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Illawarra District, Australia,

Teacher Samuel.

Subject: "The Better of Two Options." (Or the Least of Two Evils.)

February 29, 2004.

Received by George Barnard.Samuel:

"I’m with you my dear friend and student. My love and respect for you dwells in my heart, my mind and my soul. It is a blessing for me to be with you through good times and bad in this ‘marker’ of the twelfth year of our association, even though for the greater time of our liaison you remained oblivious to the source of this regular input.

"Be assured that for us both all our time together has been of great value, as we each managed to progress in our age-long endeavor to eventually reach a state of total perfection. One could hardly imagine a greater contrast between our home worlds. For the likes of me, having grown up in an environment in the middle stages of Light and Life, it an amazing learning experience to dwell in your neighborhood and to perceive the goings on in a world still chaotic in its ways.

"To have lived in an environment where goods, services, ideas and intellectual property were freely shared, it has been an eye-opener for me to visit a civilization where little is shared without it requiring payment of some kind. I have found a culture where patents are awarded for discoveries dealing with essential, survival commodities such as food and medicine, and where even common language needs to be trademarked and copyrighted.

"We witness your modes of operation, your ways of doing things, and in almost all instances you must chose the better of two or more options, and, or, often the lesser of two or more evils, to survive in this world. And it is the fear of non-survival, and the need to jealously protect self, by individuals and corporations alike that have set the tone for abundance for each to be siphoned off into the overflowing ‘portfolios’ of the few.

"These circumstances make it difficult to live an ideal life, yet against the rather ideal model that is my world, I point out the enormous advantages of yours. In almost all you do there are choices, decisions to be made about the best ways or the lesser evils, and these decisions build character and strength, which is much less likely to be invested in on more regulated spheres.

"Countless, countless are the universe creatures that feel for you when you lose. Vast is the number of Our Father’s progeny that rejoice, and cheer you on when you win. Myriad are your siblings that envy you your status on this world, that so cultivates the leaders, the decision-makers, yes, the politicians for His ever-expanding universes.

"Your opportunities for progression, for learning, for the further development of character brings to my mind the expression "fabulous. Few worlds in the local system will allow an individual to gain such a major head start in the process of ascension as is available to you on your world.

"You might surely visualize the near ideal workings on the planet from which I hail. And still, there is every reason for your citizens to fare well on your world, where one must so frequently weigh up the greater good, to find the nearest, although often-still blemished best way to go about any project.

Be assured that in your rejoicing over a victory, and your despair about a failure, there are always the likes of me who will ‘look over’ your lives, your wins and losses and wish that for their career starts such a trying, learning time could have been had.

"Do stay with the battle. There are countless beings that are monitoring the progress, the dedication, and the sizeable results of your cooperative endeavors that will help bring your world into Love and Light.

Charmed to be here, and pleased to add my contribution to Andrea’s recent lesson, this is Samuel. I send my love to all."

The 11:11 Progress Group