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Illawarra District, Australia, January 25, 2004.
Teacher Samuel.
Subjects: "A Better Government." And "Those Who Are Chosen."
(Part transmission only.)

Received by George Barnard.

"Yes! It is really Samuel! [He sounds amused] My dear friend, student and co-worker, may I suggest there has been some water flowing under the bridge and out to sea for a considerable distance since we last spoke on the subject of government, leadership, and the caring, altruistic individuals that are so sorely needed on this planet. Yes, and how in the regulSamuel:

"For you it might be difficult to relate to a world where there are no political parties as such. Where there are few groups that will strive for thoughtless self-interest at the cost of others. And yet where many assemblies of individuals feel the responsibility to keep a watchful eye on the varied needs of others. Those who feel called to alert their friends and neighbors, their leaders, elders, and governments about inequities in the system that may disadvantage individuals or minority groups that may not or cannot speak for themselves.

"Boldly, broadly, such worlds are the rule, not the exception, and such a world I call my home. And you need to let your mind take in a system such as this, where the human animal is more socialized. With an ability to clearly see my past you might, it is wholeheartedly hoped, visualize your distant future. And, yes, indeed for me there is a great deal to learn from your budding civilization, when I had such comparatively great advantages as a man, a worker, a husband and father, on my planet in its final stages of Light and Life.

"To those individuals that would be chosen to lead. These being the equivalent of your politicians, statesmen or lawmakers; a hypothetical he or she might be a student librarian, showing an amazing adaptability, a penchant for learning from whatever "scripts" might arrive at his or her home base. He or she would be helpful and considerate, rise fast through the ranks, because of organizational skills, people skills, balanced emotion and extraordinary intellect and personality.

"Perhaps at having reached the equivalent of your age of fifty, this tested and promising individual would then be promoted out of the familiar work environment. He or she would then spend a number of years in diligent study to familiarize self with the laws that govern a small district, a province, or state as you might call it, a whole country, continent, even that entire globe.

"So often did we find those great minds having to be replaced by more than one individual upon their leaving for their special education. But upon completion of their studies, we would then have your equivalent of a politician, minister, lawmaker, or administrator. This individual might again rise through the ranks to oversee a greater number of the population in the requirements of health or education, science or transport, ecology, agriculture, industry, commerce, and so forth.

"With the redundancy and disappearance of political parties, and their replacement by numerous groups with focused, specific and positive interests, there is a "settling down" of policies. More perfect policies are inaugurated, and one does not encounter these rapid changes one experiences when two or more groups are selfishly and diametrically opposed, and as they alternate at the helm, and often implement sudden, brutal changes.

"It brings greater security to every member of the population in that they feel cared for, that they are thought about, that they are justly ruled. And yet, where they do miss out, as I earlier mentioned [not recorded], is with the excitement of a world in disarray, and of rapid changes, where important individual decisions must be made, great obstacles must be overcome, strong characters are build.

"Unimpressed as you are with your governmental status quo, my beloved student, appreciate what you learn from them, from me, and from your environment, as I also appreciate the steep learning curve I am now on. Trust in the knowledge that there are better times to come for your world, when there will be great love for the Father Creator, for brothers and sisters all, and for yourselves. This is Samuel.

"© The 11:11 Progress Group.