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Thought Adjuster Speaks - Lesson Numbers 106-111-114-159  - Nov 10, 2003 - Lytske; Illawarra, AU

Undated transcriptions:
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 106.
Wipe Clean The Slate Of All Your Yesterdays.

Dear one, no one knows or understands your grief, your sorrows, your disappointments, your anger and your helplessness better than the Creator God.

All these and more are immediately reflected to the Heart of God.

And at any time when you feel overwhelmed, come into the Silence within, to find the strength to carry on.

I am willing to help, but only if you remember to come to Me.

This is precisely what your beloved Master Jesus did in His earth life, in order to gain mastery over self.

He went into the Silence within, to commune with His Father in heaven. This is the lesson I am trying to teach you. So please, My beloved, when a so-called disaster strikes, turn within to gain mastery over your anger and helplessness.

Truly, there is One within you, who can help you gain new insights as to why things happen the way they do.

Herein lies the great lesson of forgiving those, who wrought a real or perceived wrong against you. Wipe clean the slate of all your yesterdays, and you will gain a greater understanding and mastery over self. And this again brings you closer to Me.

Each new day presents another opportunity for greater growth, and, dear one, the most important one to forgive is yourself, for your impatience and your reactions.

Everything is well. Let peace be restored by My indwelling presence, for in doing so, you allow your holy self to grow.

© The 11:11 Progress Group

 A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 111.
Complements In The Dance Of Life.

Dear one, to discern truth in someone’s heart, also means to discover
his or her hidden sorrows and grief.

All of mankind are actors to a greater or lesser degree,
for they have learned a behavior of not showing their true intent
and emotions. Many really don’t know, or refuse to acknowledge,
the amount of sorrow they carry with them, and they rarely know
how to handle these pains.

Although it might not have been inflicted upon them as a person
per se. It is also genetic and generational,
in other words: both inherited and learned.

Especially the attitude of man towards woman as a second class citizen
and partner persists until this day and age. This has caused
no end of misery for the daughters of God.

HIS sons are in need of wake-up calls and for them to realize that all
evolving children of time and space are created equal.

All laws on your planet have been man-inspired and man-made, quite
without equal input from the other half of humanity.

You know for yourself how skewed this is.
And now the Time of Correction has arrived, and,
very gradually still, awakenings are occurring all over the planet,
when women and also, finally, men are waking up to the reality of how
valuable the female really is; not just a ‘beast of burden.’

It always takes two to complement each other in the dance of life.
At the start of their togetherness they are in love, but when they stay
together over the years, they learn to love and respect each other,
for the true complements they have become.

At least, that is the way it is intended to be, however reality
on this planet sadly shows us otherwise.
This planet has so incredibly far to go, before this ideal is firmly
entrenched in the mindsets of man and woman alike,
and before they are willing to work together towards that ideal.

Now you see, My human partner, how you learn discernment
by living through and learning your lessons.

Stay close to Me,
and you shall learn to attain the desires of your heart.
The Time Of Correction Is Here.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 114.

Dear one, the deeply felt Joy that you as yet fleetingly experience
is making inroads into your soul. And your counting your blessings
each day surely is the pathway thereto.

How little and how infrequently is the real Joy of Heaven experienced
in the souls of humankind here on earth!
This Joy that no one can take away.

And yet I promise you, that all this is going to change.
This will happen most definitely in the hearts, minds and souls
of the humble and brave souls who, unrecognized by the world,
strive to do the will of God.

The Time of Correction is here. It has already begun,
and the first stirrings of change are in the hearts of people everywhere.
They are forming groups and these groups will find each other
with one common goal in mind:
To do the will of the Father, and serve Him wherever they are.

Great Tolerance and Acceptance will spring up in the dawning
recognition, that all are children of the One Creator,
and are therefore siblings.

Likewise, it stands to reason that all other human life forms on all
the other inhabited planets in time and space are also their kin,
despite outward appearances, as they, too,
strive to find the Creator in heaven.

Contemplate the increased Joy, the recognition, and therefore the
outpourings of truth beauty and goodness of all the souls,
who will strive so valiantly to be of service to each other.

Let us rejoice in this great Time of Correction the Eternal has set in motion.

My beloved, you are forever held in My embrace.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

So Come. So Rest. So Learn.

Dear one, be very gentle and loving with yourself. Each time you enter the holy of holies inside your heart, you leave another little piece of a low self-esteem outside, to be replaced by My Peace and soul-rest. This is a subtle transformation.

I entice you towards greater progress, and leaving behind the worn-out modes of thinking and of judgment about yourself and others. Let us be practical in this training for elevating your though processes onto a more spiritually useful level.

The past has become redundant. Leave your mistakes and disappointments behind. Only retain the lessons you have learned from them, and the blessings you have experienced.

Count those blessings, and let them warm your heart on the rainy and windy days of troubles and disappointments, which will begin to lose their strength and importance the more often you come to Me, and feel My Comforting Presence within you.

From this calm Center, you shall go forth into your daily life to be a comforting presence to others, because you are learning to drink from the well of Living Waters, the Source that dwells within and yearns to become totally accessible to you.

Only you can block My positive stream through and by a negative attitude, falling back into the old redundant pattern of fault-finding and judgment.

Become increasingly more aware of your thoughts, of how you think and what you think, and even the simple reason why you think in a certain way.

Banish any and all negative thoughts at once, so there will be more room for positive thought. I teach you the way of conscious living.

So come. So rest. So learn.