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New Mexico, USA,

October 14, 2003.

Secondary Midwayer, Dani.

Subject: "Midwayer Reality"

Received by Gerdean.

Dani: "Well, hi, guys. Nice to see you for a change! I have been watching, but I haven’t seen you slow down for much lately, so it’s good for you to sit down and remember me. I know how it is in this world. You need to take care of a lot of business. There are a lot of demands on you, and you have been through yet another "dimensional" change, and so it takes a while to get your feet back under you from your sea legs.

"I see Gerdean is asking a question. [See Notes.] Let’s see if we can get this to work. Her question is, ‘Talking about legs and feet, is that something I can relate to? Do I have legs and feet? Do I touch the ground? Because I am invisible, do you think I float? Because you think I’m invisible, do you think I am without an architectural sphere, do I use yours, or what?’

"Well, let’s see. In this ‘filing cabinet’ (the receiver’s mind) there is a reference to yes, of course, the angel wings and all that. That’s not what I want. Andrea! George’s friend, the Primary Midwayer, ‘floating down as if from on high, wearing a blue dress, with breasts, beard, and perhaps pearls.’ But I myself, being a Secondary Midwayer, am much more a dandy or a street ruffian.

"We have a circuit that we communicate over, a Midwayer’s circuit, so we can pretty well tell what’s going on when we need to be apprised of something, either in the material realm, or in the realm from which we receive our information.

"I haven’t got any use for your sofa. I haven’t got any use for your refrigerator I haven’t got any use for your money. But I rest, and I take in food appropriate for me. And so the necessity for you is to create something around me, or about me, so that I become more tangible for you.

"The brilliant depiction of Andrea as androgynous with a beard and breasts, is high art, for it does point to the fact that we are non-sex creatures. We are not going to be reproducing more Midwayers. We might as well not have any genitals at all, for all the good they do. But we are sentient enough to make good use of what sensual aspects we have. If that helps.

"They call us local Midwayers, because we’re from the local planet We live here. We’re the locals, like you would call the Mexicans, perhaps, or in Hawaii you would call the Hawaiians and the Samoans. They are locals They live there.

"So we live all over the planet, which is why sometimes I have kidded people and told them I am a real estate agent or a travel agent, because I have some understanding of spacial and temporal mandates, but they are not quite the same as yours. So much about us Midwayers.

"A great advance it is for humans now that you are coming into an appreciation of the fact of your sonship, that the Father loves you and wants to provide for you. You have been obviously conscientious enough as humans to pass humanity’s tests for abundance, but you certainly are adopting the understanding that you are provided for. You can live well, with beauty around you. These are nice digs you’ve got here!"

* * * * *

Notes: Midwayers are unable to read our minds. As long as our Father Fragment (Spirit Self) is resident in our minds, the Midwayers must go by what we say, and by our body language. In "reading" the latter, they are simply brilliant.

To receive/transmit, the Father Fragment that protects our free will must "step aside" to allow the Midwayer access to our minds, and in this transmission Dani clearly "reads" Gerdean’s unspoken questions.

The Father Fragment often departs with a short, bright flash, or a slight noise, often causing our bodies to jerk as we are about to fall asleep.

Only our Guardian Angels, or Destiny Guardians know our every thought. They are the custodians of the ‘transcripts of our lives.’ More advanced Celestials like Melchizedeks can read our minds. It makes them the best of Teachers.


11:11 Spirit Guardians

There is every good reason for going about the Father's business with forethought, detailed planning and efficiency -- He does.


[Part Transmission Only].