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9-8-93 Increasing Circuit Activity (Hilson)


The love of the father surrounds us. The power of the Father upholds us. The path to the Father is within us. Greetings I am Hilson. Earlier I heard mention that Miriam had a feeling of more activity [on a spiritual level] and this is true.

What is happening is [this at the] beginning of this mission there was a vibration or the energy of the circuits was low for we were just beginning; and now the circuits have been opened up much more and this gives each [and] every soul on this planet the opportunity to come in closer contact with us, the seraphim, the midwayers.

There is an increase in activity on our end. Trying to give individuals a chance to think about, question what is reality? Why are they here? What is the purpose of life? and so my friends, with this increase in activity there will be many souls that will be asking themselves these questions and will be looking for answers and you will be the bearer of these answers. You will bring them the answers that they will be seeking.

So, what this increase in circuit activity brings to you is a chance, while meditating, to have us be [of more] guidance and direction. During the day take a moment from your busy lives and give us a chance to work our magic so to speak.

In your lives you [might] view it as Christ Michael viewed the life he lived on this [planet]. Meaning when you see the situation, view the long term affect, do not be so focused on short term but look at the long term. Look at the destiny of an individual's career and not the short sojourn they have on this planet.

Also, when you are in a [trying] situation ask for help, ask for guidance. We are always there with you to be of help, we may not help in the way that you would like but you must remember that the way the situation works out is for the betterment of all and is the will of the Father.

I am very happy that you are taking the time to have this worship and this time for us the teachers and you to work together and get to know one another more than we have in the past. I feel that by getting together on this night and having a worshipful communion together (meaning the teachers and yourselves) we can form a bond, a union that can cause an energy level so high that it will send forth out from this small group of people and touch many souls for is it not true that after you have had this session you feel so uplifted, so enlightened that you want to share this with others.

When you share with others you do not have to convince them of your belief or of your faith in the Urantia book or our mission. All that is really needed [is] to give a thought to that person that will make their life just a little bit better, make them think what is it that this person has in their life, what is missing in mine? and they will seek you out.