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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Spiritual Experience is like Weaving Fabric

Teachers: Darid

May 30, 2004

* Darid (Jonathan TR): I greet you today. I reach to you in contact with joy that it is welcomed by you, that we touch your lives and bring an infusion of our perspective that you may be uplifted by our presence. We will always be active assisting our mortal brothers and sisters, even should you turn away your attention in the manner by which you receive today this contact, for it is our mission to help you regardless of your conscious receptivity. Naturally we welcome your direct attention, but it is ultimately your spiritual welfare, your advancement in this system of Satania, that is the goal. You benefit whether or not we are recognized. I am Darid.

I will draw from Evelyn's discussion of quality of fabric to give my lesson today. She pointed out that the finer the thread, the tightness of its spin, the quantity of threads per inch increases the durability of the fabric. This is true with spiritual experience. I will broaden that term "spiritual experience" to mean more than simply an experience with religion or even religiously recognized contexts. You all have worked in the realm of soul growth long enough to understand that many experiences contribute to you in a spiritual manner, even though they are not cloaked in that context. Jesus served in small ways and in so doing transformed the world. Every experience in your life is much like the weaving of thread through fabric. The apparently insignificant events of your day are much like tightly spun thread. Singly it appears so frail. Could a fine filament contribute substantially to your spiritual stature when a braided rope appears so much stronger?

Yet in the course of time you weave a fine linen, very strong, very durable. Every event you undertake is like the passing of the shuttle again. Never discount the quality of the experience because of its apparent insignificance standing on its own. You are creating a masterpiece with the compilation of experiences and their coordination through your attention and willingness to creatively interweave your multiple experiences into a comprehensive reality that is your soul. Of course, experiences filled with truth and beauty and goodness provide a finer quality to the accumulation to all the experiences that make up your being. However, as you mortals have come to appreciate, multi-colored thread creates another level of appreciation of a fine fabric in its pattern, in its artistry. Not only does the fabric function for what it's created to do, but it brings into its function an appreciative level that is independent of its intended purpose. This relative independence is variable; it can be altered depending on your artistic orientation. All of you are colorizing your soul experiences through your decisions. You engage in an activity or refrain by freewill choice coupled with natural and social and moral requirements and guidance. Such choice creates the variability that emerges as your tapestry, that displays in wholeness what you are becoming in spiritual status, in spiritual nature. It is one thing to be merely finely woven; it is another to display a uniqueness that is the expression of your creative self and to display a reflection of divine pattern as it has become intermixed with your seemingly endless mundane episodes of life. Those little events weave back and forth and up and down constantly. You are the one who choose the colorization, who establishes the patterns. These are the "as you pass by" experiences; few are the ones who provide great quakes of change in life. Far more numerous are those humble and quiet workers in Michael's universe. These tireless laborers create in Nebadon a tightly woven fabric that represents Michael and Mother Spirit.

It is not done with one or two great individuals; it is done through the compilation of all the soul experiences of every creature throughout this universe. You do it in your daily life with your soul. We all do it with our daily lives for Michael and Mother Spirit in the Supreme. There are times when your intermixing with other beings of freewill nature cause you to feel stretched or wrinkled, to be distorted, to be folded, altering your well pressed soul fabric. Thus enters the important requirement or need for stillness to smooth out those wrinkles to put you back in peace, to stretch the mind long enough to appreciate all that you have undergone, to step above the daily weave to appreciate what is emerging in your life as your life. This is your demonstration to the world of your relationship with God and, in that partnership, your creative expression of a living reality. I hold hands with you today in honor of our great Creator and in the joy of our association in our mutual recognition of our purpose for Michael and Mother Spirit.

It is indeed delightful to have ones like yourselves in company who understand that there is more to life than simply advancing yourself in fame or fortune. Accumulation of things is merely external placement of objects which are not you. It is the accumulation of experience that is you and will go with you as you ascend. All that about you that is around you will stay, fade into the distant past. Guard your experiences, they are the quality of what you are becoming. Worry not over any given experience being more valuable or less valuable. The beauty of soul growth is in the interweaving, for a given experience may seem to be a crushing blow to your ideals and to your hopes, but it is supported by the adjacent experiences that have given you strength, that have lifted you up. Be artful, be creative, in looking for coloration. Be willing to undergo an unusual experience. Choose wisely that it does not tear and rend your soul project, but look for the opportunity to embellish your experiences. I am content with what I wish to express today, and I would be more than happy to be the one to receive your questions.

