yourself, in the

faint comment "I am here and Elyon is here with me". Could you

please elaborate on that and offer some anticipation of what

might be next?

*Elyon: In your time of listening we come to observe and to

attempt connections. As subtle as they may be at first they will

increasingly grow stronger as you give more time. Your guide is

there for you. If you choose the time to listen, he will come on

a moment's notice that you give. Experience the assuredness in

your heart that your understanding is growing clearer as you

allow it. You will have the opportunity to converse within a very

short time. I encourage you to take those opportunities as they

come. Reach out, for we are reaching to you as well as all of

you. Does this help you?

Questioner: Thank you. I will work on overcoming hesitancy

as well as upholding the value of clarity. Thank you.

*Elyon: You are welcome.

Question #2: I had an interesting day today at work. I had a

couple employees quit, and they sighted personal problems with my

management techniques. The feeling I get is that I haven't

reached out to them in a spiritual way. I had distanced myself

from these particular employees. I felt at a loss as to how to

correct that with these people or anyone else in the future. Do

you have any insights on how anyone could reach out to people in

an antagonistic situation between employer and employee when it's

already difficult to bridge that gap?

*Elyon: There are many difficulties that arise out of situations

where one has authority. From two viewpoints there is often

a lack of understanding in seeing where the other comes from. In

reaching out to these, you may not be able to correct this situation,

and there may be a shifting of ideals. With this, how did

the hostilities arise?

Questioner #2: It seems like it built up over a long period

of time with a particular person, feeling that he could do a

better job of running jobs than I could. He cited several mis-

takes that had happened on jobs. I thought that mistakes always

happen; there are always oversights that need correcting; it's

inevitable. He'd be very unforgiving of those things. He also

felt like a spokesman for our crew. If there was a gripe going

around the crew, he would take it on personally to come to me, to

protect the guys, to defend them. Hostilities grew over time.

There was poor communication, things not getting expressed. The

feedback that I got is that I haven't been the type of employer

where I compliment my employees. I tend to come on the job not

knowing what's going on. I would give criticism and people took

offense at that, which I understand.

*Elyon: Do you sense that you would like to open more with them?

Questioner: I'd like to have a meaningful relationship with

my employees that felt more warm than antagonistic.

*Elyon: Then make the attempt at this without worrying how it

will be viewed. The first step is always best when it is one that

is taken for understanding. This man felt within that he may have

been the one to represent the faults that the workers had seen.

Which may have caused discomfort and a negative reaction within

you. It is quite possible that your working relationship cannot

be repaired, but as an individual you might reach out by either a

letter or a phone call and just extend any understanding that you

can find from the situation and offer no negative feelings. Do

you feel that you could have him back? Or does this occurrence

seem to be better for the working aspect?

Questioner: If we didn't have a suitable replacement, we

could take him back, but unless things change in our relationship

it wouldn't be a comfortable situation. It may be better for this

parting to have taken place.

*Elyon: Then if you truly feel this way, then that may be so.

But still within yourself, you may reach out as a farewell and

offer any feelings of regret that you may have had in the situation.

Just to let him know that you did care. Does this answer you?

Questioner: That seems like a very reasonable response that

I will take to heart.

Question #3: Recently I had some very insightful ideas come

to me which led to a very fruitful day. Was this part of the

mission or something that I generated myself?

*Elyon: In your awareness you can come to realize the presence

of many personalities as teachers. I do not know specifically of

this occurrence but there are also guides, angels, and of

course, the inner presence of your Father that can impart knowledge.

You seek to understand in your life the Father and the ways

to bring this personally to yourself. With your willingness it

will come. In the beginnings as already for you are allowing

yourself to open to the possibilities of connection. Your guide

will come to you when you are fully prepared. But know that this

entire mission is to bring you to the awareness of God through

the Father, the Son, by Michael, and in the Spirit. So as you

turn your thoughts to the Father, you open the channels for the

love to flow from Him, through His mission, to you. And sometimes

that form of love may materialize into contact.

*Does this answer you?

Questioner #3: I guess it's something I can chew on for a

while. Thank you.

*Elyon: Thank you for asking.

Question #4: Thank you for speaking with us tonight. I am

among other things an artist and have in the past tried to facilitate

spiritual growth for myself as well as others through my

art work. Everything that I have seen and read so far in this

movement has been mainly verbal, through transmissions. I was

wondering if there's a plan for a broader approach maybe including

the arts? If so, how is that best facilitated?

*Elyon: Your want is noted and realize that art in all its

forms of high intent is somewhat inspired by the presence of the

spirit around you. When one looks upon a picture of a beautiful

landscape, there is a certain inner chord that may be struck to

them for understanding. It is a recognition of beauty, which is

an attribute of the Father. So the endeavors are open for this

and know that worldwide there is much assistance for the spiritual

beauty to be expressed through art whether it be through writing,

music, painting, whatever form it may take. And there are

some within this mission who are working with guides that are

suited for these purposes. You, in your willingness to be given a

teacher for yourself, have received this already. It is time that

will bring understanding. Dedication to the Father in prayer and

communion will facilitate the connection. By listening, focusing

it all away and bringing yourself to the state of just listening

for a response, give yourself this time and you will feel it.

The guide that you receive will be suited to your personality.

And the expression that you give from this can come in any form

that you wish. For that is why we are here, to offer you guidance

in whatever form of searching you would take.

*Does this answer you?

Questioner #4: Yes, it does. I want to clarify. Should I be

looking for a direct connection with my guide for this insight;

or should I be looking for my own personal growth and producing

things that I see coming out of that?

*Elyon: Both, work on your inner growth for this connection

will come as a result of your attempts at communion with your

Father. When you go to the stillness, take the time to focus your

love to the Father. Offer all your thankfulness and then bring

yourself to a state where you can best listen for a response,

while the Father will surely impart His wisdom in whatever way He

can. And know that we do not infringe upon your connection with

Him. It is through your willingness to understand more fully the

Father that we will be allowed to come through this connection to


*Does this clarify?

