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Communicating With Angels.

From the Desk of George Barnard

The Forgotten Guardians.

Most of the work of the 11:11 Progress Group deals with but a simple task — making the 11:11 Spirit Guardians, or 1,111 Secondary Midwayers, a little better known. And, yes, this is happening. There are ever more subscribers on the 11:11 lists. Most of these subscribers are regularly time-prompted with all kinds of double-digit prompts, and thus they must have Midwayer contact. However, the least-understood, and under-used, resources to knowledge are their often-overlooked Destiny Guardians, the Angels.

Symbolic Rubbish.

From the early 1960’s onwards, as I began to care for trauma patients, lucid dreams became a rather frequent event. From that time on, it seemed to be my lot to treat the very worst of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders, rape cases, serious accidents, and attempted suicides. New at the task, I felt hardly well-enough educated to handle these "heavy deals." They seemed to just stack up, one after another. It was exhausting work.

Vivid dreams became an almost nightly affair. In retrospect, what the Midwayers did not "download" into my mind, the Seraphim were informing me about in dreams. That is in fact one of their tasks, and as it was, the data I received about my patients would arrive the night before they first entered my clinic. The Angels knew my schedule before I did.

However, most of those dreams were like symbolic rubbish, and I did not feel inclined to become a dream interpreter as well, or even study that doubtful subject.

"I’ll Give It To You Straight."

There was a family to care for, a business to run, and a clinic to attend to — quite enough for one mortal, and I made my thoughts known about the many dreams that left me none the wiser.

"I’ll give it to you straight," I told the (at that time invisible) "Spirit Guardians" that often spoke to me. "I can’t handle these crazy dreams. Please write them down in English and mail them to my address."

Just days later, a new patient arrived, and she gave me a book of dreams. She said that she "somehow felt certain" about my appreciating that small gift.

I checked out a whole series of dreams that went back many years, and the book did make some sense. Soon, patients would begin reporting their dreams without being prompted to do so. Soon after, I began to hypnotically program them to tell me about their dreams, especially when they were relevant to the still unknown brain/mind/emotional malfunction that was holding them back.

"Refining the Process."

At last we had a method for closer cooperation with any smart Celestial that felt like contributing to the welfare of those who needed plenty of TLC. There was still an ongoing problem with the dreams, however. They were lengthy, and, at times, it was difficult to pick out those parts of the dreams that were most relevant. I requested for three main aspects to be made clear, and then my dreams swiftly changed to film shorts, some parts barely lasting three or four seconds.

After years of use, the book fell apart in the 1990’s. Soon, some pages were missing, as well, but yet another patient brought me a brand-new copy of the very same publication — another unexpected gift. In 2001 I accidentally left that book in the U.S., and, recently, another was forwarded to me.

With it, the lucid dreams are back as well.

The Destiny Guardians are back in action.

Underused And Under Rated.

Spare a thought for these loving Daughters of Mother Spirit. They stick around on this planet for hundreds of years, but time-distant as they are, their mortal charges hardly ever take note of their urgings. What difficult jobs they have! What frustration in looking after their pet mammals!

If you would like to establish closer contact with your Destiny Guardians, it is likely that any book of dreams will do. They would know the text of all of them. I like my book best. It’s not expensive, and contains more than 20,000 quick-reference translations. Beyond purchasing it, all you need to do is make a deal with your very best Celestial Friends, your underused and under-rated Angels. Perhaps they will go and purchase their own copy of the book.

Perhaps not.

Notes: I use "Zolar’s Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Dreams" — Simon & Schuster.

See also: — a talk with Destiny Guardians, courtesy Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33).

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