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Teacher: Lantarnek Melchizadek

Transmitter/receiver: Rick Giles

Topics: Father’s Will, Spiritual Economy, Stillness

March 26, 2004

Lantarnek: Greetings to all of you. I welcome you into fellowship. I am honored at your attention. It is a joy to make this meeting to acknowledge our association as those who are dedicated to bringing about the manifestation of the Fathers' will upon Urantia as it is the supreme desire of our sovereign son Michael. I am Lantarnek and I greet you today.

You are living upon a world that has become highly complex, and while the technologies you have developed are recognized by us as beneficial for the progress of the planet, there is the development of such interconnectedness that you are faced with a complex network of associations. The result is that the personality, who is at this time, highly constrained by time and place, is engaged with many tasks which pull you one direction or another. Upon entering into your Morontia phase of ascension, you will encounter even more interconnectedness. However, there is in place within Morontia culture, an approach that I relate to you as singleness of purpose.

Promulgated from the center of eternity at the Paradise abode, is the mandate to seek the Father, to become like him. All across the many universe structures upon every planet, this encouragement is taught, and it is hoped that all souls that hear this calling of Father, choose to make the ascent. Given the many tasks that bear upon your life, it is a necessity to hold strong to this single purpose, be it your career, your family, social organizations, sporting engagements, each asks for your dedication and loyalty. Each desires your time and energy. All these engagements are simple in execution, given that you have consecrated to the will and purpose of the Father. One may ask, what is the will of the Father? Often the desire is for a
direct order of action, and while every personality would relish such a simple directive, this is not the Fathers' will. Father desires to experience your soul unfoldment to cooperatively experience your personal discovery of truth, your attainment of goodness, and your manifestation of beauty. To do so you are encouraged to manifest love and mercy, the first and foremost revelation of beauty to all the universe. Therefore in every engagement that you commit yourself to, apply love, bestow mercy, and you will fulfill the Fathers' will.

It may be said that your relationship with the divine presence bestowed upon you is a dance. While the creature would love to have the divine Father lead the dance, truly it is the Father who desires that you be the one who leads. As God has infused himself within each one of you, He is undertaking the divine pleasure of encountering supreme experience through your choice of step and turn. One may worry that, if the human self is to lead such an engagement, is it not dangerous that one would stray and fall into error. I encourage you today to remember that this dance requires that you hold tightly to your partner. That you step in synchrony, that you cooperate, that you coordinate. Here is the Fathers' indwelling role. You will know when you step wrongly, for the correction will be felt deep within your being.

Therefore, while you are engaged in many activities in your daily lives, whether your dance form is fast or slow, multi-stepped or simple, Father will assure you of the correctness of your steps. One day, when you have perfected your association focus upon the Father, have matured in your coordination of willing choice, of directive and purpose, you will become one in the embrace of fusion. This is the Fathers' purpose, for you to come to him of your own free will, no laws, no mandates. It is the simple divine desire. This is the single purpose you may hold for all that transpires is your life. Upon any commitment, any engagement, superimpose love and mercy.

I wish to respond to your inquiries welcome them.

Question: I am curious. I anticipate that there are going to be many of these study groups forming around the country and the world in the near future, and that many are going to attempt to have contact with teachers such as yourself. Do you have advice for these groups, and what role will they play in the mission of the Magisterial Son?

Lantarnek: As a Melchizedek, we are focused upon the education of each of you who sincerely seek to engage with Michael's ministers who have come to your world to uplift you and to educate you. You will, as a noviciate group, undertake training that emphasizes the basic spiritual foundation. While your prior investigation into matters religious and spiritual, may have taught you many principals, these teachers will enliven these principals through the stimulation of your faith and the encounters of your doubts, and thereby solidify within you a personal adherence to what you understand in mind.

There is no precise point upon which you must have become engaged in the contact of these celestial ministers. Now is as appropriate as any year in the past, as any time in the future. This technique in which we are engaged right now is transitional. While we descend upon you through mind and midwayers technique, we are still constrained by evolutionary development, by culture. Every bestowal mission upon any world, must adapt itself to the conditions of the creatures who dwell thereon. The pending arrival and outworking manifestation of the Magisterial Son is likewise adapted to your present set of mind, hope of soul.

You who are attentively listening this hour, are among many across the planet who are learning faith trust, and becoming sensitive to your potency as a minister, and the validity of your worth to the planetary administration. Many who come to the awakening of the reality of the contact of celestial brothers and sisters, will have to ask and answer the very questions you ask and have answered. Not all trust this process of connection due to the damages a wayward ???? of eons past in your planet’s history.

