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Meeting in Creston, BC, Canada

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group



Introduction of Teacher Jeremy

Michael's Assurance

Teachers: Elyon, Jeremy, Michael

June 27, 2004

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I salute you all; I acknowledge your attention; I welcome you as a friend. I am Elyon. Your interest in our outreach program through contact is a reward to each of my associates, as we have labored to bring about restoration on Michael's beloved world. You are our compatriots, for you have endeavored to comprehend the nature of the spirit administration of this world and to wrestle with your contribution toward the manifestation of light in the form of truth. The answers to your spiritual and philosophical inquiries have strengthened your souls and enlightened your minds to the extent that you are counted among the enlisted in this current phase of Michael's program for Urantia.

We are engaged in a broad effort of leading mankind out of darkness and into light. It is not a battle of one view against another; it is an undertaking of promotion, advancing comprehension of universe principles throughout all manifestation of human thinking and religious behavior. Blessed are you to have been introduced to the great work of the honored Orvonton commission: your Urantia text. While I understand, as one who was myself a mortal human being, that insignificance as one individual upon a world is strong, a planet so large appears to be beyond your ability to influence. Coupling your current education through this revelation with Michael's demonstration of ministry, personal, one-on-one, you have all the requirements necessary to further the effort toward Light and Life on Urantia. Today I encourage you to accept our designation on you as leaders.

While a leader may appear to head the pack to those who follow, within an honest leader is the understanding of divine guidance. A leader is one who takes initiative but is also one who receives guidance and correction and instruction. It is a role much like one who steps up to the plate, who takes up the bat to face the pitcher. The pitcher of a ball game is the role my associates and I take with you. We toss you the ball and you choose when to swing. There will be times when you miss, and you will feel like you failed. There will be times when you do not act. In this inaction you come to learn that you either hesitated through unwillingness when the opportunity presented itself, or you acted wisely in withholding your action to allow the opportunity to develop wherein you may better apply yourselves.

I assure you that you each have connected; you have hit the ball. It is high in the air. I encourage you now to run, take to flight. No batter makes it around the bases without personal effort. We will continue to pitch balls your way and take delight, unlike your game, every time you hit. But in order for Urantia to progress, there need to be more players on the bases. It is your commitment, it is your courage, that takes you to the plate, that makes you swing. When you have engaged yourself in a project sponsored by Michael's mission teachers, you rally the enthusiasm of your fellows. There is great encouragement found in the example of another, and many in the dugout of life step forward in your footsteps to help you around the plates, to join you in getting on base.

One hit encourages the next to step to the plate. While I am dedicated to this correction program and will remain enlisted as long as Michael assigns me here, he left your world telling you to go forth and preach the gospel. I am here to encourage to you to do this. I am not here to preach; you are the ones. It is upon Urantia, not above Urantia, that the work will be done for planetary advancement. I know that you are interested in seeking answers to questions you hold. I will keep my lesson short. I welcome your responses and your input.

Evelyn (after a long pause): Our friends seem a little bashful. I know they would love to hear anything about the teachers working with this group.

Cecile: I would like to know who my personal teacher is.

* Elyon: Christy.

Cecile: Christy? Okay. Thank you.

Lorraine: This is Lorraine. May I have the name of my wonderful teacher?

* Elyon: It is with love that I come forward to assure you of your ability to receive contact on the order of lessons of length. Each one of you in this room is aligned with a teacher enlisted in Michael's program. I urge you to step forward to allow the voice to speak. It is Thomas.

Lorraine: Thank you, Elyon.

Barbara: (Inaudible. Asks for the group teacher's and her personal teacher's name.)
* Jeremy: This is Jeremy. I use this contact to introduce myself as your group teacher. I am delighted to make myself more overtly known, for you are cherished by me. I am privileged to be among such brilliant souls, to have ones as you for friends, to have such a corps of understanding people who are capable of wrestling with problems of a universe perspective, who are willing to face the darkness in order to perceive the light. I recognize your strength, and I am confident in our progress as a working group. If it is your choice to welcome me, I am dedicated to be at your service.

Group: We welcome you, Jeremy.

* Jeremy: As Elyon stated, you do each one have a personal teacher. It is with caution that we encourage you to seek in stillness all of your teachers' names, for it is difficult for Jonathan to grasp with certainty each appellation. You who have received a name are asked to take this into prayer for confirmation, for your relationship with your personal assistant is just that, personal. It is through this verification within that your trust is strengthened, for no man may stand between you and your relationship with your teacher.

Sharon: Can you tell us about yourself, Jeremy?

* Jeremy: I am one who has been working within this system of planets a duration of time, the number of which you would find of little value, for it is of an extended period. I am domiciled upon the headquarters. I volunteered for this service, for my experience has largely been upon Jerusem as an assistant of the administration, one of the staff. It is my desire to broaden what you call a resume by engaging in contact with my younger brothers and sisters in this manner. This will assist me in assignments abroad within our constellation. While I have given you my personal motivations, foremost and highest of my priorities is helping you to do the work of Michael.

* Michael: Beloved children, though I dwell among you ever and always, I reach to you in voice at this time to assure you of my love once again, to embrace you. You are my chosen. You are my apostles, for you are willing to step forward for truth. Trust the reception of those I send to you. Acknowledge their presence, but be not afraid. They will not leave you if you misunderstand their names or words. They know that it is in your relationship that understanding and love will grow. I am known on your world as Jesus, and you know me as Michael. I am addressed by many names; you know me by the way of love; you know me through mercy. It is our touch that is our true connection, and this is all through the power of our Father's grace upon us all. It is to Him we ascend. It is to Him I give you. My work in Nebadon is to honor our Father. All across my universe home I reach to souls like you that I may take you back to my Father, our Father, and proudly place you in His arms. You know not the adventure that lies before you; you have but heard. In time you will travel and in eternity you will know. Rest assured of my watchcare. Be certain that I will not let you run into danger. I will not let you falter in your already well made progress. I too have invested much in your unfoldment. I will not let that slip. Carry me in your hearts as I carry you.

* Elyon: This is Elyon. I return to allow Jonathan release from this contact. But as he so does, it is my wish that you spend a few moments now listening, receiving. Be bold and share what filters into your awareness. You are not to be judged whether you express for your fellows. I ask you to do this, for it will aid you in your training. Thank you for receiving us all today. I take my leave.