Questioner #4: Yes, it does very much. Is there a teacher

that is attempting to reach our group and if so, how can we


*Elyon: By being open which also answers the first part of

your question. For as you reach out, it is recorded of your

desire and the motions are already going forth for the designation

to be given. And it has. To whom specifically I cannot say,

for we will always as teachers look for the possibilities of

connection in time. If all strive within my group, then I could

connect with each and every individual to some extent personally.

But for some, call it chance, luck of the draw, whatever you

will, they have the capacity to hear, and this is not necessarily

a spiritual reflection on their personality. But it just seems

that some are easily suited for reception. With the adjustments

being made ever and on going, all who desire will receive in

time. So listen, for the attempts are being made and it will come

through to you.

*Does this help you?

Questioner #4: Yes, it does. Thank you.

*Elyon: You are welcome.

Question #5: You have given a lot of really good advice and

suggestions for making contact. Of all that advice can you suggest

particulars that would apply in my case? What do I need to

be doing, not doing, or doing differently that would assist in

making contact, or should I just be patient?

*Elyon: I know you may be beginning to dislike that word, but

it is and it ever will be the most crucial element of this mission:

patience. But you are not so far as you would think from

understanding . You just need to continue to listen. Reach out to

the Father with love. Offer your thoughts and offer yourself then

listen. As hard as it may be to drown out the thoughts and all

the worries and excesses that run through--(tape flipped, some

lost.)--that you have in your life. (noise)...diffuse and work on

the diffusion of the outlying worries to the focus of love on the

Father. By doing this you create the channel which will bring the

awareness through. Many times it begins with the feelings you

have. Let them happen and when they happen, do not close them off

by trying to analyze the feeling. Just let the feeling happen and

listen through all that is occurring. Listen, and as the thoughts

start to flow, don't shut them off again as so many do, for it is

so easy to mistake the impressions. Just take them one word, one

fragment, or one sentence at a time and say them, write them,

record them, whatever method suits. But above all listen with


*Does this help you?

Questioner #5: Yes, thank you.

*Elyon: You are welcome and let me extend my thanks to you

for your dedication. For it is very difficult for one to continue

with something when they sense the growth not occurring as they

would like. Just be open and thank you.

*Would there be any more questions tonight?

"It doesn't look like it."

*Elyon: Then let me say that I thoroughly enjoy you, all of

you who come to these gatherings for it offers me the chance to

grow beyond what I am already. To see the patterns of understanding

that you take and the searching, the seeking, the desire, and

the attempt to move forward. From the teaching viewpoint it is a

satisfactory process. In understanding focus yourself always to

the Father and the Trinity. The understanding comes from your

seeking here. Thank you. Good night.

April 11, 1993 Easter

*To become the instrument for the Father's peace to flow, to

allow the force of love to be part of your awareness and part of

the awareness that you let out to others, to be simple in your

approach, open, honest, sincere, loving; to have faith, undying

faith, in the Father above and within and that the purpose that

you have been given is real for you; this is the method one

should take towards revealing the Father in their lives, the same

method given by Michael so many of your years ago. As Jesus of

Nazareth he went forth proclaiming the good news to everyone, not

just those that established tradition had made more important.

Not just to authority but his message was to bring everyone,

regardless of belief, regardless of heritage, nationality, or

race, everyone to his love and through him to the Father's love.

Expand your thinking to bring the knowledge of Jesus, Christ

Michael, and what he has done for your world and the universe

into your heart. To have the knowledge of Jesus and the way he

put forth for you to live is one thing in understanding. But I

say to you today as Elyon, your guide, to reach out, to feel him.

He is there. He is around you. His presence fills this room. So

reach out.

(long pause)

* Michael: In love I come today to give a message to all who

would hear. In body I came. In spirit I left to return a spirit

among you all. It is my utmost desire for you to understand that

the spirit is there for you, to be with you as a support and as a

guidance to bring you to the Father's love. Share with me. Don't

pray to me as though I'm far. This presence is for all of you to

know if you let it. Take it. It is yours in witness of the truth.

*It shall be. My love.

(long pause)

*Elyon: I cannot pretend that this is your ordinary average

occurrence. As your guide I have many times felt the presence and

communed with my Creator. To me this is special. Feel his love.

APRIL 14,1993

*There is such beauty in seeing the outreach, both as it

comes through the networking of us, through the sons, the

spirit, to the Father, but as well to see the grasping of the

message of the love, of the understanding that you so desire as

mortals. In listening to the prayers that you so often open with,

I see the increasing desire to be of service whatever that may

be. Service, it is the entire point. It is the only purpose that

matters. It is the desire to reach out, to share the love and

understanding and compassion that you have been so fortunate to

receive in your own lives. This is my calling, and this is your

calling - to be of service. In realizing the spirit presence from

the three, as it comes from the Trinity in different forms for

recognition on different levels of understanding...the threefold

ministry is so designed to bring you to the awareness of God the

Father, the Son, the Spirit. In your lives countless numbers of

times you have felt the presence of the spirit in it's upholding.

On occasion you have been aware of the presence of the Son, from

Michael through his mission, and his spirit. This awareness of

truth as it rings straight into your being, this recognition is

that which Michael gives forth to...(transmission interrupted)

The Spirit of Truth answers to the understanding of the mind in

the leading of the heart - the indwelling guide. The connection

of the spirits of the three are in harmony to bring the function

of the force, the love of God to creation.

*This comprehension of these spirit presences will become more

accessible to you as individuals as you in turn reach out to the

awareness of the presence, to the recognition; for as these

spirits influence you, many times the recognition is not there

due to the lack of the mind and body to realize these presences.