Evelyn: That was beautiful. Sometimes the unpleasant things we go through eventually work out. I think of the imagery of a slub in thread, a thick spot or irregularity. Once the fabric is woven slubs can add character and texture even though technically they are imperfections.

* Darid: This is true and emphasizes my desired expression that you be not concerned over those experiences that appear faulty, that they will embellish. I will add a third element to this metaphor of fabric. As you know, the weave can be even more embellished through embroidery, an additional weaving of thread throughout an already established pattern. This is what happens when you consciously manage and monitor your daily experiences in the light of spirit, for your weaving of life is supplemented by the divine presence of the Father within you. It becomes three fold, the warp, the woof, and the embroidery.

Evelyn: I suppose the fabric could also be double faced, like a reversible fabric. What's seen above is seen below, as inside is seen outside. Maybe that's taking it too far!

* Darid: Indeed, no. I will spring from that observation. You are also very sensitive to front side and back side of fabric. You all have experienced a time when you feel you have faced truth; it is clear and obvious and welcome. But then in your presentation of such clarity and welcomed reality, others seem not to appreciate it or even turn from it. This is much like their having looked at the wrong side of the fabric where they do not understand what you have experienced. Herein is the reason why arguing fails to convince, and the efficient approach is to discover ways in which the fabric can be turned around that they may see it face on for themselves, for it is more likely to be understood than passing through you and seen from the reverse side.

Tom: You might consider stillness as a form of Scotchguard which could make the fabric more serviceable and protect it from stains.

* Darid: I am delighted that you have made that observation. You must practice Scotchguard! While we continue with this, I encourage you not hastily to hem your fabric. Allow it to expand. You have eternity and all of infinity to continue weaving. Do not allow yourself to be hemmed in by narrow constructs of thinking and behavior. That will come in the fullness of time; that will be realized in the celebration of the emergence of the completion of the Supreme. Then we will want to hem the edges, for time and space experience will be a precious attainment that will never unravel ever again, a unique treasure we all share in and will present to levels of reality experience that other creatures will undergo. That we have time in our fabric of the Supreme is unique and will be of great curiosity to the creations beyond time that we are all becoming prepared to engage in and with. In an attempt at humor, all us creatures from time and space will be Handiwipes for putting that final polish on the revelation of God throughout all of the universe.

Tom: I want to cover God's sofa.

Evelyn: This week I've been thinking about the imagery of weeding. Some weeds are easily removed under certain conditions. You can remove something unwanted with one yank. With others it's discouraging looking at thousands of tiny weeds. With a timely approach, when pulling one sometimes the others just fly away with it. If those weeds are habits, behaviors, attitudes we can easily be overwhelmed contemplating becoming a perfect garden and mostly focus on the weeds. I'm trying to encourage myself that some things will be gone with one good yank. Others I will probably be fussing over for all time. I need to remember trees who are here for a long time. Weeds come and go and don't bother them at all.

* Darid: Yes, and you can also appreciate that the flourishing of those weeds is due to your great labors at creating such nutritious soil wherein life may flourish. I realize you have chosen which plants you wish to grow in this nurtured soil, but it is an indication of health and vitality. Such is the case of goodness spread throughout the universe that evil does like to grow within that rich environment, as well. It has taught all many lessons in the comparison of the wanted and the hindering elements of life.

Evelyn: It's always good to hear from you, Darid. Is there anything you can tell us about what you have been up to?

* Darid: My primary project is contributing to this planet's continuing reintegration in this wonderful system that we are all in and to do so in association with you as your personal teacher, for you and your fellows you are the fabric, and we can weave, but we are not as integrated into the transformation of the planet as you are, for this is your world. I am a citizen of this system, and my contribution is in that level of activity. I and my fellows always hope to have good impact upon your choices and activities, but the real burden of advancement is upon you all. We all function like an orchestra. Each one is an instrument on its own, and all become a symphony as we harmonize. I will continue this focus and mission as long as I am needed and as long as we are short of the attainment of our goal. I will give you my parting love as I withdraw from this point of contact. I have enjoyed our visit and again I repeat my delight at your conscious application of your spiritual knowledge and ideals upon your life and your willingness to have that be revealed that others may also see and become inspired to likewise function as a true planetary citizen, above the goals of selfish pursuits and within a context of the family of God, for the glory of God. You know through experience that this is the most uplifting to the self above and beyond any sort of selfish pursuits. Thank you.