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New Mexico, US of A,

October 28, 2003.

Cherubim "What About Bob."


"The Stigma of Jesus." "Progress and Churches – A Discussion."

[Part Transmission Only.]

Received by Gerdean.

The Discussion with Cherubim Bob centers on an article written by Jon Greer about the study of Urantia Book etymology.

Bob: "Greetings, my friends. How nice it is to sit by you, to be invited to be part of your intimate circle of friends. You have taken this "unseen friends" theme rather seriously lately. I feel flattered and somewhat responsible as a result.

"If you are going to reach for me for quality association, counsel and camaraderie, I want to be able to meet your expectations, even though sometimes my counsel may not be what you expect. Do you have any questions?"

Student: "I don’t have any compelling question. The study of etymology that this man Jon Greer had put together was a piece of the puzzle that had been missing in my mind. It helps me in my trying to put all of these things together, all these little belief systems or approaches to deity, and this study on etymology has just … I mean, just the process gives you insight."

Bob: "What did he say?"

Student: "Well, one of the things that he verified in my mind was that I have always felt that the Urantia Book was pretty much aimed at Judeo-Christian belief systems and traditions, and I saw it in the etymology (even though I didn’t know what etymology was,) when I saw certain written things were used. Like Jerusem. Havona. Those are examples of words that were used that were so much like the words in the Bible, et cetera. And the etymology shows how that all ties together and it makes – again, it completes that whole idea of why and how it was done, because it was a matter of what to leave in and what to leave out, like the discussion about the Angels of Churches and Angels of Progress, weighing what to do – too much progress might not be beneficial to the overall good of the book. Angels of Churches had a reason to support that idea. Different things were chosen at different times, but it, again, it was just another confirmation of something I intuited in my own fashion.

Bob: "Yes, well, it was established that the seven epochal revelations would lead to light and life (by way of a circuitous route) and Machiventa determined, when he discovered that Jesus was likely going to incarnate on Urantia, to get busy and prepare the way for Jesus. Thus he accosted Abraham and induced him to create a nation of people that would bring the concept of One God into being such that when Jesus arrived he would have a platform from which to operate.

"That One God concept is brought to you by Melchizedek and Abraham; thus, the father of the Jewish race is also the grandfather of Christianity. And they will lead this planet into the age of Teacher Sons, of which we are a preliminary part, in order for evolution on your world to continue in a way that will end up in light and life.

"This is the most auspicious route, if you can believe that. If Jesus was the incarnation of your Creator Son, the Creator Son of your local universe, you can’t very well complain that the destiny of this world is oriented in his direction!"

Student: "Thank you for that."

Bob: "Yes."

Student: "It’s so … hard to promote Jesus."

Bob: "Yes."

Student: "Because of the stigma."

Bob: "Yes! They have made his message a mockery, and for you to laud him, you almost need to trample on the heads of those who paved the way for him to come! This is a very serious conundrum for Urantia. We have despaired more times than you would like to think, over the situation in Israel.

"It has colored the entire planet’s opinion about the loving Creator/Master Son, Michael of Nebadon. It is such a travesty. It is enough to make one angry! How can anyone feel they have the right to be so little in their egoistic aspirations to be like him, that they would bring him down to their base levels – which become even baser by their infantile attempts to hold him up as any kind of an example.

"I regret, however, that it doesn’t even come to that, in many characteristics, for even though he came through them, they still don’t recognize him – even while they are remembered because of him being among them. What a difficult situation it is. The Angels of Progress and the Angels of the Churches, indeed. They are at work incessantly in an almost futile attempt to heal the toxic vapors still seeping from the ground where he walked. Woe be unto you, Scribes and Pharisees. Woe be unto you. "As you become the best you can be, you can better serve and aid in the healing of these wounds that torment Urantia. The burden is light. His yoke is easy. Blessed be are the peacemakers, for they shall see God. See you next week. Have a good evening."

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