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By: George Barnard

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"Just To Let You Know."

It was during the Northern Hemisphere Fall of 2000 when I was in Sand Point, Idaho, busily teaching someone a relaxation/visualization technique I named "The Akashic Construct" – a closed-eyes method of obtaining visual and audible information from the Spirit world.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the crystal clear image of a young woman I know well appeared before me. Being open-eyed on this occasion, I would not have expected to perceive her at all, but she was there, for seconds only, and notified me that the child she would conceive would be rather ‘sensitive’, and during his or her life have much to do with Celestial Entities.

It has taken still two-and-a-half years since that event before the child, her first baby, was born.

The information was important, however. I was to tell the mother-to-be about her sudden appearance halfway around the world.

And I was to tell her what I had learned about her child.

Her appearance was a bi-location, although she was asleep at the time.

"Gone Walkabout."

For many decades now, and almost always at night, rarely during daytime hours, I’ve gone ‘walkabout’ as is the saying here. Just about at the point of falling asleep, my body jerks just a little, as ‘part of me disengages’, and disappears to often return with new information that has been gathered on those nightly trips.

Sometimes friends report that I’ve been around when they least expected me, that they’ve seen me, clearly, in full color, and mostly for just four or five seconds.

This is bi-location. Many of us do it often, but it’s rare to remember the event, to recall what has been learned. It is especially uncommon to be noticed by another person.

No Specific Message

What happened just yesterday was quite different, for I spent a full hour in Stillness during the afternoon, and an acquaintance from the US of A turned up – someone presumably fast asleep at that hour.

There was no apparent message at this time, but perhaps I need to dig it up out of my unconscious, or ‘super-conscious’ during another meditation session.

It was also the second time this person turned up at this location in Australia – the first time, some weeks ago, in rather a distressed state. Over the years there have quite a few others like this.

Putting The Question To Celestials.

On October 21, 2000, in Spokane, Washington State, I put the question to a small group of Celestials. My friend, Gerdean Bowen transmitted the answers that came from Celestial Teachers Paulo and Tomas.

[Segment Of Transmission Only]

George: "OK. There have been a number of bi-locations where people have spotted me to be elsewhere – (somewhere) other than where I should be (should have been), perhaps at the time, and that, mostly, would be in my bed, fast asleep. Can you explain whether it is in fact my soul self that was being perceived?

Paulo: "I need to check to see if I’m allowed to dabble in this subject. Can you wait a moment?"

George: "Yes, I can."

Tomas: "This is Tomas. I’ll take that one up. It is not quite as experimental as your former question. I’m going to hold it to the line somewhat and infer that while your Self-acting Adjuster may make nocturnal visitations your soul self is not yet opportune to do so."

George: "That was interesting, considering people have actually spotted me."

Tomas: "I can venture to explain, but I am not keen on explanations. I find that explanations tend to lock one into the gray matter, but Thought Adjusters are able to recognize each other.

"And in that, if a Thought Adjuster attached to a specific mortal encounters an Adjuster of yet another mortal, it is in keeping, appropriate, that they may reflect their association with their intended personality, thus reflecting the mortal being in potential to the other.

"It would be very much like two women, who met at a shopping center to discuss their children, and in that way the parents go home having "seen" their friend’s child, you see?" George: "Yes, I certainly do. Thank you so much."

Tomas: "You are welcome."

Note: The term "Thought Adjuster", "Pilot Light", "Father Fragment", and "Spirit Self" have identical meanings.

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