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Lantarnek Melchizedek


Conference Call T/R Group

January 15, 2004

T/R, Mark Rogers

* Lantarnek: Hello, I greet you all tonight, I am Lantarnek. I am a worker in the fields of the Father, just as you are, in these times of great change. It is my privilege to be here on this world for an extended period of time to witness the many changes that transform this world of material and darkness into a world of spirit and light. This is my function, to be about this transformation and it is my privilege to have access, to work with ones such as yourselves, who are devoted to this enterprise for the sake of Michael and the Father.

The plan before us is vast and at the same time ultimately attainable. We must focus on the steps at hand in order to foster a proper environment for the development of conditions to bring to this project the fruits of the spirit. This is done in each of your lives individually as you engage spirit and dance with spirit. You become enhanced by this experience and the fruits of this growth are evident in the spiritual realm..

These fruits also become evident as we work together for the cause and the purpose of the Creator. We form a union, a web of support that then gives rise to the fertility needed to support the growth and propagation of the fruits. Each one of us has an individual role to play in this great scheme before us and we have, as well, a number of collective roles to play wherein we bring our influence and our flavors to add to the giant meal we are preparing before us. In this way we all get to exchange the sweet bits of reality we each possess, and share them with each other on their way to the Father.

As we fulfill this divine purpose we become unified in this task, and this unity is the end result of a universal ascent we make. When we work together in this way, we share the joy and satisfaction of coming into success in according the desires of the Father. We support each other as we reach out in different directions as expressions of the Father’s love. We stand together in these fields of labor side by side and gather the fruits the Father has made possible on such a world so far away from his center. These activities, each one, represent miracles, true gifts of grace from the Father himself who desires that we share in this joy, who is exceedingly glad to see us labor in these fields for his kingdom.

In my experience on this world I have seen many different approaches by humankind to be about this task of spreading this good word, this good cheer. I have seen many varied results in the efforts put forth by those who come before you and it is a delight to witness each new generation and their subsequent expressions of love for their Divine Parents, in their service to their fellows. I will never tire of seeing the new levels of expression that the human and spirit combination provide to this gigantic experiment in time and space. Always is it true that the influence of the Father draws the individuals involved to himself and these individuals find various modes of transportation, but they invariably find the First Source and Center, being ever pulled that way by their Indwelling Fragment, the gift of the Divine Parent.

Indeed all forces in the universe guide us in this direction and foster our development in this manner. We are so privileged to be in awareness of this phenomenon that we may the better develop this sense and become more effective in this process. Will there be any dialogue among any of the individuals involved?

Q: Lantarnek, what kind of being are you?

* I am a Melchizedek and as such am responsible, in part, for the uplifting of the planet and the lesson plan provided to accomplish this task. We function as a corps as you may be aware.

Q: About Monjoronson coming, would he ever prophesize to other groups to spread word of his coming?

* The rest of the planet is almost entirely unaware of the existence of Monjoronson. He has never been spoken of by earlier prophets. As his role has been recently augmented, there are no previous references to his arrival.

It is not recommended that you spread abroad the word of his arrival as this has been done many times in the past and has proved an unsuccessful means whereby to accomplish the mission at hand. Monjoronson’s mission consists of the spiritual transformation of the (leaders? …Hard to hear for transcriber.), of your fear and he is engaged in this process.

This is not the matter to necessarily concern yourselves with, as his task does not require your assistance. He has stated before that your efforts are best spent on his behalf working from your end toward him, that is to say working from a more grass roots level. You, as individuals, are effective in causing the type of spiritual growth which is enduring and this is your function in reference to Monjoronson.

Q: This means that his arrival would be quite a surprise to everyone, without any preparation like that.

* The fact of his arrival will go largely unnoticed by most individuals. Because of his realm of operation in spirit, not in the material plane, there will be no space to be on the news or to write about, no individual person on which to focus. Therefore, his role will be more behind the scenes in the realm of individual spiritual capacities, spiritual choices, enhanced spiritual perceptions. These are the ways in which the material son will contact the human individual, not through any visual form or material manifestations. Therefore, it is hard to herald the arrival of one who is unseen.

Q: Lantarnek, it is my understanding and some others that in many cases when a Magisterial Son arrives he is arriving in full view of other people as human. Are you suggesting that part is in error?

* I am, at this point, merely saying that there has been no physical manifestation which we will reference. These matters obviously can take some time to manifest, that anything is possible with the Sovereign of the universe in charge of the plan. All magnitude of resources may be devoted to this endeavor, but at this time we have no physical manifestation to reference.

Q: This is my understanding, as well. But at some point in the future, I understand this may happen.

* As I said, all things are possible, and we may make this a part of our petition to the Father in our individual desires, that this may come to pass one day. In the meantime we, as individuals, must work on developing our senses, our spirit eyes, that we are able to witness the spiritual functioning of such a being as a material son. We must develop our individual abilities and we are about that task at the moment as we are engaged in this activity.