And the only way that this discernment can grow is for your

willingness to let it grow, to search it out, to seek the Father

within, to seek and pray and commune - to allow yourself the time

for recognition. Take the steps, the stillness, the reflection,

the time just to share your life with the Father. This personal

time is the single most important aspect of spiritual growth.

Take the time as well to reach out to your creator, Michael. He

will listen, and he will come with understanding as well. His

purpose, as is the purpose of this mission, is to bring

increasing enlightenment of the Father and his will to each of

you; that we listen back.

*Hello, I am Elyon, your guide for understanding. It is good

to see you this evening as you gather. To see new faces and hold

coming together. I would open to you now for any questions that

you would have.

Question #1: Greetings Elyon. As a point of formality, I

would like to introduce you to our friend visiting from Seattle.

*Elyon: Welcome. It is good to meet you.

Questioner: I'd like to ask two questions: The first being,

I detected Sunday a little astonishment on your part at the

presentation of Michael and his message. Out of curiosity, were

you so astonished?

*Elyon: I am always in awe of his presence. The recognition

of his being in no way lessons the impact of his presence. Yes. I

was astonished.

Questioner: As I've said before it's been a pleasure getting

to meet someone who loves Michael as much as my fellow mortals do

and is not from this planet. The second question is from a friend

from Sandpoint, he is asking if he could be assigned a teacher,

or if one is assigned to him how may he become aware of this? Is

there some insight you could pass along to him? This is an oft

asked question, but I think us curious mortals would love to find

some insight in that way.

*Elyon: First of note, your friend, his willingness has been

noted. And in his desire to be aware, he will receive the

guidance of a teacher. As to the methods for understanding, yes,

this is a very popular question. And I would ask you to offer him

the insights on the stillness that have come forth in the past.

And I would like you to explain to your friend your understanding

of how the process is for you. I would add: focus, time,

listening, and the increasing amounts of time that he would spend

in reflection to the Father. Does this answer you?

Questioner: Yes, Thank you, and I will accept the assignment.

Question #2: Last week you mentioned the Trinity, and I was

going to ask why you brought that up. It seems like you already

answered that tonight. Do I understand correctly that you are

encouraging us to be able to distinguish the different influences

of the three component parts of the Trinity. We've come to

understand that spirit influences felt as one. Even though we

dabble in trying to distinguish all the various influences, it

sounds like you are encouraging us to pursue distinguishing these

different spirits.

*Elyon: Perhaps the most important searching, and the most

important understanding that you can gain, is the awareness of

the different spiritual presences. It starts here; as

incomprehensible as they are now, it is the eternal quest of all

ascenders to realize the presence of the three parts of divinity,

Father-Son-Spirit. The best method I would say to take, at this

stage, is to take the time to offer yourself to the different

aspects, to the Father, of course, in your communion, to Michael

in prayer and love, and to the influences of the Spirit through

the angelic forces, your guardians. As you give the time to offer

your thanks, love, questions, to the different forms of spiritual

influences make a note as to how these experiences effect you.

For they may seem indistinguishable, as one now; but as time goes

by you will recognize certain flavors, aspects, of the experience

that will help you to realize, and maybe in time, understand the

differences of spirit influence. Does this answer you?

Questioner: I'm looking forward to working on this. Thank


*Elyon: your welcome.

Question #3: Elyon this is Thomas. For some reason tonight

I'm very curious what you and the other beings do with your day.

I can see you checking in on groups, but when you are done do you

have a physical form? Do you go sleep in a bed? Do you partake in

food energy? Do you get together at the club? Could you fill us

in on what your life is like?

*Elyon: It is not so abnormal as you think. Rest periods do

not occur as frequently as they do in mortal life. We do partake

of energy of a sort; not a food as you would describe it. But in

comparison - similar. A lot of my time as it pertains to this

mission is dedicated to the furtherance of the plans that have

initiated. There are many meetings, both with the fellow

teachers, angels, midwayers, and higher beings as well. There are

communications with Ham frequently, and Daniel, Aaron. There is

sort of a regional coordination. Quite regularly information is

passed along from myself and back from Machiventa. He oversees

with unmatched dedication to this service. This is the mission of

his Father as well as all of ours. And that is a personal driving

force for him as well as the rest of us. Communication with

Michael is still, for me, a personal communication as regards the

mission. Most information will come from Machiventa to us. In

this phase of attainment that I am in there is some rest and

recreation time, but most of my time I am very involved.

Sometimes to the point of being boring and ignoring free time.

But of course I always try to do better in allowing myself the

time. Does this aid your curiosity?

Questioner: I suppose it whets it more than anything.

Perhaps at another time you could share more of what life is like

for you.

*Elyon: Thank you for asking. It is not often that I am

allowed to speak about my behind-the-scenes work. And with the ok

it is good to share. Thank you.

Question #4: Can you tell us what level of attainment you

are at?

*Elyon: Nice try. I am fused. That is all.

Question #5: While we are on the point of curiosity, Elyon.

You had mentioned that you were from a quarantine plant, so no

doubt you've experienced what a rebellion is all about. And you

mentioned that you have been in a mission like this before. Was

that mission on a different planet or was it in regards to this

planet and the progress we are making here?

*Elyon: I have been involved on this planet for what you

would consider a lengthy time. Not a life time. Not a day.

Somewhere in between. Experience in teaching was not on this

planet. And it was not quite the same in circumstance. But I an

drawing near the borders, and so I back off. Your curiosity has

been well subdued. I guess I do not want to feed too much. For

remember the purpose. Facts are irrelevant. It is the spiritual

understanding that is the goal. But I understand curiosity. I

still have bouts with it myself, at times. Would there be anymore

questions this evening?

Question #6: A friend in Spokane was asking last night what

our group purpose is. Maybe you could address that?