There is your task. To eradicate the fear, to caution for the pitfalls, to point out the dangers of egotistical gratification, popularity enhancement of self, to focus upon sincere dedication to Michael, and the truth that he is and has revealed. Each group, and each individual within each group, is being trained to behave in this way as they desire. This will be the task of all sincere seekers and fellowship of seekers. It is much like the first chosen apostles of our Master Son upon your world, who were given the task to chose six others and bring them into Jesus' mission on this world. Every group assembling with the eye to God, and the desire to function for the benefit of this planet, will choose through the manifestation of spirit fruit, the willing and seeking souls who have yet to trust and understand the reality of universal brotherhood, fellowship, and communion.

It my hope that I have addressed your question.....yes you have, thank you.

Question: Can you shed any light on what the future technique of communication might be?

Lantarnek: As we work with you in this current phase of our outreach, or perhaps in your perspective, our in-reach, we are working within your mind with the association of concept and belief with perspective and vocabulary. These are limiting to those who come into your world from a morontia culture, and therein creates the potential that you may misinterpret our outreach. As we further develop this connecting apparatus and as your souls enlarge in the experience of our contact, you will receive superconscious awareness with a more directly conscious recognition. The foundations laid today will dispel the fear and distrust much as you who undertake any development of physical skill must go through the falls, the bruises, and the pain to become proficient.

The world has not practiced this developmental technique due to the infusion and confusion of the Luciferian teaching, and until now, this hesitancy has been helpful in preventing great fanatical consequences. But with the advancement of your scientific disciplines, and the reorienting of your religious theologies, the time is ripening for greater and clearer receptivity on your part, and inter-connectivity on our parts and association. It will be less the convincing of mind, and more the conversion of soul in awareness of the truth presented. Less of the accuracy of concept, and more of the sensitivity of the truth contained. The boiling down to the essential. The permission of all that is required to bring about presentation, with the degrees of accuracy and error, for this will be screened by the development of your keen insight, the advancement of your wisdom. Within your text it is said that "to those who do not believe in God, no argument is convincing, and to those who do, no argument is necessary". This points to the higher realm of superconscious awareness, and away from the intellectual level of debate and proof.

Q: Thank you for that great explanation. We look forward to the future when such communication becomes more prevalent.

Question: I'm always trying to figure out a little bit about balance between going within and physically moving forward as regards the spiritual economy. What can I do to balance these elements?

Lantarnek: Given the fact that each one of you is a creature and not a Creative Spirit or Creator Son, you will ever and always be at a stage of development wherein you perceive accomplishment and you realize your shortcomings. Never will you ever feel fully mastered, fully prepared to function in the mode of the ideal revealed to you through Michael. As you have indicated it is an economy. No economy functions if all hold still. It requires the dynamics of exchange, to invest and to gain, to invest or to lose, this creates currents.

Stillness, communion with divine presence, must alternate with ministry and fraternity, the inter-association of souls that aspire to God consciousness. To follow this perspective of economy, time spent alone with Father is much like the accrual of interest in savings. It enriches what you know and provides you with more to express or expense in your association with your fellows. But to hold and to accrue in this manner will not bring the riches it could. This is why, Michael, upon your world, was keen upon engaging his apostles with as many human beings as they possibly could encounter. For the profit gained to the growing soul is great through such engagements.

But the human being is not constrained by the formulas of economy exactly, and it is of the utmost importance that you tap into the treasury of divine presence for in this discipline you develop the ability to draw upon the Fathers' grace even while engaged dynamically with your fellows. But to do this requires going alone, soul to spirit. I cannot stress how important this is to human creatures. Subsequent to your elevation to morontia existence, you will be more continually enveloped in this consciousness, but then you will have a morontia vehicle more attuned to such encircuitment. Finding the balance is not arrived at through a particular formula, just as you are aware in your economic markets, that you cannot predict the trends of highs and lows. You must perceive wisely, and you must invest continually. Spiritually speaking, this investment is time alone with the Father, and an ever watchful eye for the hungry souls about you who seek to know truth at the level they can receive at that time.

Question: If there are no other questions could you please close the session with a short prayer?

Lantarnek: Michael Son, you, the revelation to each of us of our Father on high, I humbly stand before you to thank you for the honor of this ministry to this world and to these my beloved friends. They are your children, I know you love them. I seek their trust for I too love them. Each one beyond measure, is as valuable to you as any other. And while this confused planet wars, fights, competes, each heart that I perceive truly desires the unity that you preach. Help these my friends and your children, deepen in their spirit unity and apply this awareness to all their activities. Love is the paramount experience. You revealed this even upon this little world, Urantia. Thank you for the opportunity given me, and the opportunity given to these my friends, to increase the light that you are, to uphold the truth that you reveal, to bring the peace that you bestow. May it ever be so.