Q: What is God’s desire, what is the divine purpose?

* The divine purpose is to unfold all aspects of this universe, to replicate the patterns of the Divine, to gain experience in that process and to bring that experience back to the source from which it came, the First Source and Center, the Father. In this way the Father gets to experience all potential and all possibilities that have been created when we return these experiences to him as our gifts. In that way the cycle is completed and all divine potential becomes divine actual.

And it all starts at this level when we, as personal individuals, decide to choose the path back to our Divine Parent of our own free will and exercising our faith and as we commit ourselves to the journey back to the Father. Along the way we gather experience and have a completely new set of circumstances and experiences to offer our Divine Parent when we return.

Q: I’m also looking to understand what is the actual pleasure the Father sees in actualizing these potentials? What is the end result other than the actualization?

* The end result for the Father is the encompassing of all that is and all that could be. As individuals of the realm we are given the choice for our pursuit, our direction. When we choose to return our fragment back to the First Source and Center we have actuated that circuit which is in place for such a purpose, thus completing that circuit and fulfilling the divine purpose. When we choose otherwise, that circuit may remain unfilled, that potential may not become actual, that realization of reality may not be possessed by the Father. That is our choice. When we choose the Father, we give to the Father the gift of that choice which puts us on the path of returning to the Father. In so doing, we bring to reality, we bring into life, the very potential the Father would have for us. This is fulfilling to the Father as his potentials and plans become actualized by the free will choice of his children. It is quite pleasing to the Father, any father, to see his children so willing to please him and come to him.

Q: Thank you very much.

Q: Lantarnek, I have no question, but I appreciate your lesson and I feel like your lessons are always clear. I appreciate that.

* I thank you for your attentiveness and involvement in this process. We share a commitment in this process and I consider you as my valuable associates and even my friends in this endeavor we choose together.

Q: Lantarnek, would you say the TeaM is moving toward outgoing service, and if so what kind of service do you envision at this time.

* We remain ever hopeful that this mission will reach new heights of service, never settling for previous achievements or goals but rather looking to new goals and achievements to inspire and propel individuals forward into service. We see great potential in the enthusiasm exhibited by individuals involved in this process at this time.

We encourage any and all pursuits toward the expression of the love of the Father in the form of your service to each other. We pledge our assistance in this process on an ongoing basis and desire nothing more than to be partners with you whenever you allocate your time and resources to this process. Even now, at this moment, we are at your command, at your call, so to speak, to be of assistance, because it is our perpetual mission to be about this business. But you have limited time to devote to such a process and we honor your allocation of time and resources and are happy to work with your schedule.

As far as a vision for what might be to come in this process, that is up to you. We rely on you, our associates, to provide that vision. It is through your thought patterns that we may function. We may be suggestive; we may foster certain conditions to be supportive; but in the final analysis you are the ones who make the call and call into action the forces of the universe at play in this process. We await your nod and desire; we await your confirmation and commitment; we await the time in your lives we may engage you; and I call you to witness that we seldom let you down. When you are ready, we are, too.

Therefore, we may provide inspiration, insight, and support, but in the end you are the ones who bring forth the idea, perhaps even the ideal. Then the ball is in motion; the wheel is turning; the steps are being taken to facilitate the change. Then is when we come into play, able to steer the step, nudge the ball to roll. These are the influences we may provide once you have chosen to be about this task and have provided the initial start up.

We welcome all visions of what might come to be to this process and pledge our commitment to work to the fullest extent toward their manifestations, but we will stop short of mandates or directives as this violates our mandate to engage with you.

Q: What about the directive to increase our web service capabilities shared by Monjoronson?

* An increased ability in that regard will prove positive in preparation for any such event. The preparations one makes on the (road? …hard to hear) serve for all facets and aspects of this new mission and, therefore, are positive contributions to this process regardless of any outside time influence or perceived deadline.

We would encourage and foster the growth of this web that we are on, even now, at this time, as another avenue of expression, as another means of connection with those spiritually interested individuals who are willing to allocate their time. All efforts that individuals make to foster anything conducive to creating the environment of positive spiritual exchange are dearly cherished on our side. We know of the individuals efforts to be of service even if it goes largely unrecognized by others, and we are grateful.

Q: Thank you.

* If there are no other questions or dialogues I would draw this meeting of spiritually charged souls I am privileged to visit with at this time to a close. You are as beacons of light in the fog of your world. You are radiant beings providing luminosity to all those around you. And I say as one who can see you from a distance that your luminosity beckons to all and is an attractive force in the universe. I salute you all for being these radiant beacons of light for the Father. You will find that spiritually hungry souls will be drawn to you, as moths to the flame, and you will be there for them to provide this service as your heart desires. I thank you. I honor each one. I leave you tonight with my encouragement. Thank you.