*Elyon: While I don't have the entire understanding of where

this is going, your purpose is being defined over time by the

levels of your willingness. Service, as part of my message

tonight, is a key element to the mission. And `Ta Da', you're

already doing it on some levels. As your inner security and

confidence grow, and your knowledge of the Father's will for

you, your specifics will become more clear. But there are no cut

and dried roles at this time. And though I do not like to give

direct instructions, for that borders close to impingement on

will, this could occur. But it would always be with your

willingness to accept or reject. But for now - it's progression

to the Father. Would there be any more questions this evening?

*I would like to thank you all for your interest and your

willingness to seek. Reach out to the spirits of God around you

and within. Allow them a place in your life. Let your resolve

grow towards the purpose your Father would give. To doubt at

times is natural. Face them. Listen, for the call of your spirit.

It will come. And for some it has. So follow in love the way set

forth for you. Thank you.

April 18,1993

*What we bring to the world is hope, hope from many that

there will be an expansion, a growth of understanding,

understanding in love, in the Father's way. This is most

gratifying to see you gathered today in fellowship, sharing your

love, your hope, your understanding with those around you. Not to

be afraid to reach out and share yourself, your dreams, your

thoughts. The steps are being climbed slowly but progressively

for all of you. I am Elyon your guide, and I see so much

potential within this room. The possibilities for the light to

shine to so many different people. This is your quest this week:

To go out, to share, to be open, to let your light shine to the

God in everyone else's heart. Be mindful not to scare with too

much but take the chances to give the love that you know to those

who may not expect it. And then the hope, the light, may be

extended to them and to those that they know. There is no great

and secret detailed mission of vital importance. It is the inter-

communication, the sharing the feelings you have, the reaching

out. Don't be afraid to say that you love life and that things

will get better, for as more and more people begin to give out

this love and this hope for better things, the more people that

are down in despair and futility, the more that these people may

believe that it is actually possible for things to get better.

Make it your purpose to give love, to see the ways that you can

create positive circumstances. To stop and to communicate with

one out of the norm is a wonderful surprise to their day. To give

aid to someone broke down on the side of the road, both literally

and figuratively, is the first step towards repair. To share your

message, to be willing to hear another's word, to be tolerant, to

be open; these are all the goals for attainment. You already know

to reach inside to your Father, so do this and find the time to

make it possible. The understanding will come. And today I say

branch out that love that is overtaking you. Find the ways to let

it flow. I am sure by knowing you that you will make this happen.

I would open now for any questions. Welcome.

#1: Thank you for being here. I'd like to state a little

about how I've been feeling. I find the physical world very

overwhelming. It's hard for me to back away. My priority is to be

focused on God but it's hard for me to get focused on my

priorities. Seems like the physical world intrudes such that it's

all I think of. Sometimes I feel sad, but I feel okay.

*Elyon: Sad, but good? Seems somewhat contradictory. You

should realize the love you have both from the spiritual sense

and from those around you. This should be your key for

satisfaction. Your priorities are just that. Priorities. Focus on

what you want to do. Visualize the steps, not the last step but

the first step, to make it happen. Don't let the pressures bear

you down. They are just barriers to be stepped over. Where does

your sadness stem from?

#1: It feels like I'm so inadequate for the things that are

laid out before me.

*Elyon: Then this brings confusion to me. I know your

potential and I see your growth. The entire thrust of my mission

is to let you know that you cannot be inadequate to the Father

for He lives within you. You give so much hope to this mission.

We've worked hard to bring you to it. So if time restraints have

slowed you somewhat from your desires, this means little to

eternity and your love is still where it should be. So brighten

up. (group laughter) This is not so rough. Focus your energy.

Turn away the excess, and keep on keeping on. This is what I

would say to you, friend.

#1: Thank you.

#2: Thanks, Elyon. I think we all needed that message. I

think of our group doing great things on a great mission and go

out and spread the word. Your lessons are on love and

understanding and honesty and trustfulness, things we need for

personal growth. Are you talking the little things we do like

loving a person who is unlovable or buying the child a new pair

of shoes, whatever, extending our hand to the many wants the

human race has here? Are we on this mission day to day to be

loving and kind or are we going to go on some great, exciting


*Elyon: The undying question. I guess I will have to make you

wonder some more for I cannot answer that at this time. Your

mission is most definitely a day by day mission of outreach. As

you dedicate your self to the Father's will you must know that

this means service, serving the Father's purpose in any way you

can. If it means to stop and let someone go before you, then that

is also selflessness. If it means to just love with tolerance for

that is also selflessness. To be open to the ideas that others

have, to see their purpose and to appreciate their want.

*By this spiritual growth we speak of and that we continually

try to bring you to, this growth brings your outer assuredness,

brings your purpose or fire to the forefront. As you grow in

understanding of the Father, as you learn within, not just in a

mental way but to experience and know within as a learned

behavior the love and the caring, then these traits of growth

that come to you will naturally flow to others. This begins your

outreach of love.

*Specific mission, I cannot tell you it won't happen. With

your willingness to cooperate, because with dedication to the

Father you have put self aside to some extent, if a need were to

arise of some nature, then if you personally or as a group could

fulfill that need, then it could be asked if you want to do this.

This is not foreseen at this time. You do have a purpose

personally and together but this is general: to bring love.

*Does this answer you?

#2: Yes, it does. Thank you.

#3: Elyon, I'd like to comment on what you said. I'm

reminded of how the Master said that if any comes saying the

kingdom is here or the kingdom is over there not to listen to

them, that the kingdom is within. I'm reminded to tell this to

myself when I wonder what the mission will bring. At this time

I'm reminded of a letter from a friend in California saying: Have

you heard about the Melchizedek school they're bringing? You'll

have to run real hard to beat me to the door! I guess I should

step aside and let him go first to practice selflessness. I

anticipate that we are in training and growing and laying the

foundations that are very important towards a function in the

sense of the mission. If we now knew what the object of the

mission is, we would anticipate that without laying the necessary

groundwork for our ability to function well. Please elaborate on that.

