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[Caution All. This transmission contains humor]

Illawarra District, Australia, December 24, 2003.

Teacher Samuel. Subject:

We Will Use The Term 'Critical Mass.'

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "How much we regret the present abject poverty in useful terminology between us siblings of varied standing, my dear brother in Christ! It is so often that we need to sacrifice meanings and values for the want of concepts available to you—a need to circumscribe so much of a lesson.

"Indeed, as mere mortals make their way to the Mansion Worlds they are truly astounded by the additional gifts of many senses their new bodies and mind endowments do provide them with. So it was with me. However, at this point from my position as a Correcting Time Teacher, to you as my valued human student, our ability to converse is enhanced with the deep relaxation you employ.

"As well, the love and mindedness you have for those who act as our intermediaries, and who also push the boundaries, is of great help. Your question is clear, prompted by the requests and suggestions of your siblings, and for the purpose of explanation we will use the term Critical Mass.

"It takes a great deal of suffering for the mindsets of men and women to take the abrupt turns that are needed to be taken for the development of genuine and deeply-felt spirituality. It is not a leisurely world with an abundance of material goods, that is preparative for Joe and Jane Citizen spending a great deal of time thinking about their futures—his eternal life, her progress to higher levels, his association of loving embrace with the Father, her future elevated position in the realm of spirit and Seraphic company.

"Such is the retardation, the unfortunate lack of inheritance on this planet, that one must be forcefully jolted into considering the life hereafter, instead of being lured into a day-to-day whiling away of precious time in concern over one’s chattels. And so, so many of you must attune to watching the reshaping of governments, and to cultivate an awareness of the inauguration of new geo-political associations of godless intent. You must be many, you must be wise, you must cooperate, and you must attain Critical Mass.

"The pressure is upon you to do your very best in determining and promoting a more suitable future, away from a projected serfdom of the masses, towards equitability for all. But where is it that so many ‘good friends’ of democracy, and the brotherhood of equality have gone astray?

"The simple answer to the vexing problems you are facing today and those obstacles that are already insidiously looming over the ‘near-future horizon’ can be found in the genesis of family life gone astray.

"It can be found in the millions and millions of defunct families that are destroyed by partners going their own way. It can be found in outright warfare in homes that should know only love. It can be found in the laisez-faire attitudes, and in failing to dutifully instruct the offspring under the pretext of forcefully promoting their early attainment of independence.

"It has its bitter, ugly harvest of selfishness, jealousy, greed and callousness in the present disregard for the many to-be-disenfranchised, by some very few self-proclaimed elite. Here again, there have always been dis-eased families, and there always will be, but the sheer magnitude of the latter groups that do not know within their hearts how to love and care for each other is now so great, that they themselves are also reaching for that Critical Mass.

"Society as a whole can no longer cope with the neglect of generation after generation and so you witness the affliction of extreme self-indulgence, and wholesale corruption that gives rise to the false idea of happiness being dependent on extreme wealth and unrivaled power to the detriment of everyone else.

"We are well aware of those who see it as their task to utterly control all other groups, and even for whole nations to become their serfs and chattels. And yet, dear brother, be assured that from this impossible to maintain project for control of the masses and all common goods, great spiritual progress will ensue for the much greater number.

"It is not at all by coincidence that this wonderful new ‘Time of the Correcting’ has been inaugurated at this point. I urge you, and all, that in your hearts know what tasks lie ahead of you, to continue to do your work. I implore you to see yourselves as having taken but the tiniest first step in promoting a spiritual future for your planet that will unfold to your great amazement and immense joy.

"Hold fast to the certainty that our Creator Father’s plan of redemption is well on track, no matter the day-to-day calamities you lightworkers perceive.

"This is your teacher Samuel. Farewell for now."

George: "Thank you Samuel."

Note: Rather surprised by Samuel’s use of the term 'Lightworker.'