*Elyon: There is always a course that must be followed. The

glory cannot be attained by taking just the final step.

Preparation, growth lead further up the stepladder so this is why

you work to develop your own understanding now. It is all in

anticipation of future attainment. But the patience is required

in growth to realize that you have not yet learned how to take

the final step. You must go with each understanding, with each

insight, with all the knowingness to take the next step, not the

last step. And this is why we prepare. Preparation decreases the

chance for failure. By learning you see the ways to make things

happen, they become a part of you. Then you can move on.

*You speak of this school by the Melchizedek to run to. But

if you run too far you might leave the classroom. For it is wise

to understand that as a servant of Michael and therefore

Machiventa as well, that your school, your classroom is here.

And for all intents and purposes this school is building everyday

and is already up and running. So many times people see the

physical aspects of a statement. But it must be realized that

ever and always we will speak in terms of the spiritual. So

listen, understand and grow to the next step.

*Does this answer you?

#3: Yes, thank you.

*Elyon: You are welcome.

#3: The teacher Oren in Napperville, Illinois has announced

that there will be this visualization experiment coming next

Saturday. Some of the people in our group as you are no doubt

aware have been curious about this event and would like to in

some way participate with you and with the other teachers in this

experiment. Could you please comment on that and particularly

what time of day we should do this?

*Elyon: I see and note your desire but I decline to comment

on this.

#4: It's hard for me all the talk about future missions,

anticipating the future. I like the talk you gave about focusing

on the week and what we could do here and now. I also have

trouble with vague answers. A simple yes or no I can relate to

better. "I decline to comment." and...

*Elyon: Can I say something?

#4: Sure.

*Elyon: Because of an agreement that I have made...

#4: With who?

*Elyon: (the TR) This reason is why I cannot speak on this

matter. You must be open to the possibilities in this happening.

It is a localized event. And as I also spoke of earlier, the

mission is no grand specific design. It is a way of identifying

in ongoing outreach. And this is the purpose. Just to bring

people to the growth within themselves, which in itself brings

them the courage to share with others. And as for vague answers,

I would apologize. Sometimes I cannot be specific.

(Tape flipped. #4 asked about whose authority Elyon was


*Through Machiventa, but as well through Michael. I could

just say no, but I sense sometimes that that would seem

impersonal or as an admonishment which I would not want to do.

And also as many could attest, I seem to drag things out so I'll

be quiet.

 #1: Elyon, I'd like to say in regards to this concept of a

mission, I feel like I have to do a lot of work on myself before I

can do any good for just about anyone else, I have a hard time

dealing with some of the people I come in contact with and

expressing the love I'd like to express to people. If I'm going

to serve God I'll have to first take care of myself.

*Elyon: Very well said. I agree.

#5: My impression about the mission is . .. I'm reminded of

how Jesus was always trying to tone the apostles down. They kept

thinking something grand and glorious was in store for them in

working with Jesus. We should keep in mind that we have those

same tendencies that the apostles had. To realize that "the

kingdom is here, the kingdom is there, no it is within." Well,

the school is here, the school is there, well, the school is

probably primarily within. And within our personal sphere of

reference the school is the people we run into, we are all in

school together. My impression of the mission is that we all

pretty much know what is going on and we just have to get better

at it.

*Elyon: Thank you for your comments. And by your

understanding, I would grade you as an A. (Group laugh.)

Question: Do you feel like an apostle?

#5: Yeah, I guess I do. The apostles were told by Jesus to

go out and tell people the good news and I think he's told all of

us the same thing. We're not living physically with him but

we're still being taught by him and yeah, I do. We have our

instructions from Jesus and that's the definition of apostles.

*Elyon: Very good. An apostle is one who is willing through

their dedication to do whatever is necessary to bring the love of

God and the truth to those around them, regardless of self. So

when you identify with the apostles, you should realize as well

that you have this same purpose within you all that are willing.

*Would there be any more questions?

#1: What is this truth that we should be seeking to teach to

other people? The best that I can offer is that the spirit of God

lives within them. Is that the truth that we should be teaching?

*Elyon: Yes. That is the highest concept you can offer. To

expound further that you are all children of this same God

regardless of name. That by faith you shall attain Him in your

life and to spread the love which is the transforming power of

God. You may share this in a wide variety of ways but it should

always be with these few truths in mind.

*Does this answer you?

#1: Yes, thank you. I have trouble with my love for Jesus

and the apparent indifference I encounter with others. Rather

than trying to upset their belief systems, I want to turn them on

to Jesus but I don't know how.

*Elyon: This is because the Christ message was unfortunately

racialized and nationalized by a certain area of the world and

there has been much that has been put on his label that does not

fit. The approach to those with a negative opinion of the Creator

might be to take out the name and express the values that Jesus

upheld. The introduction of his name universally as Michael in

your book was done for this reason. There is no greater

disservice that one can do then to integrate this new

understanding into just the Christian world. It must be spread


*And so to give your understanding of Jesus to those around

you, try hard to live his life the best you can and share the

open values that he upheld. And in a sense it is good to speak to

the level that you are spoken to about your understanding.

Regardless, it is literally true that everyone will know Christ

Michael at one time or another.

*Does this answer you?

#1: Yes, thank you.

*Elyon: Then I will share with you my deepest appreciation

for this class. You listen and then you act, forever trying to

increase your awareness of the love around you and within. I

thank you for your dedication and Father Michael offers his love

as well. Reach out and share. Farewell.

April 21, 1993

*Greetings, this is Elyon. I am most pleased that you are

doing this as often as you can. To bring yourselves back into the

spiritual realm benefits you greatly. As you go about your daily

duties it is sometimes easy to get stuck in the materialistic

part of life on Urantia. And to meet in groups and pray and share

helps you with your spiritual growth. To know that you have each

other's support and comfort helps you each; helps each one of you

whether you are close or at a distance. You have these bonding

friendships to serve you and with thoughts with each other helps

to bring back into the spiritual circle. I feel that tonight I

can address each one of you personally and as a group on how

remarkable you are all doing. On how much you truly care and I

commend you on your outstanding efforts you put forth each day on

serving the Father and this mission. I am very fortunate to be

your teacher and friend and feel a very true and warm

companionship from each of you also. I do not share my feelings

very often, but I wanted to share this with you tonight, as I

become overwhelmed, and I am in awe of each and every one of you

and wish to express this. I too learn from you. And when dealing

with the hardships of life sometimes it becomes as though your

bogged down and cannot see the light, however you all do very

nicely at bring yourselves up to the light and are healing from

it. And do what each of you need to heal from. Are there any


Question #1: Elyon, I've been reading the Morontia Mota

section, and two things intrigued my attention. One was the idea

that few mortals ever dare to draw anything like the sum of

personality credits, in other words, we are truly rich, but we

refuse to believe it. The other thing is that blind and unforseen

accidents do not happen in the cosmos. Neither do celestial

beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light

of truth. I took that personally; why do certain people get

teachers? And of thinking myself why do I have a resistance or an

unwillingness or an inability to communicate? And when I read

that I thought well that's it, I don't act upon my light of

truth. Apparently I'm not doing what I need to be doing. Which

tied back to the idea that I'm not cashing in on my personality

credits. I'm rich, but I'm not doing it. I was wondering if you

had any insights as to if this was realistic in my situation, and

if so, could you expound on that further, so I could understand

my situation better. Thank you.

*Elyon: Yes, number one, allowing the time that it would take

for you to quiet your mind. There are teachers available for all

who wish them. Your desire is there, however there is also some

doubt attached to the validity of the Teaching Mission. So for

you this becomes a double edged sword, as you are, somewhat, in

inner conflict with what you really wish for yourself. You can

see the advantages of having a teacher. You are also consumed

with doubt as to how you would handle the situation if a teacher

were to come to you. You have some doubt as to responsibility,

whether this would somehow be taken from you: That you may no

longer be in charge of your free will. Ponder on what I have

said, and go into your depth, and see where you really are. Does

this help?

Questioner: Yes, That gives me much to think about. Thank you.

Question #2: Elyon, you spoke of healing. (Edited due to

personal nature.) How, in any way possible, can I be used in any

healing that's necessary to take place in this manner? If you

could talk on that; I would appreciate it.

*Elyon: Yes, this can be done in a private meeting. To set

this up with either of the TRs. And I will tell you all this:

That part of this mission is for you all to heal each other with

the aid of the Life Carriers. And for those who desire and wish

this, this will be so. Know that you can be a channel for this

healing, and know that inner guidance will come. For both of you

to learn and discern when the guidance is out of fear and when it

is from us or your Thought Adjuster. To fear will only add to the

burden. Pray and turn over to the Father, to open up and allow

the guidance to come in. Allow the love from Michael and the

Father to start the healing process. A private session would be

beneficial to go into this further. That is all I can comment on

for now.

Questioner: Thank you, Elyon. I would look forward to a

private session with you at a later time.

Question #3: Elyon, It's kind of a hard question to follow.

I have been actively seeking contact with who I am discerning to

be my personal teacher. This morning what I felt pretty good

confirmation from that teacher as well as an assurance of your

presence. Is there a way that I could get confirmation on who

this teacher is? I would be anxious to move on to the next step,

but don't want to push things faster than they ought to go.

*Elyon: You, also, can adjust your day to have more quiet

time. In the beginning of the contact with your teacher, once you

learn of his presence, and begin to discern when it is your

teacher and when it is you, you can then talk freely throughout

the day. You have indeed had real contact. It does take practice

in the beginning, so have patience and do not be hard on

yourself, for your teacher also has alot of patience. Set your

time aside each day, and be strict about it until you know you

have solid contact. The name will come. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes, thank you. I will pursue that time of

stillness; as I've been practicing lately, I give myself a break

on the weekends, however I think I will be more diligent on each

day as you have admonished us all along. I can fell in myself the

urge to lengthen this time period so as to allow for not only my

worship time but for communication exchange. I welcome your

presence as well as the presence of my personal teacher. I look

forward to all the guidance that you offer. Thank you.

*Elyon: You're most welcome, and to add that by setting the

same time aside each day and to be strict about it also helps you

to program you mind to that - this is the time that we will talk

to our teacher and to set all else aside.

*If there are no further questions, I would like to reinstate

within each of you to keep Michael close in your hearts, and to

ask your Father for healings, or to be a healer. The residents of

Urantia need this so very much. And to be open and desirous of it

will help many. Know that Michael is very, very close. You can

reach out, and touch his love, and pull it into your heart at any

time. Have this be your guide. Use this as your bookmark. And as

you turn the page each day, pull in Michael's love. I will now

take leave, and leave with you my love and caring. Go through the

rest of the week and keep your hearts open. Good night.

April 24, 1993

*Elyon: There is a message for (#1): Allow this to happen.

Open up your senses and allow the words through.

#1: Dear friends, I acknowledge your presence. Your

dedication delights me. I see you and you can see me. Look behind

the crude, harsh sensory impressions to the fine, very subtle,

deep mental and heart awareness. Here am I.

*Elyon: A message for (#2): See through the rough into the

smooth. Feel the velvet finish. Open up. Allow the words to come

through. (pause) Feel the velvet, smooth. Step beside yourself

and allow the words to come through. One word at a time, simple

and structured so that you can hear. (pause)

*A message for (#3): Your love can heal. You can open up and

be a healer through love. Do not allow the hurdles to become

large obstacles for you. Break them down with love.

*A message for (#4): Stride lightly. Take the weights from

your soles and replace with a thin sole so that you can glide

through the day. Remember the rocks. Cast them aside. Remove the

heavy weights.

*A message for (#5): Continue onward with your goal. Do not

falter. Continue on with your goal.

*A message for (#6): You are a brave soul to continue on with

your internal quest. Know that you are on the right path. You do

what is in harmony with your heart. Do not hesitate to know you


*My friends, this is Elyon, your faithful companion, teacher,

guide, and friend. I am here to help and show you the way. And I

know how difficult your struggles can be. I emphasize this to let

you know it is not easy from where you are. We cannot bring the

whole picture and show you the wonders of it, if only we could.

That you have to go on faith alone is not an easy task. You have

to believe, only believe, and have faith that this is all

happening, that this is all true. We know and I know of your

doubts, of your skepticism and through all of this you trudge on

and grow and grow and through your daily struggles you all have

such great soul growth, and your willingness to serve each other

and the rest of Urantia will come back to you tenfold. There have

been openings made today, awarenesses. You may not feel anything

now. And it may be very subtle for some and for others it will be

like born again. Trudge on and know the key word is patience,

once again, patience . And know through your endeavors each day

that little by little you make a large difference. If to only

smile at someone who hasn't been smiled at for a long time, this

my friends, is serving and doing the will of God.

*You are all doing a great job and my love to you. And my

thanks that you came together today to be a part of this. Without

your help we do not matter so much. We enlist you as we can

without going against the free will. You will one day be able to

look back and know of the differences you have made. My thanks to

you. Good bye.

April 25, 1993

*Have faith that things will be better and in the end only

good is of real value and that the Father is the way for you to

follow. This road to the Father is not so hard as it sometimes

seems. It is simple to love and to have faith. Everything else

falls in line when these two are brought to the forefront of your

purpose. It cannot hurt to be vulnerable to your Father. It is

only fear and stress that hold you back. To let these go you must

think of the truth, let it be your will to do His. Feel the

rising warmth of love of the power that He puts into you, the

power which you can use to reach out, to share, to comfort, to

heal. Send this out from your being. Give the light to those

around you. Fear not for self for your own needs and wants but

offer in love. This is the truth of the message, to let yourself

be strong and courageous, to be willing to share what you have

come to know in your lives not only with those with whom it is

comfortable to do so, but to let yourself go into the unknown, to

the stranger, to the doubtful friends, to family and share your

personal awareness of love, of God your Father. This is the light

that shines.

*Hello, I am (long pause) Aaron, and it is good to be here

with you today. Elyon is here as well and many friends have

gathered to share love with you. It is good to be allowed to

share this message with you as I may be doing with others in the

near future. So this is, as well as your classroom today, a

classroom for myself. Before I would respond I would like you as

individuals to reach out again and take each other's hands.

(group joins hands) Bring peace. Let your thoughts go away from

that which is irrelevant and center on the love of Michael. His

spirit is there. Now let it start within your heart. See it form

into a ball of energy and send it to the person next to you and

don't stop. As you receive back keep sending. Focus. (long pause)

And as the feeling rises, let yourself subside into the truth of

knowing love.

*It is good for you to do this bonding. It is known in its

connecting as a chain of love. Similarly when we gather we do

this as well in sharing. Thank you. (hands released)

*I would welcome a few questions today.

#1: Hello Aaron. It's good to meet you. I've read your stuff

and I really appreciate you and love you and I'm glad you're here

today. I seem to have a block or a problem with being able to

open up to this love and allow it through me. I felt a warmth

around my heart while you were talking about it and I wonder if

you could comment on why I seem to be holding this back and can't

share this with others and hold it within me.

*Aaron: It is good to speak with you. I enjoy seeing your

dedication. To share love I would say you're doing this rather

well. You may have blocks that create stress and uncertainty but

in your acceptance and your growth and your outreach, they become

smaller over time. To reach to the center of what you feel holds

you back and to see what it is that is causing you alarm or

stress, these are the first steps to breaking through your

obstacles. I would say you as a friend to reach beyond what you

feel holds you back to see the other side of the obstacle to

where you would want to be and then to see as you move towards

these goals to do a self-check as your feelings rise up and to

see what it is that brings on the feeling. You share so much. You

give without the regard for yourself. Your growth is by leaps and

bounds. Don't expect that you need to be perfect in understanding

at this time. To just feel this growth and follow where it is

leading you. This is what I would say to you today.

#1: Thank you very much. I appreciate that so much.

#2: Hello, Aaron, it's good to hear from you again. I

understand you will be the group teacher for Spokane. I'd like to

offer my services to you in aiding the development of our group

relationship in Spokane with you in the future. I just want to

here express my willingness to do so.

*Aaron: Thank you for your love and honest attempt at

outreach. It has been conceived fairly early within this limited

mission that this area has many opportunities for the connecting

of the teaching mission. And so in our preparing we have foreseen

the ways to bring this interconnectedness throughout the

different groups that form.

*Yes, I am assigned for a group of individuals that are

coming together slowly and I would welcome working with you and

in this group as a preparing from time to time as well as Elyon

will share himself.

*Would there be any other questions?

#3: You mentioned other visitors being here today besides

Elyon. Can you tell us anything more about them or would it be

possible to hear from any of them?

*Aaron: There are many friends of angelic origin and there

are carriers, life carriers. There are a few personal teachers

present and others. As Elyon would wish at this time we will

limit the speaking today.

*Does this answer you?

#3: Yes, thank you. Elyon talked about healing last week.

I'm wondering if we should, if we want to be useful as conduits

for healing, shall we assume that we can be and practice to the

best of our ability, rather than wait for confirmation that we

are? I think the answer is obvious but I'd like to hear your


*Aaron: Certainly (group laughs) work on the focusing of

your energies for the purpose of giving this to others. It is

important to know that in giving you should not run out and lay

on hands to anyone you meet. (more laughs) You may find

heartbreak here. But with your dedication to the Father and to

serving His purpose, you as believers will work to expand your

capacities for love within you. And for being able to let that

love go to another, this is important for there are many, many

with love trapped inside who don't know how to release it. By

your openness in sharing this becomes natural. The term healer is

used to designate but is not wholly correct. Those who are

effective in bringing the revitalization to others are those who

become through their dedication a conduit for love discharge. And

in truth it is the Father's power of love that we all share, so

this is the true healer. We as individuals throughout progression

continue to learn how to share this. And as you work on this your

progress will be seen. Does this answer you?

#3: Yes, thank you.

*Aaron: I would take one more today.

#4: Hello, Aaron. I'd like to extend my love to you and all

those that are around us. I don't have a question but I'd like to

express my love for God and all the spiritual forces that are

here today. Thank you so much for your help.

*Aaron: And thank you for acknowledging us here.

*I would like to share my appreciation for your openness to

understanding. Your group, as it is far strung, is somewhat

different as many would be, for you have been seekers of truth

for a long period of time before the happening here was even

conceived in your eyes. Many groups are those that form around

the message and the messenger. It is quite pleasurable and

somewhat stress relieving to know that we can come into a group

of people that have already established much of their belief

system and who allows our purpose to be to only enhance what you

have already established within your being. Your love is centered

on God through Michael and this is where it should stay. And

thank you for allowing me to speak. Good bye.


April 30, 1993

*Come into your own understanding. Listen to truth. It guides

you, so let it flow through.

*This is the message today:

*You must go to ever increasing length to be in touch with

your Father and His will. By listening, you entered the first

stage of understanding. By allowing Him in you have taken the

steps to progress. Now in sharing your existence, all the trials

and joys, and ups and downs, you enter the second stage.

*Do not separate spiritual time from material time. Work to

make all time spiritual time. In this way you give the Father

complete control in your life; not control to manipulate you, but

a control to guide you to your highest potential in

understanding. This is the only way that you can be completely

free to follow the will of your Father in your life.

*When you work, or play, or study, to know and to realize the

Father's presence within, you will increase your satisfaction in

life. It will bring you a sublime peace internally, which will

help you to move through any situation that you may come upon.

This is the truth that Jesus came to know in his life. With

Michael's understanding of the Father's presence at all times,

there was no doubt that everything he experienced would be for


*I give you this message of understanding to make you realize

that the Father is such a part of you - His personality, His

will, His understanding, His knowingness - it is there within

you. You just need to reach out to it consistently.

*When we say to go out to your Father in quiet as much as you

can find the time to do, we also would like for you to focus your

mind with the Father in the rest of your endeavors in life,

whether it be working, cleaning house, helping others, taking

care of children, in time of pain or sorrow, or in happiness. All

of these occasions should be experienced with the eyes of God


*As you come to know this presence as an equal part of your

body and life, then you can step out to new boundaries, to

stretch them to new heights, to see and experience in complete

satisfaction of knowing your purpose, all that there is in life.

So take the step to bring your Indwelling Presence into the fore

front of your existence with you, both in quiet time and in all

other phases and aspects of your life. Share it all with Him, and

the increasing connection will solidify as time goes by.

*It is important to know that these steps are seldom realized

in existence on a planet such as yours at this stage, because so

many have not the understanding to move into this level. But your

life and your love for the Father and your desire, true desire,

brings us as teachers and guides to believe that you can truly

become connected with your guide in increasing ways by just

allowing the opening to occur. So move it forward. This is the

second stage of development that we will begin to bring you into.

*Hello, I am Elyon. It is good to be here today. I am glad to

share this with you. This was a message to be given for your

gathering the other night (Wednesday meeting), but I saw an

accept with satisfaction, the steps of discussion that you were

involved in. Step out friend, to the new levels of awareness in

your life. I would be open to questions today.

Questioner: It's good to speak with you Elyon. About

healing, I'm trying to grow in understanding of how to bring the

love through me. Any guidance would be appreciated.

*Elyon: This is quite acceptable. As you reach for the

sharing of your power of love, you must give your focus and power

channel to the Life Carriers and the Father, and let them work

the love into you. Then you can work to discharge the power. A

short time, fifteen minutes or so, should be sufficient. Let this

guide you as you give the love over.

Questioner: Thank you friend. Okay stage two; what is this

going to entail in the next step of the mission? If you can give

any guidance?

*Elyon: Yes. This will grow new levels of understanding,

experiential understanding. By allowing yourselves to focus on

the truth of the love of our Father, we will work to expand the

boundaries of perception, your levels of awareness, and to

enhance your understanding of the experience of God within your


*We may step into a new level of awareness soon, so it is

good to bring you to the understanding in your growth now. This

can guide you in your willingness to be involved in the bringing

about of love to others, and the awareness of God the Father to

those around you, for this will network this experience and

branch out further in awareness for others.

Questioner: Thank you. Do you actually touch me when you do

this or do you stand next to me and give the message? I'm


*Elyon: I give you the message through the agency of

midwayers, who come through with the connection. The seraphic

advisors, assistants, offer me insight into the feelings and

emotions of those involved, though I can perceive some directly,

but your connection is with the work of the midwayers, and your

Father within, in offering the power this goes through.

Questioner: Okay friend, thanks. Please close with anything

you will today.

*Elyon: I give this message today to bring you to the

awareness that the Father should go hand in hand with your life,

at all times, through all occurrences. Take these steps to bring

the further understanding to yourself, as many of you are

beginning to do. Bring Him with you. Go forth and share your

love. Thank you. Farewell.

Questioner: